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The discussion covers the history and use of the Bible's "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the tree" meaning "by the

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh withnell handling Naghmeh daughter I don't want to stain on a still futile when they're also bIllahi min Shuri and fusina women see at the armory now we are at the lamb of Allah mobila from the Euclid Villa de la shadow illa Allah wa de la sharika wa shadow Anna Mohamed and Abdo Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman mozzie them. We stopped last week talking about the story of adenitis Salaam in shallow Thailand this episode we will continue and I apologize to you know, some of the brothers and sisters with us on YouTube

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the last week, the connection wasn't very well so it cut off but I noticed that the audio was good at handling that. So we're trying now I'm there now we're live on eight different platforms and hamdulillah three of them mine and the other one for the brothers on and Newcastle FM they're the ones that we're spraying on their platforms as well so on a different platforms Alhamdulillah so hopefully inshallah the connection this week will be better and it will be smoother inshallah Tada but um, they're like we said last week, the audio was clear. And that was the most important channels on it. And hopefully the you know, the visual will be better this week. So we stopped in

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the story talking about any other matters Salaam and the bliss and something I want to point out, which is a question that always comes which is misunderstood, is that many people and you don't understand Adam was he from the angels or not because Allah said with coonelly Mala Ekati stoolie Adam, we say to the angels make suju to Adam, and if a soldier do that they made suit and he pleases with them in libraries except for a please. So the mini understand from this, that he was from the angels, because he was there with them. He was told to Prosser and he refused. But if you look at this verse and sort of

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Alkaff Allah subhanaw taala said, it libraries except for a bliss CanAm in Elgin he was from the gym for for supper and Emery rugby, that he was but and then he departed from the command of his Lord, he moved away from the command of his Lord subhanho wa taala. So a bliss was not from the Malacca he was from the jinn. But he was from the jinn who was so famous for his a bad that he used to be known as I said, jet meaning for me always, always the salad he was making, he was known as a sujet. He was known as this a jet. And he was given his high status from Allah subhanho wa taala, that he

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was able to that he was raised to be with the angels and worshipping any with the angels. And when it came time for so June, the angels were ordered to make a schedule and he was with him so he was supposed to make sujood with them. And also we know from what we mentioned last week, from the creation of a bliss that he was created from fires, he said in the verse and we know that the angels were created from light, therefore he's not from the angels but he happened to be there with him. So he made sujood all of them except for a bliss. After that time, as Adam was enjoying his time and Jana, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada created for him well, for him to have a partner to be with, and to find

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comfort with and obviously for their offspring later to spread throughout the earth. And Allah subhanho wa Taala said to Adam and his wife

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while putting them to school, and there was those who can Jana, to be any Adam, you and your wife in Paradise, and will Kuhlman, however than hate to shoot tomorrow, and to eat there from it, and ease and abundance as much as you want. Enjoy yourself, eat from everything and Jen, enjoy yourself enjoy the pleasures of Jana. But there was just one thing you have to stay away from. Allah said well at Zakharova ha the shedule. But stay away from the shedule stay away from this tree. Any for the corner minute volley mean, or you're going to be from the wrongdoer. So this is the one thing that you've read just just this tree that's everything is the only thing that's written for you,

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everything else and the Allah said Kulu minha Kula minha rather than Ephraim, an ease and abundance as much as you want and alert word and the other version sort of Baja. Allah said for pulmonaria Adam

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in her that I do look a while Zoologique he said, Oh Adam, this is your enemy for you and your wife, fella Ukrainian nakoma mineral mineral Jannetty potash Corp, so don't let him any push you out of the generic remove you from the Jana so you will touch

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Call that you will suffer. So Allah He had the warning. So why did he end up falling? In the end? This is the question that we need to ask ourselves what happened to him as someone who is a prophet that first of creation, someone who had high status. So what happened that made him slip and made him fall into the trap of sheer fun, and it's very important for us to reflect on just like many of us know, things are haram, we know that we shouldn't be doing certain things. But yeah, we do it anyways. So the same thing with our our father, Adam is a celeb. He knew he wasn't supposed to go next that tree and she had thought he's very crafty and very clever. So how does shaped on approach

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him and what did he do? First of all, he started with his whispers, and he started with the footsteps. Allah warns us throughout the Quran about the whole dawat the footsteps of shaytaan. So he came to him, first of all, and he said to him, whisper to him, first of all, for what's wasa la he che upon so he tells her to whisper to him, calling Adam Hello, do look, Allah Shedra to hold the wire Moonkin layup ilaya Blah. He said, Oh, Adam, should I not show you the tree of eternity, and a possession that will not deteriorate is what's the I'm gonna show you something good, Adam, this is good for you. It's tree. And then we came to him later and another verse and sorted that out off.

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When he said, Well, we'll call some Mahoma that he swore to them by law. Look, I always swore by a little bow law. I'm telling you what he said. In Nila coma Mina NALSA Hadees Indeed, I am for you from the Nasir Hina from the sincere advisors. I'm giving you advice this tree this is what it's all about. This is it. You need to try this tree. And he kept encouraging them. Can't We? Just I'm just telling you Look, you're going to be ones benefiting from this tree is what what tree is this? Adam? What what a tree is this is sheduled to hold this the Tree of Eternity where women can lay up planets but in its possession that will now be at your hands. Just just take a try and try and

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you're going to enjoy it. You're going to like it, trust me and he like women and so you know, I'm here as an advisor to you. I want good for you guys. So what happened?

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Allah told us in sort of BA Wallah AHA Illa Adam, I mean Code Blue fantasy that we had already thrown out. And we took the promise from he wouldn't go near that tree. What a fantasy that he felt, but he forgot. So when Adam forgot, after all the time that she thought he takes his time doesn't come right away. And it's now when he's forbidden from the tree in the beginning, it's something new. So gradually, he pulls him in realism and revised him. Hey, look, I'm just giving some advice. It's up to you in the end, I'm not I'm not going to push you not gonna force you. It's up to you to take the choice. So what happened and he forgot Adam, and he took from the tree. So what happened

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after that? Allah said, unsalted, Bacara versona Houma che upon who unhappy Roger Hammami McKenna feet, but say Thorn as we share throne caused them to slip out of it, and you remove them from the condition that they were in. And then it was said to them by Allah subhanho wa Taala will be bill to bow company bow in Urdu. And Allah said go there all of you as enemies for one another. From day one. As they were sent down to the earth, Allah made it clear go down to the earth as intermediates to another that the Adam and his Doria, Adam and his offspring and shaytaan his offspring that it's going to be war, it's going to be battle from day one. And this is the reality from that time into

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the day that we live in. And then the Lord said, welcome fill out the Musa called one one material Nila hain. And you will have on earth a place of settlement and provision until

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for a time. During this time, obviously Adam regretted going against the command of his door when he forgot. So we continue to make Toba to Allah subhanho wa Taala begging Elora night and day to forgive him for his sin and being sent down to the earth as a punishment. So Allah says in the next verse, but look for the moment Rob be he can imagine so Adam received from his Lord Calumet words and then alone set for tab Isley and he implemented these words when I show you the words are in a minute and another verse and when he said he received these kitty mats and he put them into action these can be met

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Allah say for tab it is all repented upon him in no whatsoever Rahim and Didi is the old Accepting of repentance and the more at the mercy of Allah subhanho wa taala. These clearly met Allah told us what they were and sought a lot of diverse 23 When he said a banner of alumna and force and when Labtop fill in what are Hamner then Hakuna nominal cost serene, our Lord, we have oppressed ourselves and this is the beautiful way to even this this is the type of dua that all of us should be making all of the time. When we make Toba to Allah subhana wa Tada we repent to Him, because first of all, it starts with the air tear off with us a bidding our sense is the reality will lie.

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We've oppressed ourselves, all of us in different levels. All of us are at different levels, but all of us have oppressed us

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Oops. So they said rubella dilemna and fusina We've oppressed ourselves when I'm telling fildena What are Hamner and if you do not forgive us and have mercy upon us, Lana colon MNL ha serene that will be from the horse Irine from the losers, may Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us all from being from the losers. And may Allah make us all your bill Alameen from those who Allah forgives, and bestows His Mercy upon them out of anatomy, and Allah warned, all of us because what happened to our father Adam, it's a warning for all of us. It's a message for all of us. It's a lesson for all of us. And a Lord warns us to be aware as well, all throughout the Quran, and sorted out of Allah says,

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Yeah, Benny, Adam, lay if Tina nakoma shaytaan Okemah. Raja have a way you can mean agenda. He said, our children of Adam, do not let SharePoint tempt you, and you as you and you will be removed from the from the paradise like your parents are removed from the Paradise, just like you remove them, and don't tempt you this, like he tempted your parents and they were removed from the paradise as a punishment. So beware, don't let him tempt you like he tempted your parents before you. And then another verse, Allah subhanaw taala and sort of thought that this is diverse all throughout the Quran, you'll find these warnings, but the warnings for us to read and remember the story of Adam,

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remember how he was tempted, how he fell into temptation and the outcome of what happened. Although Satan sort of thought that in a che upon Allah kkOma do that, indeed, the shaytaan is for you. And I do he's an enemy, but who who are doers, so take him as your enemy. In Nehemiah drew his bow, indeed, he only calls his his his party, His followers, his people, the Okuno then as her desire to be even the people of the blazing Fire May Allah protect us all from the Hellfire bill. And I mean, this time that Adam and Howard had and Jana, it was actually a training session, a training session for them to

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be obedient to Allah subhanho wa taala. To be thankful to him and to stay away from being disobedient and stay away from temptation when they were ordered to stay away from the shedule to stay away from the treat. As they came down to earth, the battle upon the battle on Earth started right away, and the battle on Earth.

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There was different types of battle now that Adam is facing before he's ready, enjoying the luxury of Jana eating from wherever he wants rather than as he wants in abundance and living the life. Now when he started a battle, a battle with Shan Thorne right away, it's going to continue as they're down an earth and a battle and finding his risk and his provision for himself and his family of battling and fighting off the wild animals and what have you that are on the earth now that they're coming after trying to kill you. So now it's not like gender where it's safety now in nets, it's the duty as a rough place. And this reminds us of a very important principle. And that is, life is

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difficult. Life is not easy. Allow me to clear on the shorter and ballot luck Hello, well in Santa Fe, Quebec, that indeed We have created man in hardship. So we're created in hardship.

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We're going to any realize that life is the this is a very important principle that we understand that life is not going to be easy from the time you're a baby. What's happened now my little baby boy May Allah bless him like all of all of our children may Allah bless them oil but I mean what's happened now teething, he's going through the pain to the suffering locket, Haluk melon, Sanofi Cuba we've been creating a human being as even our bad said he said from the time his teeth start to come out. That's that's the difficulties facing into the standing up. He's falling down, getting hurt learning how to walk, that's life. And then later, looking for your wrist, looking for your

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provision, providing for yourself providing for your family, making sure you stay stay, you stay, you stay safe. All of these things are the types of hardship that you live in this life. When you get older your body starts the weekend starts to come down. You go back to Alberta Omar to the to the difficulty of old age, that is also one of the test that we have in this life as well. But Allah subhanho wa Taala he protected Adam, as Adam was obedient to him, and he strove to worship Him and to be obedient to Him. And that Allah has promised when you are someone who strives for Allah, Allah will be there for you, Allah will protect you, Allahu Allah, you let the AMA know Allah tells us

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unsalted, Baqarah that Allah is the were li he's the protector, the guardian of those who believe. And Allah told us as well. In Surah Al Hajj in Allah You deaf Iranian leadin Amaroo then indeed all defense those who have believed and the greatest protection that Allah gives us is that he with our iman, and I'm going to call it our good deeds and striving for Allah subhanaw taala strive so he will be pleased with us, that He will keep us firm you Tbit Allah Who levena am and who will probably 30 will hire the dunya will after all, that Allah keeps those who believe firm with the word of Allah, Allah and Allah keeps you firm on the Kalama that she had learned

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analog in this life and in the next that's when you strive for Allah subhanaw taala with your Eman and your good deeds striving to please Allah and stay away from temptation and stay away from that when Allah has made haram for you. When you look into the story of Adam, in a question that comes right away, how was the offspring? Great, what are they what happened? How was mankind created because we have here, the mother and the father

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Hawa when she would get pregnant, she would have each time a son and a daughter and in their legislation in their city and it wouldn't be permissible for the son to marry his daughter or their intimate says his twin sister. It would be a son from the other pregnancy so she would have the next pregnancy that son would marry that daughter and the other son would marry the other daughter, she wouldn't he wouldn't be allowed to marry his twin sister, they would marry from another sister. Obviously, that was something allowed during that time and later, once the there was enough of offspring spread enough then obviously, and that was not allowed as it came in later legislations as

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we know nowadays.

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So attorney, Adam continue to spread the message of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon earth about obeying a law, being obedient to Allah, the danger of disobeying Allah subhana wa sallam, and as he was teaching his children and the offspring start to spread, he had another Ernie is two of his children named and you all know the story of her Bielema. Kabhi. And Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us their story and sort of consider their maiden and what happened in their story from the beginning. And you let people don't even know the story might not know exactly what happened in the beginning of it. Why was there any this transgression from Fabio to his brother have been, and that was because

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happier came as it was their custom, he came to marry the sister of Kobe, but she was much more beautiful than the then then the system hobbyists are obviously supposed to marry who the system have been. And he didn't like her because she wasn't as beautiful as own sister. So he said, No, no, he said, I'm not gonna let him marry my sister because she's more beautiful. He said, I want to marry my sister, because I want to marry her because she's more beautiful. And then she Athan came and started to what built the hasit the hatred and the animosity and the jealousy for his brother in his heart, because he wanted to marry the one he wanted to marry. And she thought to what, to put

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this into his heart. And this reminds us of the danger of hazard. And the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he told us and the idea of the young woman has to be aware of hazard of, of, of envy of envy one another, and he said very least the envy the hazard. He said, he eats the good deeds, just like the fire devours the firewood, that's how they would happen to your good deeds. When you have hazard in your heart, one of the most dangerous sins can enter into your heart. And we see that this major crime that's going to be committed it starts where, from the hazard having hazard and animosity and envy and jealousy towards your brother. So what happened after this is Adam Ali Salam, he came up

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with a plan, a middle path, he said, each one of you will offer a sacrifice and whoever Allah accepts from then he will be the one who will marry

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to marry the one that both of you want to marry. And Allah mentions the story in Surah almeyda. What do I lay him? Then a Adam will help and recite to recite an image with Adam and his two sons, it cover about poor burn and for Dotto, I had the HEMA well.

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He's Na said that if it was the sacrifice, they offer both them and offer the sacrifice to a lot. And the sacrifice was accepted from one. And it wasn't accepted for me either. So what happened in return right away? Calvino he said to his brother, Paula Toulon, he said, Indeed, I will surely kill you.

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Now what was the answer of the believer, Bill, who had the strong Eman and good for Allah subhanho wa taala. Because first of all what happened, but to have a sacrifice to each one of them offer corbeil he was he was stingy with his sacrifice. He went to some of his crops, got, you know, the cheapest stuff he had and offers as a sacrifice for ALLAH SubhanA wa sallam, but how big he went to his sheep and got the one that was no, that was big and had a lot of meat on it and the best sheep he had, and he offered as a sacrifice for a lot. So obviously, Allah has accepted that but also it wasn't just the sacrifice. It was the intention of the one offering the sacrifice. So he replied to

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his brother, calling them up but Allah human and with that, indeed, a law only accepts from the ratchets, the ones who hear him and also partner with and accept fundamentally and those who have established taqwa in their lives. These are the ones who accept them. When you do something other than a law you just do something you're stingy with how you do things for Allah subhanaw taala. Allah is not going to accept that from you. During an effort first of all, he showed him why a law accepted for many and look, he said, I'm gonna kill you. The first reply he came with is, Why did Allah accept him? It's important to understand I know you're angry, but you have to adjust

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A while ago accept it for me and he didn't except for you and he said in the Maya Tata, but Allah made it a couple of aluminum with him. He said that indeed a lot except from the righteous. Then he said talked about what you said about wanting to kill me. His reply to him was like in basalt by ILA Yeah, Decker Lita, Koto Looney, ma Morakniv. basit here the lake.

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He said that if you're going to raise your hand against me to kill me, I should not marry raise my hand against you to kill you. He said, Why? Why is it that he said why is it not going to fight him back? Why is not going to kill him back? He said in Nia Hoff, Allah horrible al Amin, he said that indeed. He said, I fear Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. And then he started to give him some advice. He's reminding him again, he said, Look, in God do unto Abu Dhabi. If me, if maker Fatah coulomb and US harbor now with Erica just told me, he said, Indeed, I want you to obtain my center here sin, and you will be from the companions of the Hellfire. And this is the desert. This is the recompense for

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the volunteer mean for the wrongdoers didn't accept the advice from his brother that he incidents into what he said below Atlona. So fatawa hola su cutlery for Katrina, who first Muhammad Alpha Syrian, and his soul permitted him to murder his brother. And he killed him and he became from the class he didn't he became from the losers, as he was sitting there, reflecting on what he had done,

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and feeling bad. And obviously any nobody and even somebody who thinks they're tough, and I've seen people and J. Lea, who thought they were tough once they killed someone, how they felt inside, they were scared, they were nervous, and it's not a good feeling and taking someone's land, and it's a person's life. Subhanallah

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and this individual. So as he's sitting there now qabil reflecting what he's done, my dear brother lays in front of me, what do I do with him? Because they didn't know about bearing back then what have you. So Allah subhanho wa Taala told us in the next verse in Surah, to remind them for basil Allah who will ordain your path will fill out. So Allah sent a crow searching on the ground lioresal Who K fell you worry so fi to show him how to hide the disgrace of his brother.

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And he saw him the crow had any also had an issue with another crow and they went in and other Crow was dead that he opened up a berry farm and put him into the ground. Then he said Kalia way later, and I just do under committed to handle water. He said, Oh, woe to me, have I failed to be like this crow for worry. So he so I can hide that is the body of my brother, about him and in the mean. And then he became, from the regretful something very interesting. If you look at this story, and you look at the verse, which comes after it. It's an amazing verse, which talks about the danger of killing innocent people. And it's very important to understand, obviously,

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as many people propagate Islam in a negative light, saying Islam caused the violence caused killing us and people, obviously, the enemies of Islam, they propagate this on the media, but don't do this story about killing innocent people. And the story of then the beginning of mankind, and right after that Allah tells us in the next verse, that whoever kills an innocent so among Katella nevsun, whoever kills a soul, be evade enough sin over said and fill out without it being killed for another so meaning to my life in a different sauce, the death penalty, and if you if you're killing us, so in an implement one of the penalties of Allah subhanho, wa taala, it's permissible or facetted, or

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someone's will crop up on Earth. If you kill someone like that, any Islamic law, that's permissible, but if someone's innocent, and you kill innocent so what does Allah subhanaw taala say about that? He said, For Nima Catella messaged me and he said, it's as if he has killed all of mankind killing one innocent person. It says if he has killed all of mankind, woman, yeah. Takadanobaba nessa gymea and whoever has saved one soul, it says he has saved all of mankind. Beautiful verse, and it's very interesting, how it comes right after the story of Kobe and Hobie.

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A very important principle that we gained from this story is what was mentioned, it was narrating the Hadith of the hadith is not authentic, narration wise when it comes to the chain of narration, but the meaning of it, as our scholars have mentioned is correct. And that is the statement and hikma to Bala to movement that the wisdom is the Lost belongings of the believer wherever he finds that he takes it so if we benefit any as someone who's as a Muslim looking for how we're going to stop if you find something with a non Muslim has even as we saw here in the story of Crow, he benefited from a crow what a crow had to offer right? So if you can you see that? Okay, that's how

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we do the CRO Tamera do something I'm not gonna say because he's a CRO I'm not going to benefit. So anything that comes to any Hickman that comes to you as a believer, this is your last belongings as it came in this narrative.

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Shouldn't you take it and you act upon it if there's benefit for yourself in general Tada. And

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after that, any after almost 1000 years on Earth, it came time for Adam to die. At least that was Scylla

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MB before he had died was at the beginning of His creation. Anyone who's created Allah subhanho wa Taala showed him all of his offspring. And Allah he asked Allah, what is this? Who are they? He said, This is your offspring. And he showed them and on the forehead of each one, how long they will live. So he saw one who stood out to him and he was very bright and shiny and illuminated and light and northern order the man and he said, Who is this? Yeah, it'll be. And they said, This is your son, though. It was written only 40. He's only gonna live 40 years. So why only 40 years he said, increase him. He said the only way I will increase him is if we take from your life, obviously, as a

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father, what are you saying the situation of course, give to my son. He gave it to him. But after all of those years, he had forgotten when the angel of death came and take it. So he said no, no, because he knew how much time he had left the earth. He said, I said, I still have 60 years left. But he said no, you don't remember you gave those 60 years to your son, the route and he rejected it. He said, No, no, that's not true, because he forgot. So the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he said at the end of the Hadith, he said, so he rejected, so his offspring rejected. So now we took this from our father, Adam na Salam, and also he forgot whose offspring forgot. So also the fact that he

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forgot, it made us forgetful as well. Subhanallah at the time of his death,

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angels came

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to him with their digging equipment, and they came with a cuff interrupt his body. And when they came, they took his soul. They then washed him, they wrapped him in the coffin, and they dug the hole in the ground, and they buried him and they said to his sons around them also old children of Adam, this is your sunnah. This is your way, this is how you Bury Your Dead. So we need to do in burials that showed us that the way that Muslims buried today, it's in accordance to the fifth row, the natural inclination, and also it's the way of our father Adam. And this is the way all of mankind should be bearing unfortunately, you will see in many customs, that people they vary in

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different ways where some people they burn the body, I will be below the cremate them. Some of them like in history, you see the ones who built the big pyramids, like in pyramids in Egypt, they put expensive jewelry and things like that on the people. And even now in the West, where they have, you know, big, you know, expensive coffins and big expensive tombstones. And I remember when we used to bury

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our dead brothers in Ireland, and the graveyard we have for the Muslims there it was next to the Christian grave, or the same graveyard, but they had their their plots, we have our plots, and Subhanallah we'd see that how expensive and how strap against these graves cost was panela. And look how difficult it is. And you firstly have to pay like a couple 1000 euros for the grave itself. But that just for the lab plot of land, they have to pay how many 1000s for the coffin, and how many

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for the coffin, and then how many also you pay for the big tombstone, expensive tombstone all of these things, costing sometimes 1020 1000s of dollars or euros to pile in some countries and hamdulillah it's very cheap for us as Muslims we wrap them any and the sheets in the coffin and they're very this is the sunnah of our father Adam Alehissalaam, during the night of an astrologer Mirage, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he met at the Marais Salam in

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the fourth heaven, or the first seminar, excuse me, he met him in the first heaven. And when he met him, he saw that there were people on his right and people on his left, when he looked to the right he would cry. And we look to the left. Sorry, when he looked to the right, he would laugh and we look to the left he would cry the right he would, he would, he would he would laugh and he will look to the left he would cry. So the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam he asked to be Who is this? Instead? This is Adam and Adam welcome him all pious prophet or prize son. And after that he asked him any what was this? Why was he laughing on the right? And why was he laughing? cry when he looked

00:29:02--> 00:29:10

to his left. He said that the he would see the people of paradise when he looked to his right and see the people of the Hellfire when he looked to his left. Obviously this being his offspring.

00:29:11--> 00:29:20

It obviously would hurt him to see that some of them would enter into the Hellfire at the time of his death Ali Ali Salam. He sat with his son.

00:29:21--> 00:29:43

Sheath which we said English as Seth will also later became a prophet. And he taught him everything he knew and how he needed to relay the message focus on three the importance of worship Allah was one that joining the partners with him the importance of good manners and obeying Allah stay away from disobeying Allah stay away from temptations, and Allah subhanho wa Taala also revealed to

00:29:44--> 00:29:46

to Seth, a.

00:29:49--> 00:30:00

Duty 50 pages of scripture to him 50 pages and Seth continue to teach his kids until the next Prophet came, which was any from his grandchildren, which was a

00:30:00--> 00:30:31

Idris Ali Salam and then inshallah Allah is what we're going to study next week. So the story of Idris and something very, very interesting which I really been, again a benefit in gain from his tower, which I didn't really reflect on before and that's the benefit even not just for you guys even for myself is that we're learning hamdulillah and even if we know certain things that we're reminded we learn a lot of new things depend on hamdulillah when we when we study like this, and so that'd be here together inshallah each week live inshallah all these platforms and Hamdulillah you go back to the YouTube channel to be able to work your nine platforms eight but actually including

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Instagram processes, one nine platforms, Mashallah. So inshallah we'll continue each week, and next week, we'll destroy B trees and the story of Noah, Alabama, Salem, like I said, it's very, very interesting. We're going to find out the story of B trees, something very, very unique about his tower, that's going to be very beneficial for us as Muslims in general, but especially for those of us who are

00:30:53--> 00:31:07

giving our genitalia and obviously sort of knowing it's full of benefits as well when it comes to the field of Dawa and until next week, Allah knows best Allah Adam was Allah was telling them about it and interviewed Muhammad, which is como lo hara was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh