The plan that backfired – Behind the revelation episode 10

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AI: Summary © The segment discusses a plan by the Church of Islam to go to the Prophet Muhammad sallahu alayhi wa sallam in front of their companions and convince them to accept Islam. The plan would involve researching the Prophet's scriptures and finding out if he was calling for the return of Islam. The Church plans to use these lessons to make predictions and regret those who dis backed Islam.
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12 of the scholars of the Jews from Heber and other neighboring villages, they had a meeting and they came up with a plan that they would go to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in front of his companions. And they would announce that they have accepted Islam, they've entered into Islam. And then they would come back later in the evening and say, after researching with their scholars and looking into their scriptures, they found that what Mohammed was calling to was not the truth, and therefore they would reject the religion of Islam and leave Islam. What was the objective of this, to have doubts grow in the hearts and the minds of the followers of Islam with hope that

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they too would leave their religion, but before they could achieve their goal, Allah sent down the verse exposing their plot will call a boy for two min lol Kitabi am in OB lady own zero Anna Lena Amman are watching now. And a group of the People of the Scripture said Believe with that which has been revealed to the believers in the beginning of the day, we look forward to hearing hero who law Allah who may have Jiun and then disbelieve in it at the end of the day, perhaps that they will leave their religion, a perhaps the followers of Islam, that they will leave Islam and these types of plots. They're the plots that the enemies of Islam have always used to attack Islam and to spread

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misconceptions. They've had conferences where they come together, and they say that if we can just get the Muslims to have scheck to have doubt about their religion, and the same way through their media spreading all types of doubts and misconceptions. The Quran gives us the examples of such plots so that we are always prepared and always ready and soda and fan. Allah subhanaw taala tells us about the enemies of Islam in Nila vena cava Rue une fille. Guna I'm one of whom that those who disbelieve they'll spin from their money, why do you so do unstability lead to make people go astray from the Path of Allah? Then Allah said for so young Fiocco and uh huh. So they will spend it

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through mitoku Ali him has surah and then it will be a source of regret for them through mobile aboon and then they will be defeated. And just as those in this story were exposed, always the doors of evil will be exposed. They worked for generations to make sure that the future Muslims would go astray. But they were surprised to see in this time that we live in an Islamic revival of young Muslims returning to their religion, William Corona, William Curel law while law Hiral mascarene and they plan and a law plans and a law is the best of planners