Ramadan 2017 – Reminders 19

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Ramadan series by Sh. Hussain Yee titled Remadan Reminders 1438/2017

2017-06-13 – Night 19

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brothers and sisters

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from day to day like

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the patient that everybody had

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those who have

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been shot

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before we end with

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some brother

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my channel

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last night and he shared

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about how we should help each

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call should be considered a mistake the weaknesses

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seems to be a contingency of these

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minus yeah shout out

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to the man of the

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enough money

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mostly yeah

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yeah 10 of the total

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profit saved see is

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and in the proper is

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the ability to not bet by the Muslim number one do not bet by the Muslim do not seek their private matters when somebody have their private matters don't

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what day so what busybody

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whoever seeks the private matter of his brother or sister Muslim alone will follow up his private method and expose it even if it is in the innermost portion of his house.

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Look at the warning from our Prophet salona salaam.

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This is just to remind this Omar the great nation clear oma to be very careful to honor the right of fellow Muslim because we know there's a general Hadith the Prophet always remind us

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goodloe Muslim Allah Muslim Hara mon

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remember that these follow Muslim Allah Muslim haram on then

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Da mo

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Wah ma Lu.

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Elbow, knee Allah bless. Yeah.

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Jerry Finn has been with us, one of our pioneer at 100 in that and still keep on strong and humble.

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Every Muslim to another Muslim,

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they are sacred.

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What are the sacred thing among fellow Muslim? They are blood.

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They mean nobody can kill another Muslim, injured another Muslim, because the key sauce will come after you An eye for an eye, nose for a nose ear for an ear and even

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then evil wouldn't have Chris Voss

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then the second thing that we must honor as fellow Muslim is their property, nobody have the right to take the property from another Muslim without their permission.

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Children have no right to take the property from the parent. That's where stealing is haram.

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Wife cannot do anything without the permission from the husband. Unless the husband gives you a general understanding mru anything you want, you just go to my pocket.

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You just open my wallet, you just take it Alhamdulillah

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If not, you have to ask for his permission.

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And also dignity era do means everybody have their own hour.

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hour is something very personal.

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Everybody may have their own weaknesses here and there. But now the Prophet said whoever seeks the private metal of his brother Muslim or sister Muslim, Allah will follow up his private method and expose it. Even if it is in the in the most portion of his house that mean in his room.

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You know, in our house, there are many rooms.

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One room for parents we call the master bedroom.

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Another room for the children, maybe girl another room for the boys, and that the room is a guest room.

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And there's also one and invited guests. In everyone's home, there is the room of the Satan.

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Where is his place?

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Don't underestimate WC and that's why we want to enter the toilet we should enter with the left leg and make

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a lot of money or owns becoming an evil cabal as most of us don't memorize this until we want to enter. No when you're not entering you forget.

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But it's good to remember that now. The Prophet is telling us when you enter the toilet,

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then seek refuge in Allah from the disturbin of the male and female gene.

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There are male and female gender. This is one of the room that we do not want this guest to be dead but he is already there. When you build a house, when you have a washroom is there,

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whether you invite him or not.

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And if you want to invite angel to your house or to your room, make sure there's no picture of the image of human or any man been hanging around when you hang that the angel just refuse to enter.

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So don't underestimate what you can do to the angel. Can you imagine you can even stop the angels from coming in.

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But you can stop the Satan from coming in.

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Why? Because

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Because of what

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because we don't follow the Prophet saying by following the Prophet Sunnah insha Allah you minimize shaytan chetana will come and go but you can minimize it inshallah

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and that's why later on the Prophet Salaam Salaam also remind us like how the early hobbyists that we are shared with you last night the profits and awesome said again in had this time Muslim

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Lie yes tooru abdon abdon Dania Illa satara Maruyama pm

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no slave conceal another slave in the world or in this world, whatever witnesses of the wrongdoing, except that Allah will conceal his or her fault on the Day of Resurrection.

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This is the beauty of when we help each other.

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If you really want to help each other, you must help them with respect.

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while helping them while reminding them you still have to respect and honor the dignity

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even to our own children when you correct the children please don't correct the children in front the anterior uncle.

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If you keep on doing that later on one day Uncle Tom he just disappeared because he know the mother the father is going to talk and the bad thing about him to the family members, sometimes we thought that we are so close to each other, so that we can say anything we want no. As the children grow, they also have their own aura, they have their own dignity, you must learn how to respect them and honor them inshallah.

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brothers and sister we do commit sin,

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especially our tongue. But please remember Allah love those who love to forgive.

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When you learn to forgive,

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it's not that you're showing your weaknesses. No.

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The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said Mazar De La Hoya dunya fu Illa His

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Prophet some awesome said mezzetta law

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a law it's

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a law at honor to the one who forgive.

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The more you forgive, the more honorable you become.

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Is that easy brothers is that

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yeah, it's not difficult.

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Just try your best. When you try your best, Allah help you.

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And in other holidays, the prophet remind us again it hum mantel out of the year hum Mantis

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Have mercy.

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We like this word mercy.

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But the Prophet said Have mercy to those on the earth.

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And the one in a heaven will shower His mercy on you.

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May Allah shower His mercy upon all of us, especially in the coming last 10 days of Ramadan.

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When you're coming into the last 10 day brother and sister you know that you are coming almost to the end of Ramadan.

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When you enter laylatul carders nine

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that means we are going to be part of Ramadan very very soon.

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But we are not going to just

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depart from the Stan night of Layla Trocadero without having a very good plan and intention to improve ourselves

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to strengthen our Eman and increase our taqwa and to be more merciful, more forgiving between all of us. I mean,

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the brother

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who passed away is a father of two and Hadji Johannes Salim, one of our Gemma who just left

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for ombre before Ramadan.

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And his father passed away.

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And his father's name is Hadji? Yeah.

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And also, there was

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a boy who passed away

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name Hira bin Roseland.

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He died under nine

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of this man

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but the one that we just mentioned that yesterday.

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So May Allah bless both for the soul of this.

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The brother and the child in Shama net has been a prayer for them because the Prophet said when some Muslim pass away, is to reach out we say in Allah, he was in La Jolla, raggio, India just going back to meet Allah, Allah, Allah Ameen. And then the prophecy is the clearer

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that is together.

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Humbly we ask Allah to forgive

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both of them inshallah Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Wanda Addy Mohammed kamasan ley de la a Brahim wanna Ali Ibrahim

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Mohamed magid,

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a Maha Macrophylla Houma

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what Hama Hama

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Hema waffle and Homer

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mama pillow Homa

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v genetic who is Homer Minh as a bit of debris whereas I've been

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a llama crema Houma fino zuly human once it mahalo, Huma waqas Sara Houma Bill Maher with third world Bari Wanaka Hema manana kataya Tamayo Naka as Uber. A be a minute Denis

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Allahumma Abdullah Houma, Dharan hiren min Dara Hema

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Kira Amina Halima,

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Alomar pelo ginetta Allah ma Paloma ginetta Where is Homer mean as a bit of cambree was a bit narrow among what really hyena when Madina mucha, Idina Maha ebina masala, Irina Irina with a Kareena when Santa Allahumma mun at home heydo mina de la Islam woman, our fighter who mean fatawa who? Allah Allah,

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Allah Houma la harina adjara Houma wala to dilemna the Houma Urbana Edina Dania her Santa Clara de hacer una Maquina de dinero de la Honda Medina, Walla de he was a big Marine, or hungry La, La La mean. I mean, yeah, terrible. an amine brothers Sister, don't forget the Hadees that I share with you. Masada Maha dunya fu Illa is

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remembers this beautiful saying of the Prophet, Allah it's honor to the one who forgive

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if it loves to forgive you or not showing weaknesses but allow it increase your honor insha Allah, may Allah make us among the people who love to forgive? I mean era demean or belittle people acleda Juana warham Deborah mean subhanak Allahumma biharmonic shadow Allah Illa Illa Illa and stockbroker What are to boil a Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh