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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah about

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we continue with our series on

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creating a balance sheets

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we looked at the liabilities column and the kind of liabilities which are not liabilities in themselves alone but which also cancel out the assets.

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Today we'll look at the other side the assets column and see what is it that we can do

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to increase our benefits there for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And the first and most important of them is the opposite of what was the first in the liabilities column which is to ship to remove ship from our lights and the way to do that is to matoba so though why is the beginning of all goodness inshallah is to turn towards Allah subhanaw taala will differ. And as we know from Quran, some sort of to know and other places in the Quran, when a person makes over Allah subhanaw taala increases his blessing. And that one's vantara opens the locks on the doors to risk. Sometimes a person's risk is stopped temporarily because of the sins that he is doing or the sins that she is doing.

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And the doors of risk get stopped. And when they make Toba then those doors again over here you will see some la comida De Lima, Bonnie rajala, calm janati y de la Kumar and hora as well does it. First off, we will run back home in Ghana, afara may exist as far to Europe, may ask Europe to forgive you. And Allah Subhana Allah is the one who forgives, and then he will send down rain and he will increase you in your boundaries with regard to our children and divert your wealth. And unless they will give you Gardens under which rivers flow and so on.

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So the doors of risk sometimes get closed because of the sins that we commit. And don't let us remind ourselves that you might think well, you know, what are the great sins I'm committing, it may not be a good It may not be great in your life in your on my eyes. It's not as if we are you know, going around painting the cigarette, but maybe one small thing we do, which Allah does not like,

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does not have to be some huge mass of evil No, but something we do maybe it is the way we are attitude towards something or it is something the way we treat somebody, one of the one of the major issues with respect to Allah Subhana Allah is the issue of given the issue of arrogance. And the loss of manager does not like arrogance, Allah subhanaw taala promised to destroy the one who is arrogant Allah tala in one Hadith, and the opposite Allah Subhana Allah says, that keyword is my clock.

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It is the only half of Allah subhanho data, and anyone tries to tries to take from it. Allah Subhana Allah promised to destroy that person. And I remind myself and you that one of the people who get keyword the fastest are the people who learn about Islam,

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the olema of Islam, and even more than the allameh of Islam, people who come newly to Islam, the first and biggest trap that shaytan puts in the way is given. Suddenly you start feeling Oh, but you see now I'm better than so and so. Why? Because I am praying in the masjid. Why? Because now I have a beard now Why? Because I now wear wear a cap on my clothes. Now I'm wearing my clothes which are according to the Sharia or if I'm wearing a hijab or something, and we forget all the years and years of you know, disco dancing on the, in the whatever we did all that we forget hamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala gave us his office to come towards him. But that does not mean that suddenly now we

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have become the atom. And we get a little bit of knowledge and we spend our whole life giving fatwas other people with a loved

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one of the biggest traps of people who are in Alhamdulillah who have turned towards Allah who are on inshallah, on the right path. One of the biggest traps is arrogance. And do remember arrogance has to do with how we think of others.

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I'm not saying that somebody is drinking alcohol use No, no, but you know, he's a wonderful person. And maybe Allah likes his drink. No, Allah does not like his drinking.

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The issue is feeling superior to somebody else.

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And that is something which is highly, highly, highly avoidable. We are not superior to anybody else. We don't know. It is Allah Subhana Allah has mercy that Allah subhanaw taala has put a curtain between me and you. If Allah

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Our lives the gutter, then you see the reality we ask Allah Subhana Allah never to see never never to live that curtain and to keep our sins and to keep our weaknesses hidden from the world Alhamdulillah but that does not mean they should be hidden from us. Do you know what they are? We know what they are. And therefore we should be very, very clear about that. So the issue of giver very important for us. And that's the reason why I lost talks about the issue of ship. And so therefore, we must be very careful with regard to that. The second big issue of keeping away from Shere Khan making Toba

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frequent Toba is the issue of Ria is the issue of showing piety before people and that again is one of the traps for the person who has

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come towards Allah subhanaw taala and come towards Islam, right the person who is and again, these are things which these are things which

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are peculiar to people who have come towards the, you know, somebody, at least I don't know about the West, but in India, somebody who's buying liquor from a liquor shop,

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when the You must have seen this, when the hero gives him the bottle, he gives the hereafter bottle in a in a newspaper and use it. You never see a person take a liquor bottle, just like that from a liquor shop. They they he puts it in it erupted in a in a newspaper or something he hides it and gives it the liquor bottle also. So the person committing evil even though he's going to evil, he tries to hide it from the rest of the world he does not do it publicly and to show off right, but one law may Allah May Allah forgive us when we do something good. Chetan puts it in our heart you know so we now when we do this good thing in the heart is that Oh, people should look at this arrow

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Mashallah look at your Salah, or whatever, whatever it is. Somebody wants I remember I was a young boy at that time. Someone we went to visit an uncle of ours in

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in Germany. And

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some Moshe, who was it was his worship came to visit him. So Angular all everybody, They all stood up and they were being very respectful to him. And there was one, two or three of the I was jealous with him. And that I remember that Jayla tells me at that time, I may be about 12 years old or something. The Taylor's telling me gay he says no, hello Joe Salva Rosario.

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My Word is Allah, Allah Allah

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didn't fall for earlier. And secondly, the biggest benefit of fasting is that fasting is a secret abaza which only Allah knows. Right? But he has his gela now telling the whole world that he farts all all the way around so that everyone knows that he's fasting. So he's fasting for people as fasting voila, what Allah knows best, you know, very, very important to stay away from the real issue, the real issue and this is the this is the Shere Khan. The official is the hidden chip. And he said it is more hidden than a black and kurata crawling on a black rock in the night. Like so May Allah protect us from this always and and the way to that ladies Angela Serrano, the dean is simple.

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Design is simple and easy. And what is the what is the solution to all of this, next our

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make our Frequently make the will ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive. So even if you know because of our weakness and so on, we commit this thing in sha Allah, Allah Subhana Allah will forgive us and we have complete and total faith that inshallah Allah will forgive us so that we make Dawa with that with that yaqeen inshallah Allah will forgive us. But the key thing is to make double so on the asset side inshallah for today, this is enough, that let us be very frequent with regard to our power and make Dawa with complete the pain that there is no sin that Allah will not forgive Allah, Allah will forgive everything. As long as we make tau. It's only the issue of dying on Shere Khan

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dying on COVID. That's a different matter angle as long as you are alive, whether you have committed silica, whatever, no problem hamdulillah we make double A level forgive us. And of course, as we know the conditions of Java, first and foremost is that we should be genuinely regretful and sorry about what we did. Secondly, at source we make Java with that genuine regret not We are not trying to, you know, pretend. And second one is that we should never go back to that thing. That's important, not that you make up and do back in the same law make Toba and never go back to that thing. And so Allah if for some reason, I have every dimitrova I have every intention never to go

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back to that thing, but for whatever reason that need happened again, then you make Toba again,

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I make dope I will never do Viva but then suddenly some reason whatever happened and I got involved, and they realize, oh my god, what have I done? immediately make Toba? Very important for us immediately make double so Toba can be made, but this will be a genuine intention.

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And that we are genuinely sorry. And genuinely we will not go back to what it was in that we committed. And the third thing is, if the sin was often injured, if that mistake or if that thing which you did, I did was off in nature which hurt or harmed somebody else, then of course, we also have to make good with that person, we have to compensate that person. If we slandered somebody we go up make apologies, we apologize to that person. So I'm sorry I did this, I apologize. And I will not do it again, or whatever it was that we did, because you cannot do harm to someone and go and make our to Allah and that harm remains no 11 not forgive, no matter how much power you make, if you

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swallowed somebody's property, then you have to you know, regurgitate it, right? Otherwise, you cannot be sitting with that. And then I make the word wonder no, doesn't work, what you take from people you got to give back to people you cannot you cannot do that somebody when asked us or as a result, they said if I am somebody, maybe the person died right? Now, what do I do is that go and give it to his heirs, the people who inherited from him that belongs to them, You You You did it, so go and give that to them. So it is does it doesn't end with that? And may Allah is one of the law degree that we don't die with having done that because then there is some serious serious problems,

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some very serious problems so we make sure that we make Toba we make good if something was is of a nature which we harm somebody, but other than that other things which are hakala then inshallah we make Toba and Allah subhanaw taala will forgive those sins, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept our Dawa and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to open the doors of all goodness on us. And we accept ask Allah subhanho data to free us from all sorts of wants and stress. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah be pleased with us, was Allah Allah, Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was happy it made it clear