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The speakers discuss the benefits of using the Suness and its impact on society, including dressing individuals, respecting privacy, avoiding touching individuals, and following laws. They emphasize the importance of privacy and respect for everyone's privacy, as well as avoiding touching individuals and following laws. The transcript emphasizes the value of privacy and respect for everyone's privacy.

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Although he may not share it on your mighty Bismillah your manual he will beginning

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I'm glad to see this video again,

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you will get the benefit of this review, it is not

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talking about myself, you know this is something maybe

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some people like it, but I don't like this because you know, what, we are not talking about ourselves, I think we have

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medicines and we have always asked Allah to bless us with

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give us

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some points regarding should they be

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given clear as

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Shane was saying, send us

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guidance for us to have

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one picture of what

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and the reason one of the Columbia

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This means, the inheritance of the points Yes, but the theory

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being all about their lives, they did something beneficial for us to take to be enclosed to those who are

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back there started

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again in 1982

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that is

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just I read the I mean given in how long

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he was given medicine or vision haram and

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good relations with him, I follow him to ask him and keep

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calling him and follow him because he

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he gets sometimes to answer questions by the telephone and

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relation progress. Why is

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up to

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I asked him to marry it had

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his dog his daughter, and he accepted.

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It was

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so how many years? Were your students?

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To come with me? How many years were you speaking to us from 190 day?

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One night to 28 end you come to is

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The chef was a student of Chef Muhammad Allah for more than 18 years. No. Pleasure. Another question. We'd like to have an insight to while those things are those matters which you've benefited most

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from sheperson

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I will sit down and sit down to shake my hand and Allah is very clear, obvious one is

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its characteristics such as

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attributes that he is

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going to get out of his life and he was always eager to benefit the people nationally and to spread knowledge

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and to be close to the people. I have a lunchtime yesterday had ADHD and as the as the messages will just follow up the constant messages will talk about the Maratea Wolfie saw that happen. We cannot

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allow the shipper have a lot of the energy they need. Let's get the pandemic but it's possible he will have a vegetable flooding.

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Wha Jambo style

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young gymnasts had the

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advantage was not forming the national team

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Majid himself wouldn't be mixing with the people all the time and these lessons and in the masjid and on the road when he was walking towards the masjid and when he's going back home towards the masjid to his own mix with the people

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he will be asking questions and if he's told me when I tell them this, so, come he would meet people on the street from the old to the young men and women and this was the style of the chef that he would be very very close to the people to be accepting telephone calls from the people all the time and this was his way of

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survival is to show up

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house wireless signal the cost of no CV will be

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listed okay reversing talent signal

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added at

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the shipper back

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to the shop

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to really

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Allah, who to

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reach out to our customers

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contrast are sold

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another well known pattern from the share is that he will as much as he possibly could implement some of the boys have a lot of money and send them both externally and internally. So in his in his manner in his dress and so on and so forth, you will clearly see signs of of the Sunnah and also private matters in implementing the Sunnah and for those masters that he will always fast three days every month the three wife dates they haven't been to 13th 14th and 15th of every Islamic month and you can encourage others to do that as well and the sheriff was also doing with him so that they would remind each other

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to implement this

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law hola

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Howard, I will post

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the ballot in the autism in as a how

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to a lot we can have that

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Ramona Jaffe Nash rather than rather than just the nanny talent that is that while establishing itself is

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my motto wa Jai has to be at all because even in

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the same documents that the Quran

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also for the attributes of shifting

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Allah is that he would be very close to his people would be far away and he will do this why was smiling with the people always helping them encouraging them to do good and he will be patient with everybody even if the person was being a little harsh or impatient that the shares of Angola would always be you were saying a good word to them or even smiling with them this is how the share from all of the other good would be closer to people by displaying these forms of of beautiful characteristics

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would like to know that

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you have SAT reading

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what one page maybe more than that is unique

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that you saw

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you didn't see the other shoe

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there's anything you can think of that you saw

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from the way there's something coming but I see

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more than the adults

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that he is

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any segment could work in the

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market by

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can value them

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over and

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over limb have rock

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solid have what I call home haha

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and then

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it goes to the chaoticness

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data okay daddy cute name goes wildly welcome.

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In St Lucia balance has made us about getting St. Joe Messina who

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will have

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to fill

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you seen Europe on the continent of Asia

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had an amazing line with their money and health and we couldn't see them or we couldn't even believe what I think Masha Allah Allah

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mentioned that he spent the majority of his time with Chevron a meal in a lot of data and spent some shorter time with other other scholars.

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But what he would say that was well known that he noticed with the chef on Earth, I mean a lot more Another is that he wasn't a person to waste any time. He was the first among Muladhara that would take every opportunity to spread and to teach knowledge.

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And even if he traveled to another city, that he would leave the number of where he was going so that people were able to contact him and to benefit from him. And of course, you know that he would change in messaging the poem Mr. DeMarco Canada will teach them everything Ramadan, spend the whole Ramadan and be teaching the people so the chef move out of wood will never leave an opportunity except that he would want to benefit the people

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and also the loss of practicality

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give acceptance to that motion because they made out of wood he gave that he finds that he did on the scales of his abilities but then the

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shape and

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be the

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hour lot of

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it has to do with the nurse the mother as we appreciate online comedians do the best

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the next thing to do in

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Pokemon last

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rather the

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I'm going to

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share you

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tell the actors to do it by the

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end users will have a lot to do and it can be a usually zero handlers that allows your employee ID sender to be bothered to handle the madness

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when the manager doesn't really know

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how to ask the

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nurse oil President minister

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will muster

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so yes, why men diverse the diverse

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when I want to see

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the sheriff you mentioned again and he focuses on this point about the sheriff blocking mode of dialer being close to the people. And he wants to add those so that he wasn't just being close to the people, or you know, speaking to them and teaching them. But he

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would be close to the people, even with the way he looked

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when he went to dress in a manner which made him stand out from everyone.

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She mentioned an important issue about you being close to the people and especially here mainly in the UK, that when you're giving Dawa you're calling people to Islam to try to be close to them. The true life do not try to be far away from them in the way that you look. As long as of course that what you're wearing doesn't go against what Allah subhanaw taala or machete has has commanded you with. So

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for those that I'm just gonna talk about that when shifted but anyone know the other good thing Cordelia when he went to America for for treatment, that when he went there was when he gave a dose or lecture he would wear something like what the shed is wearing. But when he was out with the people to ensure that he wasn't wearing something that he would stand up and the team would be looking at him and so on and so forth. This is how that he would remain close to the people and have

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a good link with the people. So our throats what we wear is a very important issue. We should make sure that the suitable for the time and place that we are in. We want to make sure that

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our hearts and our belief is firm and steadfast. But this is a very important matter to the shift we wanted to make.

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I want to just mention us one last question

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and advice to all of us in brothers and sisters who are wanting to seek some knowledge in some way just a small advice as to respecting respecting knowledge and respecting the people of knowledge. This is very important to all of us sometimes it's unfair for the wealthy Manila What is this case

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an LG LG

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a landline

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rather just have the opportunity to sit down why don't

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they do that

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at least to be involved inside the home of

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a home in Indiana as

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our NASDAQ is ready user who will invest in certain men allele level

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when you get into

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Raj and EDA

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of the cage

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mA which is this

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goody goody needs people are gathering gone

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is also in your question? What is the best action that you can come upon? Best for the Muslims raise your hand if you think you know the answer.

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One person

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you brought them in the back the answer

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Solana Yes. As someone who lives

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would you please forward to lead the president appointed maybe was allies Hillary Oh, we'll call him out probably King Abdullah.

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Thanks God is the

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province of Allahu Akbar Simpson. The one was to lead the person who has

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memorized most of his most knowledge about the Quran and if they are the same in that then the most knowledgeable of the students and the one of them in a hydronic law hands down for the same

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class as me melody.

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Home Have you sat in the living room full Talia?

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A soul?

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did you learn in the room form it is rarely now the blueprint for management.

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While that would be in a way,

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a chef mentioned that when you think about who's going to need to prep one person to the next we'll have the same hands bodies, tongs and so on and sort of what is the distinguishing matter between them two? Is that what that person carries in their heart? And that is knowledge of the Quran and knowledge of the sun. So when respecting the scholars and respecting the people knowledge, there's not a person in himself, it is rather than that they all carry and this respecting what they carry and what the last contact is giving them at the same time is respecting and venerating Allah subhanaw taala at the same time

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when I was

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a builder, a couple of

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several who

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haven't been fishermen.

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I haven't had any

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contact with

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Well, hi there. I'm bored. I'm

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going to lay it

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in demand as soon

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as the

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deal was done.

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shares you mentioned finally the strongest of bonds is called love for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and to hate for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala

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And in, humbling yourself in front of a scholar, for example, doesn't go against truly humbling, hello. And you know yielding that is only for Allah subhanaw taala. But you doing this in front of the scholar from Babel, what Allah has given to him is what is is expected that it

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does look a little pale and I also want to reward you and preserve you for the insights that you have given to us in you know, what it means to be you know, struggling with going to early MPG have mercy upon shipping the mean of your body and also we ask us to comply with the preserve you share and to preserve profanity and to keep you lesson just talking about all day long so alongside of

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me, I've been playing with Solomonic

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Him on the NFB am wanting him

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anyone Oh,