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The speakers discuss the upcoming test and the importance of remaining positive even during challenging times. They also talk about the return of individuals who have been trained to take advice and believe in love. The test is a test to be run and the results are seen in the next verse.

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And SOTL Bacara, Allah tells us that we're going to be tested, he's going to test us be shaken with something. And this small little word reminds us that it's a test to be tested not to be destroyed. What are the things that Allah is going to test us with and pay attention? Because this is some of the most important and beloved things to us. He said, My little hope he will draw, first of all, with fear with hunger. What knuckle sim Minute, I'm wildly what LM fusi with Emeraude and loss when it comes to our wealth, and lives and in fruits. But at the end of the verse, he said, What bull* is Sabreen and give glad tidings to the Sabreen, the ones who have patience when they go to these

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difficulties. And this teaches us to Panama or Bashir, after going through this, this trial, this tribulation being tested, losing some of the most beloved things to us, to give glad tidings to the to these individuals. This reminds us to always be positive, how many things we don't like, it turns out to be good, how many calamities and difficulties turn into blessings, and who are these Saberi and the ones who are patient? They're the ones who took their advice. They came to verses earlier when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said, is the universe somebody was solid, that they seek assistance through their prayer and through patience. And when they do this, what happens? What is the result?

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It comes in the next verse, When the calamity strikes when it hits and levena either or saw the two mostly but that when the mercy by the crisis strikes, they immediately return to a law and they say, in early learning, we're in ILA here as your own that indeed we are from a law and to Him we return. What did these individuals get in return? Allah said they have salawat and Rama from their Lord, they have Salawat blessings and Rama from Allah subhanho wa taala. And these individuals they are the Moto dune they are the rifle he got it.