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and made us a creature.

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We've shamed ourselves.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallam Allah hace Milan BIA even more saline. So you don't know Mohammed? galley, he was Safi Ah, my robot is the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. Peace and blessings be upon our beloved Prophet Mohammed, his family, his companions and all those who call to his way and establish his son to the Day of Judgment. As to what follows my beloved brothers and sisters. I begin with the greeting words of the righteous salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Alhamdulillah. It is a great pleasure and a privilege for me to be with you here today, here in Kuala Lumpur. And the last 10 years of my life have been very important years I have seen another dimension in human existence. And also I have met many Muslims who are coming from a different perspective. And their perspective has increased my understanding of the world of Islam. For the last 10 years, I've been very intimate with the cape Malays. And you may know that the history of the Malays were taken to South Africa as slaves and political prisoners is a very emotional one. And I've lived with the stories of twin guru, and Chef Yusuf Mikasa. And all of those greats are Lama

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and scholars who spent time gave their lives to maintain Islam, and to maintain a community, which is one of the most vibrant communities in the minority

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sections of the Muslim world and South Africa today

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is a country going through tremendous change. There is great hope, and there is great despair.

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The despair is coming in the transition between the rich and the poor.

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From 1994 an experiment was done that people would make a transition where a country would give over its wealth I made a minority group a European minority group would give over its wealth to the African majority

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without a bloody revolution.

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But after this period of time, the transition has not really reap the fruits that people would expect and one of the Great's African scholars Dr. Holly, Missouri, who is a Kenyan scholar

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When he visited South Africa, they asked him about the transition of power. And he said It is as though the European has put the crown of authority on the Africans head, but he took out the jewels, he took out the jewels. So the real economic power is still in the hands of the minority. And because of this, a frustration has developed in the country, because of the lack of facilities, because of the growing pandemic of HIV AIDS, there are more people percentage wise with HIV AIDS in South Africa than any place on Earth. In some parts of the southern region, you can find an area where people are HIV positive about one in every three

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is HIV positive.

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So this is a place of despair, malnutrition, tuberculosis,

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poor sanitary conditions. And recently a wave of xenophobia has struck the land where the poor out of their frustration, are striking out at the closest people and happens to be other poor people who are immigrants, who have come into the country and are living with them in their townships. And this causes a type of cloud of darkness in the land. And this darkness spreads, and is only taken away with light. And that light is the light of hope.

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And hamdulillah. You can see especially for those who are blessed to have the knowledge of Islam, we can see transition within individuals lives. When faith comes into their hearts, when the concept of tau heat inclusion comes into their lives, when to hada purity helps the individual to purify his relationship or her relationship with the agenda. And so you can see a person going through developmental changes. And there are many stories of great hope in the land. And although you read negative things about the country, there are a lot of great changes that are going on. And we can only pray that Allah azza wa jal would help the poor to raise themselves and to come out of a state

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of darkness into a state of light. We as Muslims seek refuge in the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And in the second chapter of the Quran, in verse number 257, Allah subhanaw taala tells us our Billahi min ash shaytani regime, Allah who will lead you levena armano euregio homina Mati Eleanor, Willa, Xena cafardo Alia. ohama topcoat. You could eat una home Mina naughty in $1. mat. hula equals harbor now. houfy ha kalido. Allah tells us that Allah is the friend and protector of those who believe. He brings them out of darkness into the light. But those who reject faith are protected by oppresses oppressive false deities, who will take them from light into darkness. And they will be companions of the Fire in the Hereafter, when they will dwell forever.

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And so the theme that we get in this verse we see a man of faith, and that is not something that is only verbal.

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It is something which is said by your tongue and believed by your heart. And it is practice faith is something which changes the individual's complete life. And the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salam said, none of you will truly believe law, you know, I had to come Hata you hit Bali, a fee. By you Hipple enough. See, none of you will truly believe until he wants for his brother or his sister, what he wants for himself. And so in belief, there is the sharing of natural resources. There is the concept of equality amongst human beings. There are so many things in the concept of belief when a person accepts the Creator of the heavens and the earth as the Lord, then their whole existence changes.

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And so the verse tells us that those who have this consciousness of Allah those who believe in the creator are taken from the low mat. from darkness, they are taken into light. And this darkness is not necessarily the darkness of

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electricity or light, fluorescent light. It is the darkness of ignorance. It's not the darkness in the color of your skin. But it's

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The darkness of the consciousness of God and all those positive aspects which come out of it. So the people are taken from darkness into light. And this nor is not just the norm of a light bulb, it is the it is the light of knowledge. It is the light of the consciousness of God. And so people who have this in their lives are taken from oppression, into freedom, because boom from dulo mat from the llama, it also means oppression.

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So people who come into the concept of the Creator of the heavens and the earth, taken from darkness into light, and those who are rejecting faith, those who reject the creator reject morality, in their lives, they are taken from light into darkness. And it continues, and if they go into the next life, in this condition, with the elder Billa, they will be companions of the Fire, where they will dwell forever.

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The Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him, did not speak from himself. He spoke from above seven habits. And his example, is an example, which not only inspired people in his times, but it also to a great extent sets the pace for us in the world we are living in today. And that is the beautiful thing about the last prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, that he is the Prophet not only to the Arabs, but to all of humanity. And we find this whole concept of darkness and light, we see a beautiful example about what happened to the prophet SAW some of them. So I want to reflect with you and take you back to the example of the Prophet peace be upon him over 1400 years ago, we go back

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into the meccan period, which is the early period, when the Prophet peace be upon him had gotten the revelation, and was living in Mecca, giving the message of tawheed speaking to the people, but unfortunately, most of the people did not listen to him. And it is reported that in the first few years, in the darkest days of the life of the Prophet peace be upon him, he would go to the marketplace, he would speak to people, he would come to them, regardless of the opposition, and he would tell them about the word of Allah, he would tell them about the creator and about the hereafter. And it is reported that certain individuals would follow Rasulullah Salah, and they would

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ridicule him and they would scoff him. Some of the names are well known to you and to the Muslim world, Abu lahab Abu Jamal, but there is one individual in particular, whose name is not so well known. But he played a particular a powerful role in opposition to the prophets of Salaam. His name was, alas, ebody wire,

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allows Liberty wire.

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And he was one of the leaders of kadesh that along with their Council,

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had decided that they would oppress the Prophet they would try to put out the light of Islam, not just physically because he was from Ben to Hashem. And he did have protection, but they would try to give a bad image of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, and they would ridicule and scuffing. And so in this council, which included our security while was also at Walid ebenen, movie era, very famous person in Mecca. And it is reported that the people came to Al Walid. And they said, We need to stop this message. It's similar today, they have think tanks around the world. And they may say, Well, this Islam, it's growing too fast. This Muslims all over the planet, how can we stop them?

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There are people who actually think like this. Although we are not necessarily opposing them, we are doing nothing to make them afraid. But they will sit in their groups and they will try to plan an evil plan to put out the wrong image about Islam. In this case, they came to a lead. And they said we need to decide upon a bad reputation or a bad name to call you.

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And if we give him this bad name, then people will not enter into the message because his authority would be diminished. And so they thought, what could we call him? Some people said to our lead, let's call him Kalyan,

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that say he's a wizard. Because these wizards are people who are down by the Kaaba, they're doing different things and nobody wants to follow a wizard. And so Allah will lead being from the leadership of the Arabs.

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The Arabs that those days were known, even though their culture was not a very high culture, they were very honest people they would they loved honesty. They were very straightforward, and so on will lead said No, he's not a carrier.

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Because they can have certain formulas. They have a certain methodology and he doesn't use this methodology. Think about something else. They said, okay, maybe he's Majnoon. Maybe he's a crazy person. But when lead said no, is not Majnoon because a person who is Majnoon has have certain sounds that they make, and their body has certain spasms. And we know when a person is crazy, and this man is definitely not crazy. He's too calm. He can't be crazy. They said, Alright, let's say he shot Yes. Let's say he's a poet.

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But that will lead so it's not poetry, these words that are coming out of his mouth. It is not poetry, because we know the rhymes and rhythms of our poets. And this does not follow our rhymes and rhythms. We know that in Arabic. And in those days, there was poetry and prose. But this is rhymed prose. He's telling a story and rhythm, that's not poetry.

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So they said, maybe we'll call him science.

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because he's breaking up families. And he's and he's causing confusion and whatever. And Waleed said, No, we can't because we know the magicians and many of them are women,

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the magicians, the witches, people, this nut fossati for the oak that they blow and knots and they do different formulas. And he definitely is not a magician. So the people got frustrated. And they said, What can we call him? What name and what that will lead, they finally agreed to say, let's call him science. Because although he doesn't do their formulas, his his teachings breaks up families. It separates a father from his his children of a husband from the wife, the mother for the data, it will break up a family, this belief, so we'll call him saw him. And they began to spread the message around in the same way today that they use this message on Muslims. And they say, no,

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they're fundamentalists. Now they say the Islamists, they're coming up with new words, like every other month, to try to describe a Muslim who is practicing Islam when these words have nothing to do with us. And they do not come from our vocabularies. And it's hard for us to understand these words, in the light of our scriptures. But even though they put out this message, it was not reaching home. And so alas Ebony while he took it to another stage. And whenever the prophet SAW Selim would speak, alas, would come along, and he would say to the people leave him leave this man, because he is epitaphs.

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And an avatar, amongst the Arabs is a man who does not have progeny. He does not have children, male descendants, especially the males, because in a male dominated society, in the tribal society of the Arabs, it is the young men who will protect you bring in the income, they will read poetry of your glory, they will keep your lineage alive. And so a person who does not have sons was considered to be somebody who was cut off. And so that was one of the worst things that you could describe an Arab man with in those days of Jamelia. And so we said, leave this man he has epitaph.

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And the people turned and said he's cut off is useless is a waste of time. And the Prophet Muhammad SAW someone being a human being being a man, he was affected by this. And it hurt him in his heart to be called this and it is reported that one night, he smiled and asleep and his wife asked him what is it that made you smile? And he said, Allah subhanaw taala has revealed to me a chapter in the Quran.

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And then he read the chapter Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in ATI Naka Kota, for suddenly Rob beaker one house in a shanty Erica, who has

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a beautiful verse of the Quran.

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And this verse is saying, Verily, We have given to you Alakazam we have given you an abundance, for suddenly there are bigger one half. And so pray to your Lord and sacrifice, make sacrifices for surely the one who insults you, he will be cut off. Now this is a smallest chapter in the Quran.

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And I can dare to say that maybe all of the Muslims are half is memorized sorts of code.

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Because it's the shortest chapter in the court and, and it's the fastest way to read your celestial law.

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So everybody has half of the council but the power of the court n is that this is a small bit of written words. But the meaning of this chapter is eternal, it will never end. It is an abundance. It is a miracle within itself. And the more we understand about the the reason why this chapter came, and the significance of the Prophet peace be upon him, we see the miracle of Allah subhanaw taala revealed in the Arabic language in only a few tiny words in this mighty book.

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And so, Allah subhanaw taala told to the Prophet, and not a narco cosa,

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Verily, We have given to you Alakazam and the Prophet peace be upon him described how Khalsa as a river in genda

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a river which flows and it pours into allowed a watering place, which will be there on the Day of Judgment, the process Selim described it, that the the the liquid in this river is whiter than the widest milk sweeter than the sweetest honey, it is cold as ice, when you drink it once you will never be thirsty again.

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And so it is a blessing River. But also a cow thought has expanded meaning not only does it mean the river, but from the Prophet peace be upon him and his beloved companions, we have understood that our council has great meanings.

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Because the Arabic language which is a powerful language, you know, conveys meanings even sometimes based on the format of the words and in this case, alcocer is coming from El kisara, which is a lot of things Cassia means a great amount. And so from a catheter, we find our Casa and in this form, it is very Roma dude.

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So what it means is unlimited.

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So we could say that Allah azza wa jal told the Prophet peace be upon him, we have given you an unlimited abundance, we have given you something which will never end, it is an abundance. Now, this is a time when the Prophet peace be upon him, he is depressed, he is being attacked, he is being attacked by the name of us by the metal as a bunny while a Sami was attacking him, and say you're a waste of time.

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You're a man with no progeny, you have no future. And a lot tells him we have given you a casa. And the Sahaba would translate this, the meanings that came out of them and the great scholars are amazing.

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alcocer can be looked upon as Islam itself, which is an abundance of knowledge and abundance of wealth, which is being used by people in all climates, in all economic classes, all races, all colors, take the principles of Islam, and apply it to their lives. And they're able to be successful. It is continued on for the last 1400 years. And this is something which is unprecedented. No way of life has been as successful able to cross cultural barriers, as the message of Islam. l cosa can also apply in the essence of a new Buddha, that this Prophethood is not just a prophet hood to the Arabs, but it is a Prophethood to all human beings and to the jinn.

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And so this culture has taken him across the dimension into the dimension of the world of the jinn. And so even within that world, the message of Islam is gaining adherents and it is helping people to submit to the Creator of the heavens in the earth. In no Altai Naka cosa for suddenly narrowed, because one house we have given you a cow sauce,

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it also can refer to the very Kela itself. Now ilaha illa, Allah, that in this the meaning and this is eternal, it is limitless. The more we try to understand the Creator is the more we understand, we have no knowledge. The understanding of creation continues to grow and human beings and we have reached a digital age we where we are able to bring together information like no human beings have ever been able to do in the past. But what is interesting

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Is that the message spread from the Arabian Peninsula? It was a rainbow coalition. There were Arabs and Africans and Persians and all types of people with the prophets, I'll send them, but it's spread through the Arabian context, and then out into different nations throughout the world, continuing to spread, and just the answer the ejabberd our, the way that this message is accepted by people, it is an amazing fact it is only by the will of Allah subhanaw taala that I am standing in front of you today.

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Otherwise, there is no reason for this. There is no reason for me a person being born in America, of mainly African relatives. But I also have a relative who is what you would call Orang Asli. earnestly. That's an interesting word here.

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But we are the Orang Asli of the United States, the red Indians, the Aboriginal people of America. There's no reason why a person of this background should be standing in front of you today in Malaysia, and speaking about a man in Arabia, except because of the response to the dour to the response to the message of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, which was

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put out and continues to cross barriers throughout humanity. Now one of the interesting points is that the Prophet Muhammad SAW something when he was named Mohammed, nobody else on earth had that name. And it is said there were a few Arab traders somehow heard about the name and they tried to name their children but nobody had that name. Recently, a study was done about names and they have found that the name Muhammad is the most popular name on Earth.

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Because think about the countries of the world, how many countries name their children how many people name their children Jesus? There's very few maybe the Spanish say hey Seuss, but there's only a few. How many people name their children Moshe or Moses, only a few Moshe Diane and a few people like this. How many people you know name their children are Julius Caesar, or Alexander. But amongst the Muslims, you see Mohammed Saleh Mohammed Abdul Malik, you will see Mohammed most of the boys have Mohammed in their in their name as their first name.

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And in the places like the Sudan I met a person his name was Mohammed deign to Muhammad's.

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I met another person whose name was Mohammed Mohammed, Mohammed,

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which means Mohammed the son of Mohammed, the son of vomit.

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So this name by the sheer force of our culture, and our love for Rasulullah saw seldom has become the most popular name on Earth, from one to the most popular name on Earth. In our our Thai Naka casa.

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Look at it, and abundance. Now another important aspect of this is that the promises seldom said to his followers and hikma dollar to moment, knowledge is the last property of the believer, I know my wotja for whoever,

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wherever he finds it, he is the most deserving of this knowledge. And so with this tradition, this concept of toe heat inclusion, we include the human race, we include all knowledge as one, Muslims were able to travel to different countries of the world. And they brought together the knowledge of the ancient ones, the knowledge of ancient Africa, the Egyptians, the knowledge of ancient India, the knowledge of the Middle East, the knowledge of China, the knowledge of Europe, the Greeks and the Romans, they brought it together in this toe heretic form. And so we find during the golden age of Islam, we find that the world went through a great transformation. You know, in history, they

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tell you about European history, many of you have maybe read about the Dark Ages. And they say after the fall of the Roman Empire, the lights went out, and everything was dark in Europe.

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And maybe it was in the north. But in Andalusia, in Cordoba, Toledo, Granada and Seville. In the capitals of Islam, the light was shining, it was the golden age of Islam. And I can dare to say that the very European Renaissance itself, to which people attribute the modern age was developed by the Muslims. I challenge any historian.

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The Renaissance is supposed to be the rebirth of knowledge that European scholars took the Greek knowledge and the Roman knowledge and they put it in a modern form.

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They developed it for the world. This is a lie.

00:30:05--> 00:30:38

Because in that period from the seventh century, to the 16th century, this is the golden age of Islam. And it was the Muslims who were able to develop science in the way that we know it today, the scientific method alchimia alchemy. This is an Arabic word alchemia. Chemistry. It's one of the important areas within science, the scientific method 12345. When you count your numbers, you're counting with Arabic letters. Zero is an Arabic word cifa.

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algebra from Java. This is Arabic, trigonometry, calculus, all developed by the Muslims during this time, the concept of zero I found it in the ancient temple of sakata, which is being used by the Egyptians or somewhere around 3000 BC. They have this concept, it was also being used by the ancient Indians as well. So the Muslims took this concept with this traditional the prophet SAW Selim al hikma dollar to movement, if you find knowledge, it's the last property of a believer, they put it together in a modern form. And in the 15th century, Al kashani, actually had a computer, he had the the basic, the basis of the computer age that we know today. And so we find the historical method we

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look into into medicine. And we find a pod known for tip of Ebensee. Now, Event Center, that this is the basis of medicine in Europe till the 17th century. And you can go to just about every discipline. And you will find that during that period, it was a Muslim, who actually developed, took that knowledge, put it with a towheaded understanding a concept of one God, put it together with the other knowledge and then made it a usable, user friendly for people. And so instead of stringing together the Roman numerals, you can now count with your place values, and you now have 10 101,000, this concept is coming from Muslims. And so the basis that Muslims gave to Europe, and to the rest

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of the world, actually enabled people to be able to fly today, and to be able to use the computers, and to have hospitals in the way that we have hospitals, and many of the inventions and achievements that were made by human beings in this century. And so we can say that the modern age actually goes back to rasulillah salsa. That's where it goes back. Because he was the one who sent out his followers with toe heat, with this concept, gather the knowledge of the world, bring it together in the light of the oneness of God, and then give it to the rest of humanity. And so they opened up their universities in Cordoba, and Seville and Toledo and Granada. And in Baghdad, and many parts of

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the Muslim world, open their universities, so that people could come in and be involved. And we have the world as it is gone to the development of today that we see in many parts of the world in China called Casa for suddenly there have become one heart. We have given you an abundance. So pray to your Lord and sacrifice. Verily, you're in Salta, the one who hates you entered insults you he will be cut off. Now who is that person? His name was Alas, even while Asahi, how many people have heard about the last? Who knows about him even amongst the Arabs in Arabia today? Who knows? Us nobody knows about him. The only way that his name was heard is from his son, whose name was Mr. Eben,

00:34:00--> 00:34:17

alas, rather long one was a great Sahabi or his grandson, who was named Abdullah, he even among us, who was one of the five famous Abdu laws, right rhodiola one that's the only way that you know his name, but you don't know it because of him.

00:34:18--> 00:34:24

So he was in a sense, as the Qur'an has said, he is cut off.

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He has nothing in the future. And so the one who he was insulting was given an abundance.

00:34:35--> 00:34:59

And this happened in the darkest days. And so the example of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him is an example for us today. That in the dark days that we are facing now, where Islam is being insulted the name of the Prophet moments of solemn is being insulted, where Muslims are finding difficulties traveling to different countries and establishing themselves only because they are Muslims.

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The example is we need to have the greater picture. And that is that Allah has given us an abundance and abundance of knowledge. Firstly, he has given each individual the correct he has given all of us the Sunnah of the Prophet Sal Salah, so whether there is Islamic politics or economics or whatever it is, we individually are blessed with Islam, and this inshallah can lead us from the darkness of this immoral world, into the light of morality, and lead us inshallah, into the next life where there is agenda,

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paradise, and ally has described the people who will be in paradise as being in a state of bliss, and they will live in paradise Forever, forever.

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There is no worry, everybody will be in the 30s in the middle 30s in the prime of their, their life in perfect physical condition, we won't have to worry about polyunsaturates and sugar in our food, and we don't have to worry about any of these things, that we will be in general inshallah, because of the abundance of the promises of them is given what is he given to us, he has been given an abundance, he has been given an existence that will go forever. And in the highest part of genda any desire that a person has, anything will be answered, people will be in the highest form of existence that has ever been created.

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This is our culture. And that is the blessing that the Prophet peace be upon him, has given to this number. And we should never forget this, in these times when we are accused of extremism. But we know that Islam is the middle road. We know that this is been given to us, not only for Muslims, but it has been given to us in order to bring this light to society, not only the light of the knowledge of God, but also the light of how to live in the system that Allah subhanaw taala has given how to live as moral people, how to live without drugs, how to live in an interest free manner.

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How do we function in the world without racism? How to Overcome tribal tribalism? How can a family stay together?

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concepts of raising our children, concept of establishing peace within a society. All of these gems of wisdom and knowledge we have been blessed with as Muslims. And we thank Allah subhanaw taala for the blessing of Islam, and we say to those extremists, those who will talk against Islam

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and there are many people who have attacked us. This is not the first time the attack has come. And it is reported on the time of the prophet SAW Selim, a man came from the middle of Arabia. He visited Medina and stayed for a short period of time, he went to Arabia, and he wrote a letter to the prophet and he said, from Hussein Lima, the Messenger of Allah, to Mohammed, the Messenger of Allah. This is what he wrote in the letter. You take half of Arabia, I'll take the other half. The Prophet wrote back to him and said for Mohammed rasulillah, illa musei Lima, Alka down.

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He said for Mohammed, the Messenger of Allah tomaselli mata Leia.

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And he didn't give him an answer based on his ego. He said, as we say today, to those who will attack Islam and attack the good name of the province of sallam, he said to say Lima, in the Dalai Lama, he used to have a mania shower with a baddie. Well, Aki battling Mottaki, he said, this earth belongs to Allah, and He will give it to whom he pleases. From his worship, it's from his servants. And the best reward is for those who have Taqwa. The best reward is for those who have the consciousness of Allah, who fear Allah, and hope in the mercy of Allah. And so I pray that Allah azza wa jal would make you successful in the projects that you are doing, especially restoring

00:39:34--> 00:40:00

dignity to the poor, bringing the people back to the land. And I pray that Allah would bring this dignity to South Africa, to the southern region, and all over this planet, that the poor people would raise up, and they wouldn't be blessed with the comforts of this world, and the comforts of the next life. And I pray that our families and our children would be successful in this world and they would be

00:40:00--> 00:40:23

Those with us who will die with Kelly mala ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I say what I have said akula Kali howdah was Dr. Li walakum wa salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. The question, basically is when, when you do for non Muslim to come a Muslim, obviously, there's an experience whereby

00:40:24--> 00:40:28

that sort of instigated the transition in becoming a Muslim.

00:40:34--> 00:41:21

Okay, yes, for me and the experience that I had in life 111 I was born in the United States, into the Christian church. And I maintained a strong belief in the Creator of the heavens and the earth. But at the same time, I needed to have that image, that individual projected to me in terms of the Prophet, and the image of Jesus that was projected to us, was not actually the real image of East LA slama Jesus that we know from the scriptures. And so I left the church, and I was searching for an identity, searching for a world view, so to speak. And finally 100 law, I came into the example of the Prophet moments of seldom, there was two individuals in history, because I'm a student of

00:41:21--> 00:41:36

history that influenced me. One was Sultan Salahuddin Allah up. So it affected me very much in my study of history. And then when I got to the Prophet Muhammad SAW some of my saw in his life, and his example, was the one who brought together

00:41:37--> 00:42:12

the spiritual and the material, and the one who made religion relevant to society, to give me a worldview, and so this is what helped me to accept Islam Alhamdulillah, which I did accept in Canada, a great guy, whose name is Dr. Hamad Saba, who's from Lebanon. Some of you may have heard of him before. He was the one who gave me Shahada. May Allah bless him for what he did, and hamdulillah. Are there any other questions that anybody has floor is open for any general questions, anybody has floors open.

00:42:20--> 00:42:27

So I want to end by thanking you for your patience and also on behalf of the cape Malays. I want to invite you to Cape Town.

00:42:29--> 00:43:08

I see many of my the faces of my friends and your faces right. Now I see it. I've come back to the hustle to the base, that the true malaise I finally come to see. And I see many of my friends faces in your faces. And you'll be surprised that the history they have had and how they have maintained Islam. It is part of the Malay world, which is very important, especially for young people to understand, to make their identity strong, and to be able to hold on to their language and their culture and their customs as well as the religion audience. I want to end with this point. And thank you and may Allah bless you and we hope to see you again and other programs. Well, salaam aleikum wa

00:43:08--> 00:43:09

rahmatullah live back as

00:43:13--> 00:43:20

we wrongs. Hmm. But teach. The teach. Teach teacher

00:43:21--> 00:43:22

changed the world

00:43:24--> 00:43:32

and made us a creature. Oh, no, we've shamed ourselves.

00:43:36--> 00:43:41

shoni Shaunie we've wronged Elsa. What will we say?

00:43:49--> 00:43:51

He was.

00:43:55--> 00:43:55

He was

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he was

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see upon

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