Muslim Commander who went 50-0 on the battlefield

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A Muslim commander who won 50 victory against enemies of Islam and killed a young woman was killed in a battle against enemies of Islam. The woman was a woman of color who had been punished by the king for her actions. The Muslim commander was later found dead in a boxing match, and his death was recognized as a victory for him.

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A Muslim commander

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who in his battles

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went with over 50 victories, and zero defeats more than 50, you know.

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But yet many of us have never even heard his name.

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About a year and a half ago, I received a small video clip on what's up. And normally these video clips I don't honestly watch them. But I received this from one of my colleagues who I had studied with him Medina, who is a young scholar of Islam. And usually mashallah, what he says is beneficial. So I opened up this video and I started to watch this video.

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And it was talking about a Muslim commander,

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who, on the battlefield,

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had won more than 50 battles against the enemies of Islam. With zero defeats, he had never been defeated. And how, when he finally died, all of Europe celebrated his death. And they came to celebrate on top of his grave,

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and I sat and thought to myself, Yes, subhanAllah

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we know, Floyd Money Mayweather in the boxing world who's 50? You know, but as Muslims. Here we have this Muslim hero who went more than 50 And no, never lost. But yet we've never heard him Subhanallah he was the ruler

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of India loose.

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for about 24 years. Alhaji Bellman saw

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bin Abi Ahmed Rahim Allah Tala a name that perhaps many of us never heard of.

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But as we said, when he died,

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there was celebrations throughout

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the streets of Europe.

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A Muslim commander who never lost every time he went to battle, he was victorious. And at the end of every battle,

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he ordered that the Adan be called out and he would go to his garments and he would take the dirt and the decimal and put it in a small bottle. And he gathered all of it up from all of the battles and he told his troops he said if I had died, bury these bottles with me. I want them to testify me for me, yo Murthy ama all the battles I went through dirt from all the battles he was victorious in. His one wish was that he died in the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala and not behind the walls of the castles. He was a leader he could have been in his castle.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala granted him his wish.

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And he died in the path to battle when he was going to conquer the south of France.

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They came to celebrate on his grave thinking that now they were victorious. Finally, they defeated and so one of them said

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and brought to their attention that the reality is that the one under the grave he's victorious. We were never able to get the upper hand on him until he was put into his grave. So this is a victory for him. Subhanallah