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Haman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa cinema back on the novena Muhammad wa ala Alihi, WA Sofia germanium about

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sha Allah I want to cover a dua inshallah to Allah that many of us here and I want to go over it piece by piece in sha Allah for numerous reasons. The first reason is that we hear it a lot. So I think it's important for that which we hear a lot that we understand what it is in English, but more importantly we understand how it has an effect on our life and how that understanding can bring us closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala by being aware of his properties in our lives in sha Allah which is strengthened strengthens our belief in him insha Allah Tala

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over firstly when the Prophet sallahu wa Salam is mentioned in Hadith and even Rama Rama Allahu and Houma there is in a Tirmidhi and some scholars say that there's weakness in the chain of narration, but we hear this a lot so the in the meaning inshallah is correct

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it's the DUA and it's when I used to say that it was very rare that the processing would leave this off saying this particular da and imagine this in a gathering before leaving the gathering. And it's the DUA that we know we hear at school notes it's Allahu Akbar Samina been associated matter who will be he'd been an Alabama mouse Yeah, take a mentor I take him out too but they're gonna be genetic women in the back end metal when Elena masa dunya, it is a long dua pretty long to us. I'm going to go over it piece by piece in sha Allah Tada. And I think it's important because we may hear it, or we may recite it in the Witr Prayer, particularly when we come up after a record. So when

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they talk about keynote at Witter, this is the day that is made and we hear this a lot in Ramadan.

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So firstly, the first part of it is where the prophets Allah Salam said Allahumma oxen Lenna Minh has sciatic Oksanen admin cost sciatic matter Hulu B bayonet or bayonet mount sciatic Oh Allah give us a portion of your crush of the hush hush hear from you have this there we say awareness coupled with fear of you. Matter Hulu behaved Boehner now obeying Him out see a tick that which you use as a shield between us and sinning. Marcia tick any sinful practices against you. So this is important. The first part is where the promises awesome said Allahumma and Allahumma means Oh Allah, it is a cry out to Allah subhanho wa Donna and I want to say a cry out to Allah. Because this Allahumma is

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an expression of need. It is an expression of need to Allah subhana wa Taala if it is an expression of need to Allah, that means that you are deprived without it.

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So when we hear the term Allah Houma remember that as it is, it is an expression of depravity, meaning that whatever I'm going to ask you of, I am in need of it. And if I don't have it, it can compromise the strength of my faith, the strength of my concentration on you undivided attention

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to you. So Allah Houma is Oh Allah, you're calling out to Allah subhanho wa taala. And this call is a call of need, just as we think of someone, a young child that may call out to to their mother, and they call out in a certain way to where the mother knows or the father knows, okay, my child needs something.

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When they learn method and Allah has a much greater example, example. Then the process of selling said X and Lana me minha sciatic a portion for us.

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Fear or we say mindful, knowledgeable fear. And the scholars mentioned the difference between hashish and half hush here and half, half is fear.

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And some would go even further and saying that it is fear of something that is going to happen in the future.

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Right. And the what what in sadness is that from what has happened in the past that's why last ones on says left hopefully I lay him while they're home. Yeah, the noon there is no feet no fear nor shall they grieve. Grieve is after an event

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That is, one doesn't anticipate or one. And fear is a fear of something that is going to happen in the future.

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But Kusha is fear with knowledge. And really the the translation in English doesn't do it just justice. It is hope bit tell them well, age love.

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It is a form of mindfulness and fear that is founded from knowledge and understanding and magnification of the one that is feared.

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next question,

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he said is that taqwa, and that's why the meaning of Taqwa fear is not really an accurate translation. Because Taqwa is where one has the mindfulness of God. And that mindfulness serves as a shield against the evil deeds. So the the connection with Hashem and Taqwa is that anyone that has the Akasha of Allah subhanho wa taala, it's expected that they will have more Taqwa. Right, because chocolate comes from a client, which is like a shield, which is like a shield in Russia is an action of the heart as well. So what is a COVID edge LAN? Inhofe big law or big toweling, and we say the word tell me when when we're in St. Jude we say subhanallah. Alvin, great to Allah, which is the

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most great or the magnificent one. Right?

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The Tao of him of Allah subhanho wa Taala is not only greatness in him and recognizing His Majesty, it is as we talked about before when we were reading the book from your claim, it is Tel Aviv and Munna he was a woman, you are making great the deen of Allah subhana wa Tada. So when one sees what's going on, for example, with our brothers and sisters in Palestine, and Afghanistan, and Libya and Morocco, in all these, the Uighur Muslims are hanging Muslims all around the world.

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Making great making Allah subhanho wa Taala is ability great in your life, is understanding that this is done with a divine wisdom,

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And I think that's the most important pillar of our Amen. Now, particularly with our youth that are in college, recognizing that this was done for a divine wisdom, because when we make our intellect

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or our experiences magnified, great in our life to where it is predominant over our attitude

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per day predominates over our interpretation of the event. That's where it can be problematic.

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This is very important. And this distinction is very important. As some psychologist mentioned, there's a difference between

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we have an immediate impulse feeling and a belief.

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So if a bad event happens, you're sad at the beginning. It's a feeling

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but how will you interpret that event that is based on your belief?

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A bad thing happens. I interpret it as something that just happened in the universe. Right? Because I don't believe in a deity or I may believe in a deity because I'm told to so when a bad thing happens, whether with me or with a group of people that I don't want nor do they want ie what is happening in Palestine for example, I interpret it as what

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I interpreted as How can a merciful God do this? His name is Aurora man. And I was told that his mercy is continuous. I learned a man Rahim there are slight differences that are a man is one particular event and our him could be Muslim here it is continuous. But what's this?

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Right, what is this? How is this the case? If I believe that he is a rock man, he is the Merciful? This is going on with a lot of Muslims in many situations. Right? child dies, how is that merciful?

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How many of you been asked this question I've been answered in many times by Muslims or non Muslims. But how do we interpret that event that relies on your belief, particularly your aqidah your belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala that is why the quarter is very important.

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This is something that has happened and that's what the Apostle saw him when he was playing in the Hadith Jabril he said and took me nobody has highly he was Cherie, and to believe and the predestination, that which is good and that which is evil from it. And even the concept of evil is a whole

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A Chapter. Why do people suffer is for a divine wisdom. And there are many reasons things that we can look at our life, we see the the percentage of evil, quote unquote, that takes place on the earth, compared to that which is good, you will never know evil unless you know good, which shows the existence of good many things that we see as evil ends up being good for instance, volcanoes, it may be something that is not what we want and may be deadly, but it has an environmental benefit. Many of these things that we understand from quote unquote, evil. So hucha is Tel Aviv of Allah making a lot of great in his life, particularly what we're facing now, making great discovery of

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Allah, which requires from us patience,

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patience with what is going on. And that's why last went out of mixing the chapter of Bukhara and we will test you with fear, hunger, loss of wealth images, what do you say at the very end, or best share?

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A sobbing and give congratulations to the patients Alladhina either Asada to Mercy button ALU. In alila heat we're in a large room, those that if they were afflicted by something they say rarely with, if you're afflicted by a trial,

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they say Verily We are for Allah and to Allah, He will return. So Allah the price of some said, axiom then I'm in the Cu*ic matter who will be bending there will be an amount see what you serve as a shield between us and between sinful practices. Why the mouse here, when you don't have this hush here, you don't have this great fear of Allah because of his greatness, or due to his greatness. It may be that you may prefer something else over the greatness of Allah, over the choice when I say the greatness particularly in the color, the choice of Allah,

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you prefer your own understanding and interpretation over the choice of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that's where it can become a mount sia

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because one can give up on Allah. When can give up on what Allah has chosen?

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One may ask when is the help of Allah coming? I've been told about this I've made to our listener we made to our within these past 20 Something days, and it's getting worse.

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To our one puts their hands up, call about a lot. They wouldn't just put their hands up and listen, because I'm done with this. I'm dealing with this religion. I'm dealing with this Dean. How many family members have I had, no

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matter who we bein in that Robina MAUSI attic. So this is very important portion of the DUA. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam started off by asking Allah to bless him with Kushtia to bless him with fear which is founded in the greatness and making the loss magnification of Allah subhanho wa Taala in our life, because making a lot of great in your life will serve as the only means between you and between a sinful practice which is ultimately it is our belief in Allah that keeps us firm. And that keeps us stable. And I want to use this word stable because sometimes all of us as Muslims may be affected individually or collectively by that which will shake the foundations of our

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faith to me last month Allah make us of those that have this firm Akasha and allow the knowledge of him to increases in our culture really is with the knowledge that increase our fear of him inshallah vertical Africa