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AI: Summary © The transcript describes how the evil character of Islam is not equal to good character. The ability to obtain good fortune is a way of repelling the evil character. The patient and evil characters are the ones that affect the patient and their characteristics affect their characteristics. The ability to obtain good character is a way of repelling the evil character.
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I want to Ernie he was

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what was your starting the first rock guy was from the chapter facilite. Well, that's one of Dallas says if the other one was challenging, well, let us they will have Senator Willis a year in the fact miletti Here accent for either le de vena cava Vanina, who I dealt with when we get a new one even I mean, when I used to call her in the lady in a Subaru, I'm gonna call her level Hellman holding a loss for $1 says, and evil and good are not equal.

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If our ability here x and to repel, with that, which is good

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for either the bank account or man who I dealt with, I mean to the result to where if you repel that which is with evil, that if you repel the evil with good, the one that was

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between the enmity between you will cause the person that had enmity between you to be like, What do you mean to be as a close friend, because of the good that you bring to the people the good that you bring to the person that you may have enmity with, you take the SSA the higher road, you repel it with good, some people say you kill them with kindness, you do good acts, even though that person may have been bad to you. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says the types of people that will obtain and attain that type of characteristic will make you luck or her in a Lilina Sabra. And people, no one will reach that MACOM or that position, that lofty position, except the ones that are patient. Well,

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now you call her a level housing Pauline. And then Allah repeats the same beginning He says in those will not reach it, the only ones that will really attain that are the ones that are of good fortune, and fortune, meaning here, the one that that fortune has been given by Allah subhanho wa taala. But that fortune was given to them because of their Sabra and suffered a tape Sobor patients takes work, it takes withholding oneself from doing that which is not beneficial or doing that which is detrimental to them in the long run. It may have been something that was satisfactory to you, or satisfying to you at the moment to where you repelled the evil with evil. But if you were to repel

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the evil with good indefatigability, he asked accent in EDIFACT definitely means to push to repel. So the fact that you are doing good to someone that is evil to you, it is a way of repelling the evil. And it can be looked at as not allowing the shape on to affect you to do something that you may regret in the near future. Although it may have been something that was satisfying at the moment, but in the long run, it is something that is not beneficial for you. And Allah is saying that takes a level of patience, it is not easy, and that patients that one receives a lot reminds at the very end is a little helpless darling. It is the person that received fortune from Allah. So the

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fact that you are patient and you have good character and that character has repelled the evil character or characteristics from affecting you or from

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harming you. It is a level of patience that is obtained in that patients ultimately comes by the tofield from Allah subhanho wa Taala So may Allah subhanaw taala bless us with patients or patients that is beneficial for us in this life and inshallah can be a rippling effect to those that may have done us harm or tried to do us harm by us being kind to them for that is the higher road and that is the road. The patient ones whom Allah subhanaw taala blesses

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are better ads and efic Dunya Hassanal if

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you have some more submit an AR But I mean Allama Jan nemenhah sobbing in Europe anatomy, Allah MK filling them in the new Bina waka Farah Nursey attina are too often I'm Anna Baran Allahumma alumna MA and founder when fattening the mount I limped in it was in early Manero but I mean a lot of Medina Nam In Quran and led him to come across to Chiara banana mean Allah, Allah masala one of them also Dafina equally mccannon was a man and yet as easily young were you in Mateen Young will sit together generally with a cron Yamo Haman was SallAllahu wasallam about Colombian Hamid while he was suffering he