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The importance of reading the Quran and listening to it for the most is emphasized, along with the need to be mindful of one's behavior and not giving up on past mistakes. The speakers also discuss the use of sada 49% for socializing and promoting charity, the importance of praying by oneself during lockdown, and the importance of not allowing anyone to enter a competition and not showing one's back on social media. The importance of not talking to someone during a fight and not showing one's back on social media is also emphasized.

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to us at daily QA at Islam 21 c.com I believe all that information is below so inshallah just while we're waiting for those questions to come in slowly come chef how are you?

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Good to see you mashallah, I'll start off the session inshallah with with a question for those sisters during Ramadan who may be breastfeeding who may have just given birth and they're not in a position to be able to pray the Salah, and they're exempt from this, what are the things that they can do during this time to get the most out of Ramadan and to come closer to Allah subhanaw taala obviously allowed hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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hamdulillah she can do most of the things that you know, the other sisters can do as well. Other obviously then the salad and you know, she's probably not gonna be at our full strength maybe to do as much as she would like to do anyways. But the things that she can focus on is reading the Quran and she can read the Quran any even if she's on her knee fast and your posts more than bleeding.

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But the scholars prefer that she reads from me either her phone or from the tap not from enough on the most app itself or they say if she wears gloves when she reads from the most have and this is the correct opinion that she can read during this time. You know, because is the time very bad and she's in need of the Quran she doesn't need to be part of the spiritual atmosphere in Ramadan outside of Ramadan as well. So she can read the Quran just like everyone else. In fact she maybe she can even focus reading more around than others and she has maybe some sometimes more time because she's not gonna be busy with the summit like others will be. And on top of that other things you

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know, that's very beneficial and I recommend for her and others as well is to benefit from listening to the Quran.

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The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. He said in the Hadith to Abdullah Massoud will be alone the Quran earlier and he said Read to me the Quran and Abdullah was rude he was a bit surprised. He said you know what, how can I read to you and he said it was sent down to you. He said oh hipbone as my own mental elite and I like to listen to it from any other than myself. So Hamdulillah you know, listening to the Quran, Allah has given us his blessing. And I don't know I did a video some time like before Ramadan so my my daily schedule, the work workouts in the morning and the sessions I have with the Quran and one of the things I focus on even working out is this into the Quran, you

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have my air pods on listen to the Quran, and I found myself I'm able to you know, start from the beginning of the Quran from Fatiha all the way to Ness you download and it just goes from Surah Surah and you finish and whether you're doing with your headphones, whether it's outside the headphones, you can listen to the entire Quran so listening to a foreigner that's the second thing, then a lot of do a lot of videos that she can be making also have the learning to be honest with you the amount of stuff that's online, like the brothers here at Islam 21 C. And I'm not saying that to depress you guys because we're doing a live with you guys now. But when we did the online

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conference, that's the only thing I knew that was happening was online conference, because I was part of it right? But then we started like Congress, I'm looking at all this stuff, they did this you know, the message and the online messages I was like wow, this is the amount of shows that they got. And even as the brothers were saying, how they were able to get all those shows in such a short amount of time that the machines they really stepped up Moore's law may Allah bless them. So I was like

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that's just one example when you have a lot of the machine so much good stuff online that you can listen to it's very very any abundant on there these days. So hamdulillah she can benefit over time you know, listening to these things as well. There's so much you can be doing Shelton

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is not

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related to that. We had another question that came in which which is asked do you need to be in a state of voodoo to read the Quran? I think this is just asking generally speaking, okay. Now the although is is a different scenario from the sister because the sister who is on her menses, or on her monthly menses or her post mortem meeting after she's, she's in a situation where she can't make odour. But the one who can make although this is different, and you should make doable now there are some scholars who say that it's not a must in ingredient, there's two different things reading the Quran mean from your head, or reading from the most happened before and so, reading from the hip,

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there's no problem you don't evolve over that, when it comes to reading for the most has the majority of the scholars say yes, you must have although, and even something interesting, if you look into the majority fatawa even Taymiyah himolla He was asked this question, and he said that the impotent are by the 40 Imams all of them see that you must have to read the Quran. So shall we start where he stops inshallah we say the same thing with the 40 Imam said all of them from the Hanafi Maliki shove in and humbly meant that that if you're going to touch the Quran, then you need to have all the channel data. So you should watch what you eat for support and this you have to make a lot

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of will do during the day. I guess that

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definitely. Apologies from my side if my screen is frozen, little issue there, but maybe it's just my cold heart, maybe. Malaga so, she has another question.

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How do you know if

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You've actually been forgiven

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obviously, there's no clear cut you know, sign that you know 100% But I mean obviously the first starts of all with your classes sincerity, and then that you fulfill the conditions that the scholars mentioned, and the loss of money there's three conditions between us in between a law and that is first of all that we leave the sin and then we regret we did in the past and then we have the intention of pure intention, never to go back to that sin. So if these are met with pure sincerity to Allah subhanaw taala then we've done with his wajib upon us in return we hope in shallow Tada that Allah is going to accept from us he's going to accept our repentance and he's

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going to forgive us but one of the signs after that is that you know, inshallah Tada to be able to continue to become better inshallah Tada, and then we're going to be able to continue to become better and to continue on the path and that shows the sincerity. We need to know how many of the scholars when you see throughout history, even in our days, those who are truly repentant, you see in their action they strike that doesn't mean you're gonna make mistakes afterwards, doesn't mean you're not going to sin afterwards sometimes, but don't want the general any look at that you became a better person, you and you're striving to leave that sin and other sins. Those are from the signs

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in general Tada

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at a coffee shop, we've got a question, obviously, some communities they have different categories when it comes to giving charity of how they label that amount. So a question has come through is what's the difference between South Africa and Lila?

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First time I heard it to be honest with you, I don't know Aloka I shall hopefully also that has really led me because Lila means for Allah. Also that offer to be accepted has to be for Allah subhanaw taala and we know that we have two forms we have this card which is that which is fourth and then we have that which is

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the most to have praiseworthy set up. There's different forms of sadaqa you can give anybody a lot of MIB. I don't know what that what country that comes from a customer that comes from but obviously I've never heard of it and all of the sadaqa is for Allah subhanaw taala Of course. Okay, moving on to the other one chef is giving money towards freeing Islamic prisoners or captives zakat illegible

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Yeah, inshallah falls and falls into one of the categories that are our mission shelter, so it is etc much of

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question has come through again chef can you explain the benefits of sitting after Salah and remaining in place

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remaining in place the scholars talked about it any in the Hadith about slotted Fajr staying in the masjid and either if you if you want, who stays in the masjid and then waits until it Shahrukh time and he prays to recast, he gets the as your camera, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so the scholars you talked about, does this mean he has to stay in his exact place where he prayed? Or can he be anywhere in the masjid Inshallah, perhaps the more Anil, authentic viewers, they can be anywhere in the masjid. And so I don't know anything particular says you have to stay in that exact same place other than that howdy. So if you if you pray, and you sit and you want to sit in a chair,

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you want to sit back or you want to change your position. And remember Allah subhanaw taala like that, or read the Quran, there's no problem with that Chautala have the law.

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So there's a question here, Chef, how can one approach the mother regarding a poor behavior, I think regarding the mother's poor behavior, and manners towards others, at times, even oppression of the rights of other people, what kind of methods should be used if the gentle advice and patient approach has not worked after trying for a long period of time, and it's going to brackets here for 15 years or so. So this person has obviously been trying for a long time and they've taken the the patient approach the not raising the voice approach. Now, once that has been done, what in order to stop this, maybe don't want other people what can be done.

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That's a tough one. Because there's, you know, you're dealing with the mother and the soft and gentle approach that will be the original, but they've already tried that, and maybe talking to some other people who can influence her or close to her, or one of the key things obviously, is that not to support her and her oppression. And that's one of the things mentioned, the Hadith the prophet is supporting the one was making the Lord in that you stop them from doing it. So if you can stop the doom and not support them from doing it, that's going to be used because you've done your job. And in 15 years, and you've been nice, and you can tell them, look at me, I'm not going to be involved

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in I'm not going to support you, and I'm going to tell you, this is wrong. It's nothing. It's not permissible. And then obviously, once again, you know, being kind being soft, but letting them know that this look this is what Allah says in the Quran, this with the Prophet Allah says, you know, we can't go against our teachings as listening to what you're doing is wrong. I've been nice, I'm not going to support you and I'm not going to stand with you in this. And even if you stand against them in that, because at the end of the day, it is what Islam wants justice. And we know the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam said about his own daughter Fatima, she had done any a specific crime

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that he will also

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penalized her. So this at the end of the time, even if it is our mother and a father, we're not going to support them. And even if we have to stand against them, then we wouldn't do that if that if that was necessary.

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The law on the first chef May Allah make it easy for this, this family and what they're going through from the law chef we got a nice question made me smile when I read this one it says salam how do you travel in Jannah?

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I don't know. Never never thought about it never heard about before. I don't know a lot.

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Look it up. Maybe we find something similar. Would it be safe to say Schiff? Any way you want? Yeah, I guess Oh, yeah. That's true. However you wish to do it is true.

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Because that's what you wish you would and genetic comes through right away. So that will be it and whenever there was a specific many method mentioned or something I don't know how to say never heard that. I don't remember if I did anyways.

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So we've got a question from a sister she says uh, Salam regarding tarawih at home, if the only male in the house is not well versed in the Koran and struggles with basics, like the repeater gauges, ama surahs, should I continue to pray in Java or Pretoria on my own. And if she's better, better based in the Quran, in this situation, I would recommend that she prays by herself, because if someone's not well based, and just even the small suitors, then that's a bit of a problem. And even many of the scholars before and I have a video I did about this before Ramadan. 10 things that we need to know. For total, we are in lockdown. And one of them was talking about that issue. And he

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that many of the scholars even before this issue of the lockdown, many people don't know this. They actually prefer praying in the houses. They prefer praying at home anyways because they felt a if you can, if you totally can be better by yourself then it's actually better than praying in the masjid in the congregation. So this is an even among the scholars who taught us in Medina, we didn't use to pray at home. And I remember one of them who will taught us he said I don't like to sell out too fast in the home and he prayed with three juicers and mashallah the watercolor, so it's much better for him to pray for him. So he was a potty himself and stuff like this. And he was a better

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party than many of the Imams there as well so and he prayed by himself. So this is something if she heard Quran is better than this situation is better. She prays by herself in general Donna. Okay, I'm gonna give her sincerity and her Salah Scheffer. If you bear with me, I've got a bit of a long question here. So the question is a Salam Alaikum, thank you for your patience with the kind with a kind of sad question for myself. It's a bit long winded and WH question and I'm grateful for your advice. Is it permissible to enter a skills based competition to win a car, or its equivalent worth in cash, you have to pay to enter. And in the UK, where it's operated from, it's not classed on the

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gambling laws. Hence, it's hence it needs no gambling license. That being said, I've had a dummy account. And if I entered I would have, I would have one since it's skills based. That being said, I'm a Muslim, no matter if the UK Government says it's not gambling, because of its business structure, I need to consult an assignment scholar. The sole reason I'm doing this is not to drive a flashy car. But to use that winnings to invest in my business. And when I'm in profit, I intend to fully return the money to the company and one from this is the only work and get a kind of interest free loan as people like me don't have the context or get anything from banks, especially interest

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free Islamic bank loans. You the house, I suppose as collateral, it goes on. How do us entrepreneurs get the help needed, it's hard and it feels like a brick wall and disheartening, feels like rich getting richer. If I were, if it were a case of 10 20k, then I can work it out. But I'm in need of 120,000 for this work, and inshallah paid off three to four years. But who's going to take that risk, and the only way I can raise the amount is to throw a student's competition. And lastly, sometimes the competition gives free credit for entry. Could I use that to enter if using the money to enter is haram? Sorry for the wrong with the question. I read conflicting articles online. And

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sometimes it says free entry is fine. As long as it's haram. Bottom line is if I when I intend to give the money back years down the line, it feels like nowhere to turn to thank you in advance and that's from Mr. Kazi.

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Okay, so the first part of the question, if you have to pay to enter then it's not permissible. It will fall into being a type of Gambit because you're you're you're entering for that. Another scenario for let's say, for example, that if I wanted to compete in a jujitsu competition myself, and to enter that register, you have to pay, you know, 100 pounds or something. And I pay that because I'm going to take part of the competition, okay. And whoever comes, for example, who is the gold medalist? Let's say he wants 5000 pounds, and then

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Just as long as there's not one entry I've got to do, I just want to go and I want to compete. And every person who competes, has to pay this, this fee to enter, this might be a bit different. But in this scenario he's talking about he actually is intention is to get the reward in the end. So that makes it easier. That makes it even worse here. So that situation, and then exit the second sale any, you might be able to say that's okay. Because I'll use someone's word for the competition that going for the price, and the price happened and it wouldn't be an issue. But his situation he's going to be paying to enter to gain. So that's not going to be permissible for him to do that. And

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then another scenario, the free entry ones where if you enter for free, and then you win, that's no problem. Another thing like the example the raffle tickets is another similar thing. For example, I bought something from a store and we have a raffle to win a car, and whoever buys their certain amount or whatever, and I'm just buying my groceries, for example, and I put my raffle ticket in I win the car. There's no problem with that. But if I go to the grocery store, and you have it, let's say you have to buy 50 pounds worth of groceries, and I buy a 46. And they look around, I get some gum, I get this to make sure I'm up to 50. So I can enter in that and it becomes haram. And it's not

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permissible. The last issue they should the credit free, I don't really know, I didn't understand what he meant, if you understood that, and what he meant by that, because he first did you have to pay to get in and he said they have credit free. So I don't understand any how that work. And everybody if it is he can enter for free without paying, then there shouldn't be a problem with that in general. Okay. I'm gonna be an entrepreneur that's deep. And if you want to see how to be almost an entrepreneur without dealing with riba, my advice would be to sit around and to meet brothers who have done it, ask them how did they do it? Because many of them I know who did it. They weren't like

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Mr. Trump, who whose father gave him a small loan of $1 million to start off with, you know, see, he said, most people don't have that that ability. This is this is reality. So in that case, Aboriginal people start from nothing I know brothers, who came even from overseas or in the UK now. And they started with absolutely nothing, working in grocery stores and working two jobs, and now some of them were millionaires. So I mean, it can be it can be done from nothing, and it has been done nothing a lot. So he should sit down with those who have done it inshallah. And it's very possible, may Allah bless him. And it's good to see brothers who want to be entrepreneurs, want to start their

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own business, that's a very good thing as well to bless him and make it easy for me. And I mean, all the Muslims who want to strive to establish their own business very good thing. I mean, I mean, I agree with you. So very good to see the brother wanting to give back with that money as well a handler, may Allah exempted from him, given the fee, if you were to win it any without any headway, there would be no need to give it back. You can go back and if you want, when you want to give money later, give it to charity, give it to some Muslim charities are going to benefit, don't go back and give it to them. Especially if you entered for free. I'm about to enter for free, won the prize in

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the future. And he give it to those who are really a need or go and give to a company who already has money. There's so much so many so much poor and so much needy Dow projects and local community projects that we can sponsor that will be better for that type of money.

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For a while I bless you share just a reminder to those people tuned in just if you want to ask a question to the show have the ability McCarthy, just write in the comment section the question and we'll get it read out in Charlotte before we finish in the law.

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And you can also email over the details of below.

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Daily QA is Psalm 21 C in sha Allah. So the next question we have is from Mr. Art who has commented on YouTube in secret, please ask what is the ruling on Salah is Schrock do we need to stay in our place after fajr? Can we speak to others? So similar to I think one of the points earlier but maybe you focus on the Can we speak to others part? Yeah, I mean, inshallah it's permissible. The key thing I mean, it's better obviously, if you focus on ticker and Quran, but I mean, if it's something productive, and if someone talks to you a bit, that doesn't break the link of you staying inshallah to that, and they they are the actual Salatin, it's not a shock. So let's actually do hustle, I

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think we should be praying at that time after that, or just a general to about some quality shot but then in the hadith is just general what were praised, at that time after considered a lot of Doha, General, tada are the two Gods after.

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After this, the sun is rising. And the point is, is that he doesn't have to stay in that particular spot, he can move on some scholars focus on him saying that is true, but any Protestant show with a stronger view is that he can move anywhere in the masjid and that's Sunday from the Wrath of Allah subhanho wa taala. And the honor that I have I have a bad back after see there, you know, with back pain for you know, for an hour or something, until until it's time that I can go sit in the chair if I want, I can sit put my back against the wall, I can go to a corner where I'll be more isolated when I read the Quran. And if someone comes and talks to me as well from there, it's not a problem

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but obviously we don't make that you know, the everyday thing was just hanging around chatting and things like that, because it is a time for you about

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definitely met May Allah make us all amongst those who pray this beautiful prayer. Chef. We have a brother

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shuffle, along from YouTube is asked the question, cancer care to be given to a needy, great uncle abroad and all the cousins of my parents abroad. Additionally, how to confirm if they are deserving of the cat? What kind of questions should I ask them? And the question is, yeah, you should see it from people, maybe some someone else. And I think it's not difficult to get to know the general situation. And if they're neater, you're gonna know they're needy, and the people around them will know they're needy. And the general rule is, if it's not someone who is the money that it's wajib upon you to take care of them, and you didn't show it's permissible for you to give them here's a

00:20:34--> 00:20:46

cartoon show Montana, but family members like your mother or father and what have you, when it becomes compulsory upon you, then it's not permissible to give them in shallow but those individuals, the cousins or what have you, Inshallah, it is permissible in shallow time.

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Excellent circle ahead. We've got five minutes left inshallah. So just another reminder for any questions that want to come through. And if we can't answer them today, we will try and continue them on to tomorrow and Sharla. We have a brother or sister I'm not sure the name actually. But tofu from YouTube has asked, am I sinful for avoiding to talk to a close member of my family? Who has actually left Islam during Ramadan? So they've left Islam? So my sinful for not avoiding to talk to a close member of family during Ramadan to stop fighting in a sacred month? Will my fast be accepted under these circumstances?

00:21:24--> 00:21:25

I don't understand why.

00:21:26--> 00:22:04

They wouldn't speak to him. I don't I don't get it the issue. And the whole question. Is that clear enough? So so there's a few if she speaks to him, there's going to be a fight or a feud or something like that, or? Yeah, I mean, firstly, the person that they're referring to has left Islam, this is one point and they say, am I sinful for avoiding to talk to that person during the last month Ramadan? In order to stop fighting with them? So I assume if the question suggests Allah knows best, that if they do talk to them, because maybe the relationship might lead to a fight? So is it okay to not talk to them? If it's gonna lead to a fight, I mean, it's better to be avoided. But then again,

00:22:05--> 00:22:34

it doesn't have to be a fight. If they fight, you don't fight back. You can you can answer in a good way. And you can remind them you can speak to them in a good way. And you should be the better one, which should be the better of the two, speak to them in a good way, and reply with any with ease. And if they reply to you, something's wrong, because the objective now you want to bring them back to the truth, you want to bring them back to guidance, and you want to save them. So even if they don't want to be saved, we're still going to try to save them and try to talk in China we shouldn't cut them off because cutting him off can actually put them farther away in general Donna

00:22:36--> 00:22:51

Sokol aka chef, Chef for an individual who is trying to to connect better to Allah was asking, while it was calling on Allah, how does one perfect to improve on the quality of the of the DA

00:22:52--> 00:22:53

again again

00:22:54--> 00:23:25

how does a person during Salah improve on the quality of the dua to Allah and this is something it's actually very easy but something we don't focus on. And that's just opening up your heart and speaking to Allah subhanaw taala even if it's in your own language, because sometimes we think it has to be an Arabic like the Salah, you speak English as your mother tongue and you can open up more Allah subhanho wa Taala he knows all of the languages. So after you make your Subhanallah banana what have you for me health cup and English then you make it you do Angelo Tala to

00:23:26--> 00:23:52

just open up your heart and speak to Allah about what's in your heart. And that's that's the best way inshallah to make dua and that's who has the most impact as most profound dua is the one that truly comes from inside of your heart and you let out your feelings and especially when you're subdued and with your head prostrating baby on Allah subhanaw taala and so a lot of our which is a type of humbleness that we'll need, and is what we need to focus on and I'll do on Channel Tara Sharma.

00:23:53--> 00:24:04

A question from a family membership. salata, Witter, there's different opinions they've read different narrations in terms of how to perform Serato Witter.

00:24:05--> 00:24:07

They were praying through the cat

00:24:08--> 00:24:22

but like Maghrib that's how they've been praying. They've been praying it like Maghrib and they're asking that they've read it some say it should be three without stopping some say it should be two and then one. Some say with with

00:24:24--> 00:24:59

dog collude, some say without what is the closest to the Sunnah of the Prophet Elisha prayed in different ways. And even some of them he will do five and seven or with one to do with one Salam at the end, but the norm just to make it so to make it easier to understand. The norm is that we pray in sets of two as he said, I set out to Salam Salatin, ln Mathematica, we pray in sets of two when you come to the shepherd and the whatever you have, you have two and one. So how do we pray these two and one, the two and one we pray them and one of two ways. The most of the time I listen to Sam, he would pray to rockets, give salaams and then get up

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One workout with one set up. So two records, Salem, one raka with the Salem another he would do sometimes that he set out to Salem as he would pray all three workouts, you pray all three records but with one set of meaning and we're usually the second tissue who would be an add moment of time that threes you would skip that so you'd only make one disheveled so after the second record, you would get up to the third record and you then you pray the third record that you make one and you make them want to shout at the end and you give this to them at the end. So you do a to give salaams and then want to give salaams or you do three records with one two shot with the one set up that's

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that's inshallah is the is the two ways you can do it when it comes to the dual output node. What they're referring to is that sometimes he would even listen to them as it was confirmed and the sooner he would do it a lot of the times but sometimes he would leave it therefore from the sooner the scar has mentioned so we make it clear to the people that it's not something you do and select every single night then you should leave it sometimes and even in it's also in Ramadan we don't want to leave it much because want to make as much do as we can in the month of dua so maybe we leave it once maybe we'll leave it twice just implement that sooner, that's fine in Charlottetown but the

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majority inshallah we make the DUA almost every night in Ramadan Shama

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is a philosopher and chef I really really appreciate your time today. Live from Turkey I believe that right? That's correct. Allah bless you chef and we're looking forward to having you every Wednesday with us Inshallah, in the future. So may Allah bless you, bless your family keep you sincere in all of your efforts. So those who have tuned in today thank you very much decipher when Al Qaeda May Allah bless you all, I hope you've benefited from these important questions that have been answered. We would would really encourage you all to visit online Masjid dot Islam 21 c.com We have literally more than 250 videos that have been compiled due to this lockdown scenario. So please

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