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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Did you know that there's five different ways five different Sooners on how to pray Salah to Witter. Most people only know the three workouts for the chef and whatever. But even with this, there's a very common mistake that people make which we're going to mention in a bit in general Tada, but other than the third Atha there's four other Sooners, which most people don't know and before we go into detail on each one of them, I'll summarize for you all of the different Sooners. So the first way is to pray so not to Witter. Just one recap. The second way is to pray it three records, and then five records and seven records and nine records. These are the

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five different ways to pray. salata, Witter, so you're either gonna make your wizard one, or three, or five or seven or nine. How do we do each one of them? Is there any difference in how you do it? Yes, there is some differences and we're gonna go into the detail on each one of them. The first way is just one recap. This has been confirmed in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that it is permissible, where he said in Sahih Muslim it salat wa salam al with rah rah cartoon Minocqua Lail that The Witcher is Raka and the last part of the night, and he said another Hadith Ali Salatu was Salam. That night prayer has method and methods and pairs of two. So whenever you

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want to pray at the end that you pray one, but these Hadith are talking about the one who's already prayed the night prayer, and then he prays one record the end. But is it permissible just to pray one record by itself? Yes, it's permissible. It's been narrated in the Hadith. And even though some of the scholars talked about the authenticity of this hadith, and some of them said, it was actually the statement of the sahabi, the narrator of the Hadith and not of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but here because it has a ruling or hakama judgment. So they say it has hokum refer that it has the same ruling as if the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said and this is from the science of Hadith

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and the Hadith, that as a hobby can't come and pass a ruling about Islam unless you've heard it directly from the Prophet alayhi salatu salam so what was said in this narration, that Monday I have a new tip becomes that whoever wants to make his with their five or make his Witcher three or just make his wit to the one that he can do that. And it's also been confirmed that some of the Sahaba will be Allahu Anhu. Pray just one record with her during the night. It's confirmed that Omar and then while we obey Allah Who and Houma that they pray just one record with her, I believe in our best will be Allahu Anhu Imam, when he was asked about the fear about what why we wrote the Allahu

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Anhu had done, he said it was correct, and that more hours of therapy that he is someone who is a scholar of fic obviously just praying one record as your custom, something you do all the time that somebody should become accustomed to. However, if for example, if you were traveling, you're tired, you had a long day, and you don't have the ability to pray anything else and you pray just one workout. This is permissible hamdulillah the second way which we all know from the sunnah of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is to pray it three records. But here we said there's a common mistake, what is the common mistake that people make. And before I tell you this mistake, I'm

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going to tell you how to pray it. And if you understand how to pray it, then you're going to be able to understand the common mistake and shuttle autonom. So when it comes to praying your winter and three records, there's two ways that you can do it. The first way is that you pray to records and then you sit in the shower. And then you make the slaps said I'm gonna go to La Santa Monica to LA and then you get up and pray one raka also wants to dish out at the end and make salaams at the end. This is the first way to pray it and this is confirmed that Abdullah bin Omar Radi Allahu Anhu now used to praise with it like this. And he said this is what the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam used

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to do. And the second way of praying these three is to pray them all together with one to show with at the end. And this has been confirmed in the hadith of Aisha Radi Allahu Allah and the Sunnah never be happy and the Sunnah when they say that the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam would pray his widow with three and three records with one Tisha within. How does this work out and usually what you would do like selected most of you would sit down as two and then get up and pray the third or you will do like in the hadith of Abdullah Morrison after the second but you give the salaams here, there's no second Tisha who after at the end of the second workout, so at the end of the second raka

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you immediately get up to the third and then you sit for your to shower with at the end and then you give the salaams and if you paid attention to this description in the description before you understand the mistake that people are making when it comes to salata, Witter, what are they doing? They sit down, and the second dish out and the third dish out, but they only give one Saddam's at the end. So what do they pray like? They pray like Santa Milgram, he sits in the second to shout, Allahu Akbar, he gets up and starts to pray again. And then he sits down and another to shout at the end and gives one Salem and this is a mistake because it's resembling Santa Maghrib and it shouldn't

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resemble slaughter, McGriff slaughter, Witter is supposed to be different and unique in its own way. So there's two ways to pray if you're going to pray through our cause, that you pray all together with one to shout at the end. And if you do, too, to share hoods, you're going to give salaams at the end of the first to shout and salaam that the end of the Secretary shall not like Salatin McGraw. The third and fourth way of praying Salah to Witter is to pray it either

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Five workouts or seven workouts and both of these are confirmed and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam in how do you do this? You pray them continuously just like you did with the three before with one Tisha with at the end and Sahih Muslim from the hadith of Aisha Radi Allahu Allah that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam will pray 13 records during the night most narrations he prayed 11 But some narrations I mentioned he prayed 13 This from the Sunnah the 11 or 13 records for the meaning for the chef and with him for all of the night prayer she said he would make his wisdom from these with five rakaats making one to shower with at the end. And then another

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Hadith which is narrated in the Muslim Imam Ahmed and in the Sunnah of Imam and necessity from the hadith of Omar Salah modeled the Allahu anha that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam would do the same thing. But here in this narration, she said with five or seven and then he would make the to shout at the end. The last sunnah is that we make it nine records, all of them together. But here the difference between the three variations that came earlier from the three of the five and the seven is that when it comes to the nine, there's going to be to two shots. So it's eight records all together without any Salaam and in the middle, and then at the end of the eighth rokai when we're

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sitting into Shall we make this Salam. And then we get up and we pray the ninth raka also with the to shout and with the Salah. So to summarize, we have five different ways of praying the Sunnah. The first is to pray just one recount. The second. And perhaps the most famous is to pray with three records. And that's going to be done in one of two ways. Either, we're going to pray all three of them with just one tissue out at the end. Or we're going to sit down after the second workout with a disheveled and then we give Salams. And then we get up for the third workout. Also sitting down at the end of a birthday shout and making slams at the end. The other variation is to pray either five

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or seven. And these are prayed in the same way where you pray all in one continuously five records with no to shout in the middle, only to shout at the end. And then you give Salams or you do the same thing with seven records, seven records all of them continuously sitting down for one to shareholder and one Salam at the end. And the final variation is to pray nine records. And here you're gonna have to to shareholders and to salams. The first show is going to be in the eighth records, you're going to pay eight records continues to notice out in the middle, sit down for the final to shareholders and make salams and then you get up for the ninth raka prayed as one raka with

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a shout and with the salam at the end. And what's important, my dear brothers and sisters with these Sooners is that we mix them up perhaps we have the three that's the origin that also that we usually do. But even here we're going to mix this one up, we have two different ways of doing it. And sometimes we're going to do the version of five or seven and every now and then we might do the one of nine. What do we gain or what do we benefit from this there's two main things that we gain. First of all, we get the reward for reviving all of these different Sooners and secondly, and perhaps this is something that most of us don't think about. When we revive and do different Sooners in our

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practice. It gives life to our a badass and he what happens when you do the same thing time and time again. It becomes so customer that you don't focus but when you're focusing on doing different any types of sunnah. It makes you focus more and it gives more life to the bather and helps you benefit and focus more on your worship inshallah. Tada Baraka love you