Abdullah Oduro – The Comprehensive Call (Part 3)

Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of thankfulness and excellence in worship, particularly in gratitude for actions of Allah and his followers. They stress the need for everyone to be thankful and consider himself as a Christian. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of showing excellence in worship and being thankful upon what has been given to them.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa murni II

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah but Academy the Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all until we have reached the second portion of this, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, well, Luke has chakra net Matic or mercenary band critic, I asked you to make me grow tissues and thankful for your blessings, and to make me of those that worship you and excellence. So the first part is that we know of shukran arithmetic. As a matter of fact, this was mentioned by more either bingeable where he said the prophets of Allah Allah was Selim taught them to say this at the end of every prayer, if you do ridiculous Allah, Allahu Allah, the clicker was sharika was in a bad it takes so

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two out of the three, to retreat, be thankful with the blessings you have given me and to be have excellence in worship. So the first thing is thankfulness. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned this in the chapter of Ebrahim chapter number 14, verse seven. And it says, When your Lord proclaimed, if you were to be thankful, then he would increase you What if you were to be ungrateful, for various punishment is severe. So here we understand what he says it other than a robber come there in Chicago to that as he didn't come, if you were to be thankful I would increase you. And notice he doesn't mention the object of increase and how much you would increase, it would be only that which

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is good for you. But if you were to in cathodic tune, to be ungrateful, for really his punishment is severe. So notice, he brings a contrast between thankfulness and ungratefulness, obviously, but he says sugar and Cofer Kaffir tune, as we know kerferd means disbelief. And one of the greatest characteristics of disbelief is not showing gratefulness to the one that has given you what you have or what has been given to you also allows upon without his his new chapter of Bukhara when he mentioned that he brought them a suit that mentions the research of them a book and has given them what they do not know. He says first quarter Lee of quote unquote, wash Kuru Lee. Well, let's look

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for one here. He says, Remember me, I will remember you and be thankful to me and do not be ungrateful. So here the contrast between gratefulness and gratefulness, the words that are used in Arabic is beautiful. So when we show thankfulness to Allah subhanho, wa Taala, and be grid tissue is, we can do that starting with our heart. It's acknowledging, admitting, accepting, and knowing and hoping that you will be consistent. And that acknowledgement and that acceptance of what Allah has given you, recognizing that it is a law that gives it to you, recognizing this characteristic of risk of love of preservation. When you recognize that you're greeted, you're thankful to him for

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that, the means of showing that or the way of expressing that is through your limbs, the solar, the Zakat, re citation of the Quran, which is the other aspect, the third from the tongue. So we have the heart, the limbs, and the tongue, the vicar of Allah subhana wa Tada. And if you notice upon the salaat combines all three of these, that you do these actions, particularly that this action you would not do in any other time of the day. So thankfulness is the first thing that we asked for, to make us thankful to make us remember you and be thankful upon what you have given us by recognizing that it is a near miss, that it can be taken away from us easily. And the next thing is personally

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by the tick, to have excellence in worship. It's very important here that we separate excellence from perfection, and come out with the law, that perfection is only with Allah, but we do the best that we can and that is excellence, doing the best that you can, as a loss of kinda with dialysis in the chapter of uncut boot, after 11 shift on a regime. Well, Edina, gehad rufina Lana de su Berliner, were in the Lucha lemma and mercy Nene that those that strive in our path, we will guide him to our way and very rarely Allah is with the morosini v morosini. The excellence the ones that do good, that do their best. And that's what Allah wants from you. That's what we're asking him to

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make us of those that have excellence in our worship, that we try our best to do our best, especially when we are at our worst. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us of those that worshipping in excellence, and that's why it's upon the verse if you notice, those that do jihad, they fight against themselves, because we will be at our worst, but we strive to do our best and that is what Allah subhanho wa Taala loves, as a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned in hadith of gibreel. When he mentioned when he asked what is it said, he said, untangled a lot nichetto to worship Allah as though you see him and though you do not see him know that he sees you

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as 700, a scholar and he mentioned in one of his or Saturday, he mentions that it's important for you to understand two aspects, that your heart is aware that Allah sees you

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that you're

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aware that Allah sees you, just like if you were to know that a camera was watching you in a room, and the person behind the camera sees all of you. But imagine if you were to know that that person that's looking at the TV screen and looking at all 100 of you is looking particularly at you at every single time with a loss of kind of data is a much greater example. Every single individual and thing he is looking at. At the same time on this earth. He is never negligent. Just as we see maybe a cop in the street would be in the street cars are passing, he may see you and he may not see the with a loss of credit without it that is impossible. So we have a send, our heart is aware that he

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is watching us, but we worship Him as though we see him you know that he's watching you, but your heart is watching him. And that is what he says and does and encourages. It encourages that when you watch you see something and you know you're being watched at the same time. This is what encourages a person to do the best that you can malossi panel with that and make us of those that worship him with insane and excellence and make us of those that show thanks upon everything that he's given us, a cinema akin to like anybody can say thank you

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