1st Niqabi BJJ Black Belt

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah, an amazing event has happened, the first ever female near kabhi Brazilian jujitsu black belt. And even though I'm on the road, I said, I have to take out some time to film this quick video about the great reminder in every lesson that this historic event teaches us. Brother Mohammed Daddy told me about a month ago when his wife had received her black belt and I sent him a message to congratulate him. He told me that to the best of his knowledge, that she's the first ever Indian woman to receive her black belt in Brazilian Jujitsu, and perhaps obviously the first near kabhi maybe in the world. If anyone else knows any other Nickleby sisters who have black

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belts and BJJ, or any other martial arts, please let us know in the comments below. So all of us can benefit. What makes this story so amazing is not just the accomplishment, anyone who receives their black belt in BJJ. That's an amazing accomplishment. Especially we're talking about a Nickleby woman here. And a lot of times we focus on that amazing accomplishment. We forget sometimes the real lesson that this story is teaching us and the lesson in this story that we really, really gained as Muslims and even non Muslims who look at Muslim women sometimes in a negative light, because what the media poverty propagates, and what the enemies of Islam have been focused on one of their main

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tactics for many years, is to say that if a Muslim woman is wearing hijab and especially niqab that she will be marginalized, that she will not be able to be part of society, that she will not be able to be successful in this modern world that we're living in today. But here in this story, our sister Yasmine proves once again, the falsehood of their claim that when a Muslim woman has the means, even though she's in full hijab and full niqab that she can accomplish anything well hamdulillah The main problem when it comes to Muslim women who are hijab is or niqab either fully covered, and not being able to reach their true potential and not being able to excel. The main problem that comes back to

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us because we do not facilitate for them, we do not make the the programs and the facilities that enable them as hijab is or as niqab is to be able to accelerate whatever it is they're doing. And here are Brother Mohammed, Dottie May Allah bless him when he established his dojo, his gym and cutter, cutter MMA, and he established a section just for women, which is completely segregated, He taught his wife and then she was able to teach the other sisters their complete segregation, therefore, they were able to excel. When Dr. Zakir Naik established his Islamic school in India, they put for the physical education program, a martial arts program. And many of the students who

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became black belts, they were girls and I posted on my social media accounts time and time again, pictures of our sisters who excelled in and science and engineering and technology, all of them who are wearing niqab not just hijab niqab, my wife, she trains mashallah, she also rides horses, and she rides very fast, mashallah, and all of this important Hmm. We've even hiked and climbed to the top of a mountain and full hijab. So this misconception that they try to spread about a woman in hijab that she can't have fun, she can enjoy herself. She can do do sports, and she can excel, all of this and these types of stories that we're talking about today with Sister Yasmine getting her

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black belt improves, all of this is falsehood. Wallahi I'm so proud of my brother, Mohammed, daddy and his family. And it's been a great honor for me and for my family to have been able to train under them. We asked a law to make them an example for this ummah, and to have others follow in their footsteps. May Allah subhana Wattana give them all of the best and this life and the next