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Abdullah Oduro
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Allahu Akbar

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should I do and

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don't want so no love

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honey fella

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How are you

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in all oh

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and Al Hamdulillah Alhamdulillah no matter who want to stay in a hall and I still fiddle

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when I also bIllahi min should only unforseen our women see it at Melina may get to his level for La mobila who may yield Lin Fela hottie Allah

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to Allah Allah in Allah wa to hula Chikara well she had to under Mohammed Abdullah Zulu

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yeah you hola Xena am an otaku Allahu Akbar to karate he went to Mutanda in LA one to Muslim moon. Yeah, are you a nurse? It Takuro Becca Mala the Holika coming up soon. wahiduddin Wahala common Huzzah. Jaha or Batterman humeri. Jalan Kathira one is one what Tucker law had lady Tessa Aluna be well or ham in the law. How can I become law Kiba Yeah, you hola Xena. Eminem taco Lucha Kulu Colin sadita your slipknot? Malecon

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we will feel like on the new Beckham or minneota Allah Allah Sula for the first iPhone Aldine

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for in the US local Hadith the keytab Allah or Hyrule Hooda. Who there Mohammed bin Abdullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam what

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shahrul Ohmori motion attached to her or call her motion that's in beta will collaborate the atom Bala cola gala San Fernando Hamdulillah we praise Allah we seek his aid and forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evil of ourselves and of our shortcomings. Whomsoever Allah guides and then came the sky, and whomsoever Allah allow us to be led straight and and can guide her right. And I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah the Exalted and that Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him is his last messenger and servant O you who believe in mindful of Allah and dinette except in a state of submission to Him alone, or humanity. Be mindful of Allah Who

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created you from a single soul and from that created his mate from that scatters many men and women? Are you managed to be mindful of Allah do not cut off relations with your relatives, your kin, and deed. Allah is a rocky busy monitor over you, or humanity, be mindful of Allah, and speak the truth. In order for him to accept your deeds and forgive us of all of our shortcomings and whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has indeed achieved the greatest achievement as to what follows. And deed the best speech is the book of Allah subhanho wa taala. And the best guidance is out of Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. In other words, the affairs in our doctrinal system of Islam are

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the newly invented ones for every newly invented affair. And the situation is an innovation and for every innovation is a form of going astray. And for every form of going astray. is in the fire of *, Brother, I am so ready.

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I'm so ready. This is gonna be my first time but I'm ready.

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This was a statement

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of Musa

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Musa was a brother from El Salvador.

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And mooses name was Enrique before that.

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You see Enrique embraced Islam two weeks prior and changed his name to Musa

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but this day

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was the day before anticipated Ramadan.

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So when we told him Ramadan, he said, Yeah, I heard and Roman Lama Shah, I heard Ramadan, I'm, you know, I'm a Muslim now. So I'm ready. Okay.

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You know, Ramadan, you have to fast

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hamdulillah great. This is fine. Okay, from sunup to sundown. Okay, what do we have to leave food drinking, and he was married?

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You know what he said?

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Doesn't even matter. I'm ready.

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And then you know what? He asked, Brother, why did I become a Muslim?

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Why did I become a Muslim? I'm ready.

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I'm ready to do whatever Allah wants me to do. Because I embraced Islam. And he literally said this upon never forget that. He said, Brother, I just want to go to heaven. That's all I really want. I don't want to complicate this. I want to go to heaven. Is that what I'm supposed to do in Islam?

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I'm ready.

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I'm ready.

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For that, I don't know if I can do this.

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This was a statement of another young man. That was at the age of 15. Is he just started praying. He's been praying for a long time. But since he was younger, but he realized that I am on my own now.

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hairs growing on my face. My dad told me, You're on your own.

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I'm your father. We're here for you. But you're going to have to answer to a law now for your deeds. You're still in our household and we still have a level of responsibility on you. But now you will stand in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala starting from around this time, the time that you will face puberty.

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And that's what he said, I don't know if I can do it.

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I told him it's okay. Try your best. You see, because what happened was the years before his parents never done a robber who either see me they didn't have him practice fasting.

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Who was so hidden. He's a small child, don't let him lead to as evil.

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Don't punish him by fasting. What kind of image perception are we presenting to our young children? When they're seven? When they're eight? Yeah, they're used to eating cereal.

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They're used to having their breakfast their waffles and then Nutella and whatever else is so healthy for them and their sugar.

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But when it comes to reaching that age and all of a sudden, they have too fast. I guarantee you most of them are saying I don't know if I'm that out from ready for this.

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Fasting brothers and sisters that companions the Sahaba Ridhwan Allahu ala him, they would have their children fast young children way before the age of puberty. Bye

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Giving them dolls and toys and distracting them from the actual facet itself. Because make no mistake, there is Masha Akbar, there is a form of stress, physical stress, internal stress, you're very, very, very hungry. Let's make no mistake about that. But that's what the beauty of cm is in a fasting that it is beyond the physical. The physical is a means of being transcendent, knowing that you're doing this for someone and something greater than your mere hunger. And I say mere hunger, and I always will, especially for us in the West, when there are people all around the world as we hear every single year around this time, that have that they are hungry and they have no food.

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And they would wish to just have drinks of water or a drink of water, or juice or some type of food that they would desire. We can leave the masjid and go down the street and get whatever we want.

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cm cm means fasting. But linguistically, it also means what they call em sack is to withhold someone from something. As Miriam said in the chapter of Merriam in Nina load, tiller, Rahmani Salma that she made a vow that she would

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not speak to anyone for then aka Lima, Yama, INSIA. And she says right after that, and I will not speak to any person. So cm, is withholding something. So when we talk about technically from the aspect of worship, it is withholding eating and drinking and relations with your husband or wife.

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For the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala at the prescribed time from sun up to sundown, this is the Islamic fasting.

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Now, this fasting, as we said, is withholding something. But there's a beautiful Hadith that reminds us about the spirit, the transcendent, the transcendental way that we should think in regards to this stress, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said Madame yada, oh Lazuli fillet sullen ly handwritten and yet they

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are short on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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Whoever doesn't leave

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ill speech speaking badly

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then the last panel without it is not in need of his or her leaving off there eating or drinking often he said man let me get cola zody well I'm gonna be here for Leslie lay hydrated and yet that Bahama who was shut off, the person that does not leave off speaking badly or, or and acting upon it, that Allah is not in need of his or her leaving off avoiding eating and drinking. Why is this important? Because reality we as human beings,

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we think of cm is I'm not going to eat sunup to sundown. Yes, our kids may say, Mom We can eat from sunup to sundown, no.

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But CM is much more than that. There's much more of an opportunity for the Muslim to get closer to Allah for the Muslim to understand the purpose of this particular aspect of a bad

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it's voluntary deprivation, for spiritual conditioning, voluntary deprivation, for spiritual conditioning, one more time, voluntary deprivation, for spiritual conditioning. we deprive ourself of something that we may need for something that we need that is greater. And that is the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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This is why the month of shot Ben is such a beautiful month. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his beautiful Hadith, beautiful Hadith because, you know, in the month of Rajab, we're familiar with Raja and the month of Ramadan,

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comes two months after that, but in between it is shot Ben, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when asked about Shaban, he said, This is the shahada, one yellow fellow and who nests that mankind there very negligent of this month, because it's between Rajab and Ramadan.

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And he said the actions that we perform are raised to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And I love for my actions to be raised to Allah wa and I saw him while I am fasting. I Isha, the wife of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him. She said, Can I assume extra Shahada? She said that the Prophet SAW Selim.

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used to fast most of this month and there are numerous Hadith which state that he would fast all of it except a little

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so the month of shot Ben he would fast the majority of this beautiful month and at some scholars mentioned is the dad and later on the Ramadan that he has in preparation for Ramadan, brothers and sisters let's not deprive ourselves of the reward by fasting on the first of Ramadan only. Let's try to fast and these days in shot Ben making the effort to prepare for this month to where when we enter this month were ready. Instead of saying, I don't know if I'm ready Akula Cali Hello Sofia Ali welcome Lisa Messina for stock flow in Mahalo for writing.

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Hamdulillah he, certainly he was shook crolla who I left off at he wanted a nanny.

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This is a month brothers and sisters are shot band that we should as mentioned, to spiritually conditioned ourselves to be ready for the month of Ramadan. And every year we hear the virtues of the month of Ramadan. You know even the word Ramadan comes from Rumbaugh which means fire some scholars mentioned meaning that the heat of the good deeds will cause the sins to blaze away that someone mentioned this is the reason or the name of Ramadan coming from that, that it is an opportunity to extinguish or the for the sins to be extinguished or to leave.

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But looking at this beautiful month of shot burn, as was mentioned, it's a huge opportunity for us to be ready for the month of Ramadan.

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But what I want to capitalize on particularly in this month of shot Ben is another Hadith where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he mentioned that some scholars say is authentic and unbending or him Allah says it's authentic inshallah to Allah He said your father Allahu Allah, a nurse that Allah subhanho wa Taala looks at his slaves in the middle of the month

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of Shaban.

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And then he says that he forgives every one except the

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one that associates partners with Allah subhanho wa Taala or the Moshe Han or the most Shahin the one that has enmity towards his brother or sister.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also said this about its name and homies, fasting on Mondays and Thursdays that the actions are raised to Allah subhanaw taala and everyone is forgiven except the one that has been who Masha Hannah.

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And then he mentioned at the end of the Hadith for you all who you feel you call

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on the law have any have any data your study Ha, undid or have any had to study her on the to have any had to study her, withhold? Giving them the forgiveness until they make up our ego.

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Brothers and sisters, I want all of you right now to think of one family member, there may be more than one we hope there's not even one, but we're human and we have families, one family member that you have Shanna

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that you have a problem with.

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I didn't ask you were they in the wrong or right.

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Being the better man or the better woman in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one that wants a slash

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the one that wants goodness and recommend to people to rectify with one another to make up to at least be on good terms had Tolosa latian even if it was something very superficial. But when the children see that you don't get along, what do you think is going to happen to the next generation. But when they see you getting along and when they grow up, you say you know what we never got along me and your auntie we never got along. You know, my oldest sister, we never got along. How I never noticed it.

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Making up with those that you may have a problem with a co worker,

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a neighbor, someone in the community that treated you badly because all of you are volunteering in a particular project and they talk down at you. They belittled you. Someone at work did that. The best person is the one that will go up and say at least salaam aleikum or how are you doing? And if you can't find it within yourself, we're human. If you can't find it within yourself to stand in front of them and Just act normal.

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Send a text.

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Salam aleikum. Mom, dad, the dad

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that is not that has not been in your life. The data was very abusive.

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Dig deep inside of yourself to at least send a text and ask how they're doing.

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When you do it, you say oh Allah accept it from me for verily, I'm only doing this for you for your sake. Someone that treated you wrongly ripped you off.

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Doesn't mean you don't take your hawk back, you're right back. But if you're the one that spreads the hair, this is better in the sight of Allah subhanho wa taala. And you're doing it in preparation for a blessed month. Because who knows because of that action.

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Any dua you make in sha Allah will be accepted.

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Because you dug inside of yourself. You went inside of yourself and saw what are the things that I said I would never do.

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I will never make up with this person

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is to try your best to make amends. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in one how do you I'll just give one strategy. I mentioned a text message, whether it's WhatsApp, whether it's Telegram, whatever mechanism, you know, that you all use to send a message that is not in person, an email something send a gift.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said to her do to her boo, simple Hadith all of us can memorize this to have do to have boo. And this is what some would call a Joomla, short Thea a conditional sentence. The partial sum said give gifts, love one another.

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give gifts, love one another, give gifts. Send a gift to someone anonymous gift. Allah knows what you're doing. Send a gift, salaam alaikum. I hope this is a blessed Ramadan for you. And you all had a fight in front of everyone online and offline.

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Send a gift to that person. What do you think that person they know that you have a problem with them and that you have gotten into an argument and that your kids don't talk to your wives don't talk to each other.

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But you're trying to break the chain and break the mold of a generation or generations of problems between you. You send a gift what what in the world is he doing? What in the world is she doing? You send a gift every year they'll know you for sending a gift and trying to make amends. The fact that you're trying is what Allah loves. They may not respond, that's fine. The Prophet SAW Allah Nelson didn't receive a response from many people that he loved for at least for 10 years in Mecca. And even after that till his death of Elijah was salam. Not everyone became Muslim mean from his own family.

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So when looking at his brothers and sisters, this is this the one thing that I want all of us to concentrate on, and this beautiful month of shot Ben, there's many things but the action item for us when we leave is to at least send a text or call someone or visit someone that that person knows and I know and the angels know and Allah subhanaw taala knows that we have a problem

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and being silent because I want you to think about it.

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This is not supposed to be easy.

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But when fasting in the month of Ramadan

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Are we ready? Are we do not know if we're ready. Are we ready to forgive? Or we do not know if we're ready to forgive and either one is fine but one that struggles for the sake of Allah to make amends. No mistake Allah subhanho Medina loves that.

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So when this month are shot, BAM brothers and sisters preparation for this month by fasting. Some of the beautiful rulings of fasting is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He mentioned the importance of making sore which is distal horde which is the breakfast before fasting to delay it till till right before the time of Fajr coming in to the province that Allah there was someone who was asked when he would make he would make savour it companions mentioned be the amount of reading 50 verses before the Athan. So delaying the support eating until the anon comes is totally fine. What hamdulillah and the province Allah Salam mentioned the virtue in that. He also mentioned that the OMA will also be in hair, they will always be in good as long as they

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use the word rush order they are tentative in making their F bar

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doing the Iftar as soon as the event comes as well, making dua during the time of the F bar. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam mentioned in a DUA, he would say in his dua Zab Ivana would tell her to look with sabotager Inshallah, the thirst has been quenched

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and the pores have been replenished and the reward is with Allah in sha Allah. This is what one says when the ARB

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breaking their fast and the Prophet SAW subtle also mentioned of the times of the DUA being accepted is the saw em Hina your fear the fasting person when they break their fast.

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But brothers and sisters, these add dab of fasting that we've just talked about. It is important that we remain as we should on a daily basis transcendent with our relationship in this dunya or relationship with the dunya. Transcendent meaning beyond the bounds of the of the physical. We're always prepared and ready to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala we try our best to and from that is in this beautiful month of Ramadan, particularly looking inside of ourselves and making up with just one person at least the texts best to go and visit and to sit with them and have dinner and talk about it and forgive one another for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Tada. So may Allah subhanho wa

00:25:59 --> 00:26:33

Taala make us of those that look inside of ourselves with introspection and allow that to be something that makes us better than we were yesterday. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make this beautiful month of Shaban a month of reflection on the beautiful month of Ramadan coming. May Allah subhanaw taala makers for those that are consistent in our fasting and his beautiful month with the intention of practicing the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Robin and anti Nephi Jr hasna with Phil Haslem okay now as ever no rubbing up for that as a newbie networker for unnecessary you actually don't want to offend me at all. Yeah, you know Yeah, Robert, I mean also

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most of the affinity Philistine Yara Bella lemon Oh era Bella, I mean, help our brothers and sisters in Palestine. help our brothers and sisters in Sudan. help our brothers and sisters in Kashmir. Have our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan helping brothers and sisters in Bangladesh shout out I mean, a fella if you forgive our brothers and sisters all around the world Dr. Robert Alameen you are a bit odd. I mean, isn't there anyone well I'm going to Europe at Alameen which are unlimited and we're talking remember what sort of law was sent them a radical in the Vienna Muhammad wiener it was a Frenchman and yeah, and Allah Yamuna but I didn't what so anyway, Eater is a quarterback. We don't

00:27:03 --> 00:27:13

have any frustrated with me Okay, well, well here so Kamala, Allah come to the Quran for the Corolla young corticoid wash Kuru who Allah near me is it come well at the Kula he Akbar Allahu Yaga momento snarling Bucky masala

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