Saad Tasleem – Is Corona Going to Lead to More Divorce

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how people are constantly criticizing each other and making comments about their relationships. They suggest admitting that there is a problem with the divorce rate and addressing the issue of criticism. The speaker also advises people to help out in the house and reminds them to take care of their children.
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Yes, so even

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the question is saying, you know how to deal with people losing your patience becoming angry? Yeah, I mean, that's the reality. This is the test that we are facing right now. This is the trial from last time that a lot of us this is one of the trials that we're facing is,

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you know, spending a lot of time with people who we normally would not spend this much time with. I was actually speaking to someone and we were talking about the question came up, someone said, Do you think that more people are going to be getting divorced? And now that people are stuck at home? Right? And my immediate reaction, or you know, it was Yeah, most likely, you know, a lot of couples handle Well, they're not used to constantly being around one another the whole day. And so the more time you spend with someone, the more you begin to, to, to, to pick up on people's little habits, something that you may find to be annoying, or certain behaviors that you may be able to have

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overlooked before now you're constantly dealing with them. And so it's going to be hard for a lot of people to outlaw so I do expect that law protect all of us protect all of our relationships. But I do expect that, you know, once again, Milan protect us, but it seemed that Allah knows best that yeah, it could be possible that the that the divorce rate, after this whole social distancing and Coronavirus thing is over and the law,

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you know, ended quickly and keep us safe. I mean, but after it's over a challenge. Yeah, it does seem like that. If you take a look at the numbers, it may be that the divorce rate goes up, because now we're all of a sudden having to deal with things that we weren't dealing with before. So I so yes, you know, I can I understand very much that it can be challenging. But the first step in dealing with a challenge is admitting that there's a problem. So I would even advise sitting down with your spouse and discussing this issue like, Hey, listen, the reality is, we weren't spending so much time together before. Now we're in each other's space all the time. Here's what we need to do

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to kind of like smooth out the situation, maybe your wife needs some alone time or your husband needs some alone time. Maybe you need to say Look, I know it's your instinct to criticize XY and Z. But it is really draining to be criticized about every little thing, right? We may criticize people, because we notice more things now. And the person who's criticizing may not, you know, they may not have a bad intention, they may just, you know, they see something. So they say something. But the reality is criticism can be very difficult to deal with, especially somebody who's constantly being criticized, it can get really annoying really fast, and it can become very tiring and very taxing.

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So maybe this is a discussion need to have with your spouse and say, You know what, now that we're in each other's space the whole day? How do we deal with this and come up with a realistic plan. Also children,

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if you're maybe you know, you weren't seeing your children the whole day, and now your children are home the whole day. And yeah, it can become difficult and challenging. So maybe sit down with your spouse and say, Look, I need you to take care of the kids for this hour, where I don't want to have to deal with the kids. And you need to hit and you know, likewise, I got you for this other hour or two hours, like I can, I'm gonna watch the kids, I'm gonna take care of the kids, you take some time just for yourself, we don't have to worry about the kids, or even a lot of roles that we played,

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you know, gender roles, or whatever you want to call them. There may be some households where, you know, the husband is normally working out of the house making a living and the wife is at home, you know, that traditional gender role inside the house. But now the husband's in the house as well. And this homeys just showed him the house. And it's like, he has the same expectation from his wife. He's like, yeah, you have to cook and you have to clean and you have to do watch the kids and do everything, you know, because that's what you were doing before. Well, the reality is that you were working before you were out of the house and now that you're in the house, it's a lot more

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challenging and there's a lot more to do. So you need to take you need to help out with all of these things as well. Right. The situation has changed so we need to readjust so you need to help out in the house as well. You need to help with dishes you need to help with cleaning the house. You need help with kids. Yeah, you're not used to it but that's that's that's how we're going to have peace in the household. will love Atlanta platinum.

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