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Abdur-Raheem McCarthy
AI: Summary © The importance of seeing Islam's impact on people is emphasized, especially when it comes to color. The speaker discusses their experiences with Islam, including their journey from a Christian to Islam, and their need for a proper understanding of the material and places to study to improve their understanding of Islam. They also emphasize the importance of personal development and preparation for the upcoming period of lockdown. The speakers emphasize the need for programs to improve one's understanding of the Quran and the importance of healthy eating, including martial arts, weight training, and hiking.
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In Turkey, one of your fellow countrymen is about to join us and here he is. Yes. Say no more. Say no more. Mr.

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Wiley comes Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakato Are you guys?

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Are you doing the hair? Alhamdulillah unbelievable. glottic different different places around the world different times of the day, Mashallah. Yeah. Have you seen that right? Yes. Allah Subhan Allah we got, as I say, like there's 11 hours spanning 11 hours between all of us. SubhanAllah. UK, this is actually one of the beauties of the Coronavirus, actually. Yeah.

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So many live programs in so many countries around the world, and just sitting at home doing it, it's amazing. And at the same time, we're getting to see some of the brothers and the shapes that we all get to see, you know,

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some of the lectures like, like, as we come in like this before I stopped, you were stopping for example, we get to talk for a bit, you know,

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like the backstage talking sometimes.

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Exactly. Well, you know, I mean, just human after all, isn't it all that stuff being very fake? And very? Oh, right. Okay. Can give him a count to 10 and Bismillah Alhamdulillah? Wa salatu salam, you know, I mean, really, it isn't us, it's us, we need to see that, you know, the people need to see what Islam does to us, because it chills you out. It makes you feel great. It's, it gives you spirituality, it gives you purpose, etc, doesn't it? share everything. And so basically, I just want to ask, you know, for five minutes, I don't know if it's possible to ask for five minutes this question, but you weren't originally Muslim, right? Or we were born Muslim, as a child. But then you

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moved away from Islam? And then how did you come back? Because, of course, you're on your fitrah then every child is born as a Muslim, right? Yeah, I mean, like, like most Irish, we were Catholic, predominately Catholic, and Ireland. I was born and raised in America, and a Catholic, Irish Muslim, Irish Americans. And

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around the age of 18, one of my friends before Islam, his father was, was Muslim, and African American brother. And I had read about Islam a bit, or had an idea, let's say about Islam, but it was any I had read the the biography of Malcolm X. And also I'd seen the movie, so they had Islam in my mind. But Islam I had in my mind wasn't a good Islam, because then in the 1990s, that was around 1994. In the 1990s, the media was focusing on, you know, making the Muslims out to be, you know, the Nation of Islam, where Islam is the return of the black man. And they had this guy, remember from the nations now, he was on the news all the time, during my days, I think his name was caught in

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Mohammed or something like this. And he was like, very, like anti white, you know, and in his speeches, you know, so you would hear this, and I think this is Islam. But when I saw I asked my friend's father, and I said, you know, could I be Muslim? Being a white guy? And he laughed, and he said, it has nothing to do with Islam anything about color, he said, if you're white, black, brown, and I remember he even said, if you're even if you're pink or purple, it doesn't matter what color you are. It Islam is for everyone. And then he explained to me, you know, briefly what what true Islam was. And unlike I always tell my students, you know, I'm still involved in education. I always

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tell my students that unlike, you know, the youth today. And my days we used to read even though I was, I was derelict, I was always in trouble. And, you know, I wasn't a good guy before I became Muslim, but I still would take out the time to read. So I requested from him some materials, so I could read more about,

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about Islam. And he gave me some books. And there was a there was a book, it wasn't the best book for non Muslim.

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You know, it was one of our brothers from, from the Arab world, and from Saudi, new tried to write a Dalit book, but didn't have much experience giving that one. And you know how that goes down. But nonetheless, it was good for me. I've benefited a lot from the book. And I remember it was it was a Thursday night. I was in America, I was at my grandparents house and my grandparents, they're from the countryside. So they had moved in, in the end, they're like, from there, like, from my mother's side, they're actually English. And so they're the ones who actually became like, the settlers to America and my father, being Irish, they came later, obviously, to Boston, these areas. So

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Subhanallah, they, they were really, really old school, basically, you know, very traditional, you know, even though they move kind of towards the city, and they still were on there, you know, didn't have much in their house, you know, rather boring in their house. So I was in the back of the day was cable TV, right, where they didn't have cable TV. They didn't get into those things. I didn't have much to do. But I remember then two months earlier, I had set with this with his brother, and asked him if he had any

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books I read about Islam and the books I take in them, I read a bit on the way back home and I left them on the shelf and I was 18 years old at the time. So you can imagine I was just, you know, everywhere. And I got into a car accident, so I didn't have a car to go out. So, you know, sometimes it's just the scene gets set, you know, everything is at the right time, right? So, so it was any that Thursday night and basically didn't have much else to do what I remembered, okay, if there's books benefit from your time, take one of the books and read the books. And this book was around 79 pages in the middle side, like about, you know, probably a five size or something maybe a bit

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longer. And I read the book, I was just I was really intrigued. I read it from cover to cover. And in one sitting, I remember I'd read the whole book. And,

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you know, nowadays with our telephones, I don't think we can get through 70 pages

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to distract it, you know.

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So yes,

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I read the book cover to cover and Hamdallah. And there was basically four things that really, really stuck out to me really impacted me big time. The first issue was the issue of, of to heat, you know, Islamic monotheism, the oneness of God, only one true God, you know, no intermediary, don't go to any middleman. And before obviously, we used to go to the church to confession and things like this, which I always found to be very spooky, I didn't really understand it, you know, you go to another man and a booth and tell them about oil.

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Whereas his lab, you just open up and go straight to the crater. So I was like, Oh, this makes sense, right. So that's the really thing that had a huge impact on me.

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Really, really changing. That's the first chapter obviously. Then he when he talked about the prayer, he mentioned some things. I don't know why he mentioned them in the book, I think he wants to show the how pure the prayer is.

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But it had an impact on me. And that was, he said that a Muslim when he relieves himself how he goes to the toilet. And he said that he first of all, secludes himself is not around other people to see him. And he sits down in order to not have you know, impurities beyond his clothes when he stands in his prayers in a pure snake. So these two things really stuck out to me because even before before Islam as a non Muslim, I kind of felt that our custom of you know, urinating next to someone else. It just didn't seem natural. That's like a private time. Need to focus you know, but here you are. And then a guy comes up to you, hey, you see the weather today? Great. The sun's out. What about the

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game, watch the game last night, like, you know, do this every time for that.

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Report is how I never really thought that was natural to be next to someone else. And I remember one time I was I was probably in a state I shouldn't have been in you know, about saying, you know, but I remember I sat down because I was a bit too wobbly to stand up. So I sat down. And when I sat down to use the toilet, and I said, you know, this is much easier than then than standing up. And each time we're standing it's it's a challenge. You said that it makes life much easier for you. But I mean, you couldn't tell someone that before it's them, they will look at you not being manly, right. But I tried it a few times. And I said, that's much easier than standing. So I set when I found the

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Muslims do this for their prayer. Well, they had a huge impact on me as Wow, that's that's something I feel this close to me because it's something I thought was more natural to do anyways, before Islam that was the second thing. The third thing was was the system that Islam is a clear system five pillars no clear and what is permissible, what is halal, what is haram? What is not permissible, very, very clear system, you know, you pray five times a day, once a year, like we're doing now Ramadan, we fast. If we have money, we give 2.5% Physical if we have it and they love. If not, then

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we wouldn't have to pay this. If we can we go hutch, once a lifetime, you know, any very, very clear system. And you know, you can imagine that at that time in my life. I was 18 I was you know, a renegade and he just just very reckless and ruthless. And now I'm seeing a system and that's what I need. I felt I needed Yes, I was looking for something like this. It's love had that in it very clearly. And the fourth thing was at the end, you know, the the outcome that, you know, he said something very profound. He said, You know, it's not just enough to believe, but it's a belief that has to show up and your actions. He said that the belief has to show up in your actions, that has to

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be something he said, even if you're a Muslim doesn't mean you're going to be saved in the end if you don't act on this stuff. So it's about acting, and each person will get rewarded according to his actions. And I said, That's justice. That makes sense. That person will get money rewarded according to his actions. So Hamdulillah I decided right after that on a Thursday night that I want to become Muslim. So the next day I called my friend's brother and he made the common mistake

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that most Muslims make when someone wants to take their shahada Okay, mashallah come to the Islamic center and pronounce the name in front of you. Which is okay to do if you're in Islamic center, but now a brother is calling you he's ready he says what take Islam say repeat after me. Let's do it right now. It's he's ready. You know me you can maybe ask

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have a couple of questions. Make sure he understands Islam, make sure he wants to take that down. He's ready. Bismillah let's do it now no need to prolong it or to or to delay. But anyways, and we went that that night, it was Friday evening, we went to the Islamic Center in Washington DC. And we prayed with the Muslims Muslim and he told me, he said, you have to say these words. And he was like, for me, it was like, what were the Shahada? Like?

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I couldn't get past six in Spanish trying to learn Spanish I was I was struggling in school, you know?

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And now you want me to say these these these weird words in Arabic. I was very nervous about saying that you had that in Arabic. Yeah. But then when I stood up, and he said, repeat after me, it

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as the brothers in Arabic say any colossal like, like, like honey, it came off the tongue, you know, very easy to have that. And then I accepted Islam there on that Friday night, it was the beginning. Or the end of end of December, I need to do any harm to 2002 that began to get them actually did it begin of January? 2094 94. Yeah. 9419 94, then only four years. So SubhanAllah. You said you accepted Islam really early? SubhanAllah. Right at? Wow. I mean, some people they say you could have laid it a bit. So you could have done some more stuff in life? Yes. Yeah.

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Well, I don't know.

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Enough in those 18 years, there was. Yeah, I don't think you missed anything. Anyway, even if it was another couple of years. Yeah. Doing I don't think you missed anything. Right? Nothing at all. So Subhanallah after that, what was your trajectory? After that you decided to go and take, you know, studies really seriously, right? Yeah. So Panama and the after amino, to be honest, I hadn't finished my studies. And when I was in, because we had in America, we have the high school or secondary school, as you guys call it. In most places in America, it's four years. So grade 910 1112, I had only reached grade 11. I stopped going to school, I was into the, you know, the

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gangster lifestyle, if you want to say I was in was in a lot of trouble during that time. And so, you know, obviously, when I became Muslim, I went back and we have this thing where you can actually take your exam, and they give you an example, all the four years, what's it equivalent to a high school diploma. So I took that exam, and I didn't study for it, but I did pass it I'm gonna and I got my degree. But during that time, I was only Muslim for a couple of months, I fell in love with the sunnah of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam. And that was, I was trying to learn anything and everything I could about the student, I remember, I had my own my books and my highlighters. And

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I would, you know, start to try to address like malaise and Latos law and act like him. But I realized quickly that you know, the the people who were learned were the ones usually who studied overseas. So I decided that I want to go to

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study overseas, and obviously, you have different groups in America will tell you to go here go there, depending on which part of the world they're from.

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And some of the Asian brothers were like, tell me to go to Pakistan and this and I was like, I don't really think it's a place where you can, I mean, okay, I want to learn Arabic, I don't want to Urdu and then Arabic, I said, like I said, I struggled to learn Spanish back in the day. And I still don't know much. But the point is, I was like, you know, let me just go to an Arab country. And I had heard, you know, some negative things about some other Arab countries, mentioning names. But I met Danny, the Sudanese brothers who I met were always very peaceful, very nice brothers, very loving brothers. So I said, Okay, Sudan is an Arab country. Let's go to that. I had no clue. It was

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in Sudan. Only thing I knew about Sudan was a bit I read about an Encyclopedia Britannica that we had in our house, you know, which looked like a desert. And sure enough, it was when I went there. So I went there and 1990 94. So I became Muslim in January 1984, in the end of December 1983. And then I came to

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the UK came to

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Sudan in June or July of that year, so six months after, I started to study Arabic and teach me and I was there for about a year, year and some change. And then I moved over to Saudi Arabia. And I stayed there for 11 years in Saudi Arabia, and one year and between Mecca and Jeddah, and then

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I was in Medina for 10 years. And from that I started the university and I study with the scholars outside as well as I'm there for 10 years in Medina. And then I started to come back to the west and get involved in Dawa afterwards.

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Yeah. hamdulillah so you've got a good grounding in the in the, you know, in the jurisprudence and the knowledge of the deen of Islam. Alhamdulillah. So, you know, actually, there's not many reverts that take that journey full on is there is it they tend to stay back in the lands and then just struggle on to get the deal, you know, to get knowledge. And this is one of the things we're finding that I think getting, if you look even like yourself as well.

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Oh, are abdur-rahim where, you know, perhaps you guys might have been influenced not to go because you guys got involved in the Dow and being involved from them being from the countries themselves people look, I know where the people of the land so when we speak about our religion, it can be accepted in a better way from the locals that are placed which which which might be true, you know, but under the fact that to take some time out, and even if you look at the example and I remember I was making Hutch and it's something I like sometimes in life some some things happen that I think you've been through some some stances like this as well, sometimes just kind of things happen in

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life where it was a good time. I realized a couple of years ago, hadn't been for HUD for some time. And

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I was invited to do some filming by the Ministry of Volkoff. There so we see most of the progress but not just the ones that I I found when I was there during that month. But for the Hajj itself, I ended up going on hardware, some query scholars is a group of query scholars, you know, that I went on Hajj with. And even before the headstone, I felt that I began to become so busy and dour that I wasn't good. In my studies, I still have learned so much before and humbler but, you know, you start to forget things. You start to

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you no need to study more, even if you have knowledge, you need to increase. And then you need to revise your old knowledge as well. And I felt just you know, always teaching, teaching teaching, you are revising knowledge, but you are forgetting some aspects that you need to revise. So I felt I needed some private time to take some time off. So as I were walking to go through the gym a lot, and it was interesting in it, he brought it up at any price we don't we don't think about this that much. He said doesn't matter how you get in your Dow or your knowledge, you always need that special time to focus on your knowledge and bettering yourself. And he mentioned the story of Musa alayhis,

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Salam with with feathers. When he went out he took the time off from his people, he was a prophet who was teaching his people, he took that time off, and he left his land to go into me because I didn't gain knowledge from him that he didn't have. So we we might need that time. Even if someone is like they're in the front where they're the Imam, they're, you know, important that now but for him to better himself, because if he betters himself, he's going to better us when He comes back. So maybe he needs to take a year off to go and learn Arabic. Maybe he needs two years to get the Arabic and the Quran, the basic Islamic Studies. And when he comes back, he doesn't necessarily have to go

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do the degree program because the dream degree program? Yes, that is that is

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it's very long, it's about six years now. And if you're two years Arabic, and then four years for the duties, that's about six years, basically, that's a long time. But any what we need to do, we need to have programs. And it said with all of the you know, the things that we have, we have the material, we have the money, we have the places we have the we have the brains, but sometimes you think we just don't use it yet, honestly, why don't we have a proper center outside and it's still till today, there's not like a proper center where you can go learn the basic, you know, Arabic basic Quran, basic Islamic Studies, and one of the things it's actually a project that I'm working

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on, May Allah help me Inshallah, to complete it. I mean, and I think you know, many of them share from the Duat, they need to, they need to do the same. It's just to just to get the basic Islamic studies that people need, because you don't need to be a scholar and it whether it be from the Duat, or even from the general people, but if you need if you're working in Dallas, especially you have to have a basic level. So let's say for example, porcelain, or you know, masala? Hadith, any the science of Hadith, yes, you have a basic understanding of basic knowledge of it, but you don't need to have the inner detail. I mean, I can show you some of my books have now I have a, you know, a 50

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page book, I have 100 page book, I have a book that's 1000 pages on this topic. The people don't need the 1000 pages, they don't need the 100 pages, they can just use a little 20 page PDF, yeah, on the basis of what the science of hadith is. So to make, to make knowledge easy for the people, that's very important. Hopefully, Inshallah, we can do that in different different sciences and

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accessibility of the knowledge, which is important, as you say, the worldwide web. And we've got scholars and go out and on televisions on their own platform on YouTube everywhere, but somehow it's not gelling that. Well. You know, what, what do you think needs to change regarding that? I mean, we learned our dean at the time where myself and Abdur Rahim and 91 When I accepted Islam, we started learning from tape recorders from tapes, you know, the, the old cassette tapes.

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It's funny in your lectures, as to you, they don't know what that is, right? Like, what what was that? Yeah. And, and shake Bill Phillips and people like that, who are some of the visiting scholars from Saudi that we couldn't understand, obviously, but check bill out, he really brought it down to a real basic level for us and you know, in his book on Coheed, and, and his, you know, basic principles of the deen and we actually learned from from tapes and books and attending circles and, and lectures and visiting scholars for like, two three years we didn't leave, but we you know, obviously it wasn't enough. I

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I'm not going to I'm not going to claim it was enough. It gave us the basic grounding. You know, but in terms of Arabic and stuff we we suffered, and we're suffering still today, because we didn't go off like that, you know? And what what have we got right now? We've got this period now which is going to be like two to three months of lockdown. This is our opportunity. That's what I'm doing right now. Right? Yeah, what are you doing in the lockdown chair?

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well handled I am doing a bit more studying but I mean obviously Evany with Ramadan coming, that's the amount of teaching you find that once again, you're more you're more preparation and more than anything else, but hamdulillah and one of the things that I've done that I've added to my program, and I'm gonna I'm gonna put on my Facebook and an updated version of the weekly and daily schedule. I was doing two daily lessons now maybe just one day listen, because I realized that if I'm going to be doing too much daily then the family they're not going to have any time so make sure that they get there how to get there What time is your program? What time is your program daily? So my daily

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program is at eight o'clock UK time

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and it's actually a very interesting it's an eight o'clock UK time it's a very interesting story. Because

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I've been I've been I fell in love with you know, the really with with the knowledge of Tafseer of the Quran and focusing more on the Quran and you may have seen some of the programs I did the Quranic reflections while I was here in Turkey when somebody knows some fours walk around some reflections very nice. And we've done we did 20 of those and even my general lessons you know about the Deborah de la courses and things like this are reflecting on the Quran and I want to look at Syria and come with FC a different angles. So we want to do the entire Tafseer of the Quran English inshallah Tada and I think you know myself other than the more because if you look at there's really

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nothing there honestly, so we need to have something out there. So I'm that I'm starting now with the brothers it's a new institute Indian Americans been there about a year now called Sydney Institute as a lot of the you know, the graduates and scholars from America English speaking or teaching there. So I'm gonna be teaching the Tafseer there and channel tennis so we're going to be doing the last ages us starting in September. And also I'm going to be that's going to be from a book we're gonna be teaching from a from a book, but I'm also going to do another one which is the regular Tafseer which we'll put up on inshallah on YouTube for the Tafseer in English in general.

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And I just

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sorry that 8pm 8pm or 8am UK time 8pm 8pm In the UK Okay, that's that's when we're going to break fast

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it's after I break my first year in Turkey actually, we need to send that link to all the brothers and sisters here on on all the different platforms where were they it's live on my Facebook page and it's also live with the brothers in New Castle fast FM. So I have

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a haven't hamdulillah so in Turkey Yes. And here we are we break our fast before that. So um, it's

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it's much easier for the what do you got? Are Actually I broke my fast but have to be careful what I give the live thing in the UK, because you know, I drinking my coffee or something. Brothers and sisters. So fast. Yeah, that's to make sure I get my coffee and I sit there for about it's only 15 minutes. It's only 15 minutes. So I have to make sure that I'm not that I'm not, you know, drinking coffee during that time. And

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so the, the program that we're doing exactly, it's called a exploring the Quran. So it's not the entirety of SEO, but it's very interesting. And it's actually something I've been trying to prepare myself. And then I found a book. And it was interesting, because actually, it was a gift given to my wife. And you know, she was meant so I kind of took it one time when I was traveling. I was like this amazing this book. I said, Okay, this is exactly what I've been trying to do. And some have already done it. So I started to

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prepare this course. And I decided let's make it daily and Ramadan is the month of the Quran. So we're doing we're looking into each surah. And we were finishing sort of the buckler today. So we missed two days, we had utensils and things we've done, I think three or four lessons now. And so it's gonna be daily during the month of Ramadan Hamdulillah. And today we're going to sort of Alia Milan, so we're going basically, you know, the virtues of the Surah, the names of the surah what is the sort of talking about in brief and some of the benefits that we gained from the Surah So when in 15 minutes anyway, we can go through depending on the length of the sort of the long ones now might

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take an episode. The shorter ones might be a couple of songs in one episode. So it's a very interesting

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journey through the Quran to understand the main themes and topics of each Surah it's it's very, very interesting. That's one of the ways to understand now that's perfect, that's perfect. That's exactly what the layman needs. Isn't it just a reincarnated reconnection with the Quran and the fundamental basis of it of the main stories the main subjects in each

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Surah So what was going to say to you is, you know, for the benefit of those who are not Muslim and those who are a bit confused about what this Deen really is, what is this faith? What is Islam? Maybe you could sort of give some gems from the Quran, which explain what Islam really is, you know, in terms of, you know, we've talked about linguistic miracle we've talked about what the Quran is, we've talked about the circumstances when the Quran was revealed, but what we do need to know is, you know, what is the Quran for the benefit of those who are not Muslim or those who are a little bit confused about this subject? Yeah, it's something interesting that I started now as well. A new

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a new program and I think I spoke to you about it last night actually.

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It's a program we started to film before Ramadan, the that idea came out and what happened forum Allah and unfortunately, became busy and then mashallah my wife delivered and I became busy with her, so we didn't we'd actually didn't finish filming it all before Ramadan, but we've, we've done maybe more than half of it now when we're finishing the upcoming days inshallah Tada. So when he is basically in this program, it's also it's a different approach to Iran that people haven't really focused on before. So this this first part will have 3030 episodes Inshallah, and each one is about three to four minutes, and then inshallah we will continue in the future but this for now, it's

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gonna be 30 episodes, and what it's called behind the revelation, and what's meant by that, it's showing the stories, the stories of why the IRS will reveal many times we memorize these ads, we read them you know, time and time again but we don't know actually why it was revealed that there's a story behind it just very interesting. So if any of you look any some of the teaching of the Quran in the second episode, which is uploads, I want to work there's something new to the intro, so they're actually gonna re upload some of them inshallah from the beginning, so you'll find on my Facebook page and on my YouTube channel as well inshallah. So the second episode, the title is the

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most comprehensive verse in the Quran, and it shows you some of the teachings of the Quran and some of the basic fundamentals of Islam and that is diverse and sorted 90 So Nahal chapter 16, when Allah subhanho wa Taala and he said in Allah yet moral good addley where they said what he tells you that Obi Wan Han in fact, che, well, what about buddy, you either come to Allah come to the Quran, this verse, and he, first of all, many Muslims around the world, you're gonna, okay? The theme Yama Juma on Friday, when he finishes a lot of the whole debate around the world, they always mentioned this verse, but they don't you know, realize there's actually any story behind it. And it's very

00:27:44 --> 00:28:18

interesting because it was at the time in Mecca. And now I'm gonna do the Englishman person show as well, because it was at the time in Mecca, where the province of Salem was there with his companions. You know, it wasn't it wasn't an easy time for them. But one time one day he was sitting in his yard, he was sitting in his yard and his house and he said to Salaam and a man by the name of Earthman Eva mother own he walked by and he said, Why don't you come in and sit down. So as he was sitting down, something strange happened, because he's now the guest. I know, even till today, you've been to the Arab world. And you've you stayed there for a long time, you know, when it comes

00:28:18 --> 00:28:48

to the belief and having a guest and how the outers really focus on them, and they go out of their way to have hospitality and take care of them. It's an amazing thing, even today. So I hear it now. He's just He's brave. He's his guest. All of a sudden, the private that he said to us, and we started to look up to the right. And then he started to look down and he started to shake his head like yes, and he wasn't paying attention to his guests. Then he came back and he came to him and he said, you know, to start to focus on Him. And so you're going to focus on me now. He said, Where were you before? You weren't paying attention to me? He was upset, he felt offended, because I'm

00:28:48 --> 00:29:22

your guests. You invited me? No, you're not paying attention. And he said that, and you a Law Center. The revelation to me during this time was a time that a revelation came to him. And he said what was in the Revelation? It was actually this verse from Santa Ana *, where it says that indeed Allah orders and this is the, you know, the basic fundamentals and principles of Islam, what Islam wants to establish an individual and and upon the earth, that Allah indeed Allah orders, Aladdin, you justice and accent all forms of good, all forms of good all forms of good conduct, where you tell you the report about and giving the relatives and as the scholar said, Give me the

00:29:22 --> 00:29:59

relatives, it means they keeping that the family ties, making sure the family ties keep strong. And then it said when when in fact, shares was three things that I didn't sell anything either horrible, meaning justice, any other forms of good conduct, and keeping strong family ties, giving your family members and keeping strong family ties and then mentions one hand that it forbids on three for three things and fascia. He will move your whole body that it forbids all of that which is immoral, and bad conduct or oppression. Islam forbids all of this, and then it says, Yeah, yada yada

00:30:00 --> 00:30:23

Hello and welcome to the Konya adequan, to the Quran, that Allah admonishes you that perhaps you will be reminded maybe where, and he that these are the teachings that if you're going to be a Muslim that you must establish within yourself and in your dealings with others, and you establish upon the earth. So this is from the, the beautiful meanings of Islam. And I remember any some time back I made about six months ago here, and it's the whole we had some visitors from.

00:30:26 --> 00:30:32

From from South America, from Ecuador, and some were from Brazil, and they were different countries. And

00:30:33 --> 00:30:54

they talked about the 10 commandments in Islam in Christianity. And I said, interestingly enough, I said we have those in Islam. And we have two verses in the Quran that talked about the 10 commandments. And actually, there's a YouTube video I gave him when I was unclutter, the talk and some

00:30:55 --> 00:31:09

some brothers put on the on the YouTube channel on the YouTube channel. I don't believe it's on my YouTube channel. I can upload it on channel, but it is there and on the on the YouTube channel. On YouTube, you'll find it if you read the 10 commandments and Islam you'll see.

00:31:10 --> 00:31:23

You'll see that video so I mean even that sort of okay, you got you guys have these things too. And have they left. So this is a some of the some of the beautiful teachings and Hamdulillah that we have there hamdulillah in Islam

00:31:25 --> 00:31:30

Zack Allah here and humble. So okay, so this so in terms of

00:31:32 --> 00:31:47

in terms of the lockdown, you've been using it very effectively, obviously being going out online all the time. But how about the family have you re reconnected wreaking rekindle relationships as well, with family during this lockdown, I've heard a lot of people

00:31:49 --> 00:31:55

who just do what's happened then they rekindled relations with their families. But to be honest with you,

00:31:56 --> 00:32:00

the luck there hasn't changed a lot for me. Because

00:32:01 --> 00:32:11

generally speaking, I spend most of my time in the house anyways. So I mean, the only I only go out if there's a reason for me to go out. And I'm not the type that likes to go and hang out outside, you know,

00:32:13 --> 00:32:42

even like you know, going hanging out with friends, I don't really do that unless we have like a meeting or something, we're doing something to better ourselves or to better the Ummah, I don't really go out honestly, if I don't think I do, obviously I sit at home. And I used to go to the gym, the gym, I'd go out and train, you know, jujitsu and things like that. But other than that I would most like, most of the time be in the house. So I'm gonna have them always, you know, close to my family during that time anyways, so I made that, so that didn't really change anything, obviously, you're more around them now than you would be before. But, um, so that's more or less the same. But

00:32:42 --> 00:32:49

obviously, you know, with all of the teaching I'm doing as well. I mean, I mean, a lot of times we'll sit here and they'll be with me and listening to lectures as well, which is

00:32:50 --> 00:33:40

I guess an added component we didn't have before and so so family ties can be rationed for me and it's basically any more or less the same Alhamdulillah that I was in Ramadan, we become very busy anyways, and now in the beginning of Ramadan, more busy, hopefully Inshallah, then as the schedule slows down a bit, I will give a bit more time with him Inshallah, in the upcoming days inshallah. hamdulillah Hamdulillah. It's, you've just mentioned your, your physical activity as well. That's called a part of being a Muslim to be a strong Muslim. So what is it? You do? You did to Panther? Yeah. So basically, I made a commitment around 2017 I started eating healthy around maybe 2013. But

00:33:40 --> 00:33:59

I wasn't really consistent in exercise. So I made a commitment that, you know, I will do it every day. And I was when I was in Ireland, I could see the difference, I got in pretty good shape. And then I started to study about, you know, that was like lifting weights and you know, kettlebells and I built my own home gym. So I would have to go out I could just do it just after budgeting in my house there in Ireland. And

00:34:00 --> 00:34:34

then I started to as they said to you know, the best thing as you get older because as we're in our 40s we have to pay attention to the you know, it's not like bored even though you might still feel you have it and the reality is you have to you have to be careful, you know, take care of your body about longevity. Now, he's so focused more on longevity. So I want to do some martial arts, what is the best so they mentioned jujitsu. So I said, I talked to one of my friends who trains he was he was a 30 student who was studying there in Ireland. He said we changed we trained you to come with us exactly, exactly Japanese jiu jitsu and there's a difference between Japanese jiu jitsu and

00:34:34 --> 00:34:59

pursuing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I mean, there is a lot of similarities as well when it comes to the ground game but obviously, the being on the ground and the wrestling side of it is more grappling the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is much more in depth, whereas the Japanese jiu jitsu which means it's the mother out there because you have Japanese due to comes from that. Judo, Aikido and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu all come from Japanese Jews. So it's the it's the art of the samurai.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:32

Warrior where they work a lot on throws and locks and things like that and and chokes and what have you. So I found myself being thrown in the ground a lot from that, which is good actually, you know, it teaches like this you will break fall, a lot of times we get injured we don't realize we just don't know how to fall you can you can follow him but if you fall correctly, you actually won't break a bone and won't get hurt actually. So it's pretty good that I did that. And then I went over to Brazilian Jujitsu, I did some MMA as well. And he many a lot of times I just do with personal trainers because I don't have a lot of time to sometimes attend the class in the evening. So I have

00:35:32 --> 00:35:48

a like I have a personal trainer who trains me here also in Ireland ahead as well. But um, then and then and then I do and I lift weights I do kettlebell try to cycle you know, but I'm not too consistent in it, you know, hopefully Inshallah, when the lockdown finishes, we can do some more cycling and channel.

00:35:49 --> 00:36:03

Swimming as well. I do a lot of hiking as well. haven't really done too much in Turkey, but I used to do a lot in Ireland. I will do a lot of hiking and you're hiking. Yeah, well, Island is hiking country, right? Maybe not to Istanbul. The streets of Istanbul? Probably not so good.

00:36:05 --> 00:36:22

Yeah, yeah. Subhanallah Hamdulillah. Well, it's been beautiful talking to you, Chef. abdur-rahim. You're coming on, I think twice more was it once more, I can't remember the twice more on the shows. We're going to be talking about the benefits of Ramadan. And those talks is

00:36:23 --> 00:37:08

every third every Thursday at this time. I'll be with you guys. And yeah, every Thursday, so we're going to be talking to those listening. benefit those listening. Tune in at 10am. Every Thursday, in the month of Ramadan in the morning, that's UK time. 12 o'clock, midday in Turkish time or nine. The Sixers get this right 9pm New Zealand time Subhanallah what a difference. So there's not a Lochhead Allah subhanaw taala. We want you immensely for this time that you spent with us and with your family. And we're going to see you we're going to talk a lot more about the benefits of Ramadan and getting benefits in Ramadan in the upcoming shows Inshallah, which is just color here, share where

00:37:08 --> 00:37:15

you're at exactly three more times. So now on the chat, rather was reading from the admin that it's actually yeah.

00:37:17 --> 00:37:29

That's right. Yeah. That's right. So it's great to have you on board. Voice of Islam. We'll be inviting you as well to New Zealand very shortly. So watch this. I was supposed to be I was supposed to be there in March. But um, that didn't work.

00:37:31 --> 00:37:33

It didn't work out there was there was confusion everywhere.

00:37:34 --> 00:37:34

You know.

00:37:36 --> 00:37:55

After the live demo, we can come. Now you're going to be most welcome there. I know that New Zealand is a beautiful country, and it's ready to accept the beautiful message of Islam and live side by side with the Muslim community and really, really flourish in sha Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:37:56 --> 00:38:09

he comes here and we'll see you soon we're going to be talking about Quran now. We're going to be doing a Quran lesson for 45 an hour. The handler article love to check that up until about Gatto

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