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Singapore, 9th June 2013


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The speakers discuss the challenges of living a life after death and balancing life and work. They emphasize the importance of focusing on short-term and medium-term goals and avoiding confusion. The success of Islam has led to a shift in people's views of their, and the importance of avoiding materialism and finding a way to change one's behavior. They also highlight the importance of forgiveness and finding a way to change one's behavior.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala de Manila Mallanna.

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We praise Allah subhanho wa Taala. We send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household, all his companions, and all those who struggled and scroll through the generations to bring the deen to us, we really asked Allah to bless them. And may we be from amongst the blessing as well. May we also study as much as possible, put into practice convey the message in such a way that our offspring can also be part and parcel of the goodness, brothers and sisters in Islam.

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I pray that you've had a good evening, Mashallah thinking about what we said yesterday, and at the same time, pondering over ways of improvement, I spent part of the evening thinking of my own condition and how best we could actually improve.

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At the same time, on a daily basis, we face challenges, every one of us faces challenges. These challenges are connected sometimes to our environment, sometimes to the people we interact with, sometimes, to our own physical condition, mental state, psychological state, and so many other aspects. We make sometimes with people whom no matter what type of a promise, we've made ourselves to be good people, you find that a person can irritate you sometimes, or they can really test you. And so when you just start thinking, I'm going to be a really exemplary human being. Someone comes and messes it up or tries to mess it up. And sometimes without thinking we falter. And this is why

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before you make an utterance, quickly, think, quickly think what you're doing and what you're saying, no matter what. Those who responds spontaneously, usually can be controlled by people very easily. What this means is if someone wants to make you angry, and they know that they need you to become angry for them to overcome you, or for them to actually overpower you. In that case, they can provoke you. And without thinking you can very, very quickly become angry and upset, and then they do what they have to. And then you apply and take a look at sometimes the Muslims across the globe who react in such a typical way, such a typical way, it's so easy for an enemy to just, you know,

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burn one Koran in some way across the globe. And next thing you have 2 million Muslims who stand up and be and really engage in hooliganism thinking that that's their duty towards Allah subhanho wa Taala and the Quran, whereas they never attempted to memorize it, they never bothered to look at it, they don't even know its meaning. They don't even put it into practice. So they've probably burnt it in a bigger way than the physical burning. We don't understand this, my brothers and sisters, and this is why it requires great intellect insight. And it requires foresight as well.

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And it requires a lot of knowledge as to how to react. The reason I say this is

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a lot of us set goals for ourselves, we do we actually do those goals are sometimes not even connected to religion. They are connected sometimes to your workplace, your achievement, in terms of certificates, and so on. And we make sure that we try our best to fulfill these goals. You know, by this year, I should inshallah be married maybe by, you know, perhaps maybe two years time I'm due to graduate I'd like to graduate with so much. And then I'd like to apply for a job at such a place and go to training in such a place. And by this time, or by that time, I'd like to achieve this type of goal. And my salary should be sitting at x and y and z. and thereafter I'd like to have a home and

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so on these are not bad.

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But did you balance it? Like we always say we asked the question yesterday, we've got to keep on asking it obviously because

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we need to lead a balanced life and a balanced life in Islam is a life that not only prepares for the next few years of itself in its nature of life, but of a different life altogether, which is the life after death as well. So you need to have prepared and that Allah says all you need to do is lead your current life

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with rules and regulations based on knowledge that you have learned in such a way that it will automatically result in the building of the hereafter for you. So always be focused on something grand rather than something that is waiting

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Temporary in terms of long term focus, because the focus we have, we could divide it into two or three categories, we can say we have short term focus, we have

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maybe medium term focus, and then we have long term focus. Short term focus is perhaps that what you need to achieve within the next few years. medium term would be what you need to achieve within this life, and long term, what you need to achieve for the life after death. If you think that long term is connected to what you going to achieve in 40 years time, do you know what you may not live to see those 40 years number one, number two is in 40 years, you will probably be somewhere where you did not even plan to be at that particular time, which means in your grave. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala make us conscious of the stark reality. It glazed us in our faces, we see our friends going we see

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young people die of various causes. But we sometimes have forgotten that the goals we have set for ourselves do not accommodate the possibility and probability of this happening to us as well.

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This is why we need to spend a few moments focusing, focusing on the fact that

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the lens we are looking through at this particular moment should take us beyond mere life.

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The lens that we are focusing through should take us beyond mere life. And this is when you would have to go through the lives of those who have succeeded both in this world and the next take a look at

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one of the companions of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. At the time of the hegemon he owned almost no first day he tells his brother, brother, meaning the one whom he was fostered with in terms of who was a brotherhood.

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As you know, when the Mahajan got to

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Medina, Mana munawwara, and met with the unsolved and I'm sure you would know this in the history of Islam, there was something known as an aha that took place between the two, it was a solution which prevented what we would term as refugees. So a whole town came into another town, and they mixed with them in a way that nobody was homeless. And nobody really felt the burden of anyone having come to them. So if we are seated here today, perhaps 600 to 700 people, we would be able to solve the problems of 600 to 700 people, if each one of us took home one Subhanallah, neither would it pinch our pockets, no, would it become a major issue for us, but at the same time, it would resolve the

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crisis for so many people in such a short time that Allah protect us, the problem was us were too close to even allow that. And we wouldn't really blame one who doesn't really want that at this moment, because one would not be able to guarantee the genuineness of those who are entering their homes.

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Because our hearts are not like the hearts of the first generation, our hearts have changed a lot. where some people would pretend to be refugees only to live a happy life to leech onto a system that perhaps might be offering them something slightly better than what they are living in. Maybe yet they don't really have a crisis that would deserve asylum. May Allah protect us. Wow, these words sound very, very political.

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Beautiful, Mashallah. We learned this in Islam. And

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you look at this man, a black man in the house, and he tells his brother, he says, show me to the market. So he was shown to the market, he came back that evening with a handsome profit, yet he started off with note zero.

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No interest loans,

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no payments to be made. The man not only had a goal that he set for himself for the day, but he had a vision of how to operate in a way that he will achieve it by the help of Allah without leaching here or there. So he started his day, Mashallah. And he went further, and he came back with a prophet later on. He became very soon one of the top rich members of the Sahaba of the Alamo and whom do you know that he was one of the wealthy of the lot, one of the more wealthy of the lot.

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The clothing he wore was so expensive at a certain stage, that automatically people would be able to know this man is loaded, so to speak in our terms.

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And yet,

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he was a man who did not miss his Salah. He was a man who was humble, he surrendered to every murmur of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

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You know what that means. He gave his focus on the life after death, primary strength.

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And that was his primary aim. The main thing, all that he achieved in this world was all by the way, it came because he was an honest, upright businessman who struck proper deals. And he was loved by the people he dealt with. He always gave people, you know the benefit of the deal. And he always tried to be conscious of the person whom he was buying from as well as conscious of the person whom he was selling, to, and so on. And we need to go into this history, because in the next few minutes, we are not going to be able to go deep into their lives. But please, my brothers and sisters, it's not so difficult to find out about the lives of the companions of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi

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wasallam, we know they are called Sahaba of the lavonne. It's not so difficult, so many books, so many websites have been dedicated to study the lives of the stars of Islam. It's up to us to make an effort to see how they were from amongst the top mathematicians. But they were powerful Muslims. If you looked at them, they look like saints of Islam today, perhaps Subhana Allah yet, they were actually academics who studied and who achieved not only for the Muslim Ummah, but contributed to mathematics today, love today, you look at the history of medicine, for example, if they were to remove the Muslim names from there, we would have nothing remaining of medicine, of the initial

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medicine. What happened to us? Where did we go back, our focus has drifted because it is not holistic, those people achieved because their focus was upon the era that was the long term focus, the short term focus was upon what is it that I can achieve not only for myself, but for the humanity at large those to come up to the end of time, they were focused on that as short term, medium term focus.

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So the combination of all these three elements of focus made them people who really achieved a lot.

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Take a look at how I mean, take a look at the others, it's up to us to go and study who they were what they achieved.

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in Siena, for example, these names, I'm sure we would know, the problem is we've never ever,

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or a lot of us have not

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made the effort to find out exactly what they've achieved. And sometimes, and I have seen on the net

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rough images of who they were not to say we promote that, obviously, in Islam, it's prohibited to draw some portraits and so on. But we would know that whoever did it is coming up with roughly what they look like, based on the descriptions. Because the non Muslims have taken to the Muslims as their role models, in terms of medicine, in terms of mathematics, in terms of geography, and so many other fields, even the scientists, you know, astronomy and so on, you find the Muslim names deep, deep within these fields. And sometimes they give them an accent so that they don't sound Muslim anymore. They give them an accent. And it happens to us up to today, you know, you have a beautiful

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Muslim name. And because you don't want to you don't want anyone to know it because you're so ashamed rather than being like those people who will have lofty aspirations and those people who had great goals, you know what they did, they made sure that people knew that they were muslimeen that's what they did, so that the whole world knew that the contribution to medicine came from the Muslims. In fact, do you know that cleanliness, and how to keep ourselves clean? He was actually taught by Islam and given us a gift to the globe, including to Europe, do you know that go and find out so how to bathe and bath if you look at some of the medieval kings or some of the leaders in ancient Europe

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you would find they hardly Bay they made a huge issue of their bathroom, which happened once a year.

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I'm not joking. And today so Kerala we use fresh water. We have the system of bathing and system of cleansing, and we still teach all those who do not know the Islamic teachings how exactly to wash up after you've used the bathroom. So Panama amazing. Never be shy of these teachings. More and more. Bathrooms are finding water within in order to cleanse thoroughly and properly to avoid disease and sickness. But we don't even look at that sometimes, as some achievement. We don't even look at it as something to be proud of yet one day

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being seated with a non Muslim, one of my close colleagues says that he was asked about one

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Teaching. He says, tell me one teaching in Islam that makes it unique.

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And this man is a very knowledgeable person who was asked, and I was so surprised to learn that he said

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something unique about Islam is it teaches you how to wash thoroughly after using the bathroom.

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This man who was religious leader of the Christians, meaning the man who was listening to the statement, he was stumped. Basically, he didn't know what to say. Really, today, would you tell that to anyone? If someone were to ask you tell me something amazing about your religion?

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Would you ever have thought about it? Well, that's from God, that's from the sayings of the companions, mataranka, Rasulullah, sallAllahu, Alayhi, wasallam, in la de la, la, la La, one in a million. And in one direction. He says, tell Sierra alpha.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has not left any goodness, except that he taught us about it. And he has not left any evil, except that he has warned us about it. anything bad, he's warned us about it. And the narration says, including how to wash up after using the bathroom. That's the narration. That means it's something important, it's something unique. So the point I'm making going back to these people who achieved so much, they were Muslim, they did not miss their prayers at all. But they achieved so much they were the top doctors of the globe today, I'm sure we have some top doctors on the globe who are actually Muslim. And I'd like to hope and pray that they don't miss

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their Salah, and that they make their Islamic identity well known so that the globe knows that Islam has contributed to us and to our goodness. But today, the globe only knows Islam as being a religion that has people who do not tolerate others. Yet they are in such a minority that they we would Eclipse those handful who actually have this type of attitude completely the problem with us, we don't like to make our Islamic identity loud and clear. When we do good things. Or if we do it's something very small and minor. Why don't we come up clear with it, you know, at your workplace you've achieved. You notice what the Christians do and the others, when they do a good deed? They

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are very intelligent, they would say, Well, you know what, I first and foremost, I'm a Christian. That's why I brought back this thing that you had lost to you. I'm a Christian.

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They'll help you somewhere and then they'll say no, has no problem. I'm a Christian, you know?

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Why add the flavor, it's important to edit because people need to know your name should be synonymous with something good. Muslims are lacking in that, really. It's so difficult for us to say Mashallah, you know, what inspired me to be the top in my company? I'm a Muslim. How many of us would actually say that?

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I don't want to answer the question, but I want to ask it, for us to continue answering it. The day we achieve something the day we achieve a goal we'd like to I was stopping my class, for example, someone would say, because I'm a Muslim, and Islam has taught me dedication. I got up early every day, and I still get up at the same time. And I make sure that after that I have this system in place because Islam has trained me to achieve that. Amazing what happens with us, we sometimes lose that focus. So your goal is there, when you achieve it, you do not relate it to your makeup. But whilst you were achieving it, let's be honest, we all sit up and make lots of art to the same

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makeup. When we want to pass an examination tomorrow, or when we have an interview tomorrow, or later on today. Something is about to happen. We sit we read our Salah, we become saints, we become top Muslims, and we start saying Yeah, Allah, Allah, oh, my maker, I have an examination tomorrow, Grant me success, we will tweak the whole globe to make do out for us because we have an examination tomorrow.

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And everyone says, I mean, I mean, and we're so excited, and we look at it. Wow. 500 people said, I mean for my examination, when we pass it, we never ever related to the fact that we are muslimeen and the two hours made, or we will dedicatedly calling out to Allah and asking him to help us to be able to contribute towards society and so on. We forget about that. What made us forget, I'd like to think our weakness or the destruction that the devil causes in our lives. We forget and I'm honest with you, I have asked and I always like to ask because we need to know the level of the people ask some people about how they were how many examinations they've had in their lives where they really

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called out to Allah and they will tell you every time we have an exam, we become saints such that we promise a law those sins we committed never again, not ever no ways it's over. Y'all. I just need to pass and as soon as we pass we back then so

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This is why I love describes this type of attitude,

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giving a different example.

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ushiku Allah says, you know the polytheists they do the same thing why, when they are on the boat at sea and the boat is rocking Subhanallah The boat is rocking, I'll tell you a story about a boat rocking in a few minutes. When they are at sea and the boat is rocking, you find them calling out to their maker alone, realizing the only one who can help us out of this mess is the maker. And as soon as they arrive on the coasts, they return back to their polytheism forgetting that maker that they were calling out to Is this our attitude. You we suffer a loss and we become saints, we gain a profit and suddenly we are the first at the casino. We are the ones who waste our money, gambling

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drugging, clubbing, whatever else it is, may Allah protect us. May He make us from those really whose goals can save them from engaging in bad because my goal and yours ultimately is what

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what is my ultimate goal one word, paradise.

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That is my ultimate goal. People say but and I have had speeches with a few people who who are atheistic, you know, don't believe in anything.

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And I tell them what law he you don't lose anything by being good. You actually lead a pure life and they tell you, you know what, you're going to miss out you live you live once, enjoy and enjoy it thoroughly. Do whatever comes to your mind because you live once.

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And you tell them

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and lie This is a fact. And I've repeated this so many times, you can actually tell them look my brother,

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if what you say is correct, I have lost nothing but if what I say is correct, you've lost everything. So the possibilities here and the probabilities from a totally

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you know, intellectual point of view, secular point of view would be that you follow what I say because you would not lose a thing.

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Subhana Allah Allah grant has a deep understanding really, my brothers and sisters it's about time we took a look into the lives of the successful and we took a look at the names of those who achieved starting from the Sahaba of the Allahu anhu you know the life of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the messengers.

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Those are known to us aspects of them are mentioned in the Quran.

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They were of a level very high yet we are taught to emulate we are taught to copy what they did in the sense that look at the their lives and how they lead them and lead a life similarly, so we hear the Ponce

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Swanton has an indeed for you in the messenger peace be upon him is a great example to emulate and to follow.

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And on top of that, Allah tells the messenger himself una cadena de la fabuleux de humo de de

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Allah makes mentioned to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the stories of the messengers before him. And Allah says those are the ones whom Allah had guided rightly so follow their footsteps and their guidance, Allahu Akbar, this message, this message is for Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which would mean we also need to look into the lives of the previous messengers and learn lessons to be able to apply in our lives.

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From there, we would go to the companions like I say, they are human beings, they will not profit. So perhaps closer for us to understand the example of they were the wealthy from amongst them. They were the highly educated from amongst them, how did they operate? How many people did they assist in their lives? How much did they contribute to humanity? Subhanallah take a look at the life of

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the Allahu anhu I always say he ruled so many countries of today's countries that if you were to put a pencil mark around the area that he governed, you would count 35 countries of today Do you know that?

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Oh my goodness.

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Amazing what a man and he used to walk on the streets.

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He used to go out at night on his own to find out what was going on. People in other cities were worried about

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Then news getting to him if they did anything bad yet no Twitter, no Facebook, no internet, you know that? No Google.

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No Skype, no Tango. What else? Allahu Akbar.

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We know so many names of so many applications, and yet we don't see anything. So panela

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at that time amargosa brewed with so much justice. And we need to learn from this example. How was he with the people? When the Romans sent their messengers?

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They arrived at the seat of Islam at the time, and they began to ask, Who is the Amir, we want to see in fact, they arrived at one of the poshest homes, they found thinking that this must be the Amir only to be told no ways His house is the other one. They're the little house that you see in the corner. That's what his house is one of the smallest houses around. When he was on a mission. He had to rule with justice. Everything was transparent. Today's leaders can take a lesson from his life. It's affect complete and total transparency. Everyone knew what was going on. He was such a man that he did not take one date out of turn, not one date out of turn.

00:26:16--> 00:26:47

And so when they arrived at the home, they were told he is not here. When they began to ask it was afternoon time of the afternoon, they began to ask Where is this man, and someone told him you see that tree down there there is someone resting under the tree, that is our meal. Men, ruling 35 countries resting in the afternoon under a tree well fast asleep, Allahu Akbar. They went there, they were shocked. As he got up, they looked at him the famous utterances famous utterances, oh man,

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you have been given the opportunity to rule hackintosh

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you have ruled meaning you are ruling over your people. And because you have been just which means you deal with justice, complete justice, transparency and so on. Therefore, you are so secure, which means you are feeling so safe. And therefore you have slept under a tree. Look, they understood, how can the lead asleep under a tree he needs to feel very safe, how does he feel very safe, because he's just he's a proper person who really is not worried about who you are and what you are what's right is right and what's wrong is wrong. And he knows he has a system that works. And this is what they understood that if he is secure, that's the only time he could sleep under a tree. And to

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achieve that type of security. You need to be really just serving your people dedicatedly. And then they told him that's why you're rooting here, you're feeling so safe and secure. We have a lot to look at. And to learn from that. What was the goal of

00:27:54--> 00:28:38

in all that His goal was not to fill his pockets. Nor was his goal, to seize the opportunity of his posts in order to achieve anything plan this time. But rather, his worry, and concern day and night was will I achieve paradise or not so much so that he went to have a family a man who was a friend of his and the companion, compatriot and colleague, and he says, Oh, I know that you've been given the names of the hypocrites. I know that you've been given the names of the hypocrites from amongst us. And I know that it is a confidential matter. And the messenger has told you not to release those names. But all I need to ask you and he says this with tears in his eyes. Is Omar's name in that

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That is

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a man who has told you are from amongst those who will enter Paradise is still worried that that might be snatched away from him. And he's asking is my name from amongst the hypocrites. And we sit here engaging in hypocrisy and we're not worried of anything. May Allah subhanho wa Taala safeguard us? You think you've achieved he ruled 35 countries more than anyone today take a look at the blocks that they've created. Whether it is a block of the Asian countries or a block of the European countries or any Do you see any block that is operational thoroughly properly, which has one leadership that has 35 countries in it? The answer is no. It does not exist.

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And yet that man, he who did By the way, that was not his main aim as his main aim was to achieve paradise. It was the life after death. How many of us would even dream to rule our own home our children don't listen to us. We are insecure in our own house our children make to our own law take my mother away urgently because she's a pain in the really wrong place.

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Our children say Oh my Oh Allah take my father away. I've seen him doing so much

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Bad evil or law, he's such a bad person Take him away is that the type of life we are leading, and yet we claim to be muslimeen like those who achieved what we would term today secularly it was nothing of that nature A long time ago, it was all considered something spiritual, your duty to Allah is to really contribute as much as you can to humanity, my brothers and sisters, but not forgetting that your main aim is actually the pleasure of your maker. That is it. You can be like I always say the CEO of any company, the president of any nation, you serve, inshallah thoroughly and properly, not forgetting that all that service will have been a waste of your time. If you do not

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prepare or did not prepare for the day you were to meet your maker.

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So today, we are motivating one and all to go back into the lives of those who have achieved because sometimes we forget what we've achieved. And sometimes we look at ourselves as Muslim. And we don't even realize that we own the seat of the globe for more than 600 years. And how was that achieved? It was achieved through being focused upon the loftiest of goals you could ever have had, the minute the focus was changed. We lost everything.

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We lost it all.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us, like I say, they have achieved today people think if you want to achieve in the secular world, you must really not be a good Muslim or you must hide your Islamic identity. That is why people think so low of Islam because they don't know that the big achievers even today are people with Muslim names.

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Those who have contributed to society, those who are business people who are honest, working hard, they have employed so many people, for example, contributing to the economies of so many countries, they are muslimeen, the wealthiest on the globe. Sometimes you find names of Muslims near the top of the list. Where is the benevolence? Where is the mercy towards mankind? Where is the assistance because Muslims are also suffering the most on the globe at this moment.

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If we were to pay our Zakat correctly, the dues the charities correctly in a way that was coordinated, while we would not have a single poor Muslim on the globe, not only that, we will be reaching out to entire humanity, believe me, so Panama.

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If the charities of the wealthy, a small percentage of their wealth was directed correctly and used properly for the poor of the globe, today, we would eradicate poverty even amongst the non Muslims. But our own brothers and sisters wait for handouts, from people who are not affiliated to our Deen in any way.

00:32:53--> 00:33:34

who volunteer to go across the globe far and wide. In order to help those who are homeless suffering, those who are caught up in the crossfire innocent people who are homeless women and children and so on, who have no clothing, no food. And yet the Muslims are sitting fat sitting wealthy sitting Okay, each one of them dedicated towards achieving a few more 1000 a few more million, a few more in terms of wealth in terms of material wealth, yet, we have not yet reached out to those closest to us. One might ask one might say how do we reach out there are so many ways start off by reaching out to your own family.

00:33:38--> 00:33:51

There is a disaster in a lot of Muslim homes today. Because we've lost focus, our goals are no more there. Our goal becomes material and materialism includes really materialism includes.

00:33:54--> 00:33:55

And this is very sad to say.

00:33:57--> 00:34:02

I don't even feel like saying what I'm about to say. But I will say Allah protect us.

00:34:03--> 00:34:08

Loss of focus. materialism includes where people's goal is to commit

00:34:10--> 00:34:46

adultery with someone. And that's the aim they give themselves two months, two months time I must be in bed with X, Y or Z. It is happening my brothers and sisters and these are some of the goals that are so low that have resulted in us breaking our homes. Our own spouses who have dedicated their lives to us are not even considered as worthwhile to be looked at because our goals are heading in the direction sometimes of Satan. Although what I've just said might be a very small number of people believe me debt is growing rather than purity.

00:34:49--> 00:34:59

But it is reminders of this nature which are quite serious. That would make us think my brother, my sister, through soon you will achieve absolutely nothing

00:35:01--> 00:35:16

If you have heard, you know what I mean, if you have bettered the most handsome or the most pretty of the lot of the globe, what did you achieve? A day will come when you are on your deathbed. And they will begin to beg you.

00:35:18--> 00:35:21

Yes, then what are you going to say on that day?

00:35:22--> 00:35:41

So some will get you No way. It is a temporary pleasure. Have you ever thought of it so temporary, that even those who gamble, you know, they might achieve millions and billions once the rest of the time you lose, you lose more than you gain? It is very temporary. And for this reason, besides one or two,

00:35:42--> 00:35:54

nearly all of those who've won major massive lotteries have lost their families in the process and become suicidal in no time. And Google will tell you that you just need to search like what I did.

00:35:56--> 00:35:57

Believe me.

00:35:59--> 00:36:42

You know, I was so interested I saw two days ago, that someone an elderly person, perhaps in their 80s, a granny one one of the biggest lotteries, ever in US history and so on. I see people nodding their heads, you might have seen the same thing. And I told myself, if she is perhaps a person who might be slightly strange, she might die a happy woman, maybe perhaps in her own way of happiness. But I wonder what will happen to all that as soon as she goes, people are eyeing it out. One wonders, I hope and I pray that she is not knocked off as a result because if she dies tomorrow, there will be a huge investigation into her heirs to see who might have done what do you know that?

00:36:43--> 00:36:53

May Allah bless us all? The best of wealth is that which you've earned with your own sweat, it comes with Baraka, it comes with blessings, even if it is just a mere few dollars.

00:36:55--> 00:37:06

So the sin that we engage in what it does, it blocks us from our main goal and aim, and we become short term and in the wrong way.

00:37:07--> 00:37:21

So Allah says, you can regain focus my beloved worshipers, all you need to do is engage in Toba put on the new spectacles, look with a different lens, see clearly and walk forth, and you will find great success.

00:37:23--> 00:37:24

You see that?

00:37:27--> 00:37:59

Take off those lenses that were of a different color, perhaps yellow, that made you see everything yellow, and put on those which are clear, where you can see crystal clear, your goal is in front of you at all times. That is your aspiration. And whenever you falter here and there because we are human beings, they will come to us shape and comes to us regularly wherever we falter here and there. Remember, the Almighty has always has always given us the space to come back to the path.

00:38:00--> 00:38:03

You just need to turn to Allah admit that you are wrong.

00:38:04--> 00:38:31

Ask him for forgiveness, Promise you won't do it again regret about it. And that's it. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us regret over our sins. And may He give us the opportunity really, to get closer to him as the days pass and not move further away. As the days passed. Every one of us is struggling in our own way in life. And I've repeated this so many times because it's a fact. So what do you do? Try your best. Try that trial, we'll get you to paradise.

00:38:32--> 00:39:19

Do you know that but if you think I'm a write off, write off as in WRI te and written off? That's it? No for me, such people are caught by the clutch of the devil. They have no long term goal of Paradise because they feel You know what? I'm already going to help. So now, what's the point of not enjoying whatever my brain and mind wants me to in this particular world? And this is why if you take a look at those who don't follow any rules and regulations in this world, and they do as their whims and fancies tell them they lead a very, very narrow life in terms of contentment, they're never happy no matter what they have. Take a look at those who have no sexual models. They're no

00:39:19--> 00:39:55

morality in terms of their sexual behavior. Take a look at them. What do they achieve? They might be able to tell you You know what, I've slept with 1000 people, they are either suffering disease, they have a mental problem. They either have a broken home, they perhaps might be thinking of so many weird things, they are still not happy and their finger still wants to go higher. And at the end of the day, when they die one one is on the deathbed and this we still need to see May Allah protect us on the deathbed one wonders what thoughts will go through their mind because they really don't know where they're going. They really do not know where they're going. They've never thought about it

00:39:55--> 00:39:59

besides towards the end. And this is why we say they've achieved nothing

00:40:00--> 00:40:15

Those who have stolen the wealth of others. How much have they stolen? say they've stolen a million dollars. That million they used from amongst it, perhaps 200,000 they bought a house and so on that house what happened to it? Only Allah knows. And the remainder they never ever used it. So why did they steal it?

00:40:16--> 00:40:30

Why did they steal it? Why pinch? When you steal, you lead a life full of worry that you're going to get caught tomorrow? When you've been immortal as a married person, you are worried that your picture might come out in the paper tomorrow? Yes.

00:40:31--> 00:41:12

You're worried that you might be exposed to the human beings. What about Allah who has already seen you? Today we are worried about cc t v, la vaca. Yet the Almighty has something much more sophisticated than that. And he says you want to delete you want to format all you need to do is engage in Toba. Just say Allah format it for me and I will do it. I love look at the mercy of Allah, we focus, we gain that focus. So inshallah we will go back and we will look at the lives of the companions, and we will look at those who have achieved it's not difficult. I've seen so many clips on YouTube, so many articles on the net, which are actually brilliantly worded and well put

00:41:13--> 00:41:57

regarding the achievements of the Muslims over history and time I can you start thinking, why doesn't the world of today know this, when if you do something about it, the world will definitely know. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala has kept the achievements of those of the past always as a means of encouragement for all those who will follow in such a way that today we achieve something great by the will of Allah We will leave a legacy for those who are to come and we will really not only be of benefit to our own offspring, and those of our own faith, but to humanity at large, amazing they will look at us and say these people have achieved these people are the ones whom we

00:41:57--> 00:42:28

should be following. But until we have not regained that focus, and we have not looked into their lives and we have not perhaps understood the plan of the Almighty, we may not get there in a rush. So let us learn to turn and let us learn to help one another to turn and let us understand that this life is extremely temporary. Whatever you have achieved inshallah will come to your benefit. My 45 minutes are up I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to bless us all until we meet again later on. We say Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh