Eyelash extensions Halal or Haram

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AI: Summary © The chef discusses the different types of eyelash extensions and how they are not permanent. He explains that the Prophet had a analogy about the hair extensions being "feel good" for the day and not for the night, and that the eyelashes are not commenced for the day or night. The chef also mentions a woman who wants to put on a face mask to redeem a gallon of Avira Muhammad.
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eyelash extensions for the women, are they halal or haram? There's two different types of eyelash extensions, the ones that are permanent even if it's not permanent forever for a long period of time, and the other ones which are just put on there temporarily for the day or for the night. The scholars have different regarding this many of them say It's haram, whether it's something permanent or something that's temporary, and other scholars say that it is permissible, the ones who said it's not permissible. They looked at the Hadith, that the Prophet it set out to a Salam had cursed the women who did the hair extensions, and they said, it's the same thing when it comes to the eyelash

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extensions. They also said that these type of eyelash extensions, they're also horrible for the eyelashes as well, therefore, it's not permissible. The other scholars said that analogy use from the Hadith about the hair extensions, that's specifically and only for hair extensions, and the eyelashes do not fall under that category. And this is the opinion of our chef, shahada and muesli and also she Earth metal homies and perhaps this opinion is the stronger of the two that it is permissible. And we're talking about the ones that are done just for the day or for the night not the permanent ones because that could be harmful and it is a bit of a gray area. But if a woman

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wants to put it on for the night to beautify herself or husband or even a gatherings just women and then she removes them and takes them off then inshallah Tada there's no problem and Allah knows best Allahu Allah masala who sell him about a gallon Avira Muhammad