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For the month of Ramadan Alhamdulillah started on Monday. Han is here with us tonight. And I'm sure that it goes without saying that many of us have been introduced to Arabic, Quranic Arabic Quran active seed through the lectures of our dear brother Normani Han, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to increase him, may Allah subhanho wa Taala give him much more Tofik to benefit the Ummah on a larger scale and Middleboro Allah mean once again I do want to say this that I know that all of us are 100 There's so much excitement in the air and that's a good thing at the same time please.

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Inshallah Wisata southern Oman plans are coming inshallah continuously after the month Ramadan. But please, after after the lecture is over, I know there's gonna be a lot of selfie bombs, okay, so please just just relax inshallah. And and for those of you I remember there was a sister outside who wanted to talk to was that anyone who wants to talk to his dad in sha Allah, you can always email him in sha Allah he will give you some time you can go to the beginner campus perhaps he will give you some time there inshallah does that come okay

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below him in a show you thought analogy

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in a lady Nakamura bounnam Allah whom Mr. Camuto tennis and while he Mulan mela Inca to Al Taha from Zen

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and letter for for Zen wherever she rubine Jen Nettie Letty Khun to I don't

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know only

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fill hieratic dunya waffle

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while uncomfy testing he Fuzu como ella comfy mad own

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news oh let

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was a min ash and we'll call him and

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you love Allah he want me to slowly have

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one color in any minute mostly mean?

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Well, at least we'll have center to more or less say to the fat and be letting here accent for either lady by INEC Kawabe you know who either what one in Wally Yun Hemi

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why man you will not call her

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lady now Sabo you will not call her

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in help Lee now we

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will imagine that one neck Amina shine you call Nina's one first built

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in who was semi highly

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published actually suddenly were silly. Everyone looked at me listening. Oh, golly. But hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam O Allah shortfill Ambia you will mousseline rather early, he was happy he was behind.

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On my bad they'd like to start by expressing my gratitude to this community, and especially to Imam Nadeem. For this honor. I pray that this evening like all the other nights of Ramadan, and all the days are accepted by all of us that Allah gives all of us sincerity and acceptance from him, and that he overlooks our mistakes. And he gives us a new beginning after Ramadan.

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What I wanted to share with you this evening is a reminder that applies to myself and to all of you that belongs to sudut facilite. This is the 41st Surah of the Quran. And the passage that I'm going to be talking to you about for your reference starts from iron number 30. And you can follow along from there when you go home and child I want you to go go over some of these ayat with your family. And one of one of the objectives that every one of us including myself should have is that you know, when we come to Allah's house, we get to connect to Allah's word, we listen to the recitation, we recite the Quran, but we have to bring the message of Allah's words to our household, we have to we

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as a family, we have to have conversations about the word of Allah. So stuff that you hear stuff that you benefit from stuff that makes you think, from the word of Allah, the ayat, sit with your son and have a conversation, sit at the dinner table, have a conversation, remind yourselves of these ideas. This is one of the most blessed things you can do. And one of the most powerful ways to bring a family together and remove shaitan from the family and all of us need to remove shaitan from the family that goes without saying

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Right. So what I want to start off with is this incredible idea in a Latina Carlo or Boon Allah Who for Mr. Como, no doubt about it those who said that our master is Allah, and then they stood firm. That's the statement Allah begins when he's going to talk about these people. They said they did two things in this area they declared their master is Allah. And then after that they remain firm. So let's talk about that first part, they declared their master is Allah. This is different from when Allah says in other places in the Quran in Allah, Dena Amanu, those who believed, right, that's how he describes Muslims right all the time, in Allah, Dena Amanu, or me noon. But here he says in the

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Latina, Kalu, Rabona, Allah, those who declared our master is Allah, what's the difference? The difference is actually that in confidence, these are people who don't, who are not afraid of saying that Allah is their ultimate authority, Allah is their master. And they're not afraid to say that in any context. They're not afraid to hide their Islam on campus. They're not afraid to hide their Islam in a high school. They're the only Muslim there, they're not afraid to hide it. They're not afraid to hide it in Morocco, where the machete raccoon were against the Muslims. They're openly saying that a boon Allah, right, but there are other contexts in which this is powerful. It could be

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that even inside your your own, you know, Muslims in their own social circle in your family, among friends among the group, there are people that are doing something your your bunch of friends got together, and they're backbiting for example, they're doing Riba and you're like, I can't do that. I don't want to have anything to do with this conversation. And when you say, I don't want anything to do with this conversation, actually, what you're saying is, I'll be Allah, my job is Allah I can, you know, I like you as a friend, but not enough to, you know, go against what Allah says, I'm going to just declare my rub is Allah, I want no part of this. You understand? Everybody's going to this

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party, all your friends are going to the whole family has been invited. And you know, there's something really messed up happening at that party. You know, it's not far fetched nowadays, that Muslim gatherings also have alcohol, that Muslim gatherings also have all kinds of things that are not assessed that are the antithesis of Islam. And this this craziness is becoming more and more normal. And then the few people that are trying to hold on to the Allah's Deen in the family, they're the weirdos. So they're being sucked into that environment. Well, that that moment when they say, What Abdullah, or Rob is Allah, then that's a pretty brave thing to do. This statement is

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actually about confidence. It's actually about speaking up for when it matters. We are already believers. But you can hide your Eman, compromise your iman, and then you know when the situation calls for it, you're like, maybe I shouldn't raise my voice right now. Maybe I should just play it safe. This is not this is an idea. Or this passage is about those who know that safety belongs with Allah. So it doesn't matter who makes me unsafe. If I declare my Robin's Allah in this situation, that's enough for me. And then when the pressure comes at them to pull back, then Allah adds full muster camo then they stood tall, then they remain firm. And he loves the moon Sabha to they they

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remain firm they stood by it and when analyzing this is the column who there are two dimensions of that, that one you know, several commentators several Sahaba even commented on this is the Allahu Anhu Jemaine and their their commentaries are divided into two sects, two categories. One category is those who said Our master is Allah, and people tried to put doubts in them. People tried to make them go back to their old ways. And the old ways were attractive. The old ways they're their friends were in the old ways, pleasures belonged in the old ways, life was easier in the old way. So it's, it's pulling you back. But these people held on to their Deen no matter how much people tried to

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confuse them, no matter how appealing it was to just go back to the darkness, they didn't go back, they held on to their faith. That's one of the meanings of Estacado the other of Estacado The other meaning of Estacado is that they kept on obeying Allah like they kept on, you know, staying consistent, for example, with their prayer for staying away from haram from earning the right kind of money from not accepting a bribe or not cheating in the business from not lying and scheming and scamming. Even though those opportunities were there, they never took advantage of any of them. They stayed firm. These are the people that Allah is going to talk about in this ayah and what does he

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say about them that unnecessarily will allow him will Mullah equal to Allah to Hafele. What zone what obscura will Jana angels descend on these people. Now you know that the idea of later Takada is the national Mullah. Iike to Rofi hobby in Europe be him in Cali Omran. Yeah, angels descend from the sky on this special night. This night is so powerful that

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Angels come down especially for this night but even with more emphasis with an additional TA that 10 has no you know and this is the Catherine love the cathedral mana in Arabic when more of the spelling is used more emphasis is used more emphatically Allah says angels come down for these people.

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Angels come down from the skies, Allah assigned certain angels to travel the skies only for these people. Can you imagine you really think of the special delivery of the angels coming? Laylatul Qadr which is true. But these people have their own. And then the question became for our Mahasi rune when do these angels come to these people? When do they descend? And so the words are the angels come down and they they say they say to these people, Allah takaful attacks don't know. Don't be afraid. Don't be sad. The angels came from the skies just to say don't be afraid. Don't be sad. And then they add one up Shiro will Jannetty let he continue to I don't and feel congratulated feel

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positive because of the Jana that helped you people have been promised. Okay, so now three things don't be afraid. Don't be sad and congratulate feel good about Jannah that you've been promised. These are the three things The angels are coming down from the sky to say to me and you if we can meet the first condition of this ayah in Alladhina called Robin Allah for Mr. Karma. That's it. That's all you got to do. That's all you got to do. This is this is not even about like the person praying to Hadoop every night. There's the other places in the Quran. This is not even about the Zohan, the people that go to Hajj every year. This is not about the father of the Quran. Who is this

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about? This is about one young man who decides that he wants to hold on to his Islam in you know, in China, or he decides to hold on to Islam in Germany. And he realizes everybody's looking at him funny. So you know, it's easier to be Muslim in a large community, isn't it? But when you travel the world you realize for some people being Muslim is one of the hardest things you can do. Just holding on to your prayer can be one of the most difficult things for people. We take it for granted. You know, there are places in the world where massages are not a safe place to be. You guys have heard of the horrifying tragedy that happened in Kabul today. You know, that's inside of Allah's house,

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that that happened. There are other places where people can get arrested for going to a masjid. There are other places in the world today where people pray, and they are surveyed their surveillance, most people find out they're praying and they get into trouble. And that's even from governments. Forget about that. I know young men that confide in me, that tells me if my father finds out that I pray, he will kick me out of the house tomorrow, I hide from their Muslim family. The father is not even Christian or Jewish or atheist, his Muslim family, and the Father is so against the salah of his son in a Muslim family. He hides from his dad and fast pretends to eat

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pretends to eat when he just gets bags of chips and crumbles them. So it sounds like he's eating chips. So is that will make him read. These are people holding on to their faith. And those people angels are coming down to them. And the Mufasa don't wonder when do they come. And so it became a very common to have seed of this idea in the mouth. At the moment of death, this person lived their entire life like this. And the life is about to be over. The Angel of Death has arrived. When the angel of death arrives. You can see him he hasn't taken your life yet. You can see him and you're not dead yet. But you can't talk anymore. You can tell everybody Hey, by the way, you know what I

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see you guys see him? You can't do that anymore. Okay, that's the final moments of death in the sense you're paralyzed. Yeah, the secondary momentary permanent paralysis before your death. And family members are around me. Loved ones are around me, doctors are around me. And here I am in my death. But everybody's crying. And I see these angels for the first time. And this should be a terrifying thing because they're creatures of the cave, right? Suicide, salam, Sol Gibreel alayhi salam, and he was terrified. So if I were to see an angel for the first time, you know, that's a pretty intense experience. Love dying was hard enough. And on top of that, these beat there's not

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just one, there's legions of them coming down, just for me at the moment of my death. And then when I get terrified of them say, Oh, don't don't be scared. Don't be sad.

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You need to feel good about yourself right now because we're here to tell you. You're going to Jana. Take good news of Jana that you've been. I haven't even died yet. And right before my death, I'm being told you're being told by these angels delivered especially from Allah. You did it. You graduate. And these are the happiest moments of my life.

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These are the happiest moments of a believers life, and everybody around them is crying their faces off. This is some of the saddest moments of everyone else's life. But it's the happiest moment of mine, the happiest moment of yours, yours.

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Other scholars said, This must be happening on Resurrection Day. Meaning when we come out of our graves, and everybody's terrified, right? And we're all by ourselves, Allah sends a group of angels like a security detail you ever see like celebrities pass through a crowd, they get a security detail and they push everybody out. And they keep us alert like a security detail of angels surrounds you and says you don't need to be afraid. You got nothing to be sad about. You're going to Janna I know. You're welcome. I know we got you though. Allah sent us special delivery will take care of you will escort you all the way. That's another way that are them. I looked at the saya.

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Rahim Allah in his stuff. See, you said something remarkable. He said, but there's a mutual love. He said, Allah didn't say at the time of death, he didn't say on Judgement Day. So why do we have to restrict the meaning here? If Allah didn't restrict it? Why should we? There is nothing explicit restricting the meaning to the moment of death, which holds true judgment day which holds true, but then you know what? We can even his implication would be, we can't even hear these angels right now. But they're actually speaking to us from the rave and encouraging us. They're cheering us on and saying, stop being scared. Don't be sad. You're heading towards Jannah you're doing the right thing.

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You got this. There are there are encouraging legion of angels sent directly from the skies only because we said our job is Allah and we're trying to hold on to that for Mr Kham Subhan. Allah. Like, what a way of Allah that Allah tells me and you you're not alone. You know, loneliness is one of the most common crises of our time. We are more connected to humanity than we've ever been before. There's just pick this thing up, depending on which kind of superficial connection you want. You can go between Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, you don't want it whichever one you want. And you can see other people's fake happiness and feel sad about yourself. You could do that. Right, very

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easy now. Right? And then we see we feel like we're connected to other people. But this is actually a way of us being more disconnected than we've ever actually been. You know, and we're lost in our own. We're drowning in our own sadnesses and our own inadequacies and our own constant comparisons to others. Nobody understands me, nobody gets it. Nobody gets how hard it is. And here Allah says, Yep, I've sent angels just the ones who get it and they get you and they're there just just to be your moral spiritual support. Allah Taha for Allah doesn't know what I'm sure will Jannetty ality continue to add on. These These angels are a gift from Allah that have now descended on me and then

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they tell us something more. And this isn't the Joomla is MIA foreign, which means it applies in the era but it can apply now to new Olia who can fill hayati dunya or fill Akira new Khurana Alia ACOEM Magnolia welcome. We are your protective friends in this life. And in the final life.

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We are your protective security detail other place in the Quran Allah says you see Lu Alikum health Allah, He sends security guards over you. When you get in your car you recite the door of suffer you you remember Allah and you're driving and you're a believer you're going towards earning your Halal job. How many ways can you die on your commute? How many ways can you know a truck can come and ram into you for no fault of your own? You can go through a green light and somebody else can go through a red light for no fault of your own. You don't know and I don't know how many disasters the angels that Allah has sent to us are protecting us from constantly. When a doctor one time was telling me

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how many billions of bacteria are inside my body that can kill me right now. That I realize you see to Alikum haha, how many guardians does he send? What kind of guardians are these? What kind of security protection is this? When a person realizes that you know what what goes away? The feeling of not being safe? And when he then when he says laptop show him work? Show me Don't fear people be afraid of B then internalizes. I don't have to be afraid of anyone else. He sent guardians for me, and he says these guardians for you are in this life. And in the next Daniel Olia, Oakland Phil hayati, dunya or Phil aka where your protective friends in this life and in the next one a comfy How

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am I attached to here Infocomm we're gonna spend a couple of minutes here. This is about Jana, but it has implications in dunya too, so please pay attention to this part. I haven't explained this before. So this is my gift to you today. What are comfy How am I attached to here in Phu Kham you will have in it meaning in the orchestra you'll have in the next life. Whatever you

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Wish, whatever you wish for. The thing about this life, folks, men women, is that we can wish for lots of things, but we can't say it.

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You know if if your wife asks you so what do you tell me? What's in your heart? That's one of the most dangerous questions your wife can ask you.

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Wives, if you ask that, please don't ask that question. But if you ask that question, the first thing you should gauge is the few seconds of awkward silence and to stare into the sky your husband does, what do you really have in your heart you'd like?

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Like, for a moment, it's like the Angel of Death just appeared, but

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but the point is, we have in us desires, feelings we have in us things that we want, that we can't verbalize. We have things in us that Allah put inside of us. And we have to control them and keep them to ourselves. And we understand that men can have these women can have these. And if you tell someone, they look at you funny like that's what you want.

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That's what's in your head.

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You know, and what does Allah do? You held yourself back from all kinds of things that were being thrown in your face you held on to this Dean. Even when you slipped up you made doba you came back under his shade. You stayed firm as much as you could you know what? Make your wish. Willa comfy Hama Testa he and for SOCO you will have in it, whatever you desire, whatever you want. He didn't put a restriction on it. Some people come to me and say, I've read the Qur'an, and it says, I'm gonna get palm trees and waterfalls. I don't like palm trees, and I don't like waterfalls. So what am I going to get?

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Read so what do you want? I don't know.

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I don't know just means you're not going to tell me that's okay. You could tell Allah. The the offer is open, inhabit? Well, I can see how much the Infocomm and then on top of that would have been enough like, you know, Allah saying, I will get whatever I want. And then people get insecure, especially I know a lot of our sisters they get insecure about what's going to happen in Jannah. And they come and they ask, so

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do I still have to be married to him and Jana?

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I'm not gonna answer that. I'm just gonna say you get whatever you want.

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Allah gave us the safest possible answer for every but what if I want is not the same as what is? Allah will take care of that. Don't you worry about it. Because he can't he's either coalition encoded the way things work in this dunya is not the way they work in the era. Right. Then he says on top of that Willa comfy hamata their own remarkable, he says you will have in this world you will have in the next life, whatever demand you place, whatever new demand you come up with. Now, that sounds like the first thing, whatever you want, whatever you desire, but the thing is, human desire is an interesting thing. If you desire this car, you just really wanted it. Right? And you get it.

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After a few months of getting that car, what's gonna happen?

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There's another car. Your eyes are gleaming over a different vehicle.

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If there was this house that you just if I had this house, yo, it's on the beach. It's beautiful. It's the views spectacular, whatever. Three years later, you're selling it.

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Right? I just yeah, the beach. The beach just bothers me. It's too noisy. I need to move to the desert. I can't take this anymore.

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What happens to human beings when they get what they thought they wanted more than anything? They move on? There's something else then there's something else then there's something else? Right? Okay, well, and Jana, he'll give you whatever you want. Right?

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But after you get whatever you want, and you look around in general, you're like,

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my imagination just expanded. Can I make new Can I place new demands? Yeah, with a comfy how much of their own? Like it's not limited to what if I asked for something? And then that's it? No, no, your imagination, the scope of the things you can ask for from Allah will expand actually, this is a point associated with human creativity. artists, engineers, architects, you know what they do? They take inspiration, don't they? They're driving by they see a tree. They're like, I'm gonna make a building that looks like a tree. And then they, they do that. Artists do that. You know, architects do that. People that design things they take cooks do that. They take inspiration, inspiration from

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recipes. So when you see things in Jannah you've never seen before, guess what, you're gonna get a new kind of inspiration. You're gonna get

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New crazy ideas of what you want. And Allah will incorporate those two in whatever it is that Jana has to offer what are comfy hamata their own. Now this seems to be the greatest of all possible gifts, right? Like this is even beyond human imagination now. But then Allah baffles you and me with what he says next he says New Zealand mineral photo, Rahim noozle in the Arabic language, let me explain this to you. Back in the day, people didn't bring their car to somebody's house, they drove on their camel, they drove on their horse. And when they got up on the horse, and they reach somebody's house, the person whose house you came to, they came outside and they helped you get off

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the horse. And they helped you tie your camel and your horse and then they they gave you some, you know, some peanuts or water or whatever, right at right at the door, right as soon as you got off the animal, and then they take you inside. So the descent from the animal that's called nozel. And nozel includes when they give you that water, they give you pista boddam, Chai punish any whatever they give you, you know, when they hand you that stuff, the introductory hospitality, you know, you go to some people's house and they leave like nuts and you know, things on the table, the dinner hasn't been served yet. But if it takes long enough, all the nuts disappear, and now you're not

00:26:18--> 00:26:37

hungry anymore, that kind of thing. That's actually what is called Newzoo. So the way you can translate or think about nozel is the introductory hospitality not the main course, not the actual meal, you understand what I just described about Janna, Allah describes that as nozel.

00:26:38--> 00:26:45

That is the introductory hospitality that has nothing to do with the main course

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Newsela Newsela mineral photo Rahim from the one who covers all sins, from the one that is always loving and caring, meaning what is coming beyond that is beyond the words that you and I have the ability to incorporate or internalize that's beyond us. This is the entrance. This is the invitation to to Jana, that the angels are giving now possibly at the time of death, but even before as a motivation. Now, let me add something more.

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You see this promise of Jana, that you will have whatever you want. That's not how this life works. We don't get whatever we want. This life is designed to be covered. It's designed to be difficult toiling labour some it's designed to be painful. It's a it's a massive trial for all of us, we can have moments of happiness, followed by difficulties then moments of happiness and difficulties. If somebody says, All I want to do is be happy. They're the most depressed people you'll ever find. Because you can't always be happy. You can't be happy, stuck in traffic going to work. You can't be happy at the dentist office. If you are see me afterwards, you have a serious psychological

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This life isn't designed for happy Oh, somebody says, I just want to be happy. I want to have a baby. You're not going to be happy in the delivery room. Lady, let me tell you, those are not moments of happiness. There's pain and then there's happiness, and then there's pain. And then there's happiness. I'm so happy we have a baby, you're not going to be happy when you're changing diapers.

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It's not going to be hot, but you'll have moments of happiness. That's how this life is designed. Now, what did Allah do for people who say are rubbish Allah, and they can hold on to that they can commit to that may Allah make all of us from them? What does he say about these people? He's telling us something remarkable. He's connecting something in this dunya with something in the akhira I'm gonna give you an example of that from sootel Bacara. So you can understand this concept is very powerful. So to Bacara we learned that when people go to agenda they will get fruits. Yeah. And when they get fruits, they look like what they had in this life. So you'll see an orange you see a

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strawberry you see a kiwi you see this stuff? Right? And we say how they're lovely rose Economic Club and this is the thing that we were provided a long time ago in this life. So we It looks similar, but when you taste it, it's a completely different thing. It's better than anything you've ever had. And the next bite is better than the last one and the one after that is better than the last one. Right? It's not even the redundancy and taste right? But there's something more there when you take a bite of that heavenly orange or that heavenly apple.

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You know what's gonna you know what Deja Vu is?

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That bite will remind you of this time you fought your sleep and got up and prayed Fajr and that taste this. This is that fruit.

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This is what I was given.

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I didn't even know that's how good that was. At the time. It looked like I don't want to get up. But I didn't know it's this. Every reward

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Word in Jana is going to be connected to something you were given this of before. And part of your risk was your good deeds. Part of your risk was walking away from bad deeds. So every joy in Jannah Oh, this is Oh, this is that time I didn't go to that party. Whoa. Now this tastes good.

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You will remember Allah will remind you of all of those small things that you forgot in this life. The one time somebody was being aggressive with you and you didn't respond back you have you have a better vocabulary of foul words than they will ever have. And yet you held back you held back your entire plethora, the entire lexicon that you carry within you you contained it within yourself and Allah rewards you for you holding your tongue and then you see a reward for that in the next life The angels are coming and telling you your your as you speak as you sacrifice in this life as you withhold as you carry with someone. As I live my life in obedience. I'm actually getting everything

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I desire even now I just don't know it yet.

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I'm actually earning it as we speak. Well, I can see how much the here and for so cool, while the comfy hamata down Newsela Minco photo Rahim. Now, just the last couple of via there's some heavy stuff in here. But when I say Hola Mundo Allah, Allah He? Well, I'm Isla slowly Han, or Kala in anemia Muslimeen who could be better in speech than somebody who calls to Allah while they acted righteously while they while they acted in a good way. And they declared that I am certainly from among the Muslims, there are three or four lessons from this ayah and I'll be done there. I was planning on doing the entire passage that's going to take too long, but I'm going to just give you

00:31:39--> 00:31:51

just something you can retain. So you can think about Inshallah, this is this is ayah, number 33 of this surah facilite. Who could be better in speech, as someone who invites other invites to Allah.

00:31:52--> 00:32:32

Let's analyze that first. Who could be better Allah is saying the best speech you can possibly have is one that invites to Allah, there's no one better than and it's not the speech. That's the best, you become the best. In Allah sight, you are so valuable, when you just took an opportunity to invite somebody towards Allah. The second thing to note here is he didn't mention homophobia. He didn't say, Well, I'm an accidental COVID amendment, the anassa it Allah, that Allah Haryana, Illa. Allah, that, you know, the outcome is the ultimate Allah. He didn't mention, who are you inviting to Allah? Who are you inviting, because not everybody has a MiCon

00:32:33--> 00:33:01

not everybody has a platform. Some people, the only people that can invite to Allah is their mother. Some people, the only one they can invite to Allah is their best friend. Some people, the only one they can invite to Allah as their daughter, their husband, their wife, their cousin, their co worker, and they can't do it all the time, they find an opportunity, the right time to just say something that brings them an inch closer to Allah, hey, there's a dinner tonight at my mosque.

00:33:03--> 00:33:04

Want to come? Is good food.

00:33:06--> 00:33:43

You know what they just did, they just invited to Allah. Because what will happen after that can have its own effects, right? That is also inviting to Allah. This isn't just about the Hadith, and the Imam and the daddy, and, you know, the professional dialogue crew that sets up a table and says, Hey, come here, let me show you Islam is true, not just those guys. This is about anyone and everyone, if you if you just took an opportunity to slip something in, like, you know, for example, your you wanted to give your mother advice. But you know, if you say to her, that is the last thing she will listen to, because she has taken an oath never to listen to you. Right? And you know what's

00:33:43--> 00:34:01

good for your health. So you're not going to try to give your mother advice. So what do you do? You're smart, you you find out who she likes to listen to. And you find out that I'm talking about that same advice. And you're pretending that you're listening to your for yourself. And she just overhears it in the kitchen and she's like, and then you start pausing and she goes, keep playing that.

00:34:02--> 00:34:16

Right? You know what you just did, you invited her to Allah, you invite her to Allah. Don't restrict the power of these words. Like there are ways in which people invite to Allah that have nothing to do with even speech.

00:34:17--> 00:34:57

And coal can be lots of things. Gold in Arabic is a vast thing. It's not just words, actually, it's all forms of communication. In fact, even thoughts you have inside of yourself are called coal in Arabic. You know, your coluna fi and footsy him might write they say inside of themselves. There could be nonverbal communication that invites to Allah. It could be someone who's acting belligerent in your in your in a gathering, somebody's being ignorant, and you're acting in a dignified way. And people just look at that and say what is making this person so calm? That question itself invited somebody to Allah. Well, my next one will call them in Mumbai illallah wa, la sala Han, and then

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

it's and they acted in a way that is good.

00:35:00--> 00:35:22

Now it's this interesting words, Sally Han, is it could be two things can happen here. It could be Ruby. So Amelia Island, Sally Han, and it could be a hull. So there's two ways you can look at it. So one way you can look at it is they did something good. They did something good. Now let's think about that for a moment. They did something good. You know what that means? That the good that I do may not be the good that you do.

00:35:23--> 00:36:02

But you do some kind of good. You you figure out what is the kind of good that you're good at, that Allah made you talented and that Allah made easy for you. And you hone in on that and you exhausted? Well, I'm ILA Solly. Han. And he didn't just say, you know, a salejaw. Like he says, Well, I'm you do a solid heart, right? The lamb is there. The lamb isn't here. You know what that means? There's a there's a tunnel where there's an openness in the kind of deed it could be. For some people, it could be speech, other other people are really social. They're able to invite people go out to dinner, gather people gather around them, while they're using their social networking skills, to

00:36:02--> 00:36:28

create gatherings where good stuff happens. They're gathering people together and helping a family in need. Camila Salia. They're taking whatever Allah has given them, whatever resources Allah has given them, and turning them into a good deed of some kind. But there's the other side the hull, and what does the hull do in Arabic? It does they act in a way that is good. So to briefly explain that you can do a good thing but not do it in a very good way.

00:36:30--> 00:36:34

You can say Salam o alaikum, it's a good thing to say yes. But you could also say sonogram

00:36:37--> 00:36:38

So somebody says salam to us

00:36:43--> 00:36:46

it's a good deed, but the hull is not very funny.

00:36:47--> 00:36:54

Rubies there. What the hell is what that means is, not only do we do good, but we do it in a way that is good.

00:36:55--> 00:37:13

This is this is actually something stressed in the Quran. Charity is good. But the way you give it out also has to be good. You can't just throw money at someone and say this peaceable Allah here, you can't, you can't do that. A good deed has to be done in a good way.

00:37:14--> 00:37:55

Advice has to be given in a good way, a reminder has to be given in a good way, not in an offensive way, not in a hurtful way. Counsel has to be given in a sensitive way. That's the word Solly. Han inside here. So Allah says, who could be better than someone who invites to Allah and acts in a good way and acted in a good way and did something good makalah in any middle Muslim in my favorite part of this? And he declared just like in the beginning, Carlu Robin, Allah, Allah again, they declare they are they have no shame in saying this. What do they have no shame in saying, I no doubt I'm from among the Muslims. I am from among the Muslims. What in the world does that mean? First of all,

00:37:55--> 00:38:35

they're not afraid to hide their Islam. That's obvious. But there are other implications. You see in other religions, other than Islam and other religions, there is a hierarchy. So there's a pope, there's a pundit, there's a, there's a guru, there's a saint, right? There's a monk, there's somebody up there, and they dress different from everybody else. And when they walk, everybody else goes into half Recor. His Holiness is here, and they have a special seat. And people come and they touch their feet, or they kiss their hand, you know, or they pass their ring over, you know, you need to get blessed. Right? They have this, because they're the ones telling us about spirituality

00:38:35--> 00:38:41

and God and goodness, they have a higher station than the rest of us. Right. So if they walk in the room,

00:38:43--> 00:39:13

you know, the whole Your Highness is here. His Highness is here. His Holiness is here. So there's this kind of religious spiritual hierarchy, right? And it's expected. It's expected that you act a certain way around those kinds of people. Right? But what did what did our religion do? Rasool Allah Azza wa sallam, nobody is more honored than the messenger of allah sallallahu I listen. And you guys know this up. You've heard this a million times, when people walked into a gathering of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and the Sahaba they couldn't tell who the prophet is.

00:39:14--> 00:39:23

There was no there was no special chair, there was no special clothing. There was no way people often got the wrong Sahabi and tell you how rasool Allah

00:39:24--> 00:39:59

so he's over there. So they had to figure out a way of making him stand out. So they took because he used to sit on the dirt. So they took the dirt and they put a little mound on top of it. So he could sit a little higher so you could be a little bit more prominent so people can recognize that that's Allah's Messenger. sallallahu alayhi wasallam if we you know, you know, religious figures have dislike, awe and reverence and a motorcade and people trying to touch them for blessings and all of that an armored mental Hatha was sitting under a tree lying under a tree sleeping on the ground after being the head of

00:40:00--> 00:40:34

aid of the Muslims after being someone guaranteed Jana, he, that's what he's doing. You know what that is when someone calls to Allah, and they try to do good themselves. Just because I'm talking to you right now I'm trying to call you and myself to Allah. That doesn't mean I'm any better than you. I'm just among the Muslims to what you struggle with, I struggle with what your challenges are. My challenges are, if you slip and fail, I slip and fail. We're all in this together. The fact that I get to remind you or you get to remind me doesn't put me or you in a higher position.

00:40:35--> 00:41:17

And these people who could be better than the one who calls to Allah tries to do their best, they act righteously and they act, they do something good. And then they never consider themselves above the Muslims. But actually in many Minelli, Muslims, I am from among the Muslims. I am from among you, I'm no different from you. I don't have a special status. I belong among you, you know, and this is a powerful, powerful teaching that Allah has given us right after the Ayat of Jana. And you know, I was reading a few difficile today just just to contemplate on these ayat. And one of the things I found that was really beautiful, is that Allah has opened this AMA has had the Elia unlimit

00:41:18--> 00:41:38

little Jamia like this, I'll open the doors for everyone. Anybody who in any capacity, invite someone to Allah, anybody who in any capacity decides to do something good. And anybody who understands that they are with they empathize with others, by the way, that's the last implication of international Muslimeen I can see somebody else's pain.

00:41:39--> 00:42:24

You know, I don't just see somebody else's sin. I see their pain. Somebody came into the masjid drunk. You could smell the alcohol right? Now I could just say stuff that Allah you know the Hello love what Allah Allah mustard you should have respect. But what makes us what makes somebody drink and then come into a masjid. Something's happening in this person's life. They could have just stayed at the bar, right? They came to Allah's house. And they passed out in the masjid made a scene, but they're looking for something here. So as sinful as the act is, this person is trying to get up. This person is trying to take a step. And in this most dark moment of their life, they

00:42:24--> 00:42:54

decided to walk into Allah's house. Should this be a moment where I am disgusted, appalled? Or Should this be a moment where I should humanize this person? Take them to the side, let them sober up, get them some help, get them a blanket, have them drink some water, try to understand what's going on in their life. Try to humanize before I just asked for Allah. I don't know the I have Hummer? Or is Hybris it i on this person? Like he apparently doesn't know. And we'll cover all bases.

00:42:56--> 00:43:38

That's not the case. Why? Why does somebody get addicted to gambling and there are Muslims that are addicted to gambling, they have lost life savings, addicted to gambling. You know, they've and these are Muslims that pray. These are Muslims that went to Hajj. These are Muslims that eat halal food, but they're addicted to gambling. Why did that happen? Wow. You know, when we say in the middle Muslimeen I am from the Muslims who are also not perfect. I'm also trying to understand their pain points. They're trying to hold on to Allah also. They're trying to make their way to agenda also. And I just develop a sense of trying to understand where someone else is coming from. What Why did

00:43:38--> 00:44:14

if they messed up? Why did they mess up? How did that happen? You know, and so in these few words, Allah has given us just an incredible, incredible gift. I could be talking to you all night about these I will have to still hustle I will say but I won't do that because inshallah another time. But I do want to conclude by by expressing, just humbly my gratitude to all of you for being here tonight. I pray that Allah azza wa jal accepts this reminder, as an act of worship to Him. And it's something that we can take back, share with our families and do something good with it, that we can we can bring our families closer to Allah with these kinds of reminders for each other. And I pray

00:44:14--> 00:44:50

that those of you that are having difficulty in your home, you're having difficulty inside of yourself that nobody else knows about, that you're even scared to verbalize. That Allah makes that difficulty easy for you that you're not able that you don't fall into the trap of shaytaan. That his his job is to make you feel isolated. His job is to cut you off from any source of goodness. And then you figure out he'll give you his solutions to your sadness. He'll give you his solutions to your loneliness and his solutions. Because he's constantly feeding those to you inside your head. The more you cut yourself off, the louder his voice is going to be. You know, so I pray that Allah

00:44:50--> 00:45:00

protects you from that, that he keeps you surrounded by good protective company that he allows you to be those that within your family you become each other shield shaitan is one of his greatest

00:45:00--> 00:45:34

his goals is to destroy the relationship between the husband and the wife, that that's where he wants to be. So the way that you can be open with your spouse and they can be open with you, and when they share their weakness when they share their vulnerability. You don't use it to humiliate or attack or use it as a weapon later on. But to understand that we are partners in life, we have to make this work together. I'm going to be their help, they're going to be my help. You know, this, this is an essential need a powerful need that human beings have that they have to rely on each other. Musa alayhis salam was told by Allah go talk to Fidel, and that's enough he's Musa he says,

00:45:34--> 00:46:13

No, I need Harun. I need him. He's my he's my support, which should be here as rewashing Kofi and we can also be haka Thielen. You know, I just, I want to do this, we have you, I can do this, we have you myself, but I need him to do this, we have you with my my son, I can't be alone in this. So we need each other and the people Allah has put in your life. I pray that Allah makes those relationships beautiful, and he removes the ugliness from them. And that everything that is keeping you from turning to Allah, everything that's that's a darkness inside of your heart that Allah alleviates that darkness from you, and makes the blessing of this Ramadan, the blessing of the ayat

00:46:13--> 00:46:49

of the Quran, he makes that a constant in your life. I pray that Allah makes your your contemplation on the Quran, recitation of the Quran, you're coming closer to Allah and his messenger through the Quran. You developing a love of Allah through the Quran. I pray Allah makes all of that easy for you and regular for you. It stays with you every day it becomes a part of your life. You can forget brushing your teeth, you won't forget Quran it should be like that. And I pray that happens for you that you know that and it happens for me. It doesn't matter how much Quran you've studied in the past, whether you've memorized or not memorization, knowledge, all of that is up here. We need Quran

00:46:49--> 00:47:17

in here and this takes work. This is never done. It's never it's a daily thing. You have to bring the you could even recite the Quran the whole day and it didn't come in here. Right? This takes conscious effort and I pray that Allah unlocks our hearts. So the Quran that we recite the one we contemplate a deeply affects and enters into our hearts BarakAllahu li Walakum Quran Al Hakim when a funny way er, combine it with the Kraken Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

00:47:23--> 00:47:38

Salam morning with regard to inshallah we'll have the AMA three o'clock this will be not our final day and by the way, you shall not tomorrow again we have Thoreau here. And then tomorrow again, we will have the AMA three and mashallah Zack Moloch head said I'm already comfortable