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The speaker discusses the importance of knowing and embracing one's actions in order to avoid bad behavior. They stress the need for personal certainty and actions that bring joy to others. The speaker also mentions a legal incident involving a man named Daniel and the possibility of bringing his back.

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From the

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low send them about about that Amina Mohammed water. Main a MOBA was recited at the end of the first record was

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where la soprano what the artist says if there has been no effect on our gene

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as a rhetorical question

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and it makes a confirmation

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and affirmation, the last one Dallas's, Ella music Phoebe, Rebecca and who Allah Khaleesi in Shaheed Is it not enough for your Lord that He is upon everything he witnessed in Norman finger, your team or your OB him?

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Is it not that they are in doubt from meeting their Lord? Allah in the hooby coalition?

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Is it not that Allah subhanaw taala is upon everything aware or more hate means surrounding? So it can mean that he is encompassing all encompassing of everything. So when we say more hate the last month, Allah is all encompassing of everything. This is not one of his names. But an Mohit is not one of his names, but he is aware of everything with his names and attributes is aware and present. So in a loss of primadonnas essence rhetorical question is and not enough, with your vet your Lord is upon everything a witness, one of His Names is a Shaheed but here there's a loss without says she even though he is a witness upon everything that he is aware of everything, he sees, everything,

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notices everything, witnesses everything. And this is important for the Muslim to know that even though you know we come together we make lots of budget together, and we do things independently, Allah and Allah is all aware of that and that should remind the Muslim, that whatever we do, whether it is a seven on on any in secret and an open that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is aware, and also even much more of a deeper concept that Allah is aware of what our hearts conceal and reveal. So if we're aware that Allah spent Allah is aware of what our hearts conceal and reveal, and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada being a Shahid is something that is not a problem for us to understand. And then Allah subhanaw

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taala says after that, is it not that the ones that are and the inhuman fumiyo timidly called, robbing him in those that are in doubt of the heart of the Lord. So here is a confirmation as well or affirmation that the ones for the Muslim it's important to believe and to know with full certainty that they will meet a loss, you're hiding more data, that there will be a time that each and every single one of us individually, will meet Allah and will be will every all of our deeds will be shown in front of us. And we will answer for those deeds we will be asked by Allah, this is not expressed ignorance of Allah subhanaw taala but it's showing you that Allah subhanaw taala is

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aware of everything, and that he is an Hasid that he will hold us accountable. But all of this is invoked within the Mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada that he wants good for you, and He wants His mercy to be showered upon him. And when the Muslim recognizes this message of the Quran, they realize that and then they try their level best to be of those when they meet Him, that He is pleased with them. So in the last part, Allah make us of those that Allah is pleased with us in the actions that we do. And we make make that in our hearts a place of certainty, our hearts being a place of certainty, of meeting him and a place of solitude, and a place of hard work and actions that bring us closer to

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him and these actions of worship. Because Allah subhana wa Tada as he confirmed at the very end, he is upon every single thing more hate, he is surrounded every single thing with his beautiful names and attributes. May Allah Subhana Allah make us of those that are aware of his beautiful names and attributes and allow that to be the motivation behind avoiding evil deeds and behind performing the good deeds or even

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robbing or acting after dunya Hasina

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has been working.

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Allahu McQuillan the movement. Well, Kavita Anessa Yeah, tonight what telephone at behind them. You know See also most wanted and most of that feed if you saw Daniel Don't be that I mean, one and most of the affinity for the Steen if he saw your legal or human shadow or do Mahali behavior of it. I mean, my feeling is lubaina McAfee unless he had to know what telephone Am I got Barack Obama I've never been in any of your own okay. I don't mean I mean, along with feeling it

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Was it net and Manero Beta Alanine along with unlimited Quran? Your Beta Alanine was in the end Manero. menarini. Was someone was sending my back because not Amina Muhammad. Want to add he wants to be here.