The Key to Jannah ) 4# )

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Imam Al Bukhari mentioned that a man came to Imam What have you been what have been, and asked him? Isn't let Ilaha illa Allah the key to Jana? And he said, Yes, but he said, every key has as none as the teeth that you need to have in order to open the door, if it doesn't have the correct teeth is not the correct key. It's not going to open the door. And that shows the importance of knowing and understanding the meaning of law, the law and the law. And this is what Allah commanded us to know Quran when he said farlam, under hula Illa, Allah was still very them big. And let's reflect on his verse, Allah said, Learn, let Allah and Allah meaning no one understand the meanings. And look at

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the end of the verse, any reflection here, Allah said, no law, international law, learn it, understand it, and then seek forgiveness for your sins. So why did Allah tell us to learn first before acting, and is what Imam Bukhari mentioned as well. He said, a law started with anyone with knowledge knowledgeable and I had a lot before total ml before the statements and the actions because if you don't have proper knowledge, you're not going to be able to act on it properly. Many Muslims if you ask them, What is the meaning of letting a handle law? They'll say that Allah is the Creator. He's the one who gives life and death He sustains, and that's only one part of to heat but

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the meaning of the Kadima, the shahada of letting in the law, that there's no deity meaning worthy of worship in the law except a law. When you have pure Tawheed you stay away from shirk. Because if you fall into shirk, obviously as a law tourists in the Quran, gender becomes haram for you. When you have proper to heat, you inshallah won't go astray you'll stay firm. Even if you go through difficult difficulties, ups and downs, you're going to stay firm on the path. And also it's going to help you deal with the doubts you might face. And also it's going to help you refrain from falling into more sin because you know the greatness of the Creator. And when you look into to hidden the

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importance of Tawheed and Hadith and pudsey when Allah subhanaw taala told us if we were to come to meet him you'll know pm with sins equivalent to Anna cement, meaning our sins all the way up to the clouds of the sky. Allah told us he would come to us be a corabi had no Farah with that which is equivalent to all of our sins. He will come to us with no federal forgiveness, he'll forgive it all. Under one condition. He said Laffite any lead to Shikou be share that you meet me not joining any partners with me. They understood the meaning of Latin Hello, they understood to heed so they got this blessing where all of their sins will be forgiven.