Do inhalers & oxygen break the fast

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The speakers discuss the importance of understanding the inhalers and oxygen breakers. They also discuss the use of the inhalers and oxygen breakers during fasting, and the use of the inhalers to prevent inhalers from causing asthma. They also mention the use of the inhalers to prevent breathing issues during fasting.

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Do inhalers and oxygen break our fast and this is very important because you will find a brother who you know he's having an asthma attack he wants to take a puff of from his inhaler. One brother is telling him it's gonna break your fast don't do it bro. And the other one is telling him, you know, it's permissible, no big deal. So what is the correct opinion? When it comes to the inhalers? The scholars themselves have differed. There's a group that says yes, it breaks the fast. And the other said no, it doesn't break the fast. And to understand their difference. It's important to understand what the inhalers are made from the three main components, oxygen, water and medication. So the fact

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that has water the scholars and said it breaks the fast they said there's water that is going to break the fast when it goes into the stomach. The scholars who said it doesn't break the fast. When you look into it, they said it's only 10 milliliters of liquid for 200 sprays. Therefore, it's such such a small amount, it's not going to break the fast and there are evidence for this the fact that it doesn't break the fast. First of all is the the as the analogy, the analogy for the Hmong MOBA, and it's then chef who are making will do

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there's going to be a small amount of water that's going to remain in our mouths, and in our noses. And this with each man that consensus of the scholars that obviously doing this when you're fasting, it doesn't break the fast we're not support the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he told us not to go deep into the nose so it doesn't affect the fast but nonetheless, that small amount of water that's left in the mouth, it doesn't break the fast. Also, it's something that's done me there's not certainty 100% yet been that the water is going to reach into our stomachs therefore we can't say something we're not certain it's going to reach or not because it's such a small amount. We cannot

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say that this breaks the fast and shallow Tada. This is the correct opinion that it doesn't break the fast if you need to use your inhaler you can use it and won't affect your fast during Ramadan when it comes to the issue of using oxygen. Also, it is permissible to use oxygen when it comes to the inhalers. This is the opinion of the legend at daima for if tat in Saudi Arabia, the permanent committee of fence when Saudi Arabia and also shipping baths and shipping with a mean and when it comes to the issue of using oxygen. This is the fatwah of the mehg Madfinger Islamic the Islamic Academy. Both are permissible and both don't affect the fast in schonell Donna