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Abdullah Oduro
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam Mubarak I'm going to be in a Muhammad Ali he wants to be here Jimena. My bad. Call him on Sunday for him hello to I think he's happy to be on this on any feedback before the end meet to illumine what's our lemon? Yeah adminstrative Abuja Korea yeah man show for Noah He says his book entitled the gardens of the righteous in the chapter of the virtues of knowledge

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the virtues of knowledge, teaching, learning and teaching for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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I Beholder to total the Allahu annual call colossal Allah Isola and they will sell them in a matter we will add them

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in lemon 11 So the cotton Geryon our admin user interface will be he Oh What I didn't saw him yet through lo

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and behold later all the local annual or semiannual Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam your whole dunya maroon maroon mafia, illogical lahi Tada or mela mela who? Why aren't even Oh moto Halima.

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In the first Hadith it was on the authority of Abu Huraira or the Allahu Anhu narrated that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said he who calls others to follow a guidance.

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Often, when a man dies, his deeds come out

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to an end, except for three things. Salah cotton giardia, continuous charity, a knowledge which is beneficial or a virtuous descendant who prays for him. Again, even praying for the deceased and this hadith is reported by Muslim. So this hadith is all been good then because it's a great Hadith because the prophets of Allah and there was salam. Firstly, he confirms that every action that he does is in Qatar, so all of his actions cease. So what what are the actions that you've done in this dunya that will benefit you in the akhira and it's a beautiful statement, but I don't even have you thought of he said, coming up now and ask him to be the children of the Arcanum meaning that

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whatever you do in this life, you look at it as an investment in the afternoon what you do in this life, knowing that it will have an effect in the afternoon, meaning that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala one has seen and him his name being an Hasid means he is the one that holds things accountable. And Allah subhana wa Tada gives an example of his level of accountability of us as servants when he says for me yet mammoth kala Dotson

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highly you don't want to Yeah, mammoth gotta the routine. Sharon era so he says whoever doesn't atoms we have good shall see it and whoever doesn't atoms we have evil shall see it, you will see it on the day when Allah subhanaw taala says if Kuraki Tyvek. He says read, everything will be placed in front of you of what you've done. And there is no sorry, rotten weather can be rotten. Illa saw her as he says in the chapter of calf, that there is no small or major thing except that I saw her that he has encompassed it, he knows about it, and he holds us accountable for it. But on top of all of that, even though we may do actions in this life that may be of sins that we didn't seek

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forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala and Sharla Can you do it in an agenda he can interesting to Jana, with his mercy as a province of Allahu Allah was sunnah mentioned that none of us intergender with our actions is that with his ilang it's a one mother in law who, then Allah subhanaw taala encompasses with his mercy, but the Promise of Allah and he was salam says here

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that when a man dies, his deeds will come to an end except for three things meaning that after he dies, what are the actions that will continue on and benefit him even after he is dead. So, the first thing is sadaqa tune jadie And it is a continuous charity. So if one gives charity and that charity carries on over to something or someone else, so giving charity to a masjid, giving charity to a masjid for the benign or the building or maintenance of the masjid, giving charity to something that helps other people and with what they use, it can help them to continue on with charity as well. So any any money that you are giving to something that is a continuous action of where that is

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sadaqa jariya. So we actually have an organization is a continuous charity, and it's an organization that you give money to this charity and they help students go to college to where they can avoid school loans. This is here's founded in Dallas, down the street, and also the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said and knowledge and knowledge and knowledge which is beneficial. Well, anyone who says well,

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oh anyone you interpret will be here of net beneficial knowledge and the most beneficial knowledge is the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala the knowledge of the of what will save people from the Hellfire that is the most beneficial knowledge but that is not the only knowledge that has beneficial. For example, the knowledge that you have from your profession that which

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helps people and being the best version of themselves. And that action or that profession that all of you have, you remember that it is a means of showing gratitude to Allah. So when you wake up in the morning, you think Allah subhanaw taala that he has given you this job that you've attained from knowledge. And maybe the job that you have is teaching people the knowledge that you've obtained such as a college professor, or someone that is a supervisor, you are training people with this type of knowledge. As long as a profession is a profession that is halal. It is a profession that is honorable, then that is something that someone can benefit from Inshallah, to where someone uses

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that knowledge to work and to provide for their family. But it's important to remember that that knowledge that we may have to provide for our families, whether it is whether it is a teacher in math, or it is someone that is teaching, and in any profession where there is a doctor, whether it is a carpenter, it is a plumber, whether there's a lawyer, whether it's a software engineer, whatever the case may be, they're using that which firstly, they're using it with the intention to please Allah by using what using what Allah has given them to help themselves and to help others. Teaching employees teaching their subordinates and using the money that they receive, to help with

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their family for them to learn as well. This inshallah can be in when you're in Tiffa, OBE, but the most noble of that is the knowledge of the religion. And then after that, the Prophet saw someone sent a wallet in Saleh and yet the ruler who he said or a virtuous descendant who prays for him.

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And this is important for us as parents to do what

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we hear this last portion, why does this motivate a parent?

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A what it in Salah Hindi had a ruler who or a virtuous descendant is really virtuous child, but there's a descendant who prays for him.

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Why is this motivational for us as parents, even non parents?

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Which are your parents?

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And you make sure your kids

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exactly you make dua for your parents, right? So this is a proof that making dua for your parents was

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can benefit them while they are with?

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And they're after they're in their graves, or they're in Brazil? The waiting period? So if you make dua for them, that can benefit them. Do we realize that our parents that have passed away our parents that have passed away may Allah have mercy on them? Are there any more actions for them?

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No, all the actions are done. But when action and you realize it was interesting here and I just caught this Subhan Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there are things that benefit him

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in this life, three actions, that they're all cut off except three actions. The one of the first one of them was what? Who remembers

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the charity? Right? So that charity that you're given has benefited you. That is an action that you did that has benefited you. Yeah. The second one was what?

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knowledge that you type people. But the third one, was it an action of yours?

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It was the action it's an action of your

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children. But how is that indirectly an action of yours?

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You are

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teaching them teaching them what?

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The religion

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This is also a proof that the religion of Islam the religion of the deen is the most virtuous knowledge that was mentioned in the second one, right? Because someone may have maybe the best doctor maybe the best plumber, maybe the best lawyer, maybe the best is but they have no Dean. have no knowledge of Islam whatsoever. They're a Muslim, but they have no knowledge of Islam.

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So there's no knowledge of Islam and no knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala how do we expect them to be people that know Allah and that come close to him and wants to do actions that ah, please him whatsoever not to say the one that doesn't have any knowledge would never make dua. But the more you know Allah, the more you would love him, the more your relationship strengthens with him.

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And that is why it's important for as to teach our children about Allah subhanho wa Taala and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for when they make dua for us, just as right now, you have come to the masjid, you're here at the Metro. So lots of Asia, there had to been some type of influenced by someone that was older than you primarily your parents or a relative of theirs, your uncles or aunts that have taught you this when you were younger. That you say I'm thankful for my Camaro b&e, soccer as they raised me when I was younger. You making to offer them will benefit them now.

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Making to offer them so when you have that imagine with your children when you teach them the importance of dua imagine what you eat if you tell them tonight, you know if I pass it when you make dua for me, Allah hears it and he can answer that dua.

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Right? But then the process I'm giving adjective for this one it wasn't

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solid. Why is that important?

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And why is it consistent with Islam?

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What if it was $1

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Yen is someone that is just disobedient.

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So someone that is, as opposed to some said another Hadith Makalu haram and Masjid Boko Haram or halal or haram, for now use the jugular where he talks about the individual that eats haram that drinks haram and that consumes haram. How will his or her do I be answered? Right?

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But Allah subhanaw taala can answer whichever dua he wishes but the Prophet SAW Selim gives us a standard to remember so it's important for us to teach our children the faith of Islam and to to teach them how that act how that's actualized in their life, and to make them with people to to to encourage them to call on Allah at all times to where when they're at your grave or even after that, they make dua for you know

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for the parents can you also do a charity on behalf

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Yes, you can give charity inshallah to Allah and for them but in the later Allah He knows there's inshallah MC giving that so the card that charity particularly

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the actions of care so you will find that the scholars will mention

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the actions of worship primarily so if it's like you know, or excuse me ombre and they haven't made it or hedge in particular in Sharla that will be rewarded for them but not like Salah as some of the you can't pray in the salon on behalf of the minister the nature

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for the sadaqa there's kind of unwanted but inshallah if you were to give charity and say Oh ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada you know asked you to accept this on behalf of my father and you make dua for him, you know, Inshallah, inshallah that will be something that is accepted, but the most important here is that we say that we make the dua for them in sha Allah that Allah subhanaw taala raises their ranks that Allah forgives them that Allah has mercy on them in the likes of that

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document anytime anytime but there what are some preferable times to make dua

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the process has mentioned between

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between the event and a comma what else

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we even before what do we after the fourth salah?

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I don't know anything for the person who said right up to the fact that there is exempted unless there's me Oh no, I don't know anything from what I did during the football

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during the football

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very good.

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But when the when the hot team sits down in between the two hot busts it is so not too rough make your resume rough here and also in Yama, Jima what else during the football timeframe when you're here at the masjid what else what's another time

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Okay, the last the last third of the night. Right? It's the latter tahajjud the process Allah mentioned that last month Allah comes down and in his in his in the way that he comes down and he asked Is there anyone that I should give them? Is the one that I should give them or is the one seeking forgiveness I should forgive him when the Imam is going up on to the

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member for the

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when he's rising up on the I can't remember

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that's the time to make die as well.

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now not during the cold but like in between the two when he says a candelabra I mean he sits down that's the time to make dua Okay. When he when he ascends onto like at the beginning of the Jonathan's right at the beginning that's the time to make do as well

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on Wednesday between

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I don't know I don't know of anything

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what else was another time

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when you breaking your fast No.

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Very good when they when when it's raining during the rain,

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when you are traveling all over these which is is present in the sun of the puzzle zone. He said he mentioned that these are retros times. What about

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During the solo

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it's scheduled at the very end

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to shuffle the last show Yes, it's another time any other

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drummer after Ossur now I'm somebody who Joomla after Asana a little before Margareth Now

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what else?

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I don't know if

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anyone knows

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by the record

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may listen, I don't know this, he said that the DA is accepting anybody, Allah Allah

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Allah, I don't know

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understand never. Maybe I'll find some sort of intervention.

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So there's really the least, is anything else.

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So we've at least mentioned five times, least mentioned five ish times that when one makes the DUA, that these processes are the DUA is accepted. Now, so just remember these times in sha Allah to Allah, and that is something that will increase us being allowed. So all these times, of course, this hadith, if we made dua for our parents in these times, this is something that is virtuous, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept our dua inshallah brothers don't forget to verses don't forget to make dua for your brothers and sisters and these parts of the world you know we have them in now where's this new new what's going on now in which country who knows so then now we recently

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we have turkey Somalia, Syria for the stain Sudan

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now, he said they tried to take the mosque they tried to demolish the mosque, how they stood in front of the masjid and then police on the law they started

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how much animal

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habitat and habitat is don't forget to make dua for your brothers and sisters in these in these places please inshallah.

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Medical or physical muscle loss I'm about to add it was 100

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