Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #161 – The Problem of Colorism

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of man-made, white sandy beach, black volcanic rock, and red soil being created by Allah. The color of skin is not something that is determined by human beings, but rather by their bodies. The speaker suggests that this problem is a result of man-made, white sandy beach, black volcanic rock, and red soil being created by Allah. The acceptance of Islam's views on colorism is crucial for acceptance of one's actions and causing problems for themselves.
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when it comes to the story of Adam, Allah, He said, one of the more significant things about Adam is that a lost power to otter took a very particular process to create Adam, okay. And this is the big thing that contradicts evolutionary theory, as we know it today, which claims that human beings evolved from monkeys of primates or something, something like that. We have it on a better authority on firmer ground that Allah subhanaw taala created Adam himself directly. And part of that was to honor Adam. And part of that process was a lot as it were just sending down angels to collect different parts of the earth, okay, because the Earth is made up of different colors, you have the

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white sandy beach, and you have the black volcanic rock, and you have black soil, when it's really good soil, and you have browns, and you have reds, clay, and these sorts of things. And then all of that was the material from which Adam Alehissalaam was formed, his body was formed. And one of the benefits or one of the lessons behind this is that the color of our skins is not something that we should take particular pride in one way or the other, black or white, brown or red, because it's something that wasn't determined by us. First of all, that's something that allows pilots out at will, and neither one is better than another. They're all in there together. And Adam at a center,

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and the fact that the expression of those different colors, they're all possibilities and they're all created by Allah. Allah is the wise Allah is that Hakeem? And so some people, even in the Muslim community have this problem. And it really shows up with marriage, right? Somebody doesn't want to marry somebody else, because they're a shader to darker than that, God forbid if they're on the other end of the color spectrum, right? We have this problem. And we're not the only people that have this problem. We have this problem the Muslim community of colorism, how can you reject something that allows power to Allah created intentionally? How can you reject something that Eliza

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gel put in the makeup of Adam and the makeup of human beings with intention and with wisdom isn't as a sign from Allah? Allah says in the Quran, that the different colors that we have a different tongues that we have are a sign? Are you rejecting a lot of signs? Are you unhappy with one of the last signs someone comes to marry your daughter, and they have dark skin? Are you going to reject a lot of signs just based off of that? Why would you be upset about that not talking about economic security, not talking about virtue? Not talking about religion, not talking about any of that we're talking just about skin color, how could you possibly reject Allah science? So this has become a big

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problem and when it is allowed to exist this problem and tolerate it in the Muslim community, this colorism then we get Guess what? Historically, the pendulum swings back the other way. And now you get people that are so sick and tired of being mistreated and rejected, and looked at funny and judged due to a certain color of their skin, that now they say, You know what, I'm going to make my identity based on that. And you know what you're telling me it's the worst, I'm going to tell you it's the best, it's better than yours. Look what we've done. And Islam is in the middle. Islam is in the middle. Every single person has value because they were created by Allah. That's it. Allah

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subhanaw taala is the one who decided the different possible ranges of color that a person can have. And that's it. That's what wisdom that's what love that's what mercy and we need to embrace that mercy and we need to accept it, or else we're going to just cause more problems for ourselves.

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