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This is where we are lacking

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Mufti Menk

Channel: Mufti Menk

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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And this is one we are lacking.

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We're losing,

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respecting those who are senior. That is a duty, someone who's older than you respect them.

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This person is older than me. That's why I'm quiet sometimes. That's why I've chosen a different way of doing things. Your mother, older than you, your father, your parents, how are you talking to them, not only them, anyone who's older than you, even amongst us who are seated here, imagine a young person very fit, and they come in, they sit down, and then there is a slightly older person, and they struggling to walk a little bit, and you don't give your seat up for them.

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I've seen non Muslims do this, meaning giving up their seats, what about us, it's an act of worship, you must respect the adults. But that doesn't mean that when they are wrong, and then instructing you to do something that you obey, claiming that I'm respecting the older person, or some older people use that to blackmail the younger ones, to doing things that are wrong. I know some parents who use the status of a parent to blackmail the child to stop them from doing something Allah has allowed such as getting married,

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for example, and they blackmail your parents. So what Subhana Allah, I will respect you, but it's within limits. So two sides to the coin, I hope you've understood both and

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to have mercy on those who are young.

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That's a duty someone is younger than you have mercy. Teach them in a good way. Be patient with them, your children, be very patient with them. Sometimes you have one child Mashallah you enjoy the child and you know, the child might be running around breaking this destroying that may be doing this that whatever else, then you have a second child and suddenly you know, what, you becoming a little bit more impatient. And then a third child and you find you find that you cannot sleep at night sometimes and you're getting up in the morning and it's you're so tired, and what happens you start getting upset and agitated, control, control, have mercy on these children. Have mercy on

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That is your test. That is your agenda. That is why Allah subhanho wa Taala placed this in your life purposefully not for nothing.