Quranic Reflections 2 Episode 3 The best of sinners

Abdur-Raheem McCarthy


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The transcript describes a group of monsters who fall into sin and become sinners. The monsters are described as the Best of the Two Boon, the two Boon and the two Boon. The monsters are also mentioned as the ones who are remorse and are afraid of sin.

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from human nature, all of us are going to fall into sin. Our Beloved Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam taught us that all of us are sinners, but the Best of those who sin are the two Boon the ones who are constantly repenting. And sort of earlier Imran will also panna Wattana was describing to us the Motoki in the pious ones in some of their characteristics. He said Subhana wa taala. Well levena either found or Schatten old, vulnerable and foster home those who do that which is immoral, oral press themselves or press themselves by sinning and doing that which is haram. When one reaches this I am after hearing the characteristics of the McDuffie, he automatically thinks that Allah is now

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talking about the ones who are the sinners. But in reality Allah is describing for us the Motoki themselves the pious ones, to show us that the reality is, no matter how pious you might be, you might fall into sin that ship on might get you. But what is significant important in this verse is Allah subhanho wa Taala then shows us the steps that these monoterpene that these pious people they make once they fall in to sin. And the first thing that they do, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said, that God Allah, that they remember a law, they remember the greatest of Allah and the greatest of the one that they are disobeying. And then after that first dog photo, only the newbie him that they

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immediately seek repentance, they repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala from their sins, when a young fiddled, the Nuba in the law, and who can forgive the sins other than a law and the third step that they take while a mule several LMFAO? Will who may Allah moon that they do not persist on doing it? Why they know these are the three steps of the metalcon when they fall into sin that they remember a loss of panna Wattana they raised to make Toba and to repent to Allah and they did not persist on doing the same shape on got them once but they immediately bounced back and they raised to return to Allah and do not persist on committing that sin.