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I'm Larry Lowe salatu salam ala rasulillah but

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we are unaware of and I've heard the hadith of knobbies Allah Allah Allah wa sallam

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which is narrated rebel hora de la Han who were preserved lives alone artists alone could see. He says Allah Subhana Allah says that I have divided the Salah between myself and my slave.

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And so this by the word Salah is meant so the father

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and also does an awesome job that Allah subhanaw taala said that when my slaves as a hungry Liar, oh Blimey, I say Hamdani Abdi, my slave has praised me

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and so on for each of the ad. There is a response from Allah subhanho that

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I remind myself

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and I knew

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that when we stand in Salah before Allah subhanaw taala how aware are we of this response?

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activating Allah.

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I do trying to hear Allah

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that Allah is begging unless I know that I said I am speaking and responding

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civilus random data, the responding, are we trying to hear Allah subhanaw taala or not?

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are we hearing Allah subhanaw taala or not?

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If you are speaking to somebody and that person is responding, and you do not hear him, what do you

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make some effort?

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Right, would you add behind your ear and say or you say something,

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make some effort to try to hear that person.

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And they always say we don't worship a stone. We don't worship a tree. We don't worship a concept. We worship a living God. We worship the only one who is living. We worship the only one on how you live the lie a moth only one who will not die. Aliens was in the moon in the sun, the general day.

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Worship as how you look at you.

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That was similar to what I know.

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He is he is a human he does not sleep he does not feel drowsy.

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And that is the one before when we are standing. And that is the one devil room. We have made that we're at the havens that Allahu Akbar.

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We say we say this to glorify Him, but it does not need us to glorify Him.

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We say this to remind ourselves of who we are standing before.

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And then when we shall handle his or her a bit, I'll admit. And he says I'm Danny Abdi.

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always wonder, Adam and myself and you. How aware are we of this?

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We talk about OSHA and the insula

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and the logic of the helmet, Milan. And what is the first condition alladhina Juan de sala de jour.

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So where does this goes, Oh,

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what are we doing when you're standing on lines that from the library, or the mothers reciting al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. And somebody is cracking his knuckles. And there was a knuckle of his feet.

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And somebody is playing with his beard.

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Somebody's putting his hand in his pocket in that 11 Elijah.

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But what

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this was

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a man was praying again into the budget. And there was a lot is that as I was sitting with his companion and a man came and he was putting together a budget and in the process he was pulling his beard and he is playing with his beard. And when he finished any game and he said serranos salsa lessons and go and repeat your size it was Allah is not valid.

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Either. How can you How can you have to show Hey, that was our he said the whole show of the man inside is reflected by the occasion of his body outset.

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The jawara the hands and feet reflect the state of the heart.

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So is it it is running in salah and he is playing with his beard and his topi and galana Allah knows what and cracking his knuckles and check disturbing himself and others

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that he's doing all that then what is the state of his art, his art localization montage is all over the place.

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To start standing over last Ronald dalla is doing some not used to doing some drama that he has. If he's praying, where is the prayer where's the Salah?

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Where's the Salah.

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retention of Salah is not

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acting of Salah is not Salah

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Salah is for sure. The standing before Allah Allah is speaking to us.

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Are you hearing Allah?

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What effort Are you making to hear?

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And don't judge your your loved ones How can I hear Allah? If Allah said I respond, spend the whole of your life

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until your last breath.

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Thank you hear Allah.

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It is up to Allah subhanho data

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if he wants you to hear him

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and as far as many ways in which to make you hear him, Allah is not dependent on your ears.

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I love him more than happy Candida Belka began his Abu

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Ghraib was just a very novel as soon as he

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got his ass dog Alexander Corolla, Tara McCarthy. homolog was unlike this, I've never let you wear a bandana levoir without a job there.

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You guys altobelli

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I remind myself when you know Alhambra reliable i mean is it like that Allah has given us the trophy to make a lot of other biomar in the budget Alhamdulillah.

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There's no action which is better than this.

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To make this a lot by Gemma in the budget,

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let us take the full benefit of this action.

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Let us take the full benefit of this action, what is the good of having the action without the rule and the action

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something which does not have the row in it is that it is there the shape is there.

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But it has no substance in it, it cannot do anything for us. There is not do that. Let us remind ourselves that every single time five times a day or last minute Allah gives us the opportunity of renewing our covenant with him.

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There is no Salah for the novel or son or whatever which is valid without the sort of Al Fatiha. Why.

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Why so that we can have an opportunity again and again again, to listen to Allah subhana wa tada

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and I'm so glad Allah subhanaw taala give you this,

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this amazing

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gift that you listen to him and

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I'm saying this I'm giving this to you not because I have attained it. But because as soon as the racetams 70 mega draft for your brother, Allah subhanaw taala appoints an angel omega for him to offer you and the draft the angel is not worth that. So that's the reason I'm saying well I give this to you. Not because I have it already either. I don't have it. But if I make a draft for you in July, we'll get

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May Allah subhanaw taala give you and us all this ability and this nano of his, of being aware of him. And for that it is very important physically to ensure that when you stand in Salah, you stand absolutely still no unnecessary movement, no cracking knuckles, and no sniffling and so on and so forth. I can understand if you get asleep that's not in your control. That's not a different matter But otherwise, make sure that there is nothing to disturb your Salah do whatever you have to do, prepare yourself and come and start inshallah without disturbance

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and that is good for you. It is good for the other people who are praying with you in sha Allah. And may Allah tala give us this crucial in our Salah was Allah Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was heavy as main raw material