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Is it permissible for us to use inhalers when we're fasting? The correct opinion of the scholars is that it's permissible to use the inhaler. This is the opinion of schicken bas shimmer they mean and the legend at daima, the permanent committee of Fetzer in Saudi Arabia. And the delivery of evidence for this is the PS the analogy, how to use analogy with this because the ones who said it's not permissible, they said, there's a bit of water inside of it of the inhaler. However, the amount of water that's inside is so small, they say like 10 milliliters for about 200 sprays. And that's basically nothing so we have past we have analogy, which is when you make wool, when you're making

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will do and you do the mob mother, there's going to be a little bit of water left in the mouth anyways, isn't there also my sweat which is permissible? The correct view is anytime during the day of Ramadan. So if you're using the sweat also, there could be a little bit of water left. Also, there is no certainty that the water actually does reach inside. It's funny, it's possible. Therefore the correct view is that it's permissible. Anybody who has asthma can use it no problem inshallah.