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AI: Summary © The key to improving memorization of the Quran is practice with the Quran, making it enjoyable and finding the right balance between writing and practicing the Mahara penalties. The importance of learning Arabic and setting a schedule is emphasized, as it is crucial to achieve personal health and success in learning and being attached to the Quran. The Mahara penalties require a set time and is important to finish the first part of the program.
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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Assalamualaikum warahmatullah two tips that if you act upon them and show tanah a guarantee, it's going to take your Quran to another level. And this is something that, you know, unfortunately, I say unfortunately, at the same time, I realized that myself through my own experience, I wish I realized them earlier, and that's why I want to share it with you, so you can benefit from them, and not go through the same thing that I've been through. And because it took me, you know, 20 plus years, I've been doing this now for about 26 years as a student of knowledge. And I came to this realization in the after all of this experience, and that, you know, because there's

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a lot of tips I could give you any, a lot of times we go and read, like, you know, five tips to help you memorize the Quran 10 things to do, and all of these things are correct. But I found that these two are the most powerful and this is really what's helped me in my relationship with the Quran, making my head stronger, making understanding stronger and making my overall relationship with the Quran stronger. hamdulillah So, these two are the basic things and they're not something like like, wow, I'm not going to bring something like Wow, I've never heard of that ever thought of that. There are basic things it's not like as they say, it's not rocket science. It's sometimes it's, you know,

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it's there's those basic fundamentals, those basic things, there are what makes make us truly successful in all aspects of life. When it comes to the Quran, I realize these two things

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are what is going to take you to that next level that you want to get to because a lot of us we say we want to memorize the Quran, but we don't know what's going wrong, what we're doing well, if you act upon these two things, be the law, you're going to find in what you've been searching for when it comes to memorizing the Quran. And understanding the Quran being attached to the Quran shows on the first thing and it's something I learned from one of my colleagues, a Moroccan brother who study with me in Medina, and he's now living in Malaysia. And I found that he had memorized the Quran and he was very powerful, very strong and his hips. And we were praying in his in 2017 We were praying

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behind your great half of half as you know, who had memorized the Quran in Ramadan. And this and if one made a mistake, he would answer right away is he was very, very strong. So I'm gonna what happened because in Medina, he had probably memorized half of the Quran like myself, but we didn't, you know, finish, you know, been all these years, you know, he became busy with, you know, life and teaching, I became busy life and Tao and teaching, I didn't realize how, you know, busy, I would become leader. And that's, you know, one of the things that, you know, perhaps I should have done it when I was younger, that's why I'm sharing this with you now. So you don't, don't delay like I did,

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because, you know, you never know what's going to come, we thought, you know, in Medina will focus on seeking knowledge and will memorize the rest of the Quran later, because we have more time, actually, when you start getting in doubt and started teaching, you have less time so in any other land, Allah, Annie, I'm happy in a way I reached where I reached now with the Quran for 20 years. And then I found pleasure in it for 20 years after that. So you have to put in that hard work sometime to get to the level and to find that pleasure. So what did I benefit from this brother, he told me that if you really want to do it, if you really want to memorize the Quran, you really want

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to become strong and, and well versed in the Quran. He said, You have to make it something that's fun, something that's compulsory, not some, because a lot of us say we want to do this, I want to seek knowledge. I want to learn how to speak Arabic, I want to learn the Quran. But we kind of just put it on the side if we have free time. No, it has to become something felt compulsory that you do every single day. And I remember the advice that I got from a great party of the Quran and scholar, she had her saying that she she's a Syrian scholar who I met in Sudan when I first started, you know, and my pet seeking knowledge. And he and I remember I remember I had memorized from the end of

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the Quran from Sudan as to sort of the devolve when I read from we're going to start to organize to remember and when he was impressed him there were a citation and it made do out for me. And you know, and he told me what I needed to do and asked him know how can I become a habit? He said, Look, he said, you can never ever put off you know, your daily Maharajah your daily revision, you have to constantly revise, and that's one of the keys and material here. This first key we're talking about actually has several aspects to it. So you have the memorization aspect, and then you have the revision aspect as well. So both of them go hand in hand. A lot of times, it's not that difficult

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honestly, to memorize the real test and the real challenge becomes after you memorize what do you do after you memorize which is the revision the Maharajah and he told me for his Maharajah for the revision he's he personally does five juices a day. And this is most of the Father on the world. They'll tell you that they do five years with some of them do it. In one sitting like the chef used to do early morning doesn't he said I sit down in my Mejlis like I'm here now in my house. He said I do not stand up until I finish my five Jesus. That's his policy. Other ones spread it out throughout the day. But what's the as they say MonteCarlo comes lemons that whoever reads the five, he never

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forgets in this weather. It has become strong by not just that he told me that if I become sick and like it happens, we get sick. He said let's say I miss three days because I was ill. He said on that fourth date. He said I read 20 Jesus

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sounds a bit hard

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Corbett if you want to succeed that's what you have to do look at bodybuilders look at people who are successful you know, athletes they put in that time that effort so if you want to be a hub of the Quran, one who takes his you know his relationship with the Quran to the next level and it'd be from those the Quran is going to raise him in this life and in the next inshallah Tada you have to be willing to make that sacrifice and put in the effort it's going to take time but you have to realize so the brother told me he said look you have to make it far bro he said you cannot you know do it sometimes leave sometimes you became busy with doubt like it happens to me all the time. You

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have to make it for it has to be compulsory in your life. Some people work for them a set time like for me that that really helped me out morning time I had to do it you know I found it later tried to change around the schedule found I wasn't doing so you have to have that set time if that's good for you other people if you can spread it out like now I'm busy. Maybe I'm I'm filming this now so perhaps I might do it later. It depends on the person eg you have to know what's good for you. What is the time that's good for you? Or if you can do it at different times? What's key you have to get done there's a brother told me he said For example, He said when it comes now here's my phone he

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said I turned my phone off. I told my family at this time before I don't talk to me about anything don't come to me. He focuses just on his ID what he's meant was memorizing something new or doing the Maharajah became something that was for something that was compulsory every single day that must be done no breaks no time off him you could take one day off something some people do but with that model John have you can't really do that maybe we don't we might memorize a couple of days and then do other days is Maharajah it's up to you what's the key thing? And what's the most important thing in this program is that you do not leave them origin no matter what if you want to do his five, four

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days, five days a week, four days a week and do it slowly but you do your Murata as long as you get in your revision that's the key thing. So how did the brother used to do it first of all made fault made compulsory in the same thing I blame myself to be implemented the lower level like some other who fault another higher level the brother did I mean that was I did in the beginning, but it is a bit bit too much. But you can see that's what he did and hence was hit became very, very strong. So either I'm gonna give you both options and let you understand so you have something new you have something which is the new HIV and then you have two types of Murata with that HIV. So you have an

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Maharajah a Supra, what Amerasia and Cobra you have the small Maharajah the small revision and then Cobra coming in the major revision. Now the small neurologia is going to be for your newly memorized pages, your newly memorized pages and the modern Cobra and expanding detail. And the margin Cobra the you know the big revision is going to be or the general revision you can call it is going to be from all of your old health, whether it be from 5g zoos, six, seven, the more you memorize, obviously, the more that will go into that category. So when it comes to the small Maharaja, many of those who fall, they say that if you memorize half a page, quarter a page, whatever you memorize,

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you memorize one page, that's your new page. You read this every single day, then you add on the second page, then you add on the third page, then you add on the fourth page, that first page is still there, it doesn't go anywhere fifth page until you get to the 10th page. Now once you get to the 10th page, when you come to page 11 from the new hope that you've been memorized over the last weeks or month, whatever it is. And so now you get to the 11th page, that first page now. Now you subtract it from the daily Maharajah which is the manager of surah the small revision, you take it off that and you put it on to the UN General or the big Maharajah you put it with with it with the

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old head then that Oh, then only then that first page goes to that. That's what we said. That's, you know, one of the levels. And that's what many of the footfalls did but this brother he wanted his hips to be even stronger. So he took it to another level, he did that daily Hill for 20 pages, meaning when he would come to page 21 that first page would go there. And I did this in the beginning. And I found it takes a lot of time. But any Otama like have like Al Fatiha, your hope is going to be very very strong. If you do that. The second level is to do at least 10 pages. So that's the the small Mirage, the big moral job is all of your old health. Now you have to set a schedule I

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would have it here written down on my phone which one is my big which one is my small. So I know where I am.

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The small, the big any the big mortgage or the general mortgage that's all of your old hips. This has to be done. Also for compulsory for example, we recommend every seven days or every 10 days depending on how much it is. And every 10 days even if it's a small amount, it could be in some say every two weeks. But the important thing is 10 days should be a limit that you finish all legs in the beginning it's only gonna be two three juices. And now you're gonna be training yourself then it's going to be four and there's going to be five this will be six and what

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If you can't see do it it becomes faster it becomes easier so it's not going to be as difficult as you might think to finish an MCU say 10 days and and even when you finish the entire Quran you're gonna finish in 10 days three times a month, which is not difficult when you're Havoc or you can knock it down to six or seven like the ones who read five juices a day to make it even stronger after that in general Tada so this is a how he designed the way and he said with several her father and took from them make it compulsory have the two levels of Maharajah of revision that you have, and you're going to find yet you're going to make it with this commitment and making it full and

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making this type of manager it's going to make your health very, very strong. Guaranteed insurance is something I experienced myself and it's absolutely amazing. The second thing

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it goes back to the tafseer that if zero the Quran, and understanding the Quran, and that's going to help you with several aspects it's going to help make your head stronger. I'm gonna give you an example for that and it's going to give you a leather a pleasure

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that you never knew was possible and when you understand the Kalambo Allah subhanaw taala

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first of all, just imagine now in the salon where you're standing there LoJack your in you're in your salad, you and your salad

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and your HIV

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is just you know on point you're not making mistakes very strong, it's gonna give you a dab of confidence and have a pleasure a type of focus and then add to that your understanding what's being said you understanding what Allah is saying to you, you understand what Allah wants from you and this is yes, but what lights an amazing feeling I'm telling you and this is something like I said it's not you know something rocket sciences as a secret that you've never heard of before. I've done to him McCarthy's teaching you to tips you know this any said something that all of the scholars say understand the corner helps you in health, I'm doing for my own personal experience. Even though I

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understand Arabic, I know. I give lectures in Arabic, I didn't understand the Arabic language at Hamdulillah. But when I really started focusing more on Tafseer, making Tafseer a big part of my life. And I started to teach Tafseer him there now I'm teaching the tipsy of evil cathedral. So I'm going back to the Columbia bears and loving the Sahaba from the self understanding the Quran really, really proper mean, understanding that was in it because when you're teaching it takes it makes it even even stronger, obviously, because you were doing more research and went back to different type CEOs. So the more effort you put into the TIF system, and you know, say because you don't speak

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Arabic, I can't do it. No, even in English language, I mean, and then you can do obviously you have to learn here, you strive and you and you put in the time to learn the basic Arabic, am I No, no, no Muslims who have learned the basics of Arabic, they might still struggle a bit and speaking Arabic, but they at least they understand the Arabic of the Quran. And they can explain to you very clearly language, everything that's being said, when you say it in Arabic, they understand it very well, that well based on that. So it is something that's not that difficult, once again, just needs time, and its effort, and then the more effort you put into it and become easier and easier after that.

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And hamdulillah when you have that understanding of the Quran, it's going to help you in your HIV, helping you focus helping just being attached to something and one of the most amazing feelings ever will lie. And it's something and that's why I wanted to sit down and film this video today and share this. This is my experience. Man, if I if I wish I focus more on the tipsy like I am now when I was when I was younger when I was in the beginning of seeking knowledge not 26 years later. And I wish what I found out three years ago about just this this commitment. I mean, like I said, is that something that seems kind of basic, but when you really sit down and do it, yeah, this is this is

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this is right. It really does work. It's amazing. I'm gonna give you an example now,

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I was given the lesson the other day that tip see if we can give you from solo till fajr and solo till Baron I found myself in my prayers. I've been reading with these two solos a lot lately, because of just the understanding I have of them now, because of studying the dipsea it helps you and your overall understanding like like

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we say that the the insan will occur MacMillan Center fika. But the beginning of solid abilites we have created the man in credit in difficulty, and that overall understanding when you look at all of the definitive series that the seller have mentioned in this, and usually you kind of just reflect on it from a demo standpoint, and how deep that is. And then you start to go into the falaqa Hamanaka. But what is this Aqaba? This, this difficult passage that you have to push through them to get through you have to struggle you have to strive and it's just it's an amazing feeling when you're understanding. You have this strong you understand what it is you're saying it's a lie. It's

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an amazing Ness. And it may Allah grant us more and Gretel's more pleasure and being attached and understanding his Kalam Subhanallah at any one of the greatest feelings will lay in this in this life and to have that attachment and to be able to understand the Quran at hamdulillah another example from sort of Belen when it comes to the overall health I

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I remember myself in the beginning when I was I had memorized I remember sort of the better when I was in the Muslim so I mean that's I memorized it a long time ago. But I always found even when I learn Arabic later that

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I make a mistake and the iron yeah Tieman them acaba

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Oh miskeen. And then Matoba, Nakaba and Matoba are always mixed the two up in perhaps many of you might do the same as well, because they both have the ISL in the same even when I understand them the meaning any IT team and democratic viewers and Arabic it's easy to understand what it means any OMA skin and dama Traba in a matter of a human have to go back to the serum, it's from Tirana from there, I mean, maybe you go with a tipsy you but you can understand that pretty easily what it means, but you can still make the mistake but once you go deep into the Tafseer any you understand what you understood what when and depth what it means about your team in any of the team was the

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MCRA, the one who's the close relative, and he's at the same time and his rights and history and all that and you go into the tip seal, and then you go back to the Tafseer of mantra, but what it means that miskeen who's in the dirt, and you hear the Tafseer of that you'll never make that mistake. And if you make it right away, you're gonna memorize you're gonna own that's, that can't be because I started the tafsir in detail. So Wallahi I'm telling you and abroad when a bit longer so forgive my reason to talk this much about these type of topics like the short and sweet but well I'm just I'm very passionate about this. And like I said, Do something through my own experience that I found and

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I really wanted to share it with you guys because you know people we want to become more attached to Quran we want to benefit more from the Quran, and inshallah Tada Well, like I said in the beginning with any guarantee, focus on on these to make it something forward, follow the policy I said about how to do the Maharaja how to do the revision with the new HIV and you're gonna find your health and you know, just overall attachment and pleasure you vibe with the Quran. And we're going to add to that, the understanding that Tafseer will light

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it's going to take your Quran to super levels and you're going to find pleasure in your heart, in your salad, and in your life that you've never found before in Chautala. May Allah make us all from the people of the Quran. May Allah make us from those who raise in levels in this life and in the next to the Quran. Allah knows best Allah anima sola wa sallam about exactly what I said I'm not a contract Allah