Reflect on the Names of Allah Not a leaf falls but that He knows it…

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This, we live in a state where you see the Four Seasons, what happens in the fall? For those of you who are myself included who have a yard that you call people to clean the leaves? Have you thought about this every single leaf that felt a lot know about, not only in Missouri, not only in the States, not only in America every way, imagine all the forests, imagine Africa. Imagine South Africa, South America, everywhere. Martha Sperber. windwalker not a single leaf. Who is Allah, and how much we have glorified in like, not that's not only what I have, but if you have automatic or not a single seed in the middle of the darknesses of the earth seed, one out of nothing more east,

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you know, what's moist, moist is tears. Why is the saliva every body fluid is moist, not only water, everyone's when a lot of what I have is nothing dry. Except but they are all in a clear book. What you and I know

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what you and I know, let alone every pregnant woman, let alone everyone who's going to be pregnant.

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Reflect on the names of a law, the more you reflect on the name of Allah, it's hard to see the feeling now you're all having, it's all it has to be. It has to be the outcomes. No way. Wherever you whoever you are, how disobedient you are, it doesn't matter. It does, it does because the more you know about the names of a law, the more you will have this reverent about so what is the name alami

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that we all use

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what is the name Allah

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Allah What does the name mean?

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I'm sorry.

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There'll be a loved one your close your boo boo. It's true, but there is one before this.

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And mortar and in Malibu, the one that you are highest level of law and the only one that you worship Allah and it is one most smaller set it's probably the name of a law the name of Allah because Allah said in sorted out what Illa Hill a smell to Allah belong there beautiful news for Joe comboni reflect on the names of Allah move it from the casual picture on a wall to maybe few we know to a real knowledge that will change me and bring me closer to almost

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look inside you

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looking at these things at home, the love with the YouTube and with the technology. There is a beautiful YouTube a lot he would anyone they're not Muslim and make them Muslim. They are Muslim everybody who showed all the creation tool the baby is delivered.

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From the moment it's an aggregate and it's a storm. And it's absolutely magnified. La

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la la you cannot say what this word look inside you study about about the eye. How do you Are you new See? How do we talk? Let alone homie, swallow everything. Just give yourself little bit time. Instead of checking. As the monster Nemanja said they said the studies show 150 times we check our phones instead of 150 just make 150 check about a Lost Planet Allah May Allah forgive me for this, but we need to live reality. Right? Just give a little bit more of a time and this is for us. This is not for anyone else. It's for me because the more we glorify Allah, we're going to see the results and it's going to show in action is not talk it will show on action. So reflect on a must

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reflect on his names reflect on his creation

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Walla Walla

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basin in kita

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