Abdullah Oduro – No Pain No Gain

Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of learning one's reality through physical experiences and watching one's partner's actions. They emphasize the need to keep looking at their opponents and not lose the opportunity to learn more about themselves. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of letting their children play sports and grow their mental health.
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One day I was sitting with my young son, and I

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did this motion tool to see if he was going to flinch. He flinched, alright, but he flinched.

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Turned away, I said, Son, you have to keep looking at your enemy if he's trying to hit you, right? He stopped. I did it again, he did the same thing. I said, Son, put your hand closer. Don't fear pain. He went through that physical exertion and experience and that was the time that I was able to teach him a lesson. It wasn't only theoretic. Through physicality, you learn your reality. Mothers, let your young men play sports, get them involved in some combat sports, learning how to defend themselves, which at the same time is a workout. It's important for them to be put in situations situations to where they face pain, they may not know what to do, and it's fight or flight. Then

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they see how they acted. And there's a coach that's there to tell them look, you have to keep looking at your opponent. Look, you need to visit pain every now and then to know what it takes. Look, you pass this stage of defending yourself, you pass this stage and moved on to the next belt to the next level. It raises their self esteem. It allows it allows them to learn about themselves and see where they were and where they are. They learn their reality. Let's not close the doors for ourselves to learn more about ourselves and for us as mothers and fathers to learn about our children, young men sitting at home on the computer has its place. It's important to get out and get

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physical and move your body as we will talk about in the master man gym method gy M it grows your masculinity grows your mentality to understand where do I stand in regards to facing pain? Where do I stand in regards to who I am as a man and what it means to my level of masculinity? Let's not lose that opportunity to learn our reality through the door of physicality. May Allah subhanaw taala make it easy upon you all as salaam alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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