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The Quran provides guidance on living a depressed or miserable life, and the real "we" can be used to describe the spiritual teachings of the Bible. The discussion touches on the use of antidepressants and suboxone in depression rates, the importance of the Quran in shaping behavior, and the lesson learned from the prophets. The speakers emphasize the need to use the Quran as the main source of guidance for one's life and to return to it as the main guidance for one's life.

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Smilla will hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Reflecting or Today's reflection shantala, we're going to be reflecting on two verses from the Quran from different parts of the Quran. The first verse from the beginning of sort of Baja, when Allah subhanho wa Taala said about the Quran about the revelation, Mertens and alagille or Anna Lee Tishkoff that we have not sent down to you the Quran to be distressed.

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And this shows us that the Quran one of the reasons for the revelation of the Quran was for us to obtain and to achieve happiness and Subhanallah when you look at the impact of the Quran that it has, not just on

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ourselves, but I mean on Muslims, even on non Muslims as well. It's been proven, the ones who enjoy listening to the Quran, reading the Quran, understand the Quran, and the Quran brings happiness to your heart, but it's one of the things that really really soothes the heart and makes you feel good inside. And I remember one of my friends before Islam, he was put in prison for some time. And one of his or his cellmate happened to be Muslim. And he said I had trouble sleeping at night. But when he would read to me the Quran apparently is resuscitation was very nice. I don't know what he was in prison for.

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But then Allah He was there. And at Hamdulillah I benefited from what he had memorized from the Quran, by offering you know, this comfort to his cellmates upon love. Another brother told me in New York, that he had a corner store and he would come very early in the morning open up, and as he would open up and before 7am When he would open up he would come and he would clean this door. And he would put on

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the Quran with every citation of Sheikh Abdullah basit Abdul Samad, it was very interesting because many people who had traveled to New York from the Middle East and from around the world, they told me the stories that they had heard the RE citation of Sheikh Abdullah Abdullah Bossert at the summit in New York. So I've heard this before. And then I met this brother in Sudan. It was on Eid, actually, after we invested Ramadan in Sudan. And I met his brother is just I visited brother he visited and he said, Yeah, I had a story that he told me this story. And he said that he would turn on

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Abdullah boss at Amazon in the morning, and people would line up out and out. In front of the shop. He said about 20 people, some of them were regulars. They would come in, they would sit and they would just sit there and he said, I don't know if they were just sitting there, you know, just sitting to wait for the steward open. They were sitting there to just kind of relax after a hard night. Or if they were actually listening to the Quran. He said, No. And he said, one guy noticed across the street, he would open up his window every morning when I would start with every citation, shake up their balls. He said, One day I came in, I turned it off in the middle just to see the

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reaction. The people who stood up was like, Yo, what are you doing, where you're listening. And he said, the guy across the street came. And that was back in the day of the cassette tapes. And the younger viewers don't have any idea what I'm talking about. But you can Google it. And you can see the strange objects that we used to listen to the Quran through back in the day and listen to lectures, the cassette tapes, he said, he took a copy of the tape and he copied like, you know, 3040 copies and those who are coming, he would pass out to them and they asked him why, why are you

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doing this? Why, you know, with the Quran, and he said, because of the way it makes me feel, he said, I just feel amazing, and I feel the peace and comfort when I listened to it inside. So that's the Quran Subhanallah even a non Muslim this hearing the recitation of the Quran, that's the impact that has on it. But something very interesting in this sort of story that we can make a deeper reflection or to deburr

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when it comes to this principle of the Quran bringing happiness. If you look at the end of the sauna towards the end of the sauna, sauna, Baja, verse, chapter 20, in the Quran, when Allah subhanaw taala said,

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but in May at the end NoCo mini who then for Manitoba, who Dahlia from a tip for Manitoba, the layer will lowliest call that it comes to you from me, who then guidance and the Quran we know it's been described throughout the Quran, as who there is guidance, as we saw in the beginning of psalter, bucho yoga, and who then became the source of guidance in the Motoki so the hula the guidance comes to you. And the major guidance main guide is the Quran it comes to you. So whoever follows it, whoever follows My Guidance Allah is saying that fella yo below that he will not go straight while is caught and he will not suffer from

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in distress or from not being happy in this life Subhanallah you see the connection between the beginning of the surah and the end of this one, there's also an import of the Deborah Ponte of the Quran is that connection between the message at the beginning of the surah sometimes and at the end, and most sorrows of the Quran, you'll find that connection is there. And many of the scholars focus on until you get to about integers with Tabata consoler start to get shorter than some of them start focusing on especially in just a short, sort of the shorter, but all the sorrows before that in the Quran, you'll see that almost all the time, there's a correlation or a connection between the

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beginning of the surah and the surah. And you can set clearly here and Surah PA, this is part of the also the double reflecting to get the main benefits that we gain from the surah and that Allah said in the next verse, And pay attention to this and this and now we're making our to Deborah together. The next verse, What does Allah say, woman other than victory woman out of victory, whoever turns away from my remembrance, the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala also falls on the Quran, and falls under the guidance that Allah has sent in for remembering a lot of the victory over all that falls under the vicar.

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Whoever turns away from the decal from my remembrance,

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what's going to happen to him, what's his outcome going to be?

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But go back to the verse before, I guarantee from Allah that whoever follows this, whoever follows it for Allah, you will know will Ashkar that he will never go astray and he will never be unhappy.

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And the Prophet alayhi salat wa salam, he said that whoever follows the Quran he will never go astray after it. So left behind whether you hold firm to it will never go straight after me. He said the book of Allah the Quran.

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What are the most in this verse woman out of undecorated? That first one he's held on to the follow the guidance, but he will miss out on Vickery whoever turns away from my remembrance

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for in Allahumma, Isha 10 banca that he will live a depressed life, a miserable life. And as Westerners who live in Western societies, let's look at our societies for a minute, and let's reflect on it.

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What is the reality of depression in our societies? How real is it? How big is the issue of depression, and the societies that we live in, in the West? I know in

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the city that I lived in, in Ireland without mentioning names.

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I live in several cities in Ireland

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that they have one of the most highest depression rates, I've read reports, and some cities in the West, whether it be America, the UK, Ireland, other European countries, we're up to 25. Some of the 50% of the inhabitants of certain cities are in countries that they live on antidepressants

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have to population in many countries, if not more, are the ones who are not using antidepressants. They're using alcohol and drugs as a way to deal with this depression. And subhanAllah. It's mentioned right here in the Quran.

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It's mentioned right in the Quran. This is something amazing

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that Allah made it clear that whoever follows the guidance, He will never go astray and he will never be unhappy. And loss in the first verse, Monza and Malika and Khurana latexco We didn't sit down the Quran for you to be distressed for you to be unhappy. No Quran was said that his guidance for you to achieve happiness and to find happiness.

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And then at the end was to look at this verse woman, Otto and Vickery. Whoever turns away from my moments, he's gonna live a life that's Dunker that's depressed difficulty depression.

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And then look at what Allah said, the verse The example he gives, at the end of this verse in the next verse, when he said when Natura who yo melty Amity AMA and we will send him forth Yeoman piano he will resurrected on the day of the AMA Day of Resurrection, ama blind.

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And imagine any when Allah describes for us, the description of human piano, it's for us to reflect that's what we talked in that in the first episodes, the importance of not always just being in a hurry, not being in a hurry to

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just get done from the Quran cover to cover to stop and reflect. Why is ALLAH given this example of someone who sent forth your mobility armor? What is this ama this blind person? What does he say to Allah human PM? Call our OB Lima Hashem tourney Walker Kuhne to pulsera Why did you send me fourth? Why did you resurrect me as blind when I was someone who wasn't blind in this life, and the past life in my life, someone who was normal like like, like most of us, maybe some of you may Allah and He blessed us all.

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With a with the science a great name a blessing from Allah subhanho wa taala. Most of us in hamdulillah can see.

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Imagine that your monthly AMA has set forth blind, it doesn't understand can't see now why. And it's live, I could see Allah subhanho wa Taala gave the example he said, call a kid Erica at that tuna fantasy to her, okay Delica humans, that does just like this, my versus my science came to you, the AI heads of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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it came to you. And that is when Allah mentions the i et who talk about the verses of the Quran keep talking about his signs in general. And again, both of them shall I can come and that meaning and both of them I've come. So the I have come to Revelation has come from the Quran, to these individuals.

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And also the signs of Allah subhanaw taala his creation.

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Even I was reflecting with my wife earlier, and one of the debris we were having, as I was reciting. And that's also one of the things that benefit to mention to you guys

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is that in the last couple of days, we had several times my wife, she comes across something that she's reading her portion of the Quran, Allah, she stops and talks about her the devil. So this has crossed my mind, we think about this. Yesterday, I talked about something today I talked about something else. And that's what we need to revive in our household is in our lives, lives. It's not a race to get done cover to cover that. See, well, that's interesting, man. So I don't know that that came out. And it impacted me I want to, I want to I want to speak about that now and make that reflection. So one of the the reflections that we were reflecting on

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was the issue of the prophets in from the past, and how their people were punished.

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And in Allah mentions that, but now the punishment maybe doesn't come that quick, people might think like it happened to them. I said, that's not the case. Allah sent from his signs to punish and look at the things, the earthquakes, the tsunamis. And elegoo the tsunami hit last when Hitler and Indonesia these countries were all of the Haram all the evil was being done. Now the people were just wiped out. And he as they were playing and drinking and fornicating and do all the harm they were doing their Catholic just wiped out, yet he in a blink of an eye just just like that Subhan Allah and all of that is aside from Allah subhanaw taala for us to come back to reflect on this the

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minute part of the demo. So here this individual that I add the signs of Allah subhanaw taala came the verses came to Quran came, but you turned away from it, you turn a blind eye, you were you were blind to follow the truth in his life. So that's why you're sent Yom Okayama as being blind because you turned away from the signs of Allah subhanaw taala when he sent them to you so that in return, you're sent forth yomo piano being blind as well. When you look into the many thing when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said, look into the verse. When Allah said, fantasy to him, there was Kay came to you, but you forgot them. What is meant by this? Because right away, if you look at it, literally

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saying I forgot the I forgot the verses from the Quran, you would think it means may be someone who had memorized them and then forgot them, and that could fall under it. But that's not what's meant by that. And what's meant by that I had clearly is the one who turns away from the Quran, the one who turns away from the revelation and refuses to follow them. One who turns away from Revelation and refuses to follow them. And we know that from the context of the verses how they're coming, if you look at it's very clear, the verses came to you, and then you forgot them meaning that you turned away from them. You refused to follow them. And whenever someone turns away from the Quran,

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he has rejected the past that guidance is one of the things that it shows us we get this part that the devil that if

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we do not follow the Quran, we do not act upon the Quran. Then what happens in reality, that we have rejected the path of that it's good Allah has given it to us. Here's the Huda. Here's the guidance. A lot was in the beginning to solar, we haven't sent down Nikola Tesla for you to be unhappy so that we're gonna be happy. We send them a quote for you as a source of guidance. It's upon you to find whoever who follows it. Follow your biller Hashkafa he'll never go astray he'll never be unhappy. But whoever turns away from it, we've returned away from it, then he's going to live a miserable life of distress, a life of misery, a life of depression, as so many people do. May Allah subhana wa

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sallam fill our hearts with the love of the Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala filled our hearts with Eman and help us to be from those who reflect and ponder upon the Quran and put into action and that the Quran is the main source of guidance the main source of focus in their life. This is what Ramadan is

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Your voice to remind us of returning to the Quran, the Quran we need it as to be part of our lives. And as promised in the beginning

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to Deborah's two reflections, and that was only actually one. The second one I didn't reach because also as I was pondering with you a little bit of for me things I hadn't, you know, jotted down in my notes when I reflected earlier, so hamdulillah and this is what the devil is all about. Those anatomy eraser and shadow the next one Inshallah, and some others will finish it tomorrow in the next couple episodes and Shanell Tana, until then Allah knows best Allahu Adam, was Allah wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad, which is located on the cinema the camera