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AI: Summary © The program on improving the quality of prayers is a practical and opportunity to understand the depth of prayers. Consistent with the importance of creating perspective and motivating others to do so, the speaker discusses the use of negative experiences in the political and personal world, including losing interests or feeling overwhelmed. The importance of translation and family and community in achieving success is emphasized, along with advice for working on one's memory, doing small tasks, and being woken by a finger speech. The segment concludes with a brief advertisement for a professional speech.
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Assuming that, well, I think he will sign up.

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for not wanting to log in, we're about to

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show off

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to the Western videos a lot.

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I realize I'm an escrow officer, and welcome to you. To spider without irony, I just wanted to welcome everyone to the program shot a lot. This is, as you heard PVC, even in my previous visits, and maybe somebody their marketing materials of the course and from earlier today, the course focuses on improving the quality of our prayers. And it does so and in achieves this goal through a very practical method and means an extremely practical method. And that is to understand, not just simply understand in terms of translation, but to grasp the depth, the beauty, the eloquence, the

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the wisdom, and the reflections that are present in what we read and what we recycle within our daily practice. You know, I'm not sure if I gave this example the last time I visited, I think I did. But I'm going to go ahead and repeat the example just for everyone's benefit. Now I want you to pay close attention.

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You know, earlier today, you know this, even later on tonight, and especially earlier today, when I was getting the football club, so I spoke for about 20 minutes, then 10 or 20 minutes, everyone was listening. Even now, I've been talking for a minute or two, a couple of days, I've been speaking to you. You're looking at me, you're listening to me, you're paying attention. And there's one basic fundamental reason why, why you're looking at me while you're listening to me while you're paying attention. And that very basic, simple, common sense. reason is because you understand what I'm saying. Right? You understand, you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth, right? You

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understand what I'm saying? I can understand what I'm saying you understand what I'm saying? and therefore the whole chair attention. It's as simple as that we're human beings. It's not that complex, it's not that difficult to figure out. Now the question that I have been talking to you for two minutes, not very long at all. But if I were to be I have divided this into two for these last few minutes, in language that you cannot understand, and you cannot comprehend. I'm going to go ahead and just throw this out there. All right, even if somebody does speak, that particular language is, you know, just you. Alright, so let's say for instance, nobody in this room, let's

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assume nobody in this room speaks Korean, I would have to put that disclaimer out there every single time I say that, like nobody in this room speech criticism is one that we're going to go around and congratulations, we're going to do a whole lot of completion. All right, so let's just assume nobody speaks Korean in Israel.

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If I have been speaking to for the last three minutes in Korea,

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you don't understand a word a lick of Korean. And I've been speaking to you for the last few minutes in Korean.

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How long before you stopped paying attention? Tell me about this and call it out.

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10 seconds. That's an Amish man. 10 seconds. All right. 37, even though was a patient in person in the most respectful person, 30 seconds before they would start updating their Facebook status. We have a disaster after. Right before you text message your friend. come rescue me now. Right? So 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds. And then you'll be like, you know what, if you don't talk about something religious, you might try to be 100% seven. And then you'll be like, forget this point. This is garbage. Right? It's just I can't, how am I supposed to pay attention when I'm doing what you're saying? Let me flip it around any further this example, in magic, and I don't even speak

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Korean. Like I don't understand the Korean language. I just have a legit Korean, like poetry written on a piece of paper. And I really don't need to memorize a bunch of Korean poetry. And I'm just standing in front of you reciting it, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You can stop paying attention in 10 or 20 seconds. How long before I would proceed the entire like, I would just lose interest in what I was doing a couple of minutes, five minutes. And that'd be like, I don't even know what to do.

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Right? as ridiculous as preposterous as silly as that sounds. But I want you to try to understand is the example that I just gave you, and this person has seen just a little bit psychologize if I offend someone,

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the example that I just gave you the silly templates in gaming, how different are our prayers from the template we think about it.

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We all wonder if we all discuss

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We all debate, why don't we have quality coverage.

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Yet, day after day, it's a lot of just thought, I stand up and I read and I see some having a lot more, we have to go to Marcus.

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I'm seeing all of this Migrator different positions in the railroad. And

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I've no idea what any of it means. Like I can sit there and they can reflect and ponder on it. Right? It's no mystery why we lack quality in our rooms. So that's what we're going to do. That's how we're going to tackle this issue in a very practical meaning.

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Through a very practical means we're going to be comprehend, grasp and understand what we read what we say within our project. But before I get started,

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to get things off on the right foot to make sure everyone is motivated, and everyone is focused, everyone is in the zone. All right, everyone who's in the zone, when I'd like to do is I'd like to create a little bit of perspective,

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a little bit of perspective about why we're here, what we're here to achieve, what motivates, you know, healthy, well to do, you know, people with friends and family and good personalities, what motivates them on a Friday evening, to get back together?

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Right, what why are we here, what motivates us to be here. So I'd like to create a little bit of perspective.

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And to create that perspective, remembering a little bit of a trip back into history. And we're going to take a trip back into history to the day, that is probably one of the greatest days in the history of humanity. One of the greatest days in the history of mankind, would easily be called the greatest turning point in human history. And that was that blessing day, in the cable paid off with the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam received divine.

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divine revelation, Allah communicated, Allah spoke to him, Allah revealed his calamus word to him.

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Now, let's understand what happened shortly after that, because it's very fascinating. It's very interesting, a human being a man, a very special man. But nevertheless, a human being

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has just not just verbally but physically interacted with an angel with the greatest, but I call it the greatest of angels.

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He physically interacted towards you. But he also actually pressed him when he said, he said,

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I don't read.

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And he pressed it three times. So to imagine intrinsically interact with an angel, to receive a buzz word to mean, to be told you are the carrier of God's message.

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It is your responsibility to take this message to all of that is

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going to

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go into God's word.

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I want you to imagine the burden, the shock,

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that a person would feel overwhelmed emotionally, psychologically, and we know that a lot of supplies that shows us the humanity of the rest of the world, he came home, and he was shaking and trembling. Because you saw her wasn't my experience.

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His wife, and her consoled him and talked him into

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wrapping up and shoved in a blanket.

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So she drops him on the shoulder blanket. At that time, that was our telecommunication. And it was one more time it tells him what Yeah, he went with that. Now, this is where, you know, throughout the course, we're gonna see this and we're gonna understand this. You know, we talked about translation, a lot of times please translated in a particular way, but we don't really fully understand the meaning of it. Yeah, you know what that means? You see the translation all the one wrapped up in a blanket, all the one wrapped up in the show.

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The tone of saying that even when death, however, is as if I say to him, what are you doing sitting there wrapped up in Shaolin monk?

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What are you doing sitting there wrapped up in a show? That's not why we sent the word to you. That's not why you were made the messenger done with this until it next

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stand up for under the warm welcome. I can begin holding the greatness only under loading

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solo, mobilizes Acropolis wants to get out there and we'll do a good job.

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Go do your job. Yeah, he or she is going to deliver the message as we needed to wait.

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If you don't do everything that's within your capacity to try to deliver the message. Yeah.

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Go and proclaim all mankind, I am the messenger of the prophet of God, and I consent to all of you. So get out there, do your job. Now, let me ask you something, when you have such a huge task, you know, when you have a really big task, you know, a really big like, you have to paint your house.

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What's the most difficult part of the process?

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What's the most painful part of the process?

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The starting the first step, the first brush, because you walk around your house and you, you spent two days walking around,

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should go here. And we should do this year you like, you know your neighbors? Well, I want you to walk around your house,

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you'd like to spend two to three days scoping it out, but you'd like to stay in the house. Right? Except the first one. But once you get going, and you just put that verse in the wall, you end up finishing the entire job in less time than you just thought about doing the job. Right? That's

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the first step is the most difficult. So the rest of the lesson is given the biggest task any human being has ever been given the history of the world, go and deliver the message to humanity.

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Where do I start? So let's do some very practical instruction.

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Guidance instruction, while I'm there.

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Okay, go and mourn. Start off by warning the closest of your tribes and your family people. Like you're not just your household, because obviously, they were the first people he shared the message with Khadija, his wife, I think on the left behind when his husband used to live in the house, you know, his best friend,

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Xavier, the young boy in the home, these were the very first people should invest with obviously the people that also but now looking at your extended family cut down to get to your extended family.

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So this is okay.

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That makes a lot of practical sense. That makes a lot of sense. And it makes it easier to get away from your personal life. Whenever you are going to have your back up against the wall whenever you're facing very difficult odds. Who can you always count on who can always fall back on? family? Right family is always there for you. You know, I remember.

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I don't know, I don't know if they still do it in schools or not. We got some young kids here. But

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back when I was going to school a long, long time ago,

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we used to have this little competition in school where you would sell boxes of chocolates. And then based on how many boxes of chocolates showed you collect points, and then there was a deadline and whoever got the most points would get like riding a bicycle. And next best food get like a skateboard and it would give like fries and then they actually used to get physical things. I just use the bigger waves everything right? But so that you have this little competition for selling those boxes of chocolates. Well, you know what, what happened? If it's Monday, and the teacher says the deadline is Friday, you got to turn in your sheets by Friday. So as much as you get you got four

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days to settle. And you and you look at the guy who's in first place and you see your 40 boxes behind them. So you get some 40 bucks for a bus. I mean, so who do you go and get up at that point?

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Your dad

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Your dad ends up buying 20 boxes of chocolate even though the format is diabetic. has this problem. You're buying 20 bucks.

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Right? And then your uncle that's when you emotionally like No You're right. I love you so much I know your job.

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Right so family families always it's in our instinct that's what children do that naturally really resort to that. It's a part of our we are fickle. So messenger Wiseman told me I will go and preach to your family members makes perfect sense. Awesome, great, amazing. That's gonna work out. So the first one was the wiser, gathers together the tribe Spiegel, the family people buy new passion. And even though there's a British, he got one of them together on the mountain

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And he climbs up surprised him to see the mountain sofa mountain or something like that. It's more like a hill. It's not that big. So he climbs up onto sofa. And everyone's collected there and NASA says, If I was to tell you that there's some danger or a fire or something back behind the mountain coming your way. What would you do? So we'll go in when we get ready to be prepared. Why? Because we trust you. You've never lied to us. We've never steered us wrong. Why would we believe you listen to me take you serious. So he said if that's the case that I'm in

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I'm here today to tell you that God has given me a message. And he has sent His guidance and his instruction, you're to believe in one of them. And I haven't mentioned him a while, and there is a life after death, etc. There, he lays it out for them.

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Obviously, you know, they didn't believe him, they rejected it. But the very first person that spoke out was his own uncle who died.

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And I want to help us in some distant like, third uncle or his dad's like, second cousin. Or it wasn't like either by the love relationship. All right. I would I was his uncle, his dad's brother.

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All right, father figure

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of Hunan, sweet, supple. And this is

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now the formal translation is often like done again, literally translate to make your hands be broken up.

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But again, it's a finger speech.

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Basically, when when it's the equivalent talk today is it's a customer.

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It's like you cussing somebody out. But you really use

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like your garbage or trash. Right? So it's millions of customers coming up very soon, someone who

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has to get us together for this nonsense. Are you gonna waste your time with this stuff? Which one would you want?

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So he just tells him off like that humiliated in public.

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Now, I want you to try to walk in the shoes of the prophets.

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I want you to imagine how difficult that was.

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put yourself out there.

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Your reputation your entire life. He's 14 years old. He is not 14 year old.

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Who the next day he forgets what are some 40 year old man 100. He gets his own family.

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There's a lifetime of a reputation that he's built. And you work on that he's found that

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is really the public mother's humiliated but humiliated and told off and dismissed by his own code. When someone's own family treats him like that, what does that mean, for everybody else? It opens the floodgates, right? It makes it a free for all. If somebody whose own mother doesn't trust him.

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If somebody's mother doesn't let him come into her house, this person, would you invite that person into your home? Be honest with you? Of course not continue?

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Even if your mother doesn't trust me, I seriously want me to bring it to my mother doesn't let him into that house. What do you mean? So when someone

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so I want you to imagine that the process of going home that day, how heavy was hurt,

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how emotionally devastating it was

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to be dismissed by the people that were supposed to have his back

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his family.

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At that time again, the profitsystem goes off and he sits and he wraps puffer wraps himself up in a blanket. And he's this deep thought, Allah subhanaw taala dresses and says, what

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your most?

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I can't What are you doing sitting there wrapped up in a shelf in a blanket? or something? Oh, stand up. If this time you were to really stand up and pray to light

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it up. I think that except for a little while. So stand up and spend most of the night praying and talking to Now let me ask you, I'm gonna ask you a few common sense questions, practical questions. If somebody had a really, really, really difficult hard day at work,

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then when they get home, what should they do?

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Get some rest, get some sleep.

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The moms of suitors are very, very, extremely difficult, taxing day.

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When he gets home to go to restaurants he tells him to do what

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do barber send up and pray logically this era.

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But let's carry on. miserable. Okay, pray has done it. Oh, and

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also, don't be afraid to pray more. If you feel like

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you're in the zone. Keep going. What I've done.

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And this beautiful, amazing speech of God that has been revealed to you recite,

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recite the words of God

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there was something very interesting in that

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we will continue very soon continue to reveal to send down a very heavy word that if what hasn't been revealed to you so far, you need It's heavy. You got no idea what's going on. We're going to continue to send the devil into

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Be heavy.

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Alright, so again that doesn't really right then

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instead of praying for tonight, we'll give you firmer feet allow you to stand stronger and say the right word and say what needs to be said

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has to be very professional. He says in a hurry somehow

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because most definitely in the daytime, you specifically you

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have a setback believe and have a very long swim.

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Most definitely especially you

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use specifically in the daytime you're a longshoreman

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that will take it literally this making sense. The middle of Arabian

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wear swimwear. What was he talking about? What is profitability report on revelation and Brandon has always been stuck.

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It's a metaphor.

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It's a metaphor, distributed Street. If you have a very long task ahead of you. And why does the law specifically use this verbiage? Because of us panatela Singaporean law

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it's like being a fluid. It's like swimming.