Wisam Sharieff – Tools Of The Shaitan By Hafidh Wissam

Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The use of Allah's subhanaw taala as a protection from evil and the effects of bad deeds on one's personal and community are discussed. The use of praying and praying with others to overcome evil and build a better theology system is emphasized. The use of tools and techniques such as shavon's first tool, shape boards, and tools like shavon's second tool, procrastination and hesitation, as well as language and the importance of understanding the meaning behind actions is emphasized. The use of shavon in various settings, including war planning, business, and political events is discussed, along with the use of shavon in Arabic language and its potential negative consequences. The importance of dismantling bad behavior and combatting bad behavior is emphasized.
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indeed, all praise and thanks are due to Alice Pennell, Donna, no matter who and that's why we praise him on a starry night.

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And we ask for his help one minute movie, and we believe in him or not.

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And we place our trust solely in Allah subhanaw taala. And this trust makes a say, one hour we'll be learning in February and fusina.

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Woman say

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we all seek protection refuge with Allah subhanho wa Taala. But this time, not from shavon this time We ask Allah subhanaw taala protection, His sanctuary from the evil that's within ourselves. I see nice cars in the parking lot. I want them. I can ask Allah subhanaw taala but you still think these guys 360 days of sun. I live in a place which is not so sunny. Envy, greed, lust, hatred. We don't blame shavon for these things immediately Do you have human characteristics? So we ask Allah subhanaw taala protection from that which is within ourselves, or means. Dr. Molina and we also seek protection from the repercussion of sin. We did this we spoke about this before. When I press the

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accelerator in the car, I go forward but comes out of the back smile comes out of the back suit. When I burn a fire log. I might get a little bit of heat from it. But there's also ash when I do see, I might benefit by lying to someone in this world. But there's a repercussion. There's a suit. There's the small group of sin We ask Allah subhanaw taala has protection from that I can see on your faces that wouldn't didn't click. Let's do two quick examples.

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Allah subhanaw taala points out in

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the Salah, the sort of word or namaz, it removes us from fascia. So if you're finding yourself simple to watch dancing with their stars while your kids are walking around, maybe we need to get back to Salah. Maybe we need to pray better. Maybe we need to have a more constructive relationship because the effect of not praying or the effect of prayer distances you from the sort of loss of a loved one it was seldom said the one who lies This is narrated in the books of Bahati, the one who lies his heart begins to black and each light places one black.or one black spot, effective line. Yes, you get Sejad and it doesn't work out very well in the hereafter. But here in this world, the

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effective sin is what we're asking for. So I might cheat in finance, I might cheat at work. And the Benjamins in the bank account. They go up the zeros they go up but my is my finance that I used to

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sustain myself it starts going down. effect of bad deeds. Yeah. When you cheat more money goes up when I disrespect my elders, are they going to disrespect me? No. One generation later the youth of the community will come and I'll say, Why doesn't anyone respect me effect of bad deeds? We ask Allah subhanaw taala before we start the footpath before we start this reminder over last save us from the evil that's within ourselves and the evil that is the effect of the bad deeds the repercussion may be Hila bufala moving

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on a little fella handy Allah, Whosoever Allah subhanaw taala guides, nobody can misguide. But whoever Allah, Allah does not guide

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no one can guide him. Whoever blocks out the windows on their own and says it's all dark in here. him I'm happy I said I wanted light. But with some you blacked out everything to bring the light in.

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So when your actions affect the light coming in, no one can guide you except the guidance of Allah subhanaw taala. And that's why every Friday we say one a shadow.

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We all bear witness, we think we testify. We sign on the dotted lines of our souls. There is no other creator. There is no other sustainer there is no other judge. There is no other Rob. There is no other ILA there's no other God, other than Allah subhanho wa Taala. And how does Allah subhanaw taala communicate with us? One as

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we all bear witness, we sanctify the statement that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Muhammad Rasul Allah nebia Karim Ali Surat was salam, the greatest human being to ever set foot on the face of this earth. He is the final messenger and he is the slave of Allah subhanho wa Taala and with what purpose did Allah subhanaw taala send this messenger Ali's Rocco ceram who are lengthy our Salah Rasulullah. Buddha, who are our Salah soon man who Allah subhanaw taala our Salah who came as this messenger, and what purpose did he have on a spirit was salam, the greatest human being to walk the face of this earth, our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was sent to us by Buddha

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with guidance with the religious aspects of our life, but he will go down with Koran and the teachings on the need help Howe and the true system of living. So it wasn't just about me and this brother praying fudger or praying. It was about me and him living together, doing business together, interacting together. And then when the two of us became friends, how do we hate how do we love how do we marry how do we divorce how do we build what demon Leo

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equally so that this system that came from the architect of the fact that I slept him for nine months would become dominant upon all other systems, who would have a better system than the one who made us

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all out? Helen mushy Riku. Even if the mushrik disliked this Korean speakers, Arabic speakers, you understand it in English hatred, hated if they hated this, that guidance would lead to a true system of living. And it would become dominant upon all other systems of living, even if they hate it, what the * machete code even if the machete kin, those polytheist those who chose another system, if they hated it, this would come to pass

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far although Billahi min ash showing paniagua gene. So with that statement, with that very specific statement, in an hamdulillah mother who was there in one istockphoto who wanted me to be one of the workers, that I placed my trust solely in the last dollar, I say unto you,

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do Billahi min ash shine on your wangi

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I say unto you that I seek refuge with Allah subhanho wa Taala from shape one who isn't just saying, his damned his regime.

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He is the one who had the opportunity to follow the law of God and he said, doesn't work for me. So I seek refuge own not only from chez Flon, but from the tools that shavon is going to use after this football to get you to maybe commit one white lie to make a small sin.

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mislead learn. Man, you Rafi

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In the name of Allah With the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful if I ever benefited from anything, it's because of a law or creator and if anyone ever had mercy on me it's because of Allah subhana wa tada

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surah Ayah number 11 Allah subhanaw taala says and certainly definitely we created you

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and then we fashioned you hands eyes We mean we didn't leave you as that clump of flesh in the uterus. You weren't just a blob, we fashion you

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can teach judo.

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We told all the angels Prostrate to Adam

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Everyone needs such that

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everyone is in such that imagine it just one guy right in the middle.

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That fire creature was just standing there everyone else is in the Presence of Allah subhanaw taala making sense.

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So Allah subhanaw taala instructed a creature fire creature do this. Just like we get instructed halal Haram, you know, McGrew these things. So the first creature who has ever asked to do something has the first chance of free will. God says makes sense. Everyone does such that except Satan. So now the conversation ensues. But what I want you to do in the background is say the first creature to ever make a sin. What tools did he use to get to that sim? Does that make sense? What tools did he have to get to that sin? So now this conversation will take place but in the background I want you to write tools of shape bon

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bon Amma Menaka. Atlantis Judah is mo to Allah. Allah says Allah man Munna what prevented you? What is what is it that prevented you is the amount of when I commanded you? Unless I didn't give a choice if you all want to make such that this might work out Allah subhanaw taala told them everyone obeyed except one. He said it took when I commanded what stopped you What made you transgress this bound? First number one tool? All I

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mean, I'm better. Not I'm good. I'm not I'm the only creature who has free will. And I'm still worshipping, you know? No, no, Paula Anna, hi, and better tool number one a shade line is not to think good of yourself. tool number one of shavon isn't being proud of who you are. tool number one of Satan is not to make you feel good about yourself. tool number one of shavon is to say the shape is all the way here from Corona. And guess who's standing up here. This is the tool of shape one to make you think you're better.

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But the next tool we all know about this. I might speak Arabic I don't speak Arabic. My last name is such and such. We have all of these things that make us feel better. But we can control these. But shavon uses and immediately pulls out the second card. He said

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I made a fire off

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plane and he's made of clay. Friends. What is he doing?

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He's having a zoo, a scientific molecular discussion with who the one who made fire the one who made clear doesn't make it doesn't make any sense. Think about this. So now he's telling you I'm better than him. But he explains that he may not check it out was clean and he is the the molecular structure of clays actually better. But were you having this conversation with

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so now Alice, Darla does not respond. Allah subhanaw taala could have responded with many right I made fire I made clay. Allah subhanaw taala doesn't respond with the words that I am the creator before we get to that is number 13 shavon second tool has been laid and it is for men and for women. And everyone who is in that middle stage of growing from a boy to a man shape. lonza number two tool is rationality, rationale and excuses. He makes you take your intellect and say yes the rules of an Amaz dopey Rosa's lianza they're all great, nice, but my PhD is over here. Or he makes you give excuses. This is the second tool of shavon policing our intellect above the laws of lust.

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But see how the conversation unfolds in Ayah number 13. We started 1112 he made the mistake and tried to he made the transgression and he tried

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to sell his I'm better than him on

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what is the lowest?

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Get down look at the word fair bit and about six words later.

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There are two processes here. A lot parent is telling shavon get down and get out.

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A lot of families may have familia Gouda and Taka Dorothea, this place is not the place to be arrogant and the Taka Baraka exit. You can leave from here

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in a communal in NA camino Swahili that you are from the humiliated you are from those who are salted in humiliated disgrace, if you will. Because this cheap excuse that I know more, and I'm not going to rub my head on the ground 17 times a day, by bit meaner, get down, get down. If you think about it just out of the box. Get off your high horse get down from this concept that you are genuinely better but this is not the meaning. So now shavon has a chance he's played two cards. He said I'm better than him and he used the rational excuse. The third I have comes and he has this opportunity to do anything on

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What is he said Allah subhanaw taala. When we make mistakes, what do we do? We either make an excuse, we say, Well, I didn't sin as much as that guy did. Right? We come up with something. But the third tool that shaylen plays he says Allah and didn't he give me a chance give me give me time Isla yo Mubarak soon give me a chance till the Day of Judgment. So what is shavon doing here? First, there's two things to take out of this. Brothers we dedicate tool number three to us sisters that happens mostly to us. When we have to forget about Islamic or non Islamic just when you have to take out the garbage at night when you have to your mother in law wants you to do something. When you

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know there's a class coming in town, you know that there's a * of the various massages in town. What do we do shala afterwards after I'll take the garbage out later, inshallah. inshallah, will I see you there, inshallah. we procrastinate, we put off what shade of blonde procrastinating shavon was buying time to dig himself a deeper grave. So the third tool of shade line is laziness and procrastination. shavon will tell you each other later, but you're so young, don't bother with this religiosity now. Do you'll do it afterwards. And then when you're about 50, or like, inshallah, when I turned 60, I'll go for Hajj. And everything's gonna be okay. procrastination and laziness, the

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third tool. But did you notice something very interesting. shavon tells the last caller caller and give me either yo Mubarak,

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who believes in the Day of Judgment, you know, some of us say I'm Muslim, it's good enough. I believe in Allah. And I believe in that, who believes in the last day che bondas. Satan believes in the last day too. It's not a very good excuse to say, well in sha Allah, I'm Muslim, I believe in Allah. Actually shavon doesn't only believe in believe that there's going to be yo Mubarak soon What else is he doing? He's acting like there's going to be a day of judgment. He says you know I can get this guy I can get him he doesn't say well you know, I've been to evil recently Eisley you know after Ramadan we say I've been to religious recently still a little bit of break you know me TiVo

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whatever it vote I'll watch that. She doesn't do that. He believes that there's going to be a de Isla Yom Yom soon and he also doesn't take a break. So now he has asked Allah, Allah and Allah says on kameena Moon Wadi, okay, you have a chance you have risk by

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the fourth Tula shadeland comes in this one ayah after being arrogant thinking he's better after giving rational scientific, if you will, excuses trying to prompt the law of God he's trying to put off and dig a deeper grave.

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The fourth tool if we can take it would be more important for all of us in the masjid. Everyone else can use the first three but us praying Zuma today.

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Color Fabien boy Daniella

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Blanca booster theme.

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Only Satan could word it like this father.

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Bhima awakening color for Bhima awakening he asked a lot for chance to the Day of Judgment. Allah said okay, you have a chance till the Day of Judgment. So then he responds to Allah by saying because you misguided me.

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I am going to sit la hora de la

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hunslet author can muster theme, the two points to take from here. Most importantly, shavon is using this tool and how many of us in the academic world have heard? Well, if God wanted to guide me, God would guide me. So I'm just gonna wait till God guides me. If Allah wanted me to be a good person and become meek and pious and have bitten the clock, then Allah knows everything. And then you say, Well, God will take care of it later. Next time you hear that argument very politely tell the person you sound like Satan shape lon use the same exact excuse that if Allah knows everything, then he flipped the coin shavon said you misguided me that's why I'm doing this. We flipped the coin say I'm

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not being guided because Allah doesn't want it. It's not a tool of shade on its rhetoric. But the second point, remember the most important Where did shade Vaughn say because you misguided me? I'm going to sit lock or lock in Mr. T. shape. I've been hanging outside the bunker club, he's not waiting at the hookah lounge and saying grape or double apple. He's not waiting there. There go one more drink, buddy. Just one more. She's been sitting here longer than at home slaw, buckles the theme and this is where truly I'd like you to play your numbers correctly. Of those of us who are in the masala right now praying Juma that makes us religious. How many people are outside? Most of

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everyone here knows 10 people who are not GMO.

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So if the 5% of us who are religious are fighting because shavon sitting on the street Pat saying that guy's got a beard. Oh, that guy doesn't have a beard shaved mustache trim mustache gloves niqab jilbab. History cuz different minority does different. So if the 5% of us are trying to kill each other because he wipes over cotton socks,

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what is everyone else doing? to number four is shavon very confusing.

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But very clean.

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When we get a little bit close to praying and being religious and being working together as a group, I mean, this brother were in one group and those guys different groups, we don't work with them by brother meaning we don't work with those guys, because their way is incorrect.

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So shaytan will sit in the clear path to number four he will sit in the clear path and make it look very rigid. He will make it seem as if I'm the only guy going to heaven everybody you know 72 * there are going to help tool number four shade line. Yes, there are wrong things in our religion. There are things people who take our religion and miscoded and blow things up and kill people. But the average Abdullah, the average Fatima you really think they're deviant? Or could we work together to teach each other this is where she was on wins big and the time expired. So, we only do one more and this is possibly where it gets very very vivid shavon gives us a very clear mapped out you know

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the strategical plan of a war so you have these four and then he says

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d a d e.

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d him

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Shama Ed him so he says God you misguided me so I'm gonna sit right here. I'm gonna sit here I'm gonna sit elastic block look at Mr. thing by the use what do you say 17 times a day. Aloma is in a certain Mr. T. So know who you may meet up within the path. shavon says I'm going to sit here on the straight path luck are very strong emphasis. And he says sumaila at the ANA hoomin benei. A de him I'm going to come from their front, from their back. And from the right and from their left. And while shavon is closing in on us, I would ask you to move forward, you can close in on me so that the brothers and sisters in the back have room isn't Allahu taala just like shavon is gonna come.

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There's very large pockets.

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I always wonder what the rationalists uses when I announced about moving forward and people don't move. I always wonder why. But inshallah one day, I'll find out.

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So shavon says he's going to come in the front in the back and the left and the right.

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Right in the left.

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Now I looked through various stuff as you're waiting to see what is shavon coming in front of the devil doesn't come sit in front of you. What's in front of us? what's in front of us, like after this football. You have to go back to work. You have to get lunch I have to do readings. After that. Then I have a class after that. What happened? eventually we're gonna die. And eventually we're going to go and meet our Lord. What to shape on do in front of us. Akira? Oh Babu. It's so far away. Yeah, Basha is something that the end of the world don't worry about it right now.

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So it makes the

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After a look very, very far, and what's behind us, what's now act now January sales act now foreclosure market act now, because on a Black Friday we make a lot of green. So act now invest in your children's future act now he makes what's behind us because right now, five minutes ago was gone. And two minutes ago was gone. And one minute ago was gone. And when I said it was gone, that's gone too. But shavon makes that look very close. That hereafter God is going to see me and my actions far away. But act now because you never know a little bit of interest, a little bit of wrong, a little bit of chatting online, it didn't kill anyone. They will do a whole bunch of wrong

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And he said he will come on your right side. What is on our right side, when we receive our book, our good deeds right shochet bond will come to the person say brother you pray fudger in the mustard this morning. They should build a little building around you and walk around at seven times. He will make your good deeds look unbelievably huge. You were nice to your mother, Allah should build a dog around you, you know maqbara we should and we should all visit you because you were nice to your mother. But isn't that what God wanted? For me anyway, to pray to fulfill the rights of my neighbor, he will make the little good deeds you put $5 in the mustard fun, Allah. Wow, look at you.

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And then on your left side, what will we receive on our left side? Our bad deeds, right? Our bad deeds will come on our left side. And please do the math with me. Because I'm not giving a good bet to you. I'm reminding myself really with these four.

00:26:45 --> 00:27:30

on our left side, how many of us sin and say, but that guy does something more harm? How many of us would backbite about somebody she's fat? Why does she have that purse? And then when someone says man that's so hateful. Well, you know what she did? He make her bad deeds look very small. And he starts to compare bad deeds. He starts to say, well, so you yelled at your wife. You know what the guy in the street is doing with? Or no problem. He makes our sins look very small. What did you do a thorough home check. So he said I'm going to come in front of them. I'm going to come behind them on the right and under left and you won't find most of them Shaq Ed, why didn't shake on say you won't

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find most of them believers. Shake hands and go with us right here. He's not going to come up to the brother after Juma and be like look, according to the clip, but you should now be a disbeliever that and you should go and drink and second word shavon is going to come to us and say little doubts, little doubts. shavon is going to want us to be ungrateful to Allah. So I closed on this one small point, this one concept

00:27:57 --> 00:28:42

that it is not about saying thanks to Allah subhanaw taala. But in the Arabic language, it's a verb. We give thanks to Allah. We don't say only merely say, Thank you Allah, we don't merely say Subhana Allah, but we take the laws of Allah subhanaw taala and we glorify them. We take the rights that the Quran has upon us, and we glorify them. So if you could keep this, we didn't get to finish all the seven tools, but we do have four. And we have four ways that shavon is going to attack us. So next time someone says, Let's go learn something about Quran Oh, you Molly, you share. so old, complete something new. They're making ourselves look far. And when someone says it's just a little hot arm,

00:28:42 --> 00:28:53

it's only one day of your wedding. You don't have to wear his job, just a little bit of makeup and a little bit of just one day, right? One shape on cells that

00:28:54 --> 00:29:16

I'm not buying, when he tells you you're amazing because you're not fulfilling the rights of that God gave you How come they never came to you and said you can see you can hear that. So what because that's what Allah subhanaw taala gave us. Allah gave us those rights to see now let us use them and on the left side let us not take sin to be a little ordeal.

00:29:17 --> 00:29:58

I will close and I asked you to do this much between the sittings of the hookah there is a narration I will leave it at that that the door is not rejected. It is a narration between the hood bus whoever's in foreclosure make while may go off for you. Whoever's needs to get engaged, make the law. I'll make dua for you. But give me the last five seconds of your law. Oh, a lot. I want to leave here equipped to at least understand how shavon is coming at me. So when I want to yell at my wife, tool number three, laziness, procrastination. I'm just being irritated when I think I'm better tool number one. tool number five is anger.

00:29:59 --> 00:30:00

So when

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You get there I want you to at least it No one said you're not gonna you're gonna become a perfect person after this clip. But as as we look through it, knowing the fact that you'll get a ticket doesn't stop you from getting a ticket. We all get it.

00:30:13 --> 00:30:33

But at least knowing that there's a repercussion, and that this is not just happen, doesn't just happen, but it happens through the tools that shavon uses against us. In the second football we'll tackle just a few words on how to dismantle that the Islamic Diwan between the ceilings between la Dada to handle the global phone

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

00:30:46 --> 00:30:51

wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah he Nabeel Karim

00:30:53 --> 00:30:55

in Namaha Om Allah

00:30:57 --> 00:31:00

matter who you are what lunarlon Navy

00:31:03 --> 00:31:05

he was suddenly motus Lima,

00:31:07 --> 00:31:16

Liana Muhammad, Muhammad kamasan llegada Ibrahim awana and Ibrahim nicomedia Majeed, wahama icarda, Mohammed, Mohammed

00:31:18 --> 00:31:21

Ibrahim Ibrahim and nicomedia Majeed.

00:31:24 --> 00:32:03

We asked last paradise forgiveness and for his mercy for anything that we have done knowingly or unknowingly, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us amongst those who if we have looked at anything on the street or on the screens, that is keeping our blood from being accepted or supplications, from being accepted, or cleansed that from our eyes and make us from amongst those who guard our eyes, our life, we have loosened our tongues to our spouses, if we had unrung unrightfully been raising our voices to them, our lawmakers amongst those who are just a lot we have been disrespectful to our parents make us amongst those who fulfill the rights of our parents as they

00:32:03 --> 00:32:49

have fulfilled our rights, our life any actions, keeping our blog from being accepted, cleanse that from us, La ilaha illa Allah Subhana indiquant immunoblotting we close with one small thing that I've never been able to share in this topic. So what I gave you four tools I gave you five Actually, no one in this room is going to be able to walk out of the door and say, I can come back shape on even better. Because how did we start the opening of this passage? arzoo Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. Knowing the tools of shavonne is not the only part to gaining sanctuary from these tools. Who is the only one Mayor de la Fernando de la woman you live? So who's the only one our Creator who can

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keep us safe? It is a law? And how did Allah subhanho wa Taala? Show us these seven tools for the average of the law through Quran? How did Allah subhanho wa Taala even tell us about the tools of shavonne? And how to combat JSON through Quran? How did Allah subhanaw taala give us a book and he said First there is Billahi min. Ash shaytani awaji. It's sort of pusilla in Surah. Number 41 I believe it's iron number 40. Approximately

00:33:21 --> 00:33:25

one shape one in millions of undocumented upon in this one. First there is build

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friends, I could tell you all the tools for three hours and paint them like when you leave, this is going to happen. You're going to want to watch the movie and this is going to happen. But that's not going to make us combat shape one without the book. That is the tools to undo his journey. Remember this when we turn to Allah subhanaw taala and when you say Ruby let him in a shape regime. When do we say that? When we read Quran when we opened the manual to undo his tools. So if I taught you how to use the tools and what they do, it doesn't mean you're going to know how to take it apart. We asked the last panel first forgiveness and first mercy those of you who came late the last either we

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closed on every week in namaha movie largely what it easy to kuruva indeed allies enjoying justice has enjoying the sun god consciousness knowing that God can see us what he is.

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And giving and spending in the path of your family giving to your family members. If your wife asked you what the hubbub was about today, don't say nothing. Say I don't know. But I'll find out when

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you will carry one Bell and on the flip side he has forbidden Russia. He has forbidden that which Allah subhanho wa Taala has restricted from us perverseness lewdness, the glamour and the glitz that calls us towards how long what Moncure the line in the sand between how long and how long? Well wealthy and oppression if you know

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The tools and you have the opportunity to study the book of Allah. Why or press the voice inside you that says this makes some sense. He's gone over time, but it makes sense whether the court of law or law matters now a famous letter

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