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Be Mindful Of What We Consume


AI: Summary © The importance of Islam is highlighted, including its shaping of behavior and the use of words and phrases like "good" and "good words" in reference to food. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding fraud and avoiding dangerous foods, as well as avoiding wasteful eating and drinking to sustain life and avoid negative emotions. The speakers also emphasize the need to be lawful, legal, and responsible, as it is required to be safe and avoid harmful items.
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shaytani r rajim Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, The Most Merciful. All praise is due to Allah and may his peace and blessings be upon our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, brothers and sisters salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato, who made a Peace and blessings in the mercy of Allah be upon all of you. And welcome back again to faith in action, what we are discussing of how Islam necessitates that for a person who calls himself a believer, the very first consequence of that proclamation of his or of hers is that it must be manifested in action. And so far, we have spoken about different actions

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that are a manifestation of faith, and inshallah today, we also have another action that would be considered to be a manifestation of faith as well. Now we Muslims. When we speak about Islam, we like to say that Islam is a way of life, simply because it shapes and molds, our thoughts, our attitudes, and our behavior. As long as we are on this world, Islam has a say about these things, it molds us, it shapes us, it produces us. And as such, it's not surprising that Islam has a say in many things, that in other traditions, people will find to be very personal, are very secular. And in Islam, this notion is not really there. You know, even though on the surface, it may be secular,

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but it qualifies to be an act of worship. And it can be seen as an act of worship, even though it is personal. But it does also qualify in being an act of worship. So Islam, there is no dichotomy between that which is religious, and that which is secular, or between that which is ritual, and that is the spiritual, that dichotomy does not exist. Now we may do this. But in Islam, that is not part of the teachings of Islam. So of these things that usually sound and seem to be very personal, yet Islam has a say in it, is the idea of being mindful, and being conscious of what it is that we consume, what it is that we eat up the eating of that which is pure, and good. And in numerous

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places in about 17 places in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala does talk about this idea of athletes that are consuming that which is which is good. And as you know, the eating part of it, interestingly, also, is the very first test that humans have had. Adam alayhis salam was his wife the very first that was it had to do with eating. Let acaba had the Chateau de la comunidad de shedra do not approach this tree, do not eat of this tree. So even the first challenge that we humans have faced, had to do with the whole idea of eating. So the or and did devote some attention to this concept of eating in about 17 places in the Quran. The believers have been commanded. Yeah,

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you have levena amaru, who lumen Paiva Tamara zanaco or you believe eat of the bat that we have given you.

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But you bet is the plural of the word Thai. And again, interestingly, the Quran has different usages for the word for you

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is that which is good,

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that is used in reference to food, but it also it is used in reference to words were who do give him enough coal and they were guided to that which is by use of words and sayings. And the Israelites, Allah subhanho wa Taala says to them khulumani demaras up Now, why not have healthy eat of the goodness that we have blessed you with? And do not exceed bounds in it. Also when it comes to the verse in Surah, a nor light where Allah Subhana Allah says, aqui buena La Paz you bet that some people have translated it to be good men, to good women, or some people say that it really means that good words are only the fitting to come out of good people. And good people are only the

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fitting to say good good words. But nevertheless the case is that the word is used in a general term in the Quran. That means for you, it means beautiful many times. It means that which is lawful

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as well. And now we are strictly dealing with the idea of food. So the command comes to the believers. Yeah, you have levena Amano

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or you believe, eat of the pipe that we have blessed you with. Some people have said that the word play it means anything that is hella lawful is called a jeep. Some people have said that it is anything where there is not this obedience to Allah in it when it comes to food and also while I am in New Haven, and that it does not harm any animal in the process, they said that is for you. Some people have said the pipe is that which is tasty.

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Some people said that there is actually a distinction between Hillel and pi. He said that halal is what Judas say is lawful, permissible. And pipe is that which your own heart tells you that this is for you, or this is lawful. Some people say that halaal is that which is lawful and is that which is beneficial. And that is what the believers also have received a command to eat that which is halal and Paiva that which is lawful as well as as Thai meaning good or pure, or any of the other meanings that we have discussed. So interestingly, in the Koran, the idea of approaching food is discussed in three different ways. Number one, Allah qualifies, what kind of good are we to consume? says kulu

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Hello, Alan Paiva said eat that is halal. And that is by some people said, not only the content of what we're eating is halal. But also the means by which we acquired what we are about to consume must also be halal. So they said that stolen food may be tasty, but it's not halal. Stolen food may be beneficial, but it is not helpful. So, they say that Helen here is in reference to us acquiring it, through lawful means, because the Prophet peace be upon him, has actually warned us against consuming anything that does not belong to us, or that was acquired by illegal means, and that is why in Islam, wealth can only be acquired through very known for means, you either work for it, and

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it was wages in exchange of work that you did, or it was Hebrew that we call a gift and in that it must be given to you from the rightful owner of whatever has been given to you. And it cannot be given to you because you somehow shamed the person or you put them in a corner and they had no choice but to give you They must be willingly wanting to give that to you.

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Or they say that, it becomes our money, because we have inherited it. So, these are the three means by which at that point, you know, we can say that this is being lawfully, technically lawfully halaal for us, by means of work by means of gift and by means of inheritance. So, it said that the first requirement is that it must be halaal what we used to buy it with the content of it must be halon. analyzed, so grateful to us and so merciful to us, that content wise that which is haram is very limited, you know, avoid 1234 types of animals, animals that died because of natural causes. And that is really all and once that is over everything else is Khalid Subhana Allah, that is again

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by the grace and the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And anything that is harmful to us, Allah subhanaw taala forbade us from consuming it for our own good. It's not like you know, if we don't consume it, Allah somehow is going to benefit from it. rosabella that is not the fitting to His Majesty, but rather Allah says, do this and don't do that for your own good. And that is why I am says that anything that is good, is halal. And anything that Allah subhanaw taala has declared to be Haram. He declared it to be heroin because it's either not beneficial to us or it is not good to us. So that is the first requirement and that it must be handled the way it was acquired. And the

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content of it must also be halon. The second requirement it must be pipe, pipe meaning like we said of benefit and that which is pure, and the distinction here is beautiful. They said that certain types of food may be held

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They may be local, but they're not necessarily for you, such as halaal is for the congregation for everybody. But we've had to do more with the individual for example, sugar for a person who's diabetic. Now, sugar is halal, that is the general rule sugar is halal, it is lawful, you can have sugar. However, for a person who is diabetic, that type of food is not it is not good for them. So as such, it only fulfilled the first requirement of it being halaal. But it was not for you, let's say a person who is struggling with their weight and they have a big problem with their weight, certain types of food, maybe halaal, but to that specific individual, they are not they are not of

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benefit to that specific individual. So, some scholars they like to make that distinction and then the Quran also qualifies it with something else. He said he has eat that which is halal, eat that which is to you. But then it also brings in another qualification and it says that it has to be halal it has to be and then it says kulu shabu Allah to sifu eat and drink and do not do so excessively do not cross the bounce. And that is why I believe it was Toby. He said this ayah is the summary of medicine. He said it is a summation of medicine, because it's about eating and drinking, but not doing so excessively or wasteful. He said to me,

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it summarizes all of medicine. And the reason why is most people believe that most of the diseases that come our way they come our way because of what we consume or how much we consume. Therefore, the way that you control this is by number one making sure that it is halal lawful, that it must be it must be of benefit. And then it says 1234 and do not exceed do not do so excessively and do not do so wastefully and SubhanAllah. The reason being here is that yes, eat yes drink, but do not be excessive, and inshallah more to be said about this point. We'll take a short break and we will be back so please do stay tuned.

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rajim Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, The Most Merciful. All praise is due to Allah and may his peace and blessings be upon our beloved Prophet, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we welcome you back again saying Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. Who made the peace and the blessings of Allah be upon all of you. Once again, if you just joined us, we're talking about how Islam is a way of life. And it being a way of life, it molds, our slots, it molds, our feelings, and it has a say, in almost everything and anything that has to do with us. And part of what Islam says is the idea of eating,

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because Subhanallah eating is one of the joys that no human being can immediately have what we call that immediate gratification, it's a joy for all. So Allah does not want to deprive us of that joy, but rather Allah said, Take that energy and put it in the proper channel. So it says kulu, shabu, eat and drink. Now, wait a minute, how would and why would Allah say eat and drink, even though we as humans can only live if we eat and drink. So that would be redundant, to actually point out the obvious eat and drink. I know that I cannot survive without eating and drinking. Because sometimes erroneously, people may think that depriving myself of eating and drinking is somehow pleasing to

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Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Allah saying, that is not how you please Him. Allah does not gain anything by you, depriving yourself from drinking. He doesn't. Allah does not benefit in any way, shape or manner, by you not eating. He does not. So Allah is telling you, I want you to eat and I want you to drink in order to sustain life. However, when you eat, and when you drink, make sure that you are not guilty of a Seraph. You're not doing so wastefully and you're not doing so excessively. And this point is so beautifully summarized by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam you know, the prophet peace be upon him said it to me. I'll tell him I was given the ability to say

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so much in very little words. So he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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Mandela Abu oedema we and Sharon mimbar. me. He said that the son of Adam or the child of Adam Be a man or a woman. They have not filled a vessel to its stop or to its max worse than their own Tomi. In other words, the worst vessel to fill completely is your own Tomi, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, he said rather than what is sufficient for man is enough more source loci that you can not fall back to keep your back straight, meaning that to provide you with sufficient energy to carry out your day to day activity. Isn't that this child of either must eat and when he