Rahul Asks, Quran is Unscientific as it says Humans Created from Congealed Clot of Blood

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this one more question in the Quran 96 Chapter number two, it says, created man out of a mere clot of congenial blood. I was listening to the Hindi Translation or the translation of this as well a few days ago, and it said that monkey, boom same. I don't do me Severnaya now we know that

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like this, this is common knowledge now that it's that we actually not born from a known drop of blood, it's a drop of semen. So I do see a translation of another verse, it says, Then fashion V, the drop in packets, semen, a clot of congealed blood, then fashion V the clot a little lump. So that means it puts the blood in the second stage but I don't think blood comes to towards the latest stages of you being adopted and probably

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many of us right person

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could answer this trend. Hello, chapter 16 Verse 43, and chapter number 21, verse number seven. First Hello, Al is decree in Congo, Allah Tala. If you don't know, as the person who knows, I'm not very knowledgeable, but in these few things, I'm knowledgeable. I'm not a person. I'm just a student of comparative religion, and I'm just a small Doctor MBBS. But then the field of speciality. The same argument was given by Dr. William Campbell. There's a person by the name of Dr. William Campbell, who's a medical doctor and got a PhD in adding a book against the Quran. He wrote a book saying there are 30 scientific errors in the Quran.

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And for eight years, no Muslim replied. So the American students they call me for a debate and I went to us in Chicago a few years back, and we had a debate on the topic, the Bible and the Quran in the light of science, and one of his arguments are the same. What do you post that the first two verses of the Quran to be revealed?

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of surah Allah also Rick Ross, chapter 96, verse number one and two, he says, a crab is made up because he Kolak teleca insana, Miniloc. Read recite a proclaim in the name of the Lord who created who created man from a congealed clot of blood. He said that this was basically copied the Greeks first thought

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that human beings are made from blood. It's an old theory, which is proved wrong. And as a medical doctor, no Yes, human beings are not made from blood. So Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him research. He copied from this Syrian who copied from that Greek and a big lift, he made research.

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And he said, See mama salah, Salah knows Billa Prophet Muhammad he copied from the Syrian from this and he gave a big lineage very guarded from his research. His PhD, is a PhD doctor and a medical doctor. Then he further goes to say that all the translation you read, it says blood, blood blood, but latest, some of the Muslims translate Aloka as a leech like substance.

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He knew it, which you don't know. He knew it. But in defensive thing, we have to take the meaning what was present at the time of revelation of the Quran, we can take a meaning which is understood today. At the time the Quran was revealed no one understood it as leech and is right.

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Therefore, all the contemporary forces you read, all say blood, none of them say Aloka is literal, which we agree. Allah cough has three meanings.

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The blood, something which leaves and

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Alicia acceptance.

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And probably the Keith Moore was shown this verse of the Quran, he goes under a microscope, he says, I don't know it looks like a leech. He observed the early stages of embryo in a microscope and compare it with a photograph of a leech. And he was shocked at the striking, exact resemblance. So today's medical science confirms that the embryo looks like a leech. But his argument is, you have to take the meaning what was prevalent that time, not today. And it gives the example that Quran says And the Bible says don't ask pig. But today in America, pig also refers to a policeman. So would you say Quran says don't need a policeman? And the people's try to laugh.

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I couldn't say anything because he was speaking I have to follow the rules. But my turn came to speak. And I said, what Dr. William Campbell says, is correct as far as the Bible is concerned, because the injury was revealed only for that time and for those people. So whatever meaning was revealed in that time you have to take but the Quran was not revealed only for the Muslims or the Arabs only for that time, it was revealed for the whole of humanity until eternity. So you have to take all the meanings from the time of revelation till the Day of Judgment all the money should be taken to consideration

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can be one is correct. Can be all are correct.

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And this William Campbell he's practicing

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Morocco even though the Arabic language

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so doctor medical doctor MD, I am only MBBS is better than me MD, PhD netic. The Quran knows Arabic language I don't know because the language

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so we are a bit. So I said, as far as the Bible is concerned find only the meaning that is revealed has to be taken for the Quran, all the meanings, and what meaning is today? He has no objection, because of the Keith Moore, who was one of the highest authority at that time in the field of embryology. They confirm and wrote in his new addition that the embryo looks like a leech, so you cannot object.

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But we also know that the second meaning it clings something whistling this correct because the embryo clings to the uterine wall. The latest research also says that in the initial stages in the embryo the blood does not circulate. So it looks like a congealed clot. So even the congealed rot is correct with Cirencester stuffers today

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what the Quran says that it made from a congealed clot by appearance, it looks like a congealed clot. By function, it clings to the uterine wall and by shape. It even looks like a leech. So a Hamdulillah. Altria Correct. even considered not is correct. Even something was cleaned as well as the SEC substance. I hope that answers the question.