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Characteristics of the Successful Believers – Surah Al-Mu’minoon


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Michael Cera

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come to the lab

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to lab

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in a lot of trouble

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tonight we have exciting so

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we actually

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so Panama the solar begins with

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indeed the believers pay attention succeeded

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in the past tense but if Lucha will model

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meaning your fella

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good success is confirmed

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and the sooner ends we look at this in a hula you fearfully cast

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the disbelievers on this is called the continuous tense, right? That believers will never be successful

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with an Indonesian for the accent.

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So the soul of Subhana Allah begins with affirming the Fela

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the success for the believers and also affirms confirms the failure of the disbelievers pay attention to this now,

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Allah subhanaw taala in this chapter, mentioned so many qualities, attributes

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of the believers, which lead them to success.

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But for Panama, Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala pointed out one quality

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one attribute that believer must have

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which is one look at this in the jersey to Julio Medina

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Bhima, Sabah.

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Lots of

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beautiful conversation amongst the disbelievers happen I sent you a message

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they will say Yeah, we got it.

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caller Sophie Howard,

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in New Canaan

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to home safely and

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conveniently we're going to talk

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to Julio Medina.

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Because of the patients, they were successful, and I will reward them today. This composition is in the lead.

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The same exact thing brothers and sisters in Islam in another chapter called

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the 100.

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Allah subhana wa tada

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so many attributes

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and the angels will be how the angels will beat the believers agenda.

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Bheema sub

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sub, sub

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you know, I love I love what we do.

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And people love messing up and helping somebody who had suffered from it.

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These sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub,

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the same exact thing we're gonna decide, maybe a tomato,

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tomato, tomato, pizza, whatever.

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News and the old

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In addition to meet

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the scholars said there are three types of sub

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that the person

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must exercise in this dunya in order to be successful.

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Number one, sub

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two, sub

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three sub

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This is what

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thriving words.

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Patience, we'll talk about

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sickness property,

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even talking about you, people not liking you.

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what are you going to do?

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So patients regarding the cada

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Allah created Do you mean when you will be born and when you will die? I know there is a neuron? And

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what are you? Yes, you can try this, this does not mean that we don't try, we should try to make a better life for ourselves, for our families, for our communities. But if it doesn't happen, honestly, as a family, what are you going to do is not working?

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appreciate monkey

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wrench in this visit, if you are thinking back on time, and the loss of data would show you

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multiple scenarios for your life, you would have thought in the scenario that you're living right now.

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You would have

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is the best thing that a lot of beings

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don't say I wish, I wish, I wish, you know,

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what is up Aloha, this

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the second type of sub sub

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pertaining to the command.

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command your family to perform your Salah and be patient, you have to pray five times a day. If you're not patient, forget you're not gonna do it. They're not gonna do

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the third sub

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patients pertaining to the Iran, this is a period everybody would love to have a medical join.

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Everybody would love to be hired.

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I mean, come on, everybody would

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know for you to stay away from this.

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Angelina, why

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women in general will be

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money, they

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shift the subject a little bit in two minutes.

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Regarding the subject of de Sala

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originally, there was no plan for united as

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per my knowledge.

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Yeah, we had a conversation maybe three four days ago. But there was no confirmation.

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So you know, a lot of the brothers who was complaining, Muslims don't plan things ahead of fight.

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calculated, plan our life when no one next to us so we can plan our life. So we're trying to plan ahead. So I ended up we ended up planning the opening of the soccer tournament they YSL on the DFA yesterday you will be announcing

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giving the case to the children.

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And also we had a plan the foreign competition will will give them the prizes.

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But now the word came that we have the United States. Now, should we do the right thing? What

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should we do the right thing or should we be united?

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So we're gonna go and play with the product. I'll be the first one to go and play with the brothers out here. But we need to hear that from the sun. Also, we're gonna talk about the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Left less than those of the message

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for the elders that said, I will be out here with my family in the soccer field. You're asking about hamdulillah I will unite and I'm calling all of you. But if I get a report that you brothers cannot go because of the age. We're gonna leave some

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hope and pray with them and looks good. Sounds good.

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Sounds good to everybody.

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So don't come You know, I was casing yesterday I was approached by multiple people. But you know what, I love these products so much for the sake of Allah.

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I love them because they wanted us to do it and this is a good thing you know,

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we need to do this for NASA for NASA. I want to let you know that this is

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why the United States and I used to be ambushed for having a day so I'm not going to find it out here. All right, so inshallah all of us inshallah hilfi will be

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strong, I want to drive way to the

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United if I get a report inshallah, that we have some brothers and sisters who have been alive that's

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the evidence he left his message open to the elders to the sift through those, those those those if we have if nothing we're gonna close inshallah, what are these three functions

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that gets the foreign competition prizes and the soccer tournament?

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July 2, we're going to have our eighth festival from 10 o'clock in the morning until 8pm at night 8pm at night when I give out these prizes inshallah, so we're gonna have a party here. Hello. Hello. Hello

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Jazakallah for your patience. I want to say that among the brothers, who reminded me of the right thing to do, and you know what, at that time, I will say, I'm sorry, this was wrong with it. I don't shy away. It's always better to retreat to the truth to the right thing. Then, you know, ego and arrogance and all that stuff.

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