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In this final video, we are going to look at the most common mistakes that Muslims make when doing Dawa on social media, and I'm going to look at 10 of these common mistakes. And if you are making any of these 10 Then let us work to removing it so that our dow would be more effective and more rewarding in the era as well. So, the number one mistake, which is found throughout social media, especially in this era of social media celebrities, is turning the the effort of Dawa into a ego booster. You know, were you focusing on likes to focusing on followers, you focusing on becoming a celebrity. This defeats the entire purpose of our

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I want to remind myself and yourself of the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari where the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam stated that amongst the first people to be thrown into the Hellfire was that person who became a person of knowledge so that people would praise him for his knowledge. Meaning that studying Islam and teaching Islam so that people can praise you, is the number one way for a Muslim to go to the hellfire.

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Islam should never be about us. It should never be about our ego.

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It should always be about Allah, he should always be about the Dow, it should always be about connecting people to the Creator. I know it's hard. It is a continuous Jihad enough struggle against oneself, to overcome ego. But we have to keep reminding each other of this we have to keep reminding ourselves of this and keep working on this set. Our Dawa on Facebook and other forms of social media remain sincere and pure. So this is the number one mistake to avoid. And we avoided with reminders of why we are doing Dawa, which is for the sake of Allah.

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The second common mistake, which I find on social media networks

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is too much obsession with the self in terms of selfies and other self obsessed media.

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Now, in of itself, there's nothing wrong with a selfie. I people take selfies with different reasons. Sometimes you happy that you are traveling, sometimes you want to share your joy with your friends, you know, you graduated and you take a picture and you want your friends and family to see it and be happy with you. So the selfie itself is not the problem. It's always the intention behind it. But when a supposedly dour page is just a collection of selfies, from the diary, without any beneficial posts, then it's lost its way. Right. It's no longer a dour page. It's now a self promotion page. So we need to be balanced when it comes to selfies.

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that yes, sometimes it's nice. It's nice to be happy. You went to the new country, you got a qualification. You won an award. And you want to share that with your friends with your family, with your supporters, and get the two hours there's nothing wrong with that. But don't turn your social media accounts into self obsessed media. rather focus on the dour and not on yourself. That should be our primary focus.

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The third common mistake on social media and I already addressed this in the previous videos is the widespread sharing of false information. Widespread sharing of false information, whether it's on WhatsApp or Twitter or Facebook, the amount of fake news fabricated had thesis and falsified historical stories that are circulated is too much. Why do we do this?

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We need to verify and authenticate any information before we share it.

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Right? I do not need to see another link about how Rowan Atkinson died. Or the undertaker converted to Islam or any of this fake news.

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If somebody claims that a certain celebrity died or converted to Islam,

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very simple way to check if that's true or false. Check a day official website or the official Facebook page. If it says nothing, then it's fake news. Let us stop sharing

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Fake News and others focus on authenticating and verifying before we share anything on social media.

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Another common mistake related to social media are the lengthy debates that never seem to end.

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You know, and for example, look at look at the issue of musical instruments, right? They are different opinions in the oma. They are able hasm who was of the opinion, the instruments are halaal there was Abu hanifa was of the opinion that all instruments are Haram.

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There was a mmamoloko view percussionist halaal and Vincent is haram. All of these opinions existed. What we find today on Facebook, one person posts a link, somebody else comments, music is haram, the other person conventional, which not the one person copied and pasted entire article of a white haram element copy and paste a tie article by white halaal. And neither of them read either entire article. And this goes on for days and days on end. Two weeks later, somebody else posts the link. And the debate starts off over and over again, we have to let this go. You know, these issues of difference of opinion in the oma especially, we have to let it go. And even other issues, you know,

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you convey your message to people and you move on. You cannot spend all day and all night debating people about every difference of opinion you have with them. If you do that, it will never end your whole life will go on debating. I know because when I was a teenager before any of these social media networks existed, I used to dowe on the the ancient social media networks, the ones that don't exist any longer. And sometimes, a debate about music would go on for six weeks, six weeks, all day all night, when there's so much more beneficial things we could be doing with our time. So focus on getting to the point conveying your message expressing your opinion and moving on, avoid lengthy

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debates, especially those debates that are never going to end. Right if the Muslims have been debating an issue and scholars have been debating an issue for 1400 years, you and your friend and Facebook are not going to end that debate. So put it aside and focus on moving on to more important issues.

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The next point of use of language as Muslims, our language must be pure pulo colons sadita, speak straight, speak properly, speak eloquently. speak nicely, your call, or your smart speaker what is beneficial or stay quiet. These are the guidelines for the speech of the believer. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stated that there is nothing which causes more people to end up in the Hellfire than their tongue in what they say. Now many of us say Obama saying it, I'm typing it, it's the same thing. Whether you're writing with a pen, or you say it with your mouth, or you type into the keyboard, or you use sign language, it's the same thing being abusive is wrong. And as Muslims,

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we should shun this completely, completely avoid abusing people online.

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cyberbullying, trolling, abusive language all of this has no place in the life of a believer.

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Another major problem I have with social media and this almost made me quit social media altogether many years ago, was the fact that we seem to assume the worst of others. You know, for example, a shark may post on Facebook, pray for Palestine.

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Instead of praying for Palestine, people will reply, why didn't you say prefer Syria? or Why didn't you say prefer Somalia?

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Or why you always mentioned that country not my country. So instead of seeing the good in what the shake posts, they see the worst the assumed it was very often, if they just scroll down the page, you'll find in other posts on prefer Syria, or prefer Somalia, but because they didn't see all these posts, they assumed the worst of him. Right?

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Or, if you had to take a picture of yourself, having a exotic but non alcoholic drink, and posted on Facebook, I can guarantee you that a large number of people will assume the worst of you and assume you're drinking alcohol

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without even asking why? Because we seem to assume the worst of others.

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So that does follow the Quran and Hadees

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verse 12 of Surah odorata Allah says, Oh, you will be Louis. Oh you who believe it Tony bucatini Ramadan in the battle on Easter stay away from suspicion.

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Assuming badly of others, because most of the time false assumptions is a sin.

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If somebody is doing something good and you are assuming bad about them, Allah says that most of the time

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when people post on Facebook, give them the benefit of the doubt, if they post something that can be interpreted positively and negatively, interpreted positively, assume the best, not the worst.

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Number seven is feeding the trolls.

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I ghost people living in their mother's basements, who just sit on the internet all day looking for someone to fight with, and would never

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address those topics with you in person. Why? Why are you feeding them? Why are you giving in today, you know, the desire to fight, ignore them, ignore them, and they will go away. Don't give in to these people. Right? They will consume your energy, they will consume your positivity, they will consume your time, extremely unproductive to engage with trolls on social media. So just ignore them and block him. That's the only way to deal with such people.

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Number eight is being the troll yourself. If you are someone who's going online to look for a fight, to look for something bad in others, so you can start a fight with them to assume the worst of others, you can get into an argument with them, then you are wasting everybody's time and you are committing a lot of sense, from bullying, to abuse of language to assuming the worst of others to harassment. You are committing all these sins. And why I don't know what I don't know why people become trolls. It's something that baffles me. But if you've done this in the past, give it up. This is not appropriate behavior for a Muslim.

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Now going to the other side, those people who watered down the message of Islam. These are the people who post things on social media, like a woman don't need to wear hijab. It's a choice. Oh, we don't have to pray five times a day. You know, have you heard of people who post these type of things on social media? Right? They say, Oh, we don't have to give charity, we don't have to pass in Ramadan. You know, they say oh, people are extreme when they say we pray five times a day. This is changing Islam to suit others. Oh, if you are doing Dawa whatever your personal sins and your personal level of practices, you have to convey the message of Islam as it is. You don't change

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Islam to suit the people. you convey Islam, allegories, and people will accept it or not.

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Based on that, some people won't accept it, it goes against their nerves. that's their problem. They chose the enough so Allah, some people won't accept it because it goes against more than values. that's their problem. They chose more than values over Allah values. Right? It's not your job to change Islam to shoot him. It is your job to convey the message of Islam in its proper manner, in its correct understanding, and leave it for people to decide. Finally,

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a major problem

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on social media is that many Muslims in the way we talk in the selfies that we post the things that we follow, you know behavior with others, we do not represent Islam properly, from abuse of language to sexual harassment, to cyberbullying, trolling to following immoral pages to sharing immoral pictures, to boasting about one since the listing goes on and on.

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A Muslim represents Islam in everything we say and do in public.

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Our sins should be private. That is what Islam teaches. You since should be private between you and Allah, Who is the only one who can forgive you.

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in public, we represent Islam. So make sure your social media accounts the things you post the links you share, the way you express yourself, the way you talk to people. All of it is in keeping with the teachings of Islam.

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With that, we come to the end of the section on Gao on social media.

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There is one more link below, which is a PDF of 25 ways to Tao on social media. I hope you benefited from this series of videos. In the next part of this course, we will look at how to get productive and beneficial friendships on social media. I will see all the changes are called hiren was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh