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AI: Summary © The history of the Hadith is discussed, including the use of hazard as a excuse for failure to achieve something and the importance of avoiding envy. The success of Allah's teachings in bringing people to know his de lies and how they can be used to save people in the face of the pandemic is highlighted, along with the de lies of the area and how they can be used to save people. It is emphasized that teaching the people the de lies of Islam is crucial in bringing people to know the de lies of Islam.
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Haman hamdulillah hit on the enemy of Allah sent him about it and then it'd be in 101 early he was like me me and my back and Colin was sending him a lot of data if you could tell he was on he Bobby falling need to illuminate Vitaly Manila. Yeah he should have been no he says in his book and totally gardens of the righteous in the chapter the virtues of knowledge for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Who more is a Hadith that we mentioned yesterday.

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What was the Hadith that we mentioned yesterday on the authority of new Masaru Amalia or the Allah one she was a short Hadith

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about wanting good

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whenever I

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just took a look, I mean, you did I Will Hunting for COVID-19 Yes, when I went to law which is good for someone, He bestows upon him understanding of the religion, understanding and the religion. The hadith today is on a bit of mustard and nagila who I know Calcasieu Isola Salam there has said that he left with nothing Rajon atta hula hula Malin for some letter who? Either halacha t he can help. What? Letter hula hula hijk Mata for Hua Jaco li Bihar where you

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must recall the Allahu Anhu may Allah be pleased with the narrative that the Prophet SAW Selim said,

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envy is permitted only in two cases, a man whom Allah gives wealth, and he disposes of it rightfully, and a man whom Allah gives knowledge, which he applies and teaches it in this heartbeat hadith is on the authority Buhari in his book of knowledge and Muslim dissection of prayer and travelers and shortening, and imagine on the section of asceticism. So everyone must ergo the Allahu Anhu mentioned this hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he says that envy is permitted only in two cases. So as has it bad,

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has it is envy is envy bad in Islam

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What do you mean generally speaking?

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Right so generally speaking, yes, I sent them generally speaking, yes, hazard is something that is much more it is not praiseworthy, but there are exceptions. And this hadith is what deal for the exceptions the price of something that has it left with nothing right. So he makes the name he makes the prohibition but then he makes the exception he makes

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it left with nothing except in two things. So hazard is something where it Why is hazard bad why

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why is it bad?

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Bucha coming from a logical perspective why why is envy a bad thing?

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Sort of questioning

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the lessons and others you're sort of

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questioning or what this challenging right? And then wanting it for yourself so you actually mentioned to two different types of hazards. And the scholars talk about hazard there's there's there's different types of gear we even say levels there's the envy to where someone has something you want

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and you don't want them to have it but then there's even worse than that.

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Where there's there's gonna be three someone something has something you want and you don't want them to have it rather you want it to be transferred over to you.

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Someone has something you want and you just don't want that person to have

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that person find metrics for muscular lack and have that gift

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How would you say hey, in order to be yet cure yet kill right?

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Yet, kill yet TK right

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I thought it would be no no

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that's a problem because that shows what in regards to your relationship with Allah you said its displeasure or questioning or was the other words you use challenging the what?

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Decree were in the Quran does it speak about this?

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Um yeah so don't

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um yes to do the NASA

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I lemme tell him Allahu

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Minh for the

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last one is a beautiful verse in regards to envy. He says do they have envy upon mankind? From what Allah has given them from his virtue? Looking how Allah says it is you if you when you hear the question it's a rhetorical question Is it is it as though it's it is as though I asked you

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would you scream at your mother the one who raised you when you learn how to scream

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right you think

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of course, oh the one that you because Allah mentions a characteristic that reminds you of the virtue of that thing person whatever, upon you to make you recollect. Um Yeah, so do not do they have envy upon us, upon mankind Allameh at home, Allah has been fully the man here is the whatever they may possessed money, knowledge, position, rotation, whatever,

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met at Tamela. When he says that from what Allah has given, this shows what

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that Allah has given him, what is this show here

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that Allah has what

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you can

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do what he wants, but Allah has what he has.

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He has given it to them, meaning that they are not the ultimate source of that quality that you have envy over.

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Know that Allah has given it to them, and he gave it to them as a father.

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And Father means virtue. If you go even deeper, we talked about this. It's what Allah has given them, and they used it. For hair in sha Allah. Hopefully, whatever we end with Whenever someone's envious envy over something that is good, and it can be over battle almost done. I envy that person because they have a lot of money, but we know that the money is from haram or that person is popular because the popularity is from somebody that has a bad reputation or so on and so forth. Right? So Allah says, do they envy that person from what has been given from given to them from Allah by His Father. So this verse is beautiful because the Prophet salallahu Salam is saying that after the 11th

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and attain, the first one is where a man Allah gives wealth and he dispose EasyPost disposes of it rightfully, this shows someone that has wealth and disposes of it non justly in a way that is not commendable. Is that something we should envy?

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No, no, it's not something we should envy. Therefore, it's something we should not aspire to be, or the characteristics we should aspire to have. Did y'all catch them?

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So having envious, man I wish I could match all of his brother has money, he's building massage around the world. On my shoulders, brother has money and there's one brother I know, mashallah, you know, he finds people. He has orphans, like he's, you know, I met him Subhanallah, there was a individual sitting with us at the table, young, individual.

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And subhanAllah, he took this child under his wing, because that person's father didn't want to have anything to do with him when he was younger.

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I don't want to disown his job. So he started to spend on his job and he put this child through college, he's put me about 10 or 11 people through college, this is 50s. And like secretly does is to help to put them to college and give them education. They come and visit him in his you know, in his in his in his home, but they go to colleges around the world. I had the opportunity to meet three of them.

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And I didn't know until someone not him told me. One of them told me as he's, he's my father sees your father. He said, Yes, he has spent on me since I was a young kid. He's put me through college because I

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had the Roger I envy this person.

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Like if I had this money, and I was to help change the life and this way, that's phenomenal. You know, these types of people you envy, they're spreading good on the earth. Right? So when that has a career, someone that spends eight plus hours a day helping people and they've made a lot of money from it. We envy that person, especially if they use that money and then they spend it in something that is good. That is something to envy. So the personal some said he disposes of it rightfully, and a man who Allah gives knowledge which he applies and teaches it and this is the showerhead. This is the highlighted portion of the Hadith. The Prophet saw some says it is a man who originally atta

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Hula, hula Hekmatyar for hula Jakub dB, how are you? A person that this

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offices of a man who Allah has gives knowledge, which he applies and teaches at Yuk li be her.

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He applies it and teaches it so he applies the knowledge that he has he or she, and he teaches it so applying it is one thing and then teaching it as another and you'll probably be her could be someone that makes their decisions based on it, ie their decisions could be their actions as well.

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And they teach it to the people. So teaching the knowledge of the people is something that will always be virtuous, because this is a this is the inheritance of the prophets. The inheritance of the prophets is teaching the people about Allah subhanaw taala teaching the people about Allah, which brings us to another point

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we may envy someone that may have intellectual capacity which is good

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and that intellectual capacity and fortitude if you will, which we use for the two is teaching the people a certain science

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is just commendable.

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Teaching the people psychology teaching the people engineering

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something to envy

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that he does what do you remember those things? Yes, no?

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No, no comment. Yeah, and he's like,

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is this

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in Islam when Allah Subhan Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet saw someone the alpha, the Sharia, when he uses in talking about in Islam, when they talk about knowledge, they're initially talking about the knowledge of Allah. The knowledge of the Dean of Islam, but it does not omit or let's say discount the sciences. Because we can say indirectly the scientist is ultimately knowledge of what

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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if I teach physics, I teach engineering is not all this learning about the mechanisms in which Allah has created, its learning about his creation and how they function with one another. This is ultimately knowledge of Allah subhana wa Tada. But the most noble knowledge is the knowledge of what

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Quran and Sunnah the knowledge of the deen of Islam, like the ones that spend their life teaching that who is more virtuous

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if Elon Musk became Muslim right now

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in how many Muslims would lose their mind to go and see him.

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But Ireland, Ireland, Ireland is someone that is known to be an Ireland of the deen of Islam. He has a lesson between Mogherini shot the crowd is like this.

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How the Kasara this is a problem. There's one in Houston is lessons there's like this, this is a problem.

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Holding the people of knowledge at a high MACOM those are the best after the prophets, Allah He was Sena

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it's very clear. But the problem is when we're indulged in the dunya, and we have these on our phones, and then we go to the newsfeed so many colors and there's 1000s of engineers behind these mechanisms to distract you away from what is important. So in the province of Allah, Allah was telling me he said the one that I tell a lot and men and for young Libya, or you either him or her, the one that acts upon it, and teachers, the people who make no mistake, the most noble of knowledge is knowledge of the deen.

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It is knowledge of the deen because that is the knowledge that will save you on that day when you leave your family and they're all at your grave crying, where are you going to go? It is based on what you did in this life after the after the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the ones that teach the people of that will lie those are the most virtuous people.

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So we will also point out automakers are those that continuously learned his book of Allah Subhan Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu Salam, and to hold that in high mahkamah to hold that in high regard, and to allow that to be a means for us, Shafi and let it be something that can serve as a means for us to enter into Jannetty with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the rest of the prophets and companions with Donna La La him vertical off ecommerce cinematic camera to library catch.