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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah I medulla Oduro, with Masterman, introducing to you young men, the beast program.

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Now V stands for Building essential aesthetics for strong transformation. And this is into two parts, which basically says the description. And the goal, first of them being building essential aesthetics, many of your thinking aesthetics, working out with the chisel chest and the six pack or eight pack. Yeah, we're going to do some wisdom workouts, but the aesthetics is that which is artistic, which is beautiful, just as the body can be beautiful through hard work. Also, the o'clock the manners, the manhood, transforming from a male to making the choice to be a man, this is a beautiful thing. We're going to cover those basic aspects of life through different workshops, and

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also transforming and working with each other, which is the second part for solid transformation, not a shaky foundation, which brings a shaky transformation into something that we may not want to see or exemplify. But it's a solid transformation, knowing who you are, as a male, understanding what it means to be a man and transforming into that in a gradual fashion, as we say with these wisdom workouts that we will be having. Through your physicality, you learn your reality, and that's the ultimate goal to transform and being a man understanding what that means and walking the earth with dignity, integrity, and strength. See you on the other side, as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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buddy Catherine. Thank you