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The speaker discusses the importance of educating oneself and one's mind in regards to the Islamy agenda. They stress the need to focus on recreational activities and strengthen one's commitment to achieving their potential. The goal is to become a full-time Muslim person and achieve their potential.

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I'm so bored. We constantly hear people are saying this. They don't know what to do with their time. And even we hear the expression. I'm just killing time. I don't know what to do with it with the free time that I have something amazing I learned from a new Muslim sister, she said, one of the things that Islam taught me is that a Muslim can never be bored. And it's very profound what she said, this isn't a this is because the way of the Muslim is that we need to constantly be trying to better ourselves and our mind and educating ourselves in both the affairs of the dean and the dunya. So if you have free time, there's so much you can be doing to better educate yourself, the spiritual

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side, how can I revolve? How can I become better in my spiritual life? Even in the physical aspect? And how can I be stronger? How can I be in good shape? What do I need to do in my diet? If I'm constantly focusing on just these three areas, there's no way I can ever become bored. Imam Abdullah even invited him a long time it was said to him because he used to sit alone a lot. And he'd be constantly, you know, reading and educating themselves and learning. So they said to him, don't you become lonely? And he said, How can I become lonely? When I'm sitting with the Prophet salallahu Allah, he was sitting on his couch in his companions, when you're sitting in the books of the

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Sierra, learning about the seat of the prophecy and learning about his sunnah, learning about the way of the Sahaba when you're sitting between the books of the scholars, how can you ever become more because you're actually sitting there with them and benefiting from them. Therefore we need to focus on benefiting from my time and the three areas that I said, and our mind, our body and our soul. And if we strive to do that, well Allah as Muslims, we can never become bored.

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Another key aspect that I want to add to those three points to make sure that it's a complete system. And a guarantee that we'll never get bored is that we focus on recreational things and see what is it you enjoy, and like myself, I enjoy nature out walking. And with this, you can also catch me on the creation of Allah subhanho wa taala. It's a great time to spend time with with with family being with nature. So you have those recreational things this by the way, this is something that the Sahaba also, well, the Allahu Anhu they used to do, they say we will go out for the Noosa they will go out for like, like a picnic or to enjoy themselves outside. And they said this would help us, you

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know, come back and be stronger and our Eman to be stronger and our commitment. So if we have that we're constantly trying to better ourselves and the three fields that we mentioned, or mind or body so we have recreational activities where we go out we have fun and enjoy time. enjoy ourselves. It's not haram as Muslims for us to enjoy ourselves. In fact, it's something we need to do and the objective of this. We do obviously in a hunted fashion. But the objective is for us to be stronger in our commitment in our Eman, our religious commitment and also to be stronger and are committed to bettering ourselves and the affair of this world as well.