5 Pillars Made Plain – Who is Eligible to Receive Zakat, Almsgiving

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The speaker explains that individuals who are eligible for a cat are those who have a surplus wealth, are not at the level of the poor, or have livestock that have reached a certain amount. They also mention that individuals who are employed to collect information on cat accounts are eligible for a cat payment. The speaker emphasizes the importance of using the cat money to fund individuals and avoid harms to others.

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh me the Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you. I'm Abdullah oduro. And welcome back, who is the cat obligatory upon. As we mentioned, the definition of the cat is the obligatory amount upon the surplus wealth once it has reached a certain threshold, whether time or amount, we're looking if you're an individual that fits that category being that you have that surplus wealth, and the time has elapsed on that surplus wealth, or you have a certain amount of a good or a commodity, or have livestock that has reached a certain that is reached a certain number, then you are an individual that it's obligatory upon you to pays a cat, if you are

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not of that category, then you will fall into the category of those that are the cat eligible, meaning that you are eligible eligible to be a recipient of the cat. A law says in chapter number nine, verse number 60, he gives all of the categories and there are roughly eight categories of people that receives a cat. The first of them are the poor, and this is what is termed as the fukada and then the needy, which are the Misaki. So the poor are the individuals that their situation doesn't even allow them. Some scholars even say they don't have enough for a day to where they are, they have to ask individuals to receive some type of funding on a daily and even maybe weekly basis.

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And the Misaki are the ones that are needed. They're not at the level of the faqeer not at the level of the poor, but they are not at the capacity to to have enough to suffice for themselves on a regular basis. While I'm Alina la has been Allah mentions the third category, and those are the ones that are employed to collect these a cat during the time of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him. He would summon certain individuals to go out in the neighboring lands and countries to collect these accounts from the Muslims in around the world. So these people are eligible to receive zakat. Also, when we look at our days now, the government it's it's important for the government that they

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hire people to collect is a catch, those people that collect the cat are eligible to receive this as a cat. And then also here last month, Allah mentions the fourth of them being the unlimited Hulu boom. Now this may even be in your category being that you are a convert to Islam is the person whose heart is inclined towards accepting Islam. So if it is someone that is a new Muslim, and they are in need, and they need help to, to that which will incline and bring their hearts closer to the deen helping them financially in a certain situation, then they are as a cat eligible. And after this a loss upon what Donna mentioned, more elevated Kowloon or fillory Bobby, the slaves during the

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time of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him. The individuals that were prisoners of war would be taken in their homes and they would be treated as the servants they would clothe them from their same clothing, they would feed them from there, same thing, same food that they ate these individuals, the person that is considered a servant or slave and wants to be freed from their master, then they can pay themselves off pay their ransom to be paid off and to become free. They are as a cat eligible one can give the cat to that slave or servant to pay themselves off. What does it mean and also here, Allah subhanaw taala talks about the ones that are in debt, the individual

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that is in debt, that is an outstanding debt, such as someone that has a loan, and they need to pay off their loan and they don't have enough money to do so you can give your money to that person to pay off their loan, also the individual that is infeasibility law that Allah mentions in the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And primarily when talking about that there are people that are going fight that fight in the sake of Islam and fight to protect Islam and Muslims, when is able to use those accounts and to pay to assist them in that also the the one that is a traveler, the traveler, that is a person that is traveling from one destination to another, you're able to use your cat money to

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help and fund those individuals to help them upon their journey. So these are the people that are eligible to receive the cat. And again, when we look at this, it's very important for us to whenever we have the opportunity to ponder over what is called the Shetty are called the the law the system of Islam. You know, shediac comes from a body of water linguistically, it is when channels of water come to a body of water. When looking at this *ty when we look at the cat and ponder over it, it's upon Allah. Allah was so descriptive, to mention the types of people that received this charity just ponder over that, how Allah mentions the types of people that are eligible for this obligatory

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amount. This should remind us that along with the timeframe that has been mentioned by the prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon the committee

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oddities that the cat is for, that a cat is obligatory upon like, what things that we own, that are the cattle and those which are not the amount. He mentioned the types of people. And as a caveat, what's important that you will find in the paper regarding this is that Cipolla when we talk about the types of Zakat, we want to mention that that which has an effort from you to where you have to put forth your money to maintain such as crop yields, if you have to pay your money to to make an irrigation system or that which

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irrigates the crop yields you take a lesser amount of that, which is roughly 5%. But if it is an amount of crop yields, that is been supplied by the rain by what Allah has provided, you take 10% just a small example of how Allah is the All Merciful and the all wise being this knowledge that he is displaying for us to us, and obliging US based on his ultimate wisdom, looking at these categories as a cat, and when we pay, we should always remember the wisdom of Allah and His mercy behind this legislation. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us of those that fulfill these terms of Zakat, but he makes us of those that take this into importance and don't take it for granted and

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make our love the love of him. And this religion is somewhat akin to like a better Catan Thank you