Turn to Allah – Powerful Reminder

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The transcript describes a situation where the person who does not want to do something will say regret the day, followed by a message from Jesus saying that anyone who refuses to do so will be punished by the Holy Spirit. The message also mentions that anyone who refuses to do evil will face consequences, including being removed from edge and the Holy Spirit's path.

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Allah reminds us in the Quran in so many places, as a reminder about the situation of the people who do not show care of that day, the day of regret the day of your after my brother's Allah Almighty says in Surah, mommy no surah number 23 I number 99 and 100 about the person, the person would say, My Lord, send us back to this world, so that we may do God which we use to neglect.

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Ne Allah says it's just the words that they are taught. And if it will, it will be sent to them. It will be sent to them didn't our IR to reach to you? Didn't our message reached you? Have you not recited Have you not listened to it and denied and it will be said the cry of those people who will show carelessness and regret on that day. They will say Robin or Lord Krishna Minh Ha take us out. remove us from edge from the hellfire. And if you want to do wrong and evil, we will be among those who are evil towards who are wrong towards Allah continues in South Africa. Surah number 25 is number 27 the wrong doors on the day of regret will bite their hands out of regret and would say ah,

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I wish I had follow the path of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam