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Maasai came on Ash crew who had a neon on suddenly Allah rasool Allah Quran the shorefield Shami will noodle Uttam will Kitab will not come. What Kamal in the beginner will hurt him. So you develop the Adam, led by Shalabi here is of Numidian or the university he Ibrahim alayhi salam Hina Karna. Yet Pharaoh cover intubated, let him have run

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for Salah Allahu alayhi wa sallam when I looked at where he hated Oman, Latina BarakAllahu became Cafritz. And there's a lot of women who Elijah

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hamdulillah Allah de la Miata his well done well me Aquila, who should equal Philbrook well let me echo lowly human as well. We can deal with it could be a lot. But hamdulillah Olivia Angela Hill Catawba whatever the agenda wherever

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Hamdulillahi Latina who want to start and you know who want to start federal when we will be here one of our kids what are they he when they're older below him and God and fusina Amin say Dr. Molina when you have to healer who Philomel the law woman utility fellow had yella when a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa ghoulishly color. When a shadow Ana Mohammed Abdullah he Rasulullah sallallahu Lakota I love it who the within the uvula who Isla de liquid li Wa Kafa BiLlahi Shahida for sallallahu alayhi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira on Kathira I'm about to stop estoppel Hadith the Kitab Allah wa Halal had he had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or in a short while Modi

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Matata to her inocula Mata setting Vida Wakulla with it and Allah Allah Akbar Allah Allah let him for now.

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Call Allah Allah azza wa jal vikita Me who can even buy the an Akula Ruby learning ministry economy Jamia you already know that toughie do Alia who the one NESARA Alia bubblegum odia Oba

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Omonia Tala homing comfort in joven home in Hola Hola, como Valley mean?

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Probably Shashi, suddenly were silly. Emily looked at me listening of holy Allah who was epic there and the multi Villa ILAHA, Illa. Allah how much I love it. I live in Amman where I'm you know, slightly hot water, wasabi, hockey, whatever. So, I'm in Europe. And I mean,

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it's been a long time since I've been back. So it's good to be back. Even though I'm here for a very brief time. I'd like to start by making dua for all of you that Allah keeps your family safe, and protect you and preserve your iman. And I asked you to do the same for myself and my family.

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Today's hotbar I'll start by a disclaimer, is a complicated subject. And the reason I think, I chose this topic, even though in the less than half hour that I want to speak with you, there's no way I can do any justice to this topic. And there will be many things that should be discussed that are critical, that will be left untouched. If I want to give you a visual, if you're building a building, it has to have multiple pillars before you put the second floor, right, the foundation has to be there, the pillars have to be there. Maybe we'll put one or two pillars in place, not enough to build on top right? So then the question is, why even touch such a topic. And if it's not going

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to be complete in such a short amount of time. The reason for that is equally important. And that is that and this is my own observation. You don't have to agree in whatever time I've spent in my life trying to understand the book of Allah, and understand the outcome of Allah and the wisdom of the Quran, whatever I can grasp of it. One of the things that I've noticed, in conversations with Muslims around the world, and even here is that there are sometimes subjects that are actually complicated, and they have multiple components. But the Muslims, when they talk about it, imagine this, the building needs 10 pillars, the Muslims, generally they know about one of those pillars,

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and they talk about it as if that is the entire subject. And they simplify it and they think that's all look, Allah said this and this IR that's what it means. And that their entire view of what does Islam say about the subject is based on this popular thing that they've heard in one place, not looking at all the other pieces of the picture, right? And then what happens with some other extremes is well, you know, one side of it sounds extreme. So the other some other group takes some other pillar and says no, you're wrong. What about this, they hold to another piece, and they say this is the entire picture. And both of these are actually pretty incorrect. We have to take Allah's

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book not torn, torn into pieces. And one piece here and one piece there. If I took we knew that we were very lucky. Tell me what formula. Do you believe in some parts of the book and you deny other parts of the book? This is something that the people before us did. We can't be doing that right. So now let me get more specific about what I'm talking about to you today. There's a very famous iron sorbitol, NIDA and there are many other ayat like it, I recited the Arabic to you and many of you heard it those of you understand the Arabic language heard it in the beginning and may have been even perturbed. What's he going to talk about today? What is Is he really going to talk about that

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idea? And the ISS those of you who believe, don't take it I'll do a bad translation first. Those of you who claim to believe do not take Jews and Christians as friends. They are friends.

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to each other, okay? And then whoever befriends them among you, then though Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people. So the ayah clearly says we shouldn't be friends with Jews and Christians. And that's and this is sort of on my radar, right and what you should know if you remember me talking to you about social media before, it's one of the last sutras given to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. You can think of it as the Quran parting advice, like, now the OMA is going to engage with the rest of the world. And of course, the Christian world was a huge part part of the world population, and the Muslims were going to deal with them. And the Jewish population is still very

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small. But the Christians were, you know, expanded through the Roman Empire. So they were multiple ethnicities, expanding continents, right. So the Christian people are a huge millions and millions and millions of people around the world and now Allah is saying this about them in the Surah. And of course, this is something that you may have heard and you may have seen this kind of this this idea or this kind of teaching politicized or used to describe one group versus another group and this kind of thing, right. So I wanted to take a step back, give you a little bit of perspective on this idea. Again, not covering all of the pieces but my intention actually used to cover all of these

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pieces in detail over time. The reason I'm my mind is preoccupied with this subject is right now myself and my team are studying surah number 60 of the Quran SOTL Montana, and SOTL manga Hannah actually begins with a similar idea to this one. And we're Allah says yeah, you have Latina Amanullah that you DO I DO WE WERE I do work home Alia

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those of you who believe don't take my enemy and your enemy as friends as friends so that's it's a similar there it says enemy here it says Jews and Christians and some, some people who combine these two and say aha, now I know the enemies of Allah or the Jews and the Christians, right, another grave mistake. But let's take a little step back again. Let's start with one small similar piece. The word that I translated poorly friend, right so let's dig deep into that word because the Arabic language is very rich. And there are lots of different words for friends. So a hum is a friend errific is a friend is Sadiq is a friend Helene is a friend Willie is a friend. There are lots of

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words in Arabic for friends. 13 is a friend right so in the Quran uses all of these words in different situations to describe friendship of some kind or another. Now Allah we know that the Quran is the precise word of Allah, exact word of Allah. So when Allah uses a specific word, then we have to pay attention to that word and not think of it like the other words. In English. When you say friend, it's just one word. Right? But in Arabic, because there are so many variations. Each one of them is a different flavor. The way I want you to think about that is this is an example but it will help you understand this concept. It's a silly example, but I think you'll remember it this

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way. Imagine there are five burgers. They're all burgers, they all have the same beef patty. They all have the same bonds. But this one has led us in tomatoes. This one's got ketchup. This one's got onions, this one's got extra mustard. This one's got mayonnaise. They're still all burgers, but they have a different flavor, don't they? Right, so in the end, there's something they have in common, but there's something that sets each of them apart the same way in Arabic, you can have very similar words that translate look like the same word and English friend, friend, friend, friend and friend, but each one of them has a different flavor. And Allah actually employs those different flavors when

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he teaches us lessons in the Quran. So the word Willie which is the plural or the plural of which is Alia, which is used in this ayah is one of the words that Allah even uses for himself Allah Who will you will Latina Amman, Allah Who will you will Latina Amina Allah is the Wali of those who believe. Now let's look a little bit deeper into the origin of the word when he when he or she is actually used when something comes right after something. So actually, for example, Walia is used for two things it's used for when in the spring when the rain comes, and then there's like a 10 minute stop, and it starts raining again. So one rain followed right after the other rain. That's actually called

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a Walia in Arabic. And similarly, the Arabs when they used to have a camel or a horse, they don't just you don't just sit on the camel, you have to put a saddle on the camel, you put a seat on the camel, then you sit on it, but the seat can injure the back of the animal. So what they would do it they would put kind of a cushion on the back and then on top of the cushion, they would put the seat the saddle, and then they would sit on the saddle. But since it's sitting there for a long, long time, the cushion and the saddle, they press into each other and they become kind of glued to each other. You know, they it's hard to take them off. It's kind of like Band Aid, right? It's hard to

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rip off right. So when those the LEA it's stuck to the skin of the animal, the bottom layer, it stuck to the skin of the animal and that's when it was called Alia. Also the

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If that word was used for two things that stick together now from this came the idea Lulu Zuma che che and AHA when something is committed or stuck to something else and from it Imam Rahim argues L value for Liberty Liberty who will curb that Willie actually has to do with closeness and now I'm giving you a little a little more meaning of course friends are close to each other right? But this is not just talking about friends that are close friends that are what stuck to each other. They're like they're together and through thick and thin if you know what I mean. There's no gap in between them they're just with each other all the time when Allah says that he's the willie of those who

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believe that means in good situation bad situation and Ramadan outside of Ramadan when you're at work when you're praying, Allah is close to you no matter what Allah is by your side no matter what he is you're ready so that's the closeness is actually described inside the wealthy. Imam Rahim also goes on to say whether we're totally and yet Salah che and fossa Azula and lace, Aveda Houma, Melissa, in Houma, to things that are so close that nothing other than those two are in between, nothing comes in between them. So when Allah is my Willie, then nothing comes between me and Allah. That's actually what that means I have such a deep connection that nothing comes in between. Now you

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may have for example, a relationship with your with your with your wife, or your you know, your best friend or your parents or whoever. But something comes in between,

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right, like you want to talk, your wife says What's wrong, and your fear comes in between if I if I tell her what's wrong, then there's going to be a bigger wrong. So whether something psychological, this is something in between, when there's nothing in between, you can completely be open with the other person. And by opening up to them, they don't become distant from you, they still stick with you, then they become your wedding. That's a pretty strong word. This is not just describing any kind of friendship. This is describing a very small, very specific kind of allegiance and unity between people. Right, this and that. So that word should not be taken lightly. When you start out

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with Adekunle columbium in high school, McCann, I mean, high school, NASA, NASA. I mean, Haifa Dean, this was used to describe extreme closeness physically. It's also used to describe extreme closeness by lineage. Because of course, if you you know, back in the day, who were the closest people to you, the people from your tribe, right, you stick with your tribe. And that's how you can tell your loyalty nowadays in the modern world, you can tell citizenship by your passport, you can tell citizenship by your legal status. Back in the day when you walked into a village the only US citizenship you have is which tribe Do you belong to, that's where you stick with. If you go to some

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other tribe, you have zero protection. So your own tribe or your Alia because you're stuck with them, right, they will protect you now and this is then it's also used in the sense of people that are together and committed with each other and on the same page when it comes to their religion, women hate or sadaqa, oneness law, whether they call it and similar from it comes the idea people that help each other and people that are you know, friendly or sincere towards each other and people that share the same kinds of beliefs right so that's funny. Now this idea this this notion of being very very close friends and aligned with each other from this word comes another phrase in the

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Arabic language will you will amor and will you will amor is used for someone who's in charge of something.

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Okay, so the willie of the house is the person who is in charge of the house. Okay. And you know, the willie of the girl, for example, in marriage is the one who's in charge of getting her married. Right? You're the willie of your your children, because you are responsible for what you know what you should do with them. And so you become the willy ulama. Right. Or the Moto le also it's also called the motorway leader, one who takes responsibility of something. Similarly, when somebody is responsible for something the Quran, for example, talks about somebody who was responsible for spreading a lie, and says, Well, Lolita well like Ebro, who, the one who takes responsibility for

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most of it. Right? So it's taking responsibility for someone or why what is the responsibility have to do with closeness? Basically, think of it this way, when you're driving the car, and everybody's a passenger in the car, when you turn everybody turns? They're stuck to you. When you make a decision. It impacts everybody who's stuck to you, you go this way, they go this way, you go this way, they go this way you understand? So your your direction becomes unison, you can sway from it. This is the phrase that Allah azza wa jal used in the Quran multiple times to say, tell Muslims don't become wellI other than believers.

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Don't become a weenie to other than believers. And in total NIDA because the Muslims were expanding into the Roman Empire actually. So the Muslims were going to come into a lot of contact with Christian

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and people. And already towards the end of the sealer there were multiple battles and multiple political and military conflicts with Jewish tribes in Medina. So the Muslims have already been in a few years, there has been a few wars between the Muslims and the Jewish tribes, right? So Allah says make sure that you you can, don't become so closely aligned, that when they turn, you turn, when they go, you go, when they have a problem, you have a problem. Don't become like that with those people. They may have aligned agendas with each other, they don't have those aligned agendas with you. Somebody might hear that and say Islam is so intolerant. Islam doesn't, you know, we shouldn't

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be together, we shouldn't be together as one. But when people are people have Wilaya. In everything in life, you can have your favorite sports team in you know, when I traveled in Europe, we can't talk about basketball much. But there's, if you're a Manchester United fan, and don't talk about another team, right? If you're a Mavericks fan, which I don't know why it must be a lot of Torquil. But if you're a Mavericks fan, then don't talk about the Lakers don't talk about anybody else. There's team loyalties, right. And those loyalties can become so strong and crazy that people can even go into riots when their team loses. Right there. Pakistan is here when they're watching a

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cricket match, especially a cricket match against the Indian team. There's a lot of drama and like, extra in the waffle, and I don't know what's going on, you know, and people are passing out sweets, if one of the other team wins, like a child was born, right? Because there's an idea of loyalty. I affiliate with these people, right? So you find it in sports, you find it in American politics, if somebody's left wing, and somebody's right wing, it's like they're two different countries now, aren't they? If somebody has a particular kind of worldview, a liberal worldview, as opposed to a conservative worldview, a red pill, worldview, as opposed to a blue pill worldview, you can find

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them having almost animosity towards each other, because of this one thing, this ideological difference you might have in Muslim families, you might have, you know, family members that align with one political party, and the other aligns with the other political party, right, and you might find them having a real conflict with each other. So this happens in every part of life. And Allah is telling us something very profound, he's not giving individual instruction here, you'll notice that in certain Maya, there's so social instruction. And this is actually what I wanted to highlight in this ayah. Allah says, Don't be so closely aligned with people of other faith, that you stick

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with them so much, that when it's Christmas, you're sticking with them in the Christmas holidays. And when they're fasting for Easter, you're hanging out with them in part, you know, and if there's a, there's a ritual going on in the church, you're like, I'll come along with you. And your children are not getting used to their religious practices and their way of doing things, or you're with them at the office party, or you're with them at this, you know, at their birthday party, and you're at them at them, you know, the pool party, and they're drinking beer, and they're doing whatever else, and that's becoming normal for you more and more, It's haram for you. But it's okay, you're around

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it, it's okay. It's okay. It's okay. Over time, what happens is, your sense of connection to your own values, starts becoming weaker, and you start becoming that becomes more normal for you.

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Look, it's not shocking. There are people that live in the United States, Muslims that live in the United States, not for two centuries, for 20 years, that have Christmas trees in their homes, every every December. That's it's not shocking. It's it's a reality. It's not some imaginary thing. It's a reality. Where did that come from? And why did they feel the need to do that, like they're not showing it to somebody else. It's just that when you develop those kinds of connections without any other filters, and you stick and you stick and you stick over time, your own values start becoming weaker, and you start adopting the values of other people. Right? This is, in sociological terms,

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this is actually these ayat are about assimilation. I'd like you as a homework assignment, high school students here college students know what assimilation is. But the rest of you should learn a little bit about cultural, social political assimilation into societies. There are some societies that don't want you to assimilate and I wanted to kind of balance this picture. Again, this is just one pillar, there are lots of pillars. Right? And if you say that you should never take them as friends, and you should, and one of the meanings of Willie also someone who takes responsibility for you, right? So you should never let them be responsible for you. But that's not always the case.

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That's simply not always the case. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in Makkah, and one of his biggest protection, and one of his British biggest Wilaya came from Abu Talib. That's just a fact. They were the earliest Muslims we call them a sabich una Saba goon, the earliest Muslims, right and what the first and the foremost, many of them migrated to have Russia and how Russia was a Christian.

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kingdom, and they found protection and friendship in a Christian kingdom. Right. So that's another pillar that we have to discuss. But that pillar doesn't erase this pillar. They both exist. They're not one or the other. They exist at the same time. And that's the problem that I want to bring to your attention. There are ideas that at face value look like they are contradictory ideas. But actually, the Quran gives us a balanced picture. In these circumstances, you cannot be in these these things. You cannot be on the same page with other people. You simply can't. This surah I told you, it's a small quiz. I don't want you to speak because it's the hot but this is from certain

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Nida. Yeah, don't take them as earlier. This is the same Surah that Allah says that, you know, what are our Latina who told kita Hello, Lakota Amoco. Hello, he says the food of those who were given the book before you is permissible for you, and your food is permissible for them? What in the world? Why? So this is not I'm not going to give you a sidebar about whether you can go to McDonald's and have a chicken sandwich. That's not going to happen. But what I will tell you is this. Allah could have just said you could eat their food. But he didn't stop there. He said you could eat their food, and they could eat your food. Why did he say they could eat your I don't care

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what they eat, only care about what I what I put in my mouth? What do I care about what they put in their mouth? This is Allah telling us if they invite you to their homes, go. And you should also invite them to your homes. So that idea is not in some other place in the Quran. It's in the same surah and the same Surah saying don't take the Yahoo than the Nosara as earlier. But when you invite somebody to your home, then you are definitely being friends with them.

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Absolutely, there's no way that you're not being friends with them. When you're going to their home to eat, break bread with them. That's an act of friendship. And then sometimes those relationships form and they get deeper. And eventually what does Allah say in the same ayat, well, musona terminal mean a Latina, Latina, Latina Alton Kitab, you can even marry good family, women from among them. That's in these islands. Again, the technicalities of that is not what I'm discussing here. I want to discuss the balanced picture, to give you an idea of how Allah Allah azza wa jal talks about this subject, as I conclude this clip, but one thing that I want to bring to your attention is something

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from the world of psychology that we need to be aware of in understanding this topic holistically. And that is, I'll give you the sports analogy.

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You know, if, for example, there's a, there's a team that is winning the championship, and they have one player, that player, it's because of him, he's the star player, like, he's Michael Jordan, right? He's the guy that gets he's, he's the clutch player, he wins them every single month. And he's the reason they win championship after championship after championship. And then what comes out is the day before the finals game,

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some scandal comes out. He's accused of assault, He's accused of, you know, beating his child, He's accused of some drug charge or something else, right. And there's some lawsuit going on with him. Now his fans have a problem. We should really condemn his actions. But can we do that after the championship game? Because if we, if we say kick him off the team now, and he can no longer play, we're not gonna get the cup. Right? But then if we so we have to decide what's more valuable to us, the team loyalty? Or are we okay with this crime? Or then some people will say, No, no, I have a solution. You know, these are probably false allegations, because they want us to lose the

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I don't want to believe it. I don't believe it. I love this guy too much. History point shot is way too good for him to ever be this child.

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So you make this connection in your because you don't you don't want to live with the reality that that your team, the people that you had to rely on to could do something wrong. You don't want to accept that reality. On the other hand, does this is one extreme, and let's talk about a son. Now. It could be that the Muslims, we figured out we did this, we did this, right? The kuffaar Don't do this. And they don't know this. And we have these values. And we weren't so awesome. And they're so horrible. And you become blind to all the terrible things Muslims are also doing. And Muslims are doing some pretty terrible things. But you don't want to accept that your your team has a problem.

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Right? You don't want to accept that. So let's talk when we talk about our history. Let's talk about Salahuddin. Right. Let's talk about Salahuddin, let's talk about the law. That's Islamic history. But when there is a Muslim ruler, who massacres his own population, or bombs the neighboring Muslim country or starves his own people or robs his own nation, oh, that's, that's not Islamic history. That's Western propaganda.

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You know, that's not that's not Islam. So we don't want to own our

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On problems you understand. So that's a problem with Wilaya. That's a product. That's key because there are Wilaya is to people, but it's not to actual values. On the other extreme, there's another Wilaya problem. Well, that problem is, oh, my god, Muslims are so messed up. I know, I'm Muslim. But, man, these people, they have beards and they pray and stuff, but they cheat you in business. They lie. They're this way. They're this way. They're so horrible to women. They're so this. There's so backwards. They're so you know, dirty, they're so chaotic. And, you know, look at how they are. And then what happens is, now when you go to your non Muslim friends, you're like, Wow, they're so

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clean. They're so nice. I know, they drink alcohol. I know, they go to the club every Friday night. But this is the nicest person you'll ever meet in your life. I know that they do drugs, I know. But seriously, though, they're better than so many Muslims that I know. There's so much nicer. So you know what you're doing now? You're saying, Yeah, this stuff is bad. But it's not that bad. Because now slowly, your allegiance is pulling off from here and you are going this way and you're sticking to somebody else and you don't want to blind yourself to the bed and say it's not that bad. It's okay. I can switch teams slowly.

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Right? And you're slowly aligning yourself the other way. And when you look at your own people, all you see is the bad in them. You can only see the bad in them. So there's two extremes. Either you only see the good in your people,

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or you only see the bad in your people.

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Those are the two extremes. Now what is Allah azza wa jal give us and I'll leave you with this. Allah azza wa jal says,

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You Hello Dina Arman latet Duffy do ABA calm what a Juana como Leah.

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There Allah said don't take the Jews and Christians as Olia now Allah says listen to SUTA Toba. He says don't take your fathers and your brothers as earlier

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in this the humble COFRA and Iman,

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if they prefer disbelief

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over belief.

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Now your loyalties are not to blood. They are not to religion. Your loyalties are actually to values. It could be a Muslim who likes things from kufr more than they like things from Iman and they I cannot I can be kind to them. I can be good to them. But I won't be there Willy. I will not be stuck with them. So when they go towards gopher I go towards confer with them.

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If they go do the wrong thing I just quietly endorsed I can't do that. And it's the hub will go for Alan Eman woman Yetta Walla home income formula equal volume and Whoever sells sell aligns themselves with them sticks with them, then those are the people that are doing wrong. Those are the wrongdoers. It's not just the people that do wrong, that are volleyball. It's the people that align themselves silently with them and go along with them. They're also the value. They're also the ones that are doing wrong. This is a powerful, powerful subjects and are the Who do you align yourself with? Who do you disconnect from on the basis of principles? And even connecting and disconnecting

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has nothing to do and loving and hating someone? And this is the last thing I'll share with you. Does this mean that we must hate those who don't believe or those who don't have our values? We must hate them? Well,

00:28:27--> 00:28:29

Abu Talib clearly a Kaffir.

00:28:30--> 00:28:42

Clearly, multiple times tried to invite him to stand even though he supported the Prophet alayhi salam denied Allah. And he loves his nephew, but he doesn't love his many nephew as the messenger of Allah.

00:28:43--> 00:28:51

Right? He loves him as his nephew. He loves him as Muhammad. He does not love him as Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu the Schofer of his Resava Yeah.

00:28:52--> 00:29:04

So would it be wrong for for muscle loss? I seem to love him. Because it says he's gotten How can you love a cafe? Allah says it Nicola daddy, money but

00:29:05--> 00:29:11

when he passed away, prophesized to them was told you cannot guide whoever you have loved.

00:29:12--> 00:29:14

Allah didn't question the fact that he loved him.

00:29:15--> 00:29:17

Allah just said it's not up to you to guide him.

00:29:19--> 00:29:22

Allah did not prohibit loving those who don't believe

00:29:23--> 00:29:30

he didn't stop that from he didn't even stop that for His messenger. SallAllahu analisa. You understand? Allah didn't tell Ibrahim Ali son not to love his father.

00:29:31--> 00:29:44

He didn't tell him that. Those that's a separate subject. So what happened? The reason I wanted to give you this advice is we hear one thing, don't take them as friends, which is again a bad translation, then we turned this into we must hate them.

00:29:45--> 00:29:59

Or we turn this into this is too extreme. Or we take that one pillar. We don't look at the rest of the building and say, Hey, there's a much bigger picture here before you form judgment. There's so much more and we oversimplify

00:30:00--> 00:30:18

stuff those of you that are interested in getting a little bit more comprehensive view on the subject, I'll wear that one but this is what it's called in the Arabic language this subject as well. It's a really nice article. It's about 35 pages, it's an Arabic. Hopefully, inshallah I will have some of my students translate it and put it up also make a PDF out of it, but it's an Arabic.

00:30:19--> 00:30:32

If you Google and Willa Bara Sheikh Hatem and oni Hatem allow me you will find the article it might be of benefit to you those of you who understand the Arabic language BarakAllahu li Walakum feel for Anil Hakeem when a family er can be it with the Quran.

00:30:35--> 00:31:12

hamdu Lillahi wa Kapha or salat wa salam O Allah everybody Hill Athena Stouffer hustles and Allah Allah Muhammad Ibrahim Mohamed El Amin, what Allah Allah He also here in Marin, Allah azza wa jal vikita We're getting bandanna Buddha Rupa Villa Himalaya Shakeology in Allahu wa Mala Ecouter Julio Soluna Allah Nebia you 100 In Amman, Osamu Allah He was a limitless Lima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed crema salida de Bourgh haemophilia Alameen indica heavy to Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad and one other early Mohammed Komaba Allah Rahim Allah anymore haemophilia Alameen in ambito Majeed, everybody Allah rashmika Mala it took Allah in the La Jolla mobile as they will

00:31:12--> 00:31:21

they said what you call back when happened in Russia you will mancha what are they called? Allah? Allah Yeah, no matter stone Hakuna Salah in the salata kind of mini Nikita Mahkota.

00:31:32--> 00:31:32

Morning Good Morning.

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00:31:37--> 00:31:44

Ellis Fowler hyaline Furla for the former de sala de Palma de Sala Aloha good ally going there you know no law

00:31:49--> 00:31:50

stuff Hey Maria, from Allah

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00:32:02--> 00:32:28

Hamdulillah he robbed me in a rush Myrna walk me Maliki young with the Kenya boudoir II can esteri in the Nosferatu Mustafi Masirah lady and I like him when he reached out to me I lay him while up on for the

00:32:36--> 00:32:37

new lady in

00:32:39--> 00:32:43

Turkey DO I DO WE I do welcome only

00:32:46--> 00:33:19

to Kona Isla here building my word that he will call the cafe will be magia Meenal How can you free Jonah was hula II come when you come to me no been here have become in tune for Roger tune G hadn't fee savvy at all Balti to see Runa Ely here Bill my word that Eva and I love will be

00:33:20--> 00:33:22

fine to me why

00:33:24--> 00:33:32

don't why me well what? Why many fun homing comm call them one less

00:33:33--> 00:33:39

Acerbi E Yes. Often Camilla qu Lancome

00:33:42--> 00:33:47

YRBS who illogical IEDR homeware NC Netta

00:33:48--> 00:33:49

be su

00:33:51--> 00:33:54

one word doula who take for me?

00:33:56--> 00:33:56


00:34:02--> 00:34:04

sent me how long Lehmann I mean

00:34:06--> 00:34:08

a long echo

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00:34:30--> 00:34:32

along with

00:34:35--> 00:34:37

Al Hamdulillah he robbed

00:34:38--> 00:34:45

me in our Mohini Madden Kenyan meet de cana woodenware

00:34:46--> 00:34:59

is there in the now Sierra Club and the most stepping email syrup on Nadine and I'm tearing him why he didn't melt more behind him while a ball

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00:35:08--> 00:35:15

when Ansley in in Santa Fe hosting in Lulla the

00:35:17--> 00:35:29

amigos saw the hat in a lady nah man what I mean we'll slowly handle the water well some will be happy water well some will be a slob

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sent me along Lehman Canada

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along Expo

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Allah long

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more either income Moira Rahmatullah Ursula Milan Cornwell rock metal more