Abdullah Hakim Quick – Jumuah Kuthbah 17-11-2023

Abdullah Hakim Quick
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the history and settling of Islamic culture, including the loss of consciousness, suffering, and the need for acceptance of the settling mentality. The speakers emphasize the importance of history shaping the world and urge people to support the movement of history. The upcoming election and the need for unity in the political system are also highlighted, along with the NCCN community and the need for people to defend themselves in the media. The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting Muslims and their families and urge support for the victims of protests. The segment also touches on the NCCN community and the need for people to defend themselves in the media.
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all morning

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long long long

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long long

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long long

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shadow one more hum Medora so

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she had one more murder was so

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high up on Florida

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monoterpene What are Eduardo Illa Allah Dottie me wash Edwin La ilaha illallah wa Sharika was shadow Mohammed Abdullah who was solo Salah Allahu Allah. While Allah He was happy woman da vida what he was 10 be so naughty Illa yo Medina. We sell them to slim and cathedra

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Amma bad for whom the cecum went up see, the topple Allah azza wa jal was 70 What

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were your Pula Lux Aparna who the bIllahi min ash shaytani regime were mainly attacked in La Jolla. Jehoiada Houma kraja we are Zukerman Heisler yatta

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yatta welcome and Allah He for who has

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in Allah her belly go hungry. But Jehovah Allah holy currently shaking,

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all praises to to Allah, Lord of the worlds

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and surely the best rewards ultimately his for those who have Taqwa.

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And surely there is no animosity except for the oppressor.

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And I be a witness that Allah is one and has no partners, that Mohammed the son of Abdullah, is a servant and his last messenger. May Allah always constantly send peace and blessings to Mohammed to his family, to his companions, and all those who call to his way and establish his sunnah to the day of judgment. I begin by reminding myself of you and you have the critical importance of tako Allah, the consciousness of Allah, to never forget that there is one mighty Impala

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there is one who has probably Baltics.

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And Allah has revealed in his book,

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kind of whoever has the consciousness of Allah, Allah will make a way out for him and provide for him from where he knows not.

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And whoever depends upon Allah. Allah will be sufficient. Surely Allah will reach his purpose.

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And he has made a limit for all things.

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Oh you who believe

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the times that we are living in

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are very difficult.

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Our coma is under pressure, severe pressure again, not only physical pressure, but psychological pressure

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that does in the past.

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We are exhorted to reach back to our sources, to hold on to Allah subhanaw taala. To hold on to the words of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, because he did not speak from himself.

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He spoke with knowledge from above seven heavens.

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And he has informed us of the true two critical qualities, one being

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taught to Allah and the second being Tilak Allah Allah,

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that we have the consciousness of Allah that we depend upon Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And we recognize that this life is not the end,

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that deaths is a door opening up

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to the real life.

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And so those who have this consciousness, those who have this understanding, Allah will be sufficient.

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The pain that they go through the pain that we feel and see

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will be tolerable, because we know that there is an ultimate end that Allah subhanaw taala has control over.

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And this suffering this destruction has happened periodically in Islamic history

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and Muslims have been required to hold the rope hold the line.

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And that is not an easy thing to do.

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But it leads to an end because Allah said clearly

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in Allah ballyhoo.

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Allah will reach his purpose.

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There is a purpose to this. There is a purpose to the test that our brothers and sisters are going through in the USA and Philistine.

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There is a purpose for the test that Muslims are going through in different pockets around the world right now.

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Allah azza wa jal told us well enough to win the Combi che in mental health while you were not sentimental and while he was unfit, what Tamara with Bashir is sobbing. And Athena EDA saw about homeless Ciba Carlu. In LA, he were in LA, he Rajiv, Allah told us we will test you

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with something of fear

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and hunger

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and the loss of your possession,

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the loss of your lives, your fruits, but give glad tidings to those who are patient.

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Those who when the calamity strikes them, they say surely we came from Allah and surely

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we will return to Allah.

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But Allah ended this ayah by saying, but Jehan Allah Allah, because the coalition in Katara, Allah has made a limit

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to everything.

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There is a limit or pressure.

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There is a limit to murder.

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There is a limit to Islamophobia.

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And sometimes we can see something bright. Within the darkness surrounding us we see a little bit of progress, a little bit of light. And yesterday here in Canada,

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the right wing racist terrorists murderer of the opposite family in London, Ontario,

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was found guilty on all cops.

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He was found guilty

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on four counts of murder. one count of attempted murder.

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We know that this was a long time coming, because it was June 5 2021. When the upsell family was murdered in London, may Allah have mercy upon them and enter them into the eye as part of gender.

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It's been a long time coming

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But the truth came out.

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And it was said

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that the filthy murder of Veltman

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he was surprised by the verdict. He was surprised.

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I'm innocent.

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I was having a bad day. I took a magic mushroom.

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I was high on drugs, tried all types of excuses.

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But it didn't work for him.

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The truth came out because he was being influenced

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by the white nationalist murderer in New Zealand.

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And he wrote a manifesto

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that he wanted Muslims out of Canada.

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So his act was an act of terror.

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And finally,

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terror was dealt with

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But how could he be shocked? How could he expect to get leniency

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from the judge?

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We have to remember and our younger generation who are growing up, you should never forget where you came from. And never forget the land that you were living in.

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In 1496,

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King Henry the seventh of England,

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he commissioned John Cabot to go across the ocean

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to conquer,

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occupy and possess the lands of the heathens and infidels. This was his command, you're going to a land of heathens

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conquer it

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and they considered North America and Central and South America to be terror nucleus, which means an English vacant territory and other words, there's no human beings

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or nobody worth being dealt with,

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like a human being.

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This is the land here.

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This is the history of this country.

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And although there have been many who have fought against it, to make our land more neutral than south of the border,

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the reality in the background is a settler mentality.

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You have to understand the mind of the settler

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double standards, how can they lie like this?

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How can they talk

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about condemnations and and come down on Muslims when 1000s of people are being killed 1000s of children are being killed.

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But this is the reality.

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And you have to recognize this has been happening historically in 1945.

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I want to take you back a little bit in time. In 1945. The French sedulous

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celebrated their independence day,

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Armistice Day, because they were liberated from Nazi Germany.

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At the same time, over 30,000 Algerians were killed in Algeria,

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while the celebration is happening in Paris, 30,000 plus Algerians were killed. Why?

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Because they wanted independence. It's a double standard.

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And it's the same thing that is happening in Palestine today.

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This is the last major settler experiment. This is the last one.

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And we have to recognize we are witnessing this like never before because of social media.

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But this has been the reality

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and we have to face our reality.

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If we do not face ourselves as Muslims, we will never have a solution. The Algerian people gave over a million Shaheed

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to get

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And we have to realize this is our case.

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Allah subhanaw taala told us very clearly as we cry for liberation, we cry for freedom in Namaha Allah you know Bobby Coleman. You will not be unfussy him. Allah will not change the condition of a people

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until they change that which is in themselves.

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One of the biggest problems we are facing today

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is with ourselves and especially our leaders.

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And the Prophet SAW seldom said very clearly about our leaders. You Hakuna Aleikum, Amara come Sharon min Alma juice, they will be leaders upon you who are worse than fire worshippers

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what would Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam say about the future.

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Let's step back and look at the words of the Prophet SAW Selim. And we will see not only the negative but the positive.

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In describing the times that we are living in

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the Prophet SAW Salem in authentic hadith reported by Taliban or the Allah one has told us

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well in namaha, for Allah komati in matomo delene were either worthy of safey Almighty lamb your father and her Illa your multi Yama

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verily I fear the most for my nation is Miss Guided Leaders.

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And up the sword is lifted comes amongst them. They start fighting each other. They will continue to fight to the Day of Judgment.

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Then the Prophet SAW Selim said, Well, that's a cool Messiah.

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element or material Mushrikeen.

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element or material Oh, thank

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you. He said that the last hour would not come until people from amongst my nation would become partners with polytheists

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they will join the ranks of the Mushrikeen and even some of my people would worship idols.

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And now we see some of our own nation

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in celebrate celebratory parties raving around, dancing, putting on Halloween costumes.

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Prophets on Salem informed us that this would happen. He also told us

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well, you know who saw your corner feet Oh, mighty. Feet, feet, feet feet Almighty, cut the bone telethon.

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Call the homies Romo. And we're an apartment and beyond.

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He said, They will surely come amongst you in this coma 30, liar, Prophets 30 liars, every one of them would claim that he is a prophet.

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But I am the last prophet, no prophet after me.

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So he's describing the terrain that we're in. He's describing the difficulty that we are in.

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But the good news at the end of this same hadith of Tobin, the prophet Sal Sal sell them said, Well, let us know if attainment Almighty Allah Maha VA here Ina, la your daughter Rohan min holla for him,

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to your camera Allah to our Buddha.

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The Prophet Sal Sal them said, there will continue to be there will be continuously a victorious group

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who would continue in victory unaffected by everybody else who's falling away

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until Allah issues His commandment for the movement of history.

00:19:17 --> 00:19:18

To Allah,

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it is until Allah decides but this taught you for 10 months, mon Surah

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it would continue

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he would not fall away despite

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other Muslims falling away.

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They try to put out the light of Allah.

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They try with Islamophobia to put out the light of Allah here.

00:19:46 --> 00:19:59

They try all over the world. But Allah told us you read dune on the field note Allah he'd be off while he while Lahoma Timbo naughty below caddy health cafe. They want to put out to lie

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It Allah with their mouths,

00:20:03 --> 00:20:04

look at the press,

00:20:06 --> 00:20:22

but Allah will complete his light. Even if the disbelievers Kate this, Allah will complete his light. And we have to keep this in our hearts and in our minds that Allah has promised us a target for 10 months.

00:20:23 --> 00:20:32

And we in our way, even here far away from the battlegrounds, we can be a type of target over 10 months,

00:20:34 --> 00:20:40

we can hold the line of our D, don't be afraid to be a Muslim. In this society,

00:20:41 --> 00:20:51

we continue to pray for the innocence in Philistine. But we also need if we are able to go into the streets,

00:20:52 --> 00:21:06

put pressure on political officials, put pressure on the government on the society, make our words and in the cry of the innocent children in the Venza to be heard,

00:21:07 --> 00:21:14

take a stand. And if you can't go out there, then support the people who are taking a stand.

00:21:16 --> 00:21:22

One of the groups in the front line for the Muslims, the NCCN.

00:21:23 --> 00:21:31

This national community of Canadian Muslims NCCM they have developed a dedicated Palestine portal.

00:21:33 --> 00:21:40

And we can give toward this portal, which is going to deal with media. We need people to defend us in the media.

00:21:41 --> 00:21:48

Legal, we need lawyers to defend us legally because Muslims are losing their jobs.

00:21:50 --> 00:22:02

Also support for the victims direct support, and not only the victims in Philistine but those Palestinians who have made it clear. In some cases, they don't have help.

00:22:04 --> 00:22:08

Because it was lip service, it was superficial to get them out.

00:22:09 --> 00:22:12

And so we can do something to help them here.

00:22:13 --> 00:22:48

Go directly to this portal nccm.com.ca Go directly to IT support to protect our brothers and sisters who are suffering here. And realize this is a process that our nation has gone through. And we are in the most difficult time in this process. But in sha Allah, there will be a change, just like in the past. And in sha Allah. They will continue to be loud to Xiao Lu ta ephah.

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Almighty they will continue to be a group from my people that are healed enough.

00:22:58 --> 00:23:00

They will be victorious they will stay

00:23:01 --> 00:23:03

late men harder for

00:23:04 --> 00:23:07

they will not be hurt by those falling away

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until the Command of Allah comes. May Allah subhanaw taala strengthened our target for 10 months Surah May Allah subhanaw taala put that feeling in all of the hearts of the believers? May Allah subhanaw taala unite this on the truth. May Allah subhanaw taala give our misguided leaders the intelligence and the bravery to go forward. May Allah give our countries to cut off all relationships with the enemies of Allah? And may Allah subhanaw taala Give us each one of us that resistance in our heart to evil and that ability to extend up to our last moment our political Leha Rostock for rally welcome Melissa Haley Muslimeen and colleagues I'm Ben Ferro Jenna who hold the

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photo right

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Alhamdulillah Allah has an ad for the summit. Allegedly lamea lead with a new lead. What am your Kula who for one?

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What was only what was said the mothers say that oh walima Arkadin the Vienna Mohammedan while the ad early he was happy he had remained about for yeah EBR de la taco la Hey toma quantum where your call Hawk Subhana Mokuba.

00:24:43 --> 00:24:59

In Allahu Allah Allah He cut to who you saw Luna Allah Nabi Yeah, Are you her Latina Amanu Sallu alayhi wa Sallim wa Taslima Allahumma salli wa salam ala dicover Zuleika Mohammed, Allah Allah He was her big main war de la hora qualifier Rashi

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See, Abu Bakr Omar Manuel Ali. Why not be Rama Tikka? hamara he mean Alhamdulillah Allah the Madonna the howdah what my canal enough Terrier, so learn her dad Allah Rabban Allah to the canoe Banagher de tener Wahab Leonard Mila Dukkha Rama, Inna kansal, Wahab Allahumma and lift Boehner Colombina was left that Sabina Dena Suba salon. We're not Gina minutolo Mati Illinois, which are nipt known for why he shamatha has been hot button for Baddeck Lenor fi or SMA in our upside in our Colombina was wodgina with Rihanna Tina what taught by Lena and decanter toe Robert Rahim Allah Hua is an Islam and Muslim in Allahumma insolence lamb when Muslim in Allah Houma is an Islam when Muslim Mia was

00:25:50 --> 00:25:53

Villa Shere Khan which the kid with dumb may

00:25:54 --> 00:26:13

once or a bad get a bill Alameen Allah mon Sonia coin Almora beteen Philistine well if he couldn't Lima, Kenya or hamara he mean, Allah Who min Arata Nabi souvent vegetable who have enough see watch al Qaeda who fina hurry, watch altit Beer who tad Mira watch I'll tap beer who taught me a

00:26:14 --> 00:26:44

beer who taught me hello home and shattered Shimla home will Frederick Shama home we'll call the Boehner home well jell o home Dana home betta hammertek Yada Jalali What a crock Allahu Allah Tada Alana them been in LA Fatah wa Harman Illa for Raja wala deen and Illa data, whatever Marie then election feta, what are mijita Illa Hinta What are Hajah 10 Min how urgent dunya Illa per day to ha of hamara he mean,

00:26:45 --> 00:26:52

in the interest of Hanukkah, in that condiment of Dali mean? como ella salatu salam at Himachal Mala

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