Mohamad Baajour – Finding Pleasure in Salat #15 The Day we flee from one another

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The Day of Judgment is a historically important event where owners of Day of Judgment will be called the person who died. The judge will only be able to answer questions if they have permission, and the woman recites the words "meditation" and "meditation" to symbolize different stages of Islam. Viewers are encouraged to practice these exercises and use them to express themselves.
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Santa Monica, got to get this Milan Hungary Lau salatu salam ala Rasulillah Alana aluminum and fauna and finally my lamp Tana was in the Inman Yahama Rockman. We ask Allah azza wa jal teachers will benefit us, benefit us from what he told us and increase us in knowledge me in Erbil army, my dear beloved the spected brothers and sisters, I ask Allah azza wa jal to protect you from any harm. How's your Salat so far? In sha Allah Allah if we are applying all these tools, be in the letter Allah you must have seen some change some improvement in the Salah. As we mentioned previously, our main purpose in the Salah is to feel devoted is to feel devoted to Allah azza wa jal and to have

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solid move our hearts to have his words move our hearts and that does not happen only by understanding the meaning. But it also happens or requires reflecting on on every single area and that is exactly what we're doing. We're taking the set of the best surah in the Quran and explaining them area by area.

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We discussed yesterday that Allah subhanaw taala. He mentioned a Rahman Al Rahim before Maliki Omi Dean. He mentioned how merciful He is before he tells us that He is the Owner of the Day of Judgment, the Day of Recompense the day of accountability. He is the owner. So the Owner of the Day of accountability, is all merciful is full of mercy. He is the one who delivers the mercy, just like we explained yesterday. Now Malik Kiyomi. Dean, it could be read into authentic ways Maliki Omi Dean or Mellie Kiyomi Dean, and they are both authentic Maliki Ahmed Dean is the Owner of the Day of Judgment and many Kiyomi Dean is the king of the Day of Judgment. Allah subhanaw taala is is both

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when we recite Maliki omit Dean, we hardly reflect over the power of these words and what they what they signify when they signify

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the Day of Judgment, the day that we will all return to Allah as our John and we will be accountable for every single word we said, every single action we did, every single penny we spent, where did we get it from and where we spent it Subhanallah it should remind us about our eventual return to show us that all possessions and all properties all wealth, all the power in this world will diminish will go away and only the power of Allah azza wa jal will remain over all things. On that day, we will not be able to utter a word unless we get permission from Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah subhanaw taala said in Surah to never ill may Hakuna Rohan mela eager to soft lie attack Qalamoun in

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Edina Nirn who are called

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on that day, when the angels and Jibreel will stand and Rose they will not speak they will not speak except for the one whom Allah subhanaw taala the own merciful have given them permission, the one whom Allah subhanaw taala would say what is the one who will only speak what is correct? On that day, no one will be able to intercede to anybody when the lady yes following the whole 11 You will only be able to answer intercede with the permission of Allah subhanaw taala we must also know that the day of judgment is closer than what we think

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and call to we are humble Allah He said that for every person who dies, his personal day of judgment has already begun.

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So don't say oh you know what, there's still the major science to come and my day of judgment is when I die and then everything will stop and I have to there was no there will be no more. We are laser in in Sani Illamasqua and to the person only what he has put forward in this dunya to the era. This is what he will find in the grave

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And this is what he or she will find on the Day of Judgment. No one, no one can avoid this. No one. If anybody has been able to bypass this process, it would have been Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but even him. When he was on his on his deathbed, he wiped some water over his face and said, La ilaha illallah in a little mo disaccharide. There's nothing worthy of worship but Allah subhanaw taala surely, death has its own agonies. And this has mentioned in double fatty Subhanallah in Nicomedia tone, but in no homey tone, we are all going to perish. Every soul will taste that we all know. Or we heard in the Quran, especially from the brothers and the sisters who have memorized

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the last just you heard about some of the scenes of the Day of Judgment, either Shem suku, were either Nudelman kids were either Japan or So Europe, were either Malaysia or were either new Oceania where either will be hired or should Jarrett, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, when the sun is wrapped up in darkness, and when the stars fall, dispersing, and when the mountains are removed, and when the full term she comes are neglected. And when the wild beasts are gathered, and when the seas The seas are filled with flame, Allahu Akbar, that is young Dean and I am standing in front of the owner of that day.

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That is just a sample of what's going to happen on that day. On that day. Some people don't, they don't want to even go

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to the to the to the accountability. Allah subhanaw taala told us coil Yahweh Ilana men bath and Mr. Kadena they will say who has raised us up from our sleep, they want to they don't want to be accountable. They don't want to see the Day of Judgment because of what they used to do. In in this dunya. On that day, the sun will be brought so close to so allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that the sun will be one mile away by brothers and sisters, please please listen carefully. Now the sun is 1000s of miles away and we feel its heat and sometimes it's even burn us Subhanallah imagine one mile away one mile away. And the people who will be sweating Rasulullah SLM told us,

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some people, their sweat is up to their ankles, some to their knees, some to their hips, and some people to their chin. But there are seven kinds of people who will be under the shade of Allah and there's no shade except this shade Subhan Allah may Allah make us from these people? I mean, you're blaming me, media Allah, everyone who's watching us tonight everyone who's who's listening, everybody, everyone who's who's learning, Ya Allah and all their beloved ones. Yeah, Allah shade them under your shade when there's no shade except your shame. I mean, you're behind me. My brothers and sisters, look at the terms that Allah used about that day. Can

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either cattle or do that can

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Book our mela coos of soft power. And even if he's not understand much Arabic you feel the power of these words. Allah subhanaw taala said when the earth is leveled, it's bounded. It's crushed. It's about the conduct and Allah subhanaw taala will come and the angels are coming in rows on that day. Wha Shaka till Adobe know the Arab BIA on that day the earth will shine with the light of Allah subhanho wa Taala on that day, on that day, Allah save us on that day ya Allah save us on that day. Yo May a federal role model omen or he will me he will be Warsaw hibbity He will Binney be Kolibri. Minimum Ellner eat in Chattanooga, you're near Allahu Akbar. On that day the person will flee from

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his brother from his mother, from his father, from his children from his wife. Every one of them on that day will have enough to pre occupy them. Yeah, hola my mother, that I love so much. My father that I love so much, my children, my wife that I use love so much, my husband that I love so much, we'll be running away from each other. Allahu Akbar. What kind of day is that? Yo Mejia Jalan will. Danna Shiva told me yesterday. I don't will. Danna Shiva and sorbitol resemble Allah subhanaw taala said that day will make the children gray haired Allah Maliki yo me Dean, Maliki young Dean. I am standing in front of the owner of that day the king of that day liminal Malecon young Lehmann in

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Malecon young Lilla hill where he will call her to whom Bill

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long's the bounty today to Whom belongs the sovereignty today to Allah only to Allah that one who is alone Subhan Allah. Why should I please anyone else other than the owner of that day? Why should I please anyone else except the one who will enter the people to join and save the people from *? Why should I please anyone except the one who forgives the sins? And that is only one, Maliki young me, Dean. I want you to feel malakian with Dean when you're saying it. 100 in here or bill? Let me mean

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Rachna and you're rocking Ehrlichia Woombye Deen How can we be saved on on that day? How can we be saved on yo Medina Yeoman hisab. How? By following the kana wudu but he kind of stain Allahu Akbar. Look at the order. Do you want to be saved on an Yomi Deen? Then follow a Cana Buddha you can stay in You Are the Only One year Allah that we worship and You are the only one year Allah that we see come from the source of Tawheed II cannot go to where he can stay in Subhan Allah my brothers and sisters, when you recite Maliki yo me Dean, slow down and enjoy the answer from Allah azza wa jal, just like the Hadith we mentioned before,

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when we say Maliki only Deen, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will answer back and say, Majed any Abdi. He calls me he calls you the best name ever. Majed any of the My slave has glorified me, Allah Ya Allah, how beautiful is that conversation? So how can I rush? How can I rush? Enjoy, slow down and enjoy the response of Allah subhanho wa Taala Where are you going?

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Marie Kiyomi Deen Subhan Allah in sha Allah died of Allah kept us alive till tomorrow, we will study this area, you cannot avoid do what you can to stay low IQ but I can't wait to tell you about this tomorrow in sha Allah Allah. May Allah azza wa jal protect us on your machine. May Allah subhanaw taala shade us on Yomi Deen, may Allah azza wa jal

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bring us back to our masajid May Allah azza wa jal forgive all our sins, May Allah save our necks from the hellfire. May Allah protect our children and our parents. I ask Allah azza wa jal at this best time of Iftar on this day of Juma in sha Allah to Allah to fill all our homes with love and mercy and peace and tranquility. Me in Europe anatomia Allah make our last words La Ilaha illa Allah and make our last deeds, our best deeds. I mean, Robert Alameen wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine some her and I can learn more we have Michigan

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Gomez, Shahar fellow Hillsong woman again and Maddie one elewana cirfairy Saturday

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you read on libido more you saw what you read to be Serravalle to me last night that I wanted to be on Long Island

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the school

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