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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a scene where Islam subhanaw taala gives a command for individuals to avoid rememinding themselves of the message. Subhanallah gives a command for individuals to avoid reminding themselves of the message and mentions a woman who felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like she felt like
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earlier he was he made him about what was recited in the second record was from the chapter of Mona, if you're going to Chapter of hypocrites relies upon data, it gives description and the hypocrites those that hide disbelief in their heart and display belief for ulterior motives. And the last portion of the chapter is a very important portion, as all of it is important for us. Particularly, I want to capitalize on this

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aspect of life, which is the presence of the ending of life and the fact that we don't know when that will happen for each and every one of us individually. Allah subhanaw taala says, Oh, you believe, Do not allow your children and your wealth to divert you from the remembrance of Allah. Now, this is a very important part and my reminder for us, as human beings in this life, there are things that Allah subhanaw taala has created that we naturally will have an epiphany to allow for. But those things in particular can be those things that can divert us from the remembrance of Allah subhana wa Tada, even though they are that which is a blessing, and it's a risk a manifestation of

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His provision, it still can be that which diverts us from the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala by using those things, or serving those things, in a way that is not befitting to worshipping Allah subhanho wa taala. And then he says, Whoever does that is particularly from the losers. And then last month, Allah says, Well, if you call me matters up on alchemy, and comedy, and yet to hydrocarbon modes, and spend from that which we have given you, which is very interesting here, he gives a command for command, and remind you that everything that you are even spending is that from what we have given you, to remind you that those things such as the children and the money is a form

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of our risk. It's a form of our provision from what we have given you. Well, I'm Forgive me models are gonna come in public and you get to come and vote, then what will the person say? Rob Biloela, accountant, either Algerian colleague, then the person will say the one that has the regret possibly from those people, that has chosen those particularly these two children and money, and preferred their love for them over the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala by using that thing, or using those in a way that is not befitting for them as Muslims, what will they say? Rob Biloela attorney in urgent and colleague, Oh Allah, if you were to just delay my time in this earth agenda and curry budget is

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a timeframe that is delay, buddy, which is very interesting as well. Allah says a jillion quality. So it's basically showing, oh, Allah if you just to give me a little more time, I don't need a lot. Just let me come back to the earth. And I'll do the right thing for Assad duck our akumina Salah he. And then he said they say they will say I will give charity, and that will be from the righteous. And again Subhanallah they say a Sud duck. They don't say Assad duck. And in the Quran, when Allah says Assad duck, it means that I will be very, very intensely diligent in giving charity. It's even painting the picture within the Arabic language, that just give me a chance I'll do much better.

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I'll do this, I'll do that. I'll do this, I'll do that. And I will be from the sight of him. Then Allah subhanaw taala says when you get along US and either judge that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will not delay the knifes if their time has come edge, it uses the word agile again, if their timeframe has come, and Allah subhanaw taala is well acquainted of what you do, and this is very important for us brothers and Hamdulillah. As many of you know, we have one of our board members here, just they pulled into their parking lot. They pull into the parking lot at a department store with his family in the car, and he just had a stroke twice. And there is an infection, particularly infection

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probably in his nervous system, spinal cord through one aspect of his brain, maybe Allah subhanaw taala knows best. And all of us know him or one of the board members here. It just happened suddenly, there was no expectation in psychiatrist, no expectation this happens suddenly. And subhanAllah you know,

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it's just a difficult situation for him and his family to test from Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, another individual Subhanallah many of us no, no, I'm here to give him salaams I saw his arms matured, know he had suffered a stroke on his right side. Didn't expect it. So here we are here coming to the masjid we're healthy hamdulillah May Allah reward the brothers and sisters that come to the house of Allah particularly sought to the budget. Remember that your health is in a manner from Allah subhanaw taala what He has given you from your children is in a manner that many that he has given us in a manner and that is a trust because it will all ultimately go back to Allah

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subhanho wa Taala some of it will stay and die with you but some of it will go back in your lifetime. So that's just

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To remember to be thankful and make sure that we live our purpose and how we worship Allah subhanaw taala and whatever we do, we thank Allah s medalla for that inshallah. And for those that are not as fortunate to do that in certain particular situations, we make dua for them beating Allah.

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robbing. Phelan has the luminaire worker for undersea Atlanta with our friend Mr. Amara. Allah Masuda. Slamball, mousseline Allama citizen amateur Muslim if you even got a bit I mean, a lot more students lammeter Muslim and fellas understand you're a bit I mean, I'm almost sort of SLAM when was the main fee so Daniel Robinson, Amin Allama. Citizen I mean, we feel the sting a little bit on the meal fee soya on Barbara Murphy Turkey as his Yahoo your material phillium In your opinion mean with a bit academic, in your opinion mean? Well, I mean to be mad at them in any day Robin Annamayya Shafi she felt she felt like she felt like the other Osama issue. Israel carnations earlier a

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burning issue Ahana Avi Joba yarrambat alameen Israel one Muslim Ito Messina Jatoba anatomy or hameau tiny little bit I mean, what's on Allah was cinema Vita I'm going to be in a Muhammad water Eddie he was from here