Using underarm deodorant while on Hajj & Umrah – Abdur Raheem McCarthy

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The speakers discuss the use of underarm deodorants in various states and whether they are safer than unscented deodorants. They also touch on the potential danger of harm caused by unscented deodorants and the need for caution when making them.

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Is it permissible to use underarm deodorant when we're making Hajj or Umrah if it's before we enter in the state of a haram or preparing ourselves? We can use the underarm deodorant whether it's scented or unscented, however in the state of a haram if it's the unscented type of underarm deodorant, this is permissible and no issues. However, the scented ones. Some scholars say that it's permissible because it's not a perfume. It does smell good, but it's not a perfume you wouldn't only if you had a guest at your house, you wouldn't come and offer them perfume and spray with underarm deodorant, would you? Therefore Some scholars say it's permissible however, perhaps the stronger

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view is that the ones that are the sentient ones we stay away from them and the state of haram while making hajj and umrah however the unscented ones no issues even we would say that perhaps the unscented ones it's actually good to use. Why because you don't want to harm others.