Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #187 – A Muslim Fundamentalist

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the meaning behind the term " fundamentalist" and how it relates to religious concepts and political parties. They explain that fundamentalists are not just labels for religious reasons, but rather for political reasons. The speaker suggests labeling individuals who disagree with a Christian view and not labels people for their religious affiliation.
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Some people ask, Well, are you a fundamentalist? Or they accuse you of being a fundamentalist? And this is a trick question. What does that mean? If you want to go with the actual historical definition what a fundamentalist isn't, it doesn't make sense to apply to a Muslim because the term fundamental fundamentalist came about due to the differences in kind of the Christian church, once the Big Bang Theory and evolution came about. And then there was a split in the church, the Protestant church between those that were going to reform themselves and those who are going to remain sort of on the old teachings and get back to the fundamentals or stick to the fundamentals.

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That's where fundamentalist comes from. Okay, so how does that have to do with us, right? You're a fundamentalist Christian, if you believe that the Bible is the actual word of God, okay? If you're gonna use the same criteria for Muslims, and every single one of us is a fundamentalist. We all believe that the Quran is the word of God, right? So it doesn't translate and certain things a lot of a lot of religious concepts and theological concepts don't translate what people really mean when they say it is it's a smear, whatever bad religious guy that they have in mind. And it's a it's a shifting goalposts. There's no strict definition to it. That's who they're going to label as a

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fundamentalist. They're labeling you as a fundamentalist so that they can punish you in some sort of way, either dismiss you d legitimize what you have to say, or potentially make you Yeah, the suspicious, you know, a suspect when it comes to either the violence of the state or the police or the FBI, or if you're abroad, you know, the army or whatever, right. But it's a ridiculous notion because it has no actual definition me, it's just like terrorist who's a terrorist, right? Some people could if they look back into history, they could say that the founding fathers of America were terrorists, right? If the British wrote the history, you know, George Washington and Thomas

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Jefferson and the Boston Tea Party, and all these things, oh, they were just terrorists, right? We don't have a strict definition. And so people throw this term around, and they label whoever they disagree with or whoever they don't want as that name a fundamentalist is the same you you're scared of religious people, or you have a low opinion of religious people. You think that religious people are intolerant? Or you think that religious people are particularly prone to violence in a way that non religious people aren't. So you're going to label anybody who believes that their thing is right as a fundamentalist. You think somebody who believes that their religion is the only true religion

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that's a fundamentalist that's I got news for you that's that's half the world at least it's not Islam does not have a monopoly on that disposition. You go to ask ask Buddhists. You got to ask Hindus, you go to ask other people, not the westernized ones that come through in the English language. You go to these places, and you ask people, are these other religions? Correct? They'll say No way. Ours is the one that's correct. Everybody's a fundamentalist. Come on. We need to have languages more refined and we need to have more intellectual and academic discussions about these sorts of things. If you don't like something that I believe in or you disagree with a concept of my

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religion, then let's talk about that instead of labeling each other with these childish empty names, just to kind of dismiss each other

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